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Hi Experts,
when we enter Material- 101 with a quantity of 1000 and by mistake if we enter the same Material- 101 again with quantity of 1000, It is appearing as another line item  and the quantity shows 2000. My requirement is If we did this mistake ,we want all those quantities of one material should added up and show as one line item.How to control this, Please throw some light on this.

Hi there,
Standard SAP willnot combine the 2 line  items into 1. It will take as separate line items. But when doing availability check, it does for 2000 items since the materials are same.
If you have not processed  the order further, delete the line item or enter a reason for rejection sothat it willnot be further processed.
If you want the system to add the line items, then you need to do customization in MV45AFZZ. Put a code that in a sales order, 2 line items have the same material num MATNR, then they shoould be combined into single line item.
Check with your ABAPer on this.

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  • Third Party GRN Posting Date to be Copied to Sales Order Line item Billing Date

    Hello Experts
    I have a client requirement where in they want to bill line items in the sales order ( third party process ) to the end customer in sync with the GRN posting dates happened in the PO
    For EG if GRN happened on 1st July 2014 then Billing Date should come in as 31st July 2014 so when they execute VF04 giving from and to dates as 1st july to 31st corresponding sales order can be invoiced
    Actual problem is for suppose if i create a sales order in the month of june say 26th basing on the factory calendar setting and invoicing list maintained in the customer master system defaults the billing date to 30th June 2014 , and the same when user runs VF04 from 1st June to 30th June this sales order shows as due and mistakenly end user invoices the customer ( whereas logical GR would have only received in July 1st )
    My requirement is similar to below threads but i am unable to find answer how to copy GR Posting date to Billing Date of the sales order line item
    use GR Doc date as billing date
    3rd party sales process (w/o ship notif) - Billing

    Hi Lakshmipathi ji,
    As my requirement is to update the billing date at the sales order line item level , As a process user goes in executes VF04
    For Ex
    Sales Order Created Date is 1st June 2014 then System Defaults Billing Date at line item to 30th June 2014
    Now when i do GRN suppose on 1st July 2014 for that line item , system should trigger a code where in check the posting date of the GRN and override the same in the Biiling Date field of the sales order line item
    So when VF04 is run for a month All the GRN which are recieved in the month of July are invoiced in July
    Please share me your thoughts do we need to check any userexits from MM side which reads the posting date of GRN and then copies in to my third party sales order

  • Sales order line items delivery cancelled but still appears in MD04.

    Hi PP Gurus,
    In the sales there are 6 line items are there out of which for 1 line item delivery and PGI happened. And for remaining line items delivery got cancelled, but these line items for which delivery cancelled appearing in the MD04, I have rejected the sales order line items but these line items still shows in MD04. Please advise how to remove these line items from MD04.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Pl refer SAP Note : 1166713 for the Problem which says " You have posted goods issue and therefore the delivery requirements should no longer be existing. These inconsistencies can be seen using report SDRQCR21"

  • How to upload sales order line items?

    For years my customer service department has been asking for a way to upload sales order line items into the VA01 sales order-entry screen.
    Many of our customers submit PO's with huge amount of line items, up to 1,000 lines. Our CS reps need to key in the data line by line (or copy/paste
    approx 17 lines at once from Excel into the VA01 screen), and we are looking for a way to make this process leaner. One idea we have is that user creates the order header, and then has a way to upload the material numbers and quantities in a separate (newly created Z-transaction) screen in one go.
    Obviously rules then need to be built that deal with the various pop-up messages related to e.g. ATP, material status, etc.
    Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on how we could achieve this? A way to make the sales order-entry process a bit less time-consuming? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated !
    Thank you,

    Take the inputs from this Blog created by  SUNIL PILLAI                   
    Sales Documents upload  using Standard Direct Input Program in LSMW
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to Find Out The Production Order Number For The Sales Order Line Items

    Hi All,
    I want to know the number of production orders for each sales order line item. I know the sales order number .Can anyone tell me how the tables can be linked to get all the production order numbers for each sales order line item.

    I think it depends on your configuration. But check fields KDAUF and KDPOS in table AUFK.  or in table AFPO.
    Rich HEilman

  • I have a problem regarding sales order line item with confimed quanity

    Hi Experts,
    I have a problem regarding sales order line item with confimed quanity with '0'  with delivery block but confirming the sales order quantity once the order is released from credit check.
    The situation arises as per the below scenarios.
    Scenario - 1 -  When the sales order has two line item - one line item with confirmed qunaity in the schedule line and for the 2nd line item there is no available stock for the Material xxxxxx.
    Initially the sales order is created for the line item 2 with confirmed quantity = 0, and having the delivery block = 01 for the Material xxxxxx  and the order is set with credit check.  Once the order is relased from the credit check.  The quanity for the item 2 where the confirmed quantity will be = 0 ( Where it is not changing the confirmed quantity)
    Scenario -2-  Updating the order qunaity for the line item 2 as (9Pcs) it will goes to credit check and save the order.
    Maintain the stock for the line item 2 ( 5 Pcs).
    Once the order is released from the credit check.  Then  for the line item 2 the confirm quanity will be seting to 5 Pcs with Delivery blcok 01.
    This should not happen, When the credit check is released even though if it has stock based on the delivery blockl it should set the confirmed quanity to Zero.
    Can you please help me how to solve this issue.
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thanks and Regards,

    I agree with your point.  In the sales order When the complete delivery check box is enabled where the confimed qty is set to zero, it is fine but when we save the orderr it goes to credit check.  Once we release the order using VKM3 where in the sales order the confimed quantity is setting to 5,  But it should set to Zero quantity.  Quatity should not be get confirmed it should be Zero Quantity. 
    Further in SPRO - customizing in the deliveries blocking reasons - It has a tick mark in the confirmation blcok.  But we dont want to remove the - Confirmation Block tick mark
    Please any one can help me if you have any solution to solve this problem.
    Thanks and Regards.

  • Change the Profit Center in Sales Order line item's Account assignment tab

    Hi Gurus,
    I need to change the Profit Center at Sales order Line item in Account Assignment Tab. Currently  The Profit center is coming from Material Master for the Line Item's Material as default but I have to change / overwrite  that.
    Can any body provide me how can i achive that means
    Any User exits, substitution or any thing ?
    I tried MV45AFZZ but i am not able to find out the right place where I can change COBL-PRCTR.

    There is perform which moves the values to VBAP field.
    This PRCTR field is stored in VBAP (i.e., SO line item table)
    Hope it works.

  • Restrict deletion of sales order line items

    I need to restrict deleting of sales order line item, I think we can use the user exit, MV45AFZB, USEREXIT_CHECK_XVBAP_FOR_DELE.
    But when i set the flag to 'X', even though it does not delete at tht instance when the sales order save is clicked again the line item gets deleted.
    ANy idea , to prevent that?

    Hi Keshi,
    That is the correct exit, we are using the same without any problem. Just set US_EXIT  = CHARX.

  • Add field 'asset' in sales order line item account assignment tab

    I would like to add the following field: 'asset' in sales order line item account assignment tab.
    I can enter order, or wbs, but not Asset.
    How can I make this field visable?
    Edited by: Eric Van Zundert on Oct 30, 2010 8:43 AM

    There is perform which moves the values to VBAP field.
    This PRCTR field is stored in VBAP (i.e., SO line item table)
    Hope it works.

  • I need to add fields in additional fields B the sales order line item

    i  need to add fields in additional fields B beside the field (icon_val_quantity_ structure) in the sales order line item, How to achicve this? please help me..

    Please fined the below solution for achieving your requirement.
    1. Add new filed "B" in table VBAP.
      a) T.code  SE11 --> Enter structure name VBAP --> display
      b) Goto --> Append Structure --> Enter Structure name and new field "B"
    2. request your basis team and take the access key for modification of stabdard program SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
       a) After receiving access key for standard program then got o SE51 --> enter program name  SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
       b) click change Button
       c) click layout button
       d) add new field "B" below of the screen (F6 -> enter table name : VBAP --> get from dictionary --> selet new field and past in screen )
    3) write below code in flow logic
                               Verarbeitung vor der Ausgabe
        FIELD VBAP-New field name "B".
    4. functin Module code
    module ZZPB_OUTPUT_8459 output.
      Data: l_v_actve type ale_active,
            l_v_ttyp  type c.
      Data: l_v_tragr type tragr.
    l_v_ttyp = t180-trtyp.
      if l_v_actve is initial.
        l_v_ttyp = 'A'.
        CASE l_v_ttyp.
          WHEN 'A' OR 'C'.
            SCREEN-INPUT = 0.

  • Cannot reject/delete sales order line item due to in 2210

    Hi all,
    not sure if anyone else had this issue already....
    Situation :
    Sales order line item entered with delivery date in 2210.    We would like to correct this order but can't....
    every time SAP issues error :
    Error determining posting period (info
    S008, variant GL, RC 3)               
    I believe this is because we haven't maintained our calendars yet for 2210 :-D
    Question : without us having to load/define the there a utility/oss program which we can use to delete the line item, or reject it...or even update the delivery date?
    Thanks for your help!

    If the system pop ups the error message M2012, then please refer note 10891 or 37532.  If the error message number is different, please update the forum.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Revenue Recognition based on User Status of assigned Sales Order line item

    Dear Community members,
    We have requirement to recognize / de-recognize revenue posted to WBS for calculation of RA, based on the 'User status' of the assigned Sales Order line item.
    To elaborate requirement further -
    1) WBS Element - XXX - 10 ( with operative indicator - Plan/Bill/Account Assign)
    2) Sales Order(SO) Line Items assigned to the above WBS -
    - SO No -  123 Line Item 10 - Actual Rev - $ 300 - User Status - EXE (Meaning this work is in progress , partial payment received thus actual revenue for RA at WBS is 'Zero'
    - SO No -  124 Line Item 20 - Actual Rev - $ 400 - User Status - COMPL(Meaning this work is Complete , all payment received thus actual revenue for RA at WBS is $400
    - SO No -  125 Line Item 10 - Actual Rev - $ 800 - User Status - EXE (Meaning this work is in progress , partial payment received thus actual revenue for RA at WBS is 'Zero'
    As per WBS reports Actual Revenue posted to WBS XXX-10 is $ 1500 ( $300$400$800) , however since two SO line items ( SO 123 /line item 10 and SO 125 / line Item 10 ) are NOT having User status 'COMPLETE', the actual revenue posted by those line items $ 1100/- ($300 + 800)  should not be included as Actual Revenue for RA at WBS level.
    Thus Actual Revenue for RA at WBS XXX-10 should be $ 400 /- ( the revenue posted by SO 124/line item 20 which has user status as 'COMPLETE')
    How do above can be achieved?? Is there any standard solution for this?? Is any SAP Note available for this (I too am looking for one but not found any ) ?? do we need any enhancement , Customer exit etc
    Thanks in advance
    with regards

    Thanks. You are right that the 'Completed Contract Method' would defer revenue recognition. However, the status checked would be of the RA object (WBS Element in this case, as RA key is on WBS and RA is being calculated on the WBS).
    However, our requirement is to check the user status of the Sales Order Line items assigned to the WBS element and filter the revenues posted based on the active user status of individual Sales Order Line item.
    Please give you inputs.
    Thanks in advance
    With regards

  • Sales Order Line item status with Resource Related Billing

    The Resource related billing is done based on the costs accumulated on account assigned WBS Element. The WBS Element system status is set 'Finally Billed'. The overall status of Sales Order line item is still 'open' and does show up in 'Open Order' reports.
    SAP vide their note 439288 recommends running report SDVBUK00 to correct the sales Order item status. However this note is applicable only upto 4.6C. Our system in ECC 6.0. We tried running this report and did not get desired results. We checked the program and discovered that the corrections suggested as per above note, are not available.
    Is there any new SAP note applicable for ECC 6.0 needs to be applied ? Or is there any other report needs to be run in case of ECC6.0?
    Thanks in advance
    with regards

    Please raise message to SAP through service marketplace.

  • Create purchase order with reference to Sales order Line item

    Hi All,
    i had a requirement that i need to create the Purchase order with reference to sales order line item...
    In T.code me27 client requied a input field for sales order no and with that order reference he want the data of line item to PO creation line item screen.....
    please to proceed......
    Ravi Nemani

    Go to SPRO->Logistic general->Tax on goods movement->India->Movement types.
    Here you will find the group of movement types check which movement types is mantained for the out side movement groups or inward movement.
    also check the Material Master in MRP view if the collective requirements (02) is mantained.

  • Re-Cost (CK55) Marked Sales Order Line Items

    My current client resets standards each quarter. They have requested to re-cost open CTO Sales Order line items and update the valuated sales order cost (EK01). I have reviewed the options available in CK55 - Mass Costing and find the processing log retrurns the following message:
       Cost estimate with status VO exists. See long text
       Message no. CK_MCSO014
       A cost estimate with the status VO already exists. This cost estimate will not be overwritten.
       System Response
       Processing continues with the next item.
       You can remove this message from the log with the customizing transaction User-Defined Error Management for Mass Costing of
       Sales Documents. The item will still not be costed, however.
    Short of manually re-costing each open sales order line item. Is there a way to re-cost open CTO Sales Order Line items?
    Dewayne Wesley

    I didn't realize there was a MASS Cost transaction.
    Is there a MASS delete Sales order Cost estimat transaction? That would help.

  • No cost booking against sales order+line item once accontng release is done

    Dear all,
    I want to stop all cost bookings against a sales order + line item once the accounting release for that item has been done.
    By cost booking i mean, all such transactions that are done for a sales order + line item that involve cost booking. Like, MB1A should not allow any goods issue against that sales order + item once accounting release is done.
    Is it possible to that in sales order? Like by using any status at item level.
    Please guide.

    Hi Ajay,
    We have not kept automatic cost estimate marking during saving of sales order as costing dept wants  to confirm whether costing for the SO is correct or not.
    Hence we have to use CK51N.
    Now the problem is for any change in any line item of a sales order is changing the costing status from "VO" to "KA" for all line items of the given sales order in table KEKO.
    This is causing measure problem as production people are facing problem while making any change in production order as already there is a check put in CO02 that if cost estimate does not exist for underlying sales order, then change in production order should not be allowed.
    Similarly production order creation (converting planned order to production order) is getting held up.
    Costing user has to repeated run CK51N for all line items of a single sales order if there is any change in any single line item of the sales order.
    Hence pl. help and suggest as to what is to be done now.

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