Sales Order Stock Transfer from one plant to another plant

I am transfering sales order stock from one plant to another, using movement type 301E MIGO.
But when i go to Detail Data tab i found the Dst tab gray and only special stock field is appearing in grey there. So when I input all the data in from box it also copied in destination box. I also went to where tab page but the same data is appearing in both area from and destination.
In my opinion both area should be writeable, how can I make the detination detail available in there and should be writeable.
Please advice.
Best regards

Please go to MB1B in that give movement type as 301 and SP Stock as E and provide Plant Storage location and press enter...
as well in MIGO select the Transfer Posting and provide Movement type as 301E and press enter If in OMBW the plant and Storage location is Mandatory then it will not go ahead for Posting.s
Try at your end.
Ninad Kshirsagar

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  • Purchase Order Data transfer from one client to another client

    Suppose i have created some purchase orders in one client( development server) and that are accurate according to our need .
    Now instead of creating same purchase orders again in production server is a useless task.
    SO i want to upload these purchase order directly from SAP development client to production client.
    How to execute this task.
    Please help me  out.
    I think it needs ALE concept .
    I know the ALE concept but i never uploaded the transaction data through ALE only i have uploaded the MASTER DATA.
    For eg i have transfered the material from one server to another server but never transfered the purchase order.
    CAN anybody help me out with simple example then it will greatful to me.
    Thanks a lot

    hi u can use BAPI to call that PO FROM ONE CLIENT TO ANOTHER CLIENT.
    FOR that, use, data: wa_destination type gsval.
      CASE sy-sysid.
        WHEN 'DVH'.
          CONCATENATE 'DVC' 'CLNT' '021' INTO wa_destination.
        WHEN 'QAH'.
          CONCATENATE 'QAC' 'CLNT' '129' INTO wa_destination.
        WHEN 'SUH'.
          CONCATENATE 'SUC' 'CLNT' '222' INTO wa_destination.
        WHEN 'PRH'.
          CONCATENATE 'PRC' 'CLNT' '222' INTO wa_destination.

  • Stock Transfer from one location to another through outbound deliveries

    We have 5 warehouse and one manufacturing plant. Till this time we use two step Stock Transfer method to transferring stock from plant to ware houses.
    Now, we want to use Shipping & Transportation System to to calculate transportation cost. But this system consider only outbound deliveries. So, our requirement is:
    1. Create the outbound deliveries, but no billing.
    2. Receive the material at warehouse against this outbound delivery but do not go for invoice booking.
    How can we achieve it. Please guide us.

    You may see the IMG path SPRO->Materials Management->purchasing->Purchase Order->Setup Stock Transport Order.  Here, the most important ones are Assign Delivery Type and Assign Purchasing Document Type. Availability check, Delivery tolerances etc. are optional. You need shipping point to be created using transaction OVLZ.

  • Stock Transfer from One Store to Store

    Hi Retail Gurus,
    I have just entered working on IS Retail,basically I am an SD consultant.I have a Client who has implemented IS Retail.
    Now,coming to the query,I want transfer the stock which is in Store A to Store B without any Valuation.
    Kindly Help Me,

    Dear Vishal,
    When articles removed under stock transfer from one site to other site, the overall inventory valuation, at company code level, remains same. Because, inventory valuation must remains same, the accounting document is posted at the time of PGI (post goods issue) from sending site.
    SAP Support following Stock transfers;
    (1) Store to Store single step using 301 mov. type
    (2) Store to Store double step using 303 & 305 mov. types
    (3) STO with SD route using 641 & 101 Mov. type
    Price: Always....Valuation price + Delivery costs if any
    Steps are as below for option No. 3
    1. Create Purchase Order using transaction code ME21N using document type UB
    2. Create outbound Delivery using transaction code VL10B
    3. Post Goods Issue using transaction code VL02N     
    4. Create Goods Receipt against STO Purchase Order reference using transaction code MIGO
    Hope this information will be useful.

  • Vendor Open items transfer from one Recon to Another recon

    We have wrongly maintained one recon account in Vendor. 
    Is there any way to trnasfer Vendor Open items transfer from one Recon to Another reconciliation account..

    The best way is to transfer the items from old to new reconciliation account.
    Please use the following entries to transfer.
    1. Dr Vendor a/c(Old recon a/c)
        Cr Vendor clearing a/c
    After nullifying the balance in old recon account, here chage recon in the master.
    2. Dr Vendor clearing a/c
        Cr Vendor a/c(New recon a/c)
    F101 only post the adjustment entry at period end and reverse the same entry in next period. So, transferring the items is the best method. If you have volume of data, then create a LSMW for this.
    Murali. N

  • How do I transfer from one ArrayList to another -

    Basically what I want to do is transfer from one arayList to another using an iterator to iterate of the list and transfer certain entries to another - one is called lots, the other is called unsold.
    I don't want help with trying to get the right fields to transfer at the moment I'm just trying to get it to transfer EVERY entry, which I cant seem to to with this while loop
    public ArrayList getUnsold()
           Iterator it = lots.iterator();
            while(it.hasNext()) {
                    Lot lot = (Lot);
                    return unsold;With the above all I seem to get is the first item in the 'lots' list to transfer even though theree are 3 items that need to be transferred...
    I have declared all arraylists and everything on this level works I just cant transfer items over properly...
    Any help is most appreciated.

    Add these print statements (and others you think might help) to help you see what's going on: public ArrayList getUnsold()
           Iterator it = lots.iterator();
            while(it.hasNext()) {
                    Lot lot = (Lot);

  • Getting error in file transfer from one system to another system

    Hi All
    One of my client (User) wants to transfer his file from  SAP R/3 System SAP XI system. He is using a customize t-code ZFIR0325 (Trial balance report transfer to Hyperian System). When user execute the  program he is getting error "File Transfer Failed due to Network chk with Admin"
    I checked with Network team but they said it is okay from their side. We also check for authorization but there is no issue regarding authorization.
    Name of File Path of Aplication Server, XI destinaion and XI directory entered by user is correct.
    We also put authorization trace in XI System to RFC User (In file transfer from one system to another system this RFC User is geeing Used) but no authorization issue was found.
    Please help me to resolve this problem. I any detail require I will provide the same.

    Guruprasad Wrote:
    He is using a customize t-code ZFIR0325 (Trial balance report transfer to Hyperian System).
    We also put authorization trace in XI System to RFC User (In file transfer from one system to another system this RFC User is geeing Used) but no authorization issue was found.
    Firstly, no one in the community can answer on how a custom transcation code and a program associated with it behaves.
    If there are no authorization issues in the system, you have to look at the exact error message. Look if your XI system is allowed to receive files from the SAP system.
    Unfortunately, you should do some more home work before putting your question here. If everything is fine and configured correctly, then the issue might be with the program.

  • File transfer from one system to another system

    How can I use ODI to do file transfer from one system to another system ?
    Do I need to create Models or I have to simply use Jython procedure/script to do the same ? Kindly help. I have done DB to DB using Knowledge Modules. But I am not able to understand this piece.
    Kindly help.

    If you are asking about file transfer use ODI FTP tool to do it. If you are asking about file transformation..
    You can not do file transformation directly in ODI like we do in any other ETL tool like data stage or Ab Initio.. File transformation in ODI can be done using staging database in an interface(i.e ELT way).
    Create source and target data stores for the file to be transformed. Create an interface using File to SQL LKM to load the file into staging database and then use SQL to File Integration knowledge module.

  • Sales Order stock transfer between plants

    I'm dealing with a problem in a folding cartons packaging industry.
    Finished Goods are very specific and they are produced in plant "A" using Make-to-order scenario. After production the finished goods enters plant "A" as Special Sales Order Stock (Type E).
    This stock is sold to end customer from plant "B", so in some point the special stock must be transfered from plant "A" to plant "B". Material is shipped so we need to have a delivery for this transfer.
    Do you know any process/transaction to do this?
    Thank you,
    Sebastián Ligueros

    You can try using t.code ME21 or ME21N.
    Use document type UB- stock transport order.
    Enter the supplying plant as (A) and receiving plant as B at line item.
    In the line item(s), under account assignment category, enter value as C-sales order.
    At the bottom line item details, in the account assignment tab, enter the sales order number. Then save the STO.
    Create the delivery with respect to this STO using t.code VL10D. Do the PGI.
    Receive the goods in plant B using transaction code MIGO. Select goods receipt and outbound delivery as criteria.

  • "sales order stock" transfer between two different sales orders

    I have 2 sales orders as follows:
    .Sales order # 301324 for Plant 1000
    .Sales order # 501324 for Plant 2000
    Plant 1000 and Plant 2000 belong to same company code.
    Now I wanna to transfer the sales order stock of Sales order # 301324  to Sales order # 501324 directly, is that possible? If it's, how to realize?
    Thanks a lot.

    u cant   transfer  directly a sales order from one plant to another plant sales order
    1 first step is u have to transfer ur sales order unrestricted stock to plant unrestricted stock 411 E movtype
    2. then u have to transfer ur unrestricted stock to plant 1 to plant 2    301movement type
    3. and then from there u can transfer ur unrestricted stock to sales order stock  412 E mov type
    hope this may help u!

  • Requirement date in reservation for Stock transfer from one storage locatio

    Hi ALL,
    I have activated the resevration creation  by MRP for stock transfer from mail ware house to service storage location  by creating MRP area for service storage location  when there is requiremnt from service and when MRP is run on the MRP area the resevration in created and trasnfer order is created .but the requiremnt date in reservation is not the same asd of on service kindly let me know why it is ahppening.

    check the GR processing time for the material . System may be adding GR processing time with reservation requirement to arrive at the service delivery date.

  • Transfer from one screen to another screen in mm02

    hi guru,
    how to trasfer value of field from to screen to another screen.
    my problem is when we change in mm02 transaction Basic data1 view the field (prod.hierarchy) value it should be transfer to sale organization 2 view and displayed in prod.hierarchy.
    the value should be transfering from one screen to another screen.
    kindly do the need full code ASAP.
    Thanks & Regards,

    check this link....
    defining screen fields using FIELD-SYMBOL

  • Transfer from one mac to another mac

    i am trying to transfer all itunes files from one mac to another one via a hard disk
    found this information:
    but does not seem to work for me.
    has anyone more information?

    try this script:
    iTunes Track CPR v1.3 
    This script attempts to locate the files of so-called "dead tracks"--iTunes tracks designated with (!)--that you assume are not actually missing but are still located in the iTunes Music folder in their "iTunes File Order" (Music -> Artist -> Album ->"

  • Transfer from one Batch to another in QM

    Sorry if this is a silly question (I'm not a QM Consultant). Is there a way in QM to transfer a material from one batch to another. For example if we receive Material A, Batch A, into quality inspection. At the time of usage decision is it possible to change to Material A, Batch B. I know about MB1B though but it doesn't fulfill our needs.   Any other suggestion would be helpful.

    It the lot is a stock relevant lot, (i..e it controls stock), then yes.  In the Usage decision screen is a tab labelled stock posting.  On this tab is of stock catagories that the material/batch can be posted to.  One of these lines should be "New Material".  (at least in standard, out-of-the-box SAP).  By enterring a stock qty on this line a pop-screen should come up allowing you to enter the destination material number and batch number. 
    This is all standard stuff.  No development should be required.

  • How to create PO from one palnt to another plant

    Dear All,
    We need to create new Purchase orders from One plant to another plant. Can you please provide me any suggestions to achive this.
    Main hurdle are: We need to create new PO for the completely open Purchase order for old plant.
    Secondly we need to create PO from old PO which have partial goods receipt and which have equally invoice receipts, so that we can create new PO for the open quanityt and the open invoices.
    I do not see any other case which we can consider to open new PO from the old PO. If there are to consider some please do let me know.
    Secondly we have to extend the materials from one plant to another plant. Issue is we do not know which views are maiantained for materials which needs to be extend also what are the fields filled for each views. In order to avoid extracting the data from table, structuring it and then reload for new plant we are planning to create some program or is there any existing standard program which can extend material from one plant to another.
    One more issue in out plant extension is we have some Z fields in MARC so how we can use that too to extend it to another plant.
    Can you please provide me some suggestions/help on this.

    Please check this answered link for extending material to another plant through BAPI:
    BAPI to extend material
    If new fields are added to material master, they are applicable at client level, so after extension to new plant, those newly created fields will be available there as well.
    For copying PO's to new plant, you can copy them through ME21n.

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