SAP HR infotype access through portal

Hi All,
Below is the client requirement
*They want to access an infotype "pa9016" in portal*
In order to do is I have created a SAP Transactional iview and selected the system and in the Tcode area I have given the infotype name "pa9016".
Assigned the iview to Role
Now the problem I am facing is when i click on the Role I see the error message
pa9016 tcode unknown
My question is Can we access infotype using SAP Transactional iview.If not how to access the infotype in portal
thanks in advance

Hello All,
It is not possible for you to create a transactional Iview for an Infotype in Portal.
We have 2 options to access the PA info type 9016 in Portal
1. Create a program in the back end system which will pull the data from the Info type 9016 and attach the program to the new ransaction code. Then create a Transactional Iview in Portal for this newly created transaction code.
2. Add this Info type 9016 in the existing PA role (back end role). We can add the PA Info types in the following authorization objects
The second option is recommended.
Best Wishes,

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    we are in the process of integrating SAP DMS with Enterprise portal 6.5,  and SAP DMS on 6.0 SP 12, ie the latest Version,
    when we try to access or view the documents in Portal, we could only see those which have been maintained through Easy DMS, ie.. the folders and documents created in EDMS only is visible
    The Documents which are created in normal DMS, ie the document types and all the documents are not visible in Portal view. any one who have seen or managed DMS through Portal let me know can we see all the documents through Portal or only those maintained in Easy DMS,
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    The Kpro Tick is been given to all the document types i have configured,
    i dont know if i have to enable any other KPRO feature apart from this,
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    Edited by: Priya S on May 6, 2009 12:59 AM
    Edited by: Priya S on May 7, 2009 10:41 AM

  • SSO failing when sap transactions are accessed in portal thru internet

    We are accessing portal through internet on reverse proxy(Apache) but the SSO is failing when accessing sap transactions in portal but other screens(ESS) are accessible. Please let me know does this require any config settings in portal or apache side.
    thanks i advance.

    Hi Rajender,
    I tried doing the same in the ECC system but the iview is throwing error"resource not available".
    We have given just an Apache Ip address in the format  <ipaddress>:80 as we doesn't have FQDN for the apache in the place of WebAs and ITS Host name.
    Also the WEBAS path is /sap/bc/bsp/sap and ITS path is /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui. Does this require any modifications.
    Please also let me know for any changes need to be done on the httpd.config file on Apache server.  - Our External URL
    hostname:port/irj/portal - Our Intranet URL
    Please let me know the exact format of the entries to be made in ITS and Web As settings with the apache details.
    Web AS Host Name :   Hostname:port
    ITS Host Name :   Hostname:port
    ITS Path  : /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui
    thanks in advance


    Hi Gurus,
    Do you guys have an idea about SAP BI/BW access through the internet. If there is any such website could you please let me know. i will register with them. its very desperate as i am going to get chrismas holidays for 20 days so i can practice. Please advise me about such websites.
    Please reply me asap.
    i will be so greatful to you if you could send some links of the websites.
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    have a nice weekend.

    Hi Krishna,
    Thanks for your quick reply. Do you know any body who registered with them. Just i would like to know how is the service and charges per month. I have also left a message to the admin of the website. If you have any known person who already has the access, could you please let me know.
    Thanks again for your quick reply.
    Have a nice weekend,

  • User is locked in R/3 but still access the application through portal

    We are currently on NW2004s SP10 .
    We locked the User A in R/3 SRM backend system and from Enterprise Portal the same User A login and try to access the SRM application in backend . The system is allowing to access which we want to prevent .
    The authentication ticket type is "SAP Logon Ticket" .  The User A is trying to access ITS services through Portal.
    Do we have specific SSO parameter which needs to set in backend SRM application .
    Chandrashekhar K

    We have maintained the following profile parameter for SSO in our SRM system . From portal we are accessing the SRM system
    login/accept_sso2_ticket          1          
    login/certificate_request_subject     CN=&UNAME, OU=&WPOU, User, C=DE               
    login/create_sso2_ticket          0               
    login/disable_cpic               0          
    login/disable_multi_gui_login          0          
    login/disable_multi_rfc_login          0               
    login/disable_password_logon          0               
    login/failed_user_auto_unlock          0          
    login/fails_to_session_end          3               
    login/fails_to_user_lock          3          
    login/isolate_rfc_system_calls          0               
    login/min_password_diff               1          
    login/min_password_digits          0               
    login/min_password_letters          0               
    login/min_password_lng               6          
    login/min_password_specials          0               
    login/multi_login_users               HP          
    login/no_automatic_user_sapstar          1          
    login/password_change_for_SSO          0          
    login/password_charset               1          
    login/password_expiration_time          60          
    login/password_max_new_valid          0               
    login/password_max_reset_valid          0               
    login/system_client               400
    login/ticket_expiration_time          60
    login/ticket_only_by_https          0
    login/ticket_only_to_host          0
    login/ticketcache_entries_max          1000
    login/ticketcache_off               0
    login/update_logon_timestamp          m
    Please suggest as to change any parameter value . We want to restrict the user to access SRM system from portal if he is locked int e SRM system.

  • Portal Runtime Error while accessing BW reports through portal

    We are facing portal runtime error(An exception occurred while processing your request. Please send the exception id to your portal administrator) while accessing BI reports through portal frequently.
    We are unable to trace the error in the 'default trace' log file and although refreshing the cache solves this issue, it is difficult to explain this to every user individually.
    After many such errors, We found one log entry, which we are now not yet sure if it is relevant. The error states:
    com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException: Exception in SAP Application Integrator occured: Unable to parse template &#39;&lt;System.Access.WAS.protocol&gt;://&lt;System.Access.WAS.hostname&gt;&lt;BWLauncherComponent[PORTAL_URL]&gt;;jsessionid=&lt;Request.JSessionID&gt;?sap-ext-sid=&lt;ID[url_ENCODE]&gt;&amp;Language=&lt;Request.Language&gt;&amp;theme=&lt;LAF.Theme[url_ENCODE]&gt;&amp;sap-lafversions=&lt;LAF.AllVersions[url_ENCODE]&gt;&amp;&lt;Authentication&gt;&amp;&lt;Report&gt;&amp;&lt;BusinessParameters&gt;&#39;; the problem occured at position 230. Cannot process expression &lt;LAF.AllVersions&gt;
    at com.sapportals.portal.appintegrator.AbstractIntegratorComponent.doContentPass(
    at com.sapportals.portal.appintegrator.AbstractIntegratorComponent.doContent(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.AbstractPortalComponent.serviceDeprecated(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.AbstractPortalComponent.service(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.callPortalComponent(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentResponse.include(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.pom.PortalNode.service(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.callPortalComponent(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.runRequestCycle(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.connection.ServletConnection.handleRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher$
    at Method)
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.service(
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
    at Method)
    Content pass of Application Integrator failed.
    Component Name:       '',
    Context Name (iView):  <iview name location>
    Top Layer:            'BWReport/TopLayer',
    Producer ID (FPN):    'null',
    System Alias:         'Sap_bw',
    The cluster server element 111111 is not added in the EP cluster context,
       because prtbridge on 111111 is stopped  or not yet started (maybe the server is starting or shuting down).
    Please suggest us if the above logs are related to the issue or not
    Kindly provide us any inputs or solutions.

    Hi All,
    We are also having similiar type of error in our portal.
    The cluster server element 125898350 is not added in the EP cluster context,
       because prtbridge on 125898350 is stopped  or not yet started
    (maybe the server is starting or shuting down).
    We have implemented the FPN using RRA.
    This error comes only for few users when they navigate in Portal. After clearing the cache, it works for all. Kindly help us to resolve this issue.

  • Enable to select a check box in ALV while accessing it through portal

    Hi All,
    Currently I have given a link on portal to run a transaction code. The output of the program is ALV report, where user any select the check boxes.
    Now when I try to select a check box, it is not getting selected. I click on the checkbox, the tick appear and then the screen refreshes itself and the tick goes off. This is happening only when accessing it through portal. If i run the program in R/3 directly, I am able to select the check box.
    Please advice on this.

    Reported to SAP for the same.

  • DMS access through a Portal

    I have created a portal through which I want to access the DMS functionalities like Create, chang, display document, create receipent list, document distribution, SAP Inbox, etc. The portal is working fine but the only limitation is that, prior to access DMS from portal, I may need to install SAP GUI on that PC.
    Expectation is, I need to integrate DMS system directly from Portal without SAP GUI.
    Please suggest the solution..

    Dear Kedar Deshmukh
    For Viewing DMS document throught portal you have to use "DMS Connector for KM"
    for more follow the link
    Making Settings for mySAP ERP DMS Connector for KM
    but you have to explore for some of functionality like "create receipent list, document distribution"
    Tushar Dave

  • CIC Agent inbox access through e-portal

    Hi All,
    For Customer care agents, we have limitation in providing direct login access to Win Client.So i have a doubt, if we provide them access thru e-portal,will the portal directly open win client(sap gui) whenever the agent gets an inbound call?
    In other terms can we have CIC implementation for Inbound telephony and have it accessed through e-portal.
    Abhinav Shahi
    [email protected]

    Dear Kedar Deshmukh
    For Viewing DMS document throught portal you have to use "DMS Connector for KM"
    for more follow the link
    Making Settings for mySAP ERP DMS Connector for KM
    but you have to explore for some of functionality like "create receipent list, document distribution"
    Tushar Dave

  • Not able to Access Webdypro applications through portal

    We are using iviews created using in SAP Web Dynpto iView template in SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0.
    Resently, we have migarated server from 32 bit machine to 64 bit machine. 
    After migration We are facing some problem with web dynpro applications.
    Web Dynpro applications can be opened from internet but not from intranet.
    We want that applications can be accessed from intranet as well as internet.
    Address of Web AS specified in system used by web dynpro applications is in the form <proxy hostname>.<domain>.<extension>:<port-SSL> like
    Translation rule is defined on proxy server for converting this address to actual address in the form <server host>.<domain>.<extension>:<port> like
    This rule is working when appication is accessed from internet. However, address traslation is not taking place in case of intranet.

    Are you getting 500 internal server error when accessing through internet.
    Change your Domain name settings and compare your host file settings in both systems.

  • Urgent: Issue while accessing MSS through portal

    Hi All,
    Recently HRSP 70 was applied to R/3 system. And after that we are getting scenario does not exist when clicked on MDT->Reporting->choose report e.g. Education->Select people -> and start report through portal.
    And we got Scenario does not exist error.
    We referred HRWPC_FC_EXEC error  and applied following settings :
    For service: sap/bc/gui/sap/its/hrwpc_fc_exec
    1) Go to GUI Configuration and set the following parameter
        Parameter name: ~webgui_theme
        Value: sl
    2) Then go to transaction SITSPMON -->Template and Mimes tab
        Invalidate template caches
    After this what is happening is a bit wierd though a workaround is found.
    Now when user clicks start report through portal he gets a popup for SAP inbox mentioning there are xx documents unread, if he clicks on ok he again gets "scenario does not exist" . However if he goes and reads all the documents in inbox and then again execute start report through portal he can see the desired output.
    Now still if we just go to sicf transaction in R/3 and just right click on HRWPC_FC_EXEC and execute Test Service we still get Scenario does not exist
    Also note we have reports iview with MSS1 scenario and viewgroup in Selection Criteria is a Z group
    Where in R/3 side should these entries be maintained ?
    Can anyone please suggest what would be the connection of unread documents here with scenario ? And where is scenario missing ? Kindly let me know if any other input is needed.

    Hi Joyce,
    Yes we were able to resolve it, we added one more parameter "NO_LOGON_USEREXIT" with value "1" in GUI configuration of the service "HRWPC_FC_EXEC". This resolved our issue.
    Try it at your end , let me know if any issue.
    Jalpa Shukla(Bhatt)

  • Accessing windows explorer through portal

    is it possible to access windows explorer through portal. or is there a way to access the files in the computer thro portal. i mean something similiar to windows explorer.
    can we access windows explorer itself or we need build an application for this. can someone give me an idea on this. its urgent.

    Hi Sharmila,
    a. Access through Windows Explorer. User should be able to do all required operations related to document handling through Windows Explorer (Check in, Check out, etc.). all these must be done thro portal.
    b. Integration with MS Office and other popular softwares like Visio, MS Project, etc. User should be able to open, save, check-in, check- out document from within these applications. the corresponding file when clicked should open in ms office or word with all the tool boxes enabled.
    c. allow the users to categorize the document repository to different categories.
    d. should support versioning of the documents.
    e. should have predefined user levels / category.
    plzz look into this , say me which is possible and which is not possible. Thanks in advance

  • How to access the SAP Server Console? Through VPN

    How to access the SAP Server Console? Through VPN

    You need to contact your system admin as they will enable the port in ur system so that u can access client servers.It should also be allowed from client side also i mean access.
    You will connect thru weblink with user name and pw and SAP with logon details.

  • Access workflow through portal application

    HI everyone,
    we are working on a portal application for PO approval processo which reads the workflow inbox and displays in the portal, now when users hits on an workitem , two button are displayed approve and reject and when user hits on approve , the next level approvers are displayed and when the user hits on the next approver, the flow has to go to backend and the workflow needs to proceed.
    Now that the portal development is fine but after the user chooses the next approver , how exactly the workflow should continue.
    Is there any way by which we can make this work and after user chooses the next approver the workflow will send the mail to next level approver.
    we are missng the link how to link the workflow

    This is possible by configuring UWL (Universal Work List) in Portal.
    Please look at this Document:

  • Can I use SAP HR to drive ESS Portal user creation?

    We are implementing a new instance of SAP HR and Portal for ESS and MSS and I am not sure of all the steps that need to be completed so any guidance / tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Company currently has an LDAP - but not used extensively. Not all employees currently in LDAP as not all have network ids. All employees will have a SAP account to enable ESS (via Kiosks etc).  ESS iViews in Portal will call SAP HR and possibly SAP BW.  We have an instance of SAP already and user admin maintained via CUA - this will continue.
    My initial thoughts are that we try to use SAP HR as the leading system to drive the ESS Portal users and access.  Basically I want to create the user in SAP and assign them an ESS SAP role... then through syncronization have the user created in the Portal and have the correct ESS Portal assigned (in the Portal)
    My thinking so far is to go the following way;
    1) Create User Master Record in SAP (SU01)
    2) Hire employee into the org structure (via HR processes)
    3) Populate Infotype 0105 with SAP username
    4) Populate Infortype 1016 - with SAP role to be assigned to allow ESS access (not sure about this aspect) or role could be assigned in 1) above
    I am not sure of the next steps - I think there must be a way in an SAP table to map the ESS SAP role to the ESS Portal Role (is this via WP3R?)
    then I am hoping that a standard job can be run (is this RSLDAPSYNC_USER) that will create the user in the Portal (UME?) and assign the correct Portal role ?
    (obviously configuration needed)
    For MSS and HR Power users - we would continue to assign SAP roles via SU01.
    Can anyone assist with;
    - Is my thinking correct in terms of how this should / could work?
    - in SAP how can I map SAP Roles to Portal Roles ?
    - will syncronization in SAP create the user in Portal and assign the role ? what do I need to configure?
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Michale,
    I just dont know if this can throw some light on your prob.'
    In our Orgn we had around 250 ess users and 200 sapr/3 users. Some of the r/3 users also logon to ess via their r/3 uname and password.
    What we have done is like follows:
    1. Created a role for only the ess users ZHRESS. For this i asked the HR functional people with sap_all profile to do all the job which the ESS users are supposed to do and tracer the authorization via tcode st01. We created the role on the basis of this trace report.
    2. For the purely ESS users we created the users via tcode HRUSER and assigned then with the above role.
    3. For the R/3 users who are supposed to avail the ess facility we assigned them with the role ZHRESS role in addition to the other roles assigned to them to carry out their normal R/3 transactions. Then we mapped their R/3 uname to their employee no via PA30 infotype 105.
    4. Tcode HRUSER saved time  which would have consumed had we done it via su01 and moreover it picked Name etc data from the HR master table. In HRUSER tcode , setting the user attributes helps to define what roles the users are to be assigned, what should be their initial password etc.
    Pl let me know if it satisfies you querry.

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