Satellite P50-a-144 and Windows 8.1 - Webcam lost driver

I bought a Satellite P50-A-144 and now after Windows and Toshiba updates the webcam doesn't work.
In the device management webcam disappeared and I have an advice with a message: composite device USB.
I don't find webcam drivers on Toshiba site. Could you help me with a link to the usefull drivers?
Thank you!

Hi Adri
In the past Toshiba has offered webcam drives for Vista or Win7 but on Win8 machines there is no Toshiba driver anymore. Notebook uses Microsoft drivers. This is the reason why you cannot find webcam driver on Toshiba download page.
Be careful with updates installation. In my opinion you should deactivate automatic update option and before you start updates download and installation check up which drivers are offered. Install important updates but be careful with stuff listed as optional updates. Drivers listed there should be installed from Toshiba download page.
To be honest I don't know what went wrong with your machine but try, if possible, to roll back OS to earlier time before you have installed these updates to see if webcam works again.
Out of curiosity: have you created recovery media following instructions in users manuals document?

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  • Satellite P50-A-144: Intel WLAN driver update solves unstable WiFI

    The notebook Toshiba Satellite P50-A-144:
    The current Toshiba Download Driver version is the 16.5.1 (OEM Version) and is already installed on the notebook, and the current Intel Download Driver version is the 16.10.0 (generic Version).
    *This new version solves the problem of unstable WiFi/WLAN Internet connection.*
    Will Toshiba have available soon the OEM version updated to the 16.10.0?
    Thank you.

    Intel has released as of 06/26/2014 a new Driver Version and
    Toshiba up to 07/12/2014 still has not updated the corresponding Toshibas OEM Version,
    either the previous Intels older Version has not been updated by Toshiba.
    It seems the Drivers update by Toshiba takes very very long time until they are ready to download on the Toshiba Support web page.
    Unfortunatly, Intel does not recommend to install the generic Driver on Toshiba-OEM Systems, because they do not provide support in case of issues after installation, and suggest to get the Update directly from Toshiba, so there is no other chance, just to wait for the Update until Toshiba released the OEM-Version.
    Are there other alternatives?

  • Satellite U500-1EZ (PSU9ME) need Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Chipset Driver

    Iv been searching all over for a few days, and i cant find the Toshiba Satellite U500-1EZ PSU9ME Windows Seven Ultimate 32bit Chipset Driver.
    If anyone knows where i can find it or can post a download link, itll be really nice..

    Unfortunately your notebook model is not supported for Win7 32bit but I have checked notebook specification and your Satellite has Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset.
    The same chipset has Tecra A11 and is supported for Win7 32bit so you can install THIS driver.

  • Satellite C55-A-1N1 and Windows 8 - i5 is not working

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop and it was working completely fine for the first two months. I used to shut it down using the power down option and everything was fine. Then, three days ago, it was taking extra long to power down. Normally it took about 2 minutes; this time it had gone 1 hour and it was still in the process of shutting down.
    I was frustrated and held the power button down until the screen went dark and the laptop went off. The next day, I turned it on and it loaded up fine, however once it reaches the Windows 8 page, the screen turns blue and as if it refreshes itself and returns back the homepage. This happens every three seconds making it impossible to open any applications. I have checked if any buttons are pressed down and there aren't any that are and the laptop is fully charged. I have assignments due in very soon and getting work down is near impossible at the moment.
    Any help will be appreciated greatly.

    I don't know what is wrong there but what you can try is to reinstall original recovery image using HDD recovery option.
    Instructions about repair and recovery you can find on
    Have you may be created recovery media (DVD or USB)?

  • Satellite L650-12P - Black and white colours on webcam

    hello people i have a quick question about my laptop which is a Satellite L650-12P.
    When I bought it, I am sure the webcam had colour but now it has turned black and white. I have tried various settings but cannot get the colour back. Why has this happened and what can I do?
    Someone please help.

    Usually the webcam shows more colours as just white and black.
    I think its just something wrong with webcam settings. You should check this article from Toshiba about different webcam settings:

  • G510 and Windows 7 - can't install driver

    I have a problem with driver installation on my G510 notebook with Windows 7. I've installed all drivers, and only two had left: "Unknown Device" and "PCI Simple Communications Device". After installing the Intel Power Management Engine, the "Unknown Device" had disappear (installed successfull), but second one is still not installed. VendorID (8086) and DeviceID (8C3A) suggests, that this is Intel Power Management, but this driver is allready installed.
    I tried to install different versions of this driver (even for Win8), but nothing changed. Google says nothing on my problem.  What else can I do? What am I missing?
    Go to Solution.

    Downloaded the file directly from Intel. Works fine now.
    Too bad, that Lenovo can't provide proper drivers (Win7 x64) for their notebook. I've noticed several driver problems:
    - Intel Graphic Card driver, can't recognize the device (had to download directly from Intel),
    - AMD Graphic Card driver installs ok, but system shows error in Device Manager (had to download directly from AMD),
    - WLAN driver setup finishes ok, but the driver is still not installed (had to download driver for diffrent notebook model),
    - Power Management driver can't install all used devices (had to download directly from Intel).

  • Z77A-G65 and windows 8 mode shows no drives

    I put the latest firmware on, and tried to install windows 8 pro after turning on windows 8 features mode in the UEFI setup.
    I have the main drive on the system as a Samsung 830 128GB SSD the on the 6Gbit controller ports... then 2 2TB HDD's in RAID1 on the 3Gbit ports, which has RAID mode turned on on all the ports
    when I go into the setup, it tells me no drives are available to intall on, any reason why this would be? I can find the drives fine if I turn windows 8 features mode off in the BIOS config for UEFI

    Quote from: xmad on 16-November-12, 23:58:29
    IRST= Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    Win 8 didn't detect the drives during install until I installed the drivers, then it did just fine. I just included them on the flash drive with which I was installing. The install still didn't work so it doesn't really matter though as it fails when "preparing devices"
    yes... I know what the IRST drivers are... they are built into the windows setup driver cache.... like I said I can see the RAID array without loading any drivers when I start up the windows installer for windows 8 in UEFI mode but with the windows 8 features not enabled...
    BIOS -> Windows 8 Features > disabled
    On Boot get boot menu, select UEFI: [Windows 8 Setup drive name here]
    UEFI Setup loader starts, shows the windows logo for the loading screen
    click install
    Intel RAID array drives listed are showing up
    that is with Windows 8 features disabled
    BIOS -> Windows 8 Features > Enabled
    On boot menu select UEFI: [Windows 8 setup drive name here]
    UEFI Loader starts but now the windows logo shows up as a MSI logo (sign that windows 8 features are now enabled)
    click install
    Intel RAID array drives are no longer showing up on the drive list
    if I didn't have the drivers already in the setup, why does the array show up in the first setup with the features disabled? you need them to see the array
    something isn't working as it should because you sould see the same arrays in both scenerios, for some reason the drivers are not loading when windows 8 features are enabled but load fine when the features are disabled in the bios config

  • Recovering of Satellite P50-B-103 without losing created partitions

    Laptop: Satellite P50-B-103
    OS: Windows 8.1
    I've created several partitions in my laptop Satellite P50-B-103 and I've created the 3 recovery DVD.
    Now, I would like to recovery the Operating System and to mantein the partitions that I've created with therir files.
    When I tried to recovery the laptop with de DVD, I see that it's necessary to delete all the partitions. Is it possible recovery the laptop whitout delete my partitions?

    Generally speaking recovery image can be installed on two ways:
    -HDD recovery option (recovery image is on the HDD)
    -using recovery DVD
    When you use HDD recovery installation only partition C will be deleted and recovery image installed on it. This option works with factory settings and with original partitions structure.
    You have changed this partitions structure and this option will not work so there is logical that you want to use created recovery discs.
    Problem is that recovey image procedure wants to create original factory settings that include original partitions structure. Before recovery image installation starts all recovery files will be copied to the HDD and then installed from there so I think you cannot install recovery image on defined partition without changing everything.
    Anyway, if there is some problem with your preinstalled OS, install recovery image again and then change partitions again. It is not a big deal. You have created recovery discs so original partitions structure that includes recovery image is not so important for you.
    Using recovery discs you can install recovery image anytime you want.
    Of course before you start to install recovery image make data back-up.

  • HDMI audio is not working on my Satellite P50-A-14G

    Hello, my pc is a SATELLITE P50-A-14G, and I'm writing this because when I conect the HDMI to my pc, the audio doesn't work. I've tried almost everything, but it doesn't seem to recognize the HDMI as sound player. Image is good, but sounds keep playing from the speakers of the laptop itself.
    I've checked the playback tab on the sound config and it doesn't appear HDMI device to select.
    I've also checked on the Device Manager and uninstalled the "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" wich was automatically updated once reset the laptop, but I didn't appreciated any changes at all. I have also checked if the HDMI output was in disabled, but it doesn't appear at all. I don't know what else to do! Help me, please!

    Originally Posted by valeriiish
    I've checked the playback tab on the sound config and it doesn't appear [/COLOR]HDMI device to select.
    Click with right mouse button and enable options “show disabled devices” and “show disconnected devices”.
    Is HDMI device shown now?
    If your notebook recognized TV the sound device must be detected too.
    Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?

  • How can I triple boot with OSX, Windows XP, and Windows 7 RC?

    Here's the short story:
    I have OS X 10.5 and Windows XP on an internal drive.
    My goal is to install the Windows 7 RC on a bootable external drive connected through eSATA
    I used Winclone to copy my XP partition (with a different-looking desktop) onto the external drive to test if I could boot from it. Seems the EFI boot sequence recognizes the external copy in any case. Picture here: [> (ignore the backup hard drive)
    When I select the Windows icon on the left, it boots the internal drive partition. However, when I select the icon on the right, it also boots the internal partition.
    Is there any way I can manipulate the BIOS emulation to chose between the two drives? Would clearing the internal Windows partition let it default to the external one? Would just installing Windows 7 RC resolve the issue?

    Hi KWarp,
    here a guide on how-to triple boot OSX, XP and Vista
    Replacing Vista with Windows 7 should be no difference.
    To my knowledge Windows can not be booted from an external harddisk and I don't think that Microsoft has changed that with Windows 7 (although I like to be wrong on that ).
    Intel-Macs don't have a BIOS but use its successor EFI.
    Tools for 'fumbling' with EFI are restricted to Apple Technicians.

  • Satellite P50 Windows 7 Pro Recovery Media

    I purchased from Toshiba Direct a custom built Satellite P50, model PSPMHU-0CR02Y.  I ordered it with and paid extra for Windows 7 Professional installed from the factory, with media for Windows 8.  When I received the computer, I created my own set of Windows 7 recovery media.  Last week I started to have issues with the laptop related to blue screens, tech support had me attempt to restore from the recovery partition (holding down 0 while turning on the computer), which failed with error about creating partition.  Then I tried to use the media I created, which failed due to a read error of the DVD.  The last attempt was using the Windows 8 media which came with the PC, then if it worked to try the restore partition again to get Windows 7 on the laptop.  Windows 8 installed successfully, however when I tried the restore partition the only option was for Windows 8.
    So now I have Windows 8 - however I want Windows 7 back, which I paid for.  Tech support says Toshiba Direct should have also provided me with Windows 7 media, Toshiba Direct says I can get it from Acclaim, Acclaim says they don't have it, call customer service, customer service refers me back to Toshiba Direct, and Toshiba Direct says I'll have to wait for a call from a supervisor within 24 hours.  I have now repeated this telephone adventure 3 times, without any resolution or contact from a supervisor who is able to assist.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Windows 8  Pro has downgrade rights Windows 7. This gives you the ability to use your license for Windows 8 with Windows 7. It doesn't, however, give you installation media or a key for Windows 7. You need to use your own media obtained elsewhere with a Windows 7 key. It's okay even if the key is already in use, because it's used just to get through installation. Afterward, Microsoft can activate via telephone. When you ordered it with Windows 7, Windows 7 was installed as a convenience, but recovery media with Windows 7 isn't available.
    - Peter

  • Unable to use any USB ports on Satellite P50-A (PSPMHC-01​M00P) are Windows 7 Ultimate Install

    Hi Everyone,
    I created a dual-boot Win7/Win8.1 system on my Satellite P50-A (PSPMHC-01M00P) unfortunately, even though I was able to find a working USB Controller driver from a similar model's Win7 driver, I  can not get the laptop to recognize or install anything USB device regardless of which port I plug the device into.  It's as if my USB ports are disabled when in Windows 7.  This isn't the case with my Windows 8.1 installation.
    Could this be a driver issue since I know it's not a hardware one?  Could anyone recommend a suitable non-Canadian Windows 7 64bit chipset driver that I could try in hopes to resolve my USB functionality?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Satellite P50-A-01M (PSPMHC-01M00P)
    We support US computers at this site. Everything for that Canadian model is here.
    Unfortunately, your site does not include anything for Windows 7. As you've noticed, that Windows version does not support USB 3.0 natively. It needs a driver.
    But you are in luck! Because it's in the same part-number family (PSPMHx), this US computer uses the same drivers and utilities. Compare the specs.
    Satellite P50-AST2GX1 (PSPMHU-01G00R)
    Those downloads are here.
    If you want everything to work, the order of installation is important. Start with a clean install of Windows 7. Install the chipset software and display drivers prior to any other drivers. Install the TVAP before any other Toshiba utilities.

  • Satellite A300 and Windows 7 - missing "Create a disk" option

    I installed windows 7 professional in my laptop A300 - 15C (PSAJ4E) two weeks ago and i have a problem.
    I Installed all drivers for win 7 from the official site of toshiba and i can't see the option of "Create a disk" where i can install the firmware update.
    So, my laptop hasn't install the firmware updates and it's very slow on the boot.
    Any idea about this problem?

    As I can see your posting is mix of three different issues but described in two sentences.
    Can we please discuss about each issue separately?
    At first I must say that I have installed Win7 on my Satellite A300-1LI successfully and I am happy with performance and must say that all hardware components run perfectly.
    So, back to your notebook:
    # What do you mean with "Create a disk" option? Maybe you think on some preinstalled Toshiba tool, I don't know exactly. The fact is that Toshiba offers many useful tools and utilities with factory settings only and such tools cannot be downloaded and installed additionally.
    # Firmware update? Do you really need this? I don't think so. Have you noticed some problems with optical disc drive?
    # Slow boot-up? Have you installed all listed drivers for Win7 especially chipser dtiver and storage manager? Please note that SATA settings in BIOS must be set to AHCI mode.

  • Satellite L500-1EN - Where to find drivers for XP and Windows 7?

    To me are necessary the driver for L500-1en. On a site has not found. If it is fashionable to use the driver from other model write from what.
    To me are necessary the driver on Windows XP, Windows 7.

    I have a little bit searched on the Toshiba website and it seems that your model belongs to the PSLJTE series and therefore you can download all drivers for XP and Windows 7 here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
    Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLJTE
    Check this!!!

  • New Satellite L50-C - wont allow updates and windows 10 upgrade, keeps asking to restart

    Hi, hope someone can help:I picked up a new laptop yesterday with windows 8.1 installed and followed the prompts to upgrade to windows 10.  The computer downloaded what I presume were the updates for 8.1 to get it up to date before starting the windows 10 installation.  It has also downloaded the data for the windows 10 upgrade as I am now getting the prompt telling me the upgrade is ready to install.However, when I click on 'start the upgrade now' in the windows 10 upgrade box the laptop just restarts and boots back up to a windows 8.1 login.  Once logged into desktop Windows Update opens up and tells me that I need to restart to complete install of updates.  I click on the restart and the computer restarts but with no message telling me during the restart process that updates are installing as you might usually expect.  The boot-up then bring me back to the same point (login screen, then win8.1 desktop and Windows update again popping up asking for a restart).  I have followed these prompts and done several restarts thinking that it is working through bringing the updates in one by one however the update list doesn't vary when I check:  I ran the troubleshooter for update and got the following message: However even after doing this a couple of times I still have the same problem.  After reading up on these forums and elsewhere I tried running sfc/scannow (no issues detected).Can anyone help?  

    Which Satellite L50-C? There is a label on the bottom.
    Scroll down in the Troubleshooting report so we can see what's under Issues found.

Maybe you are looking for