Sales order number corresponding to MTS production order

Dear Experts,
Kindly suggest a way to get or track the sales order number corresponding to MTS production order,
In case of MTO we can get the corresponding sale order number for production order, since we have link.
But in case of MTS production order , please suggest any standard report , table or any other way to get the
information of sales order.
Thanks in advance for your inputs and help in the matter...
Best regards

Dear Nitishj,
If the strategy is MTS then in my understanding you cannot get any sales order order number with reference to
production made
Reason is in MTS production will be made collectively without reference to sales order
where as in MTO it does with reference to sales order

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  • Sales order number not exposed in Production Order DTW Template

    Dear all,
    Sales order number field(ie., OrginNum) is not exposed in dtw template of oProductionOrder,
    As we need to update sales order number manually linked with production order after uploading prodn .orders thru DTW.
    We are using DTW Version 2005.0.18 API Version 6.80.320
    Whether this issue is solved in latest 2005 B versions ?

    After analysis,We should enter sales order DocEntry on field ProductionOrderOriginEntry.

  • Report based on Serial Number generated in the Production Order

    I wish to generate a Customized report, which shall include the total consumption based on Sales Order/Line Item/Serial Number/Production Order matching the Serial Number generated in the Production Order where in we can get the required data.
    Need your help and suggestions in creating this report..
    Thanks in advance..
    Ashok Vardhan
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    Hello Tman,
    This is a slightly tricky question. The reason being, the report options like the report path etc, are set before you see the serial number prompt when you run your UUT. There might be other ways of getting around this, but a quick solution would be modifying the process model.
    I modified the PreUUT callback to set the report options. I passed the reportOptions as a parameter to this sequence. In the PreUUT sequence, I set the following fields:
    Parameters.ReportOptions.ReportFilePath= "c:\\"+ Locals.SerialNumber +"\\report.xml"
    I hope this would give you an idea.

  • Collective production order link based on parent production order in MTS with strategy 10

    Dear Team,
    Now we are using MTS Production order system with strategy 10,As per my Business requirement we need to take all the child components production
    orders based on the Parent component production order .In this case for planned order conversion we are using CO40 transaction code(i.e. Collective conversion) as well as all planned orders  generated through MRP. As per my business process we are using Route cards which are Z smart forms with all Production orders from parent to child component with quantity is taken as a PDF printout,As per our customer requirement we will store those Route cards up to next 15 years. When user has to check Production order linking at any point of time, this functionality is not available for MTS. I tried MD4C but it is not a best solution for my business requirement.So please provide any another standard solution available for this requirement.
    Thanks in advance,

    There is another suggestion that you can determine the costing indicator in the requirement class. you can get the requirement type from procurement page in the sales order header, then go the customizing menu to find out which requirement class has been assigned to the requirement type. Then you can get the "costing" and "mark" indicator.
    The customizing menu is the node of controlling - cost object controlling -> CO PC for sales order.
    Correct me if i am wrong, thanks.
    Best Regards!
    Flex Yang

  • Spliting the sales order qty when iam creating production order

    I have sales order haveing qty 100 ,then iam creating the production order with respect to salesorder number and item by co08.
    i want to split the order qty while iam creating production order .and after complitiung the sales order qty sysytem should not allow to create production order .
    how can i do this

    1. I dont think in standard it is possible.
    2. You need to find a control mechanism using the user exit only.

  • Reserve batch number at creating of production order

    I would like to know if there is a way to reserve batch numbers when creating a production order. And when the production order is released and create the receipt, the receipt to use that batch number reserved at the moment of the creation of the PO.
    How could I do this using the SDK?
    Best regards,

    Thank you for your answer.
    But, if I "reserve" the batches in a UDF in the production order, it might be that by the time the receipt from production is added those batch numbers to be used already.
    Any other ideas?
    Thank you,
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  • Replicate the Sales order Line Item Text to Production Order

    I want to replicate the Sales Order Line Item Text to Production Order? Please tell me if this is Functional job or a Developers Job?
    I believe this can be achieved by customization and doesnot need any programming and I am trying hard to gather relevant posts for this, but didnt find any.
    Please help me with some information if some body encountered this earlier.
    Jessica Sam.

    Hey Jay, thanks for your reply.
    Please confirm me if this is a developers job or a functional job?
    Do i need to do some programming to achive this?
    I checked with couple of my collegues and friends and 90% people say it can be achieved throug functional configuration.
    can thorugh some light on this as i had been researching on this seriously and still have mixed opinions .

  • Sales Order - Pick remarks copy to Production Order remarks field

    Hi All
    I need help with the query to copy sales order - pick remarks to Production Order when the Sales Order is linked with the production order.
    Bongani Dlamini

    Hi All
    I still need some help with this issue.
    Here's the scenario:-
    When a user captures a Sales Order , (s)he must enter remarks in the Logistics Tab --> Pick and Pack Remarks ( to be renamed to Production Remarks).
    This info must be copied when a production manager or supervisor creates a production order and links it to the Sales Order field on the header .
    Tried a couple or tricks but still nothing.
    SELECT $[ORDR.PickRmark]
    SELECT T1.[PickRmrk] FROM OWOR T0 , ORDR T1 WHERE T1.[DocNum] =  T0.[OriginNum]
    SELECT $[ORDR.PickRmrk]
    Please help.
    Bongani Dlamini

  • Serial number associated with a production order number

    Hi All,
    How i can find serial number associated with a production order number.
    I want to input serial number and material number to fetch the production order number.
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    I am sure this is a solution..please try..
    In SQVI transaction join the tables SER05 and OBJK... YOu will get the results...
    GO to SA38, enter program RIOBJK00... YOu will get hte results..

  • Number range Object for Production order Number range profile.

    Hi ffriends,
       Can anybody tell me how to maintain the <b>Serial Number Range</b> for production order serial no.
       I working on automatic serail no generation for production order.I have one serial no range profile which I am assigning to material in material master  but I don't know the number range object for that profile.
       Or can anybody tell me how we attach serail no profile to a serial no range object.?
           Please it is urgently required..........
    Rajesh Akarte

    hi rajesh
    in the serial number profile there are certain business procedures which will create the serial no ,kindly check whether for your procedure you have assinged whether serial number to be arranged or not
    slecect the serial number profile in sutomization field( which you have specified in Material master) and select the serialization procedure and check whether the <b>PPRL</b> procedure is assinged,also check the serial no usage assigned
    for detailed process have a look here

  • Bapi or FM or tabel or any standard transaction code for Production order linking to get child production orders based on parent production order

    Dear Guru's,
    we have a requirement i.e. user can convert planned orders in to production orders (CO41) based on those production orders we can get Route card( Z Smart form)  presently we are using manual input for that Route card. recently we got requirement for this i.e. make to automatic generation of route card for this requirement we need to get the list of child's production orders based on parent production order
    so as per my requirement i need to get all child part numbers production orders based on parent production order number and quantity i tried in MD4C and CO46 but those transactions codes are picking multiple lines also so for this requirement please give your valuable suggestions

    Dear Friends,
    Thanks for your reply,
    My business process is MTS purely strategy 10, for route card all components with production orders we can give input as like bellow these production orders are converted from planned orders,between few components are don't have production orders those are F-30 materials,because of this reason i need link for production order to child components orders

  • My Order Number 2510885387 and i have ordered for developer account but when i am checking the status it is still saying no order done in last 30 days

    my Order Number 2510885387 and i have ordered for developer account but when i am checking the status it is still saying no order done in last 30 days

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  • MRP-Delivery Schedule for Sales order is not updating in Production order

    Dear Experts,
    I have created Sales order and maintained delivery scheduling, Then Run MRP through MD50,
    We received Planned order then through this we have converted to Prodcution order.
    When we observe the delivery schedule for sales order under assignment Tab in Produciton order which is showing zero instead showing line item of Delivery schedule.
    I am able to see Sales order and Line item but i am not abel to get any delivery schedule line item.
    Please suggest where settings are missing.
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Experts,
    Please provide me solution.
    after Running MD50 transaction against Sales order.
    If I maintained different Scheduling Line Item for First Line item of Sales order.
    The Respective Scheduling Lines should update against Each Production order which has converted from Planned order.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Sales Order Not Getting Converted to Production order

    Hi gurus,
    I have a sales order and when on MTO process i try using CO08 to create a production order using with order type ZP02 , sales order no , item no , production plant the production order doesnt gets created . could anyone help me

    What is the error message you are getting?
    Are you using strategy group 20 in material master?
    Did you try using other order types?

  • Customer Sales Order number to display in Purchase Order idoc

    Hi experts,
    I have the Customer Sales Order number in the PO item level under "account assignment" tab.
    But it does not show in the idoc xml ouput of the PO.
    Could you let me know if it is not standard field to display in the ORDERS05 idoc type of the PO?
    If not what print program or form that can be used to show the sales order number.
    Also I want to show the Customer PO number into the Purchase Order idoc VBKD-BSTKD and the PO date will be in VBKD-BSTDK.
    This is very urgent !  Will reward.

    Hi experts,
    I have the Customer Sales Order number in the PO item level under "account assignment" tab.
    But it does not show in the idoc xml ouput of the PO.
    Could you let me know if it is not standard field to display in the ORDERS05 idoc type of the PO?
    If not what print program or form that can be used to show the sales order number.
    Also I want to show the Customer PO number into the Purchase Order idoc VBKD-BSTKD and the PO date will be in VBKD-BSTDK.
    This is very urgent !  Will reward.

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