Save CC to CS6?

How do I save an InDesign CC file so it can be opened and worked on in CS6?

If the export to RTF or Tagged Text will fail, you could also use Acrobat Pro to extract the text to RTF or to Word doc format.
EDIT*: You have to select your text. Only then you could see the export options for "Adobe InDesign-Tagged-Text" or "Rich Text Format".
*Peter is right. As always…
Just put your curser in a story.
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  • I am trying to save a photoshop CS6 psd file to jpg and get an option jpg, jpg2000 or jpg stereo, I choose jpg and then Mac 256 colours, normal or interlaced.  I just want regular jpg with a high resolution.  What am I doing wrong, never had this problem

    I am trying to save a photoshop CS6 psd file to jpg and get an option jpg, jpg2000 or jpg stereo, I choose jpg and then Mac 256 colours, normal or interlaced.  I just want regular jpg with a high resolution.  What am I doing wrong?  , never had this problem before.  Help!!! 

    Your description of the issue is not clear:
    What format, bit depth and color was your original file "from the net"?  It sounds like it was a Color Indexed GIF, which would cause what you are describing.
    In the Macintosh Finder, select said "net image" and do a Get Info on it (Command+i). When the Info box appears in the Finder, take a screen shot and upload it here by using the little camera icon in the Reply Editor in the forum's web interface.
    If the image is a 256-color GIF, remember the rule:  GIGO = garbage in, garbage out.

  • How can I make a CC Illustrator file open in CS6? Save as does not give an option to save as a CS6.

    How can I make a CC Illustrator file open in CS6? Save as does not give an option to save as a CS6.

  • When i save files using CS6 files go white

    When I save files using CS6 and try to view them in other program (i.e. iPhoto, etc) the files show as a white box with no image. I'm using a Macbook Pro with Yosemite.

    Most likely you have "maximize compatibility" off, and are using applications that can only read the composite image (which requires maximize compatibility ON).

  • Erratic problems with "save as" in CS6

    I have been having problems with the "save as" function in Photoshop CS6. Or, at least, the function is not working consistently with the way it worked in CS5 and earlier.
    When I save an image with a new name, so as not to change the original image, the new file is saved, but the new name does not appear on the image tab. The name on the image tab remains the origninal, so that if I were to "save" more changes, they would overwrite the original image, not the new one. In CS5 and earlier, when you did a "save as", the name in the tab changed to the new name, and you continued editing the image you had just saved, not the original.
    The file type on "save as" is always PSD, not JPG. If there is an option or preference to select the default save file type, I have not been able to find it.
    I have reviewed the other threads in this forum about "save as" problems, and have confirmed that my plug-ins folder is empty and I do not have any alternate plug-ins folder specified in preferences. I did not move any plugins from earlier versions to this version.

    > How are you saving the file (i.e., in what format)? 
    I opened a JPG file, made minor changes (crop, levels) and clicked "File|Save As...". The dialog box came up with PSD, not JPG. I had to change it to JPG to save.
    > Is the "As a Copy" checkbox checked?  If so, it will not consider the document name changed.
    No. "As a copy" is not checked.
    > If your file type is defaulting to PSD, that says you've done something to your file - ...
    Yes, I am used to that behavior in earlier versions of Photoshop, which I have been using since version 4.
    > I  suspect there's no problem here in PS CS6 (I certainly haven't detected one), but rather something
    > you've done to your file is what's making work the way you're seeing it.
    I did not add anything to the file. The only changes I made were cropping and levels. No adjustment layers were created, no channels changed, no change to bit level - I know how to do those things, have done so in the past in earlier versions, and am familiar with the behavior of PS when you do so. This is not that.
    > FYI, I just tested this in PS CS5.
    Version CS5 works fine. When I open the same images in CS5, make the same changes, and click "save as..." it acts exactly as I expect it to - it defaults to JPG and the file name on the tab changes.
    This is a version CS6 issue, not something I'm doing, that I know of. I am not ruling out that there might be something I'm doing or in the setup which is causing the behavior, but given I am only doing very simple editing on these images and I have not changed the default CS6 Beta setup, I have no clue what that might be.
    It is erratic, as I said in the header - sometimes the program reacts the way I expect, more often it does not and I get this problem.

  • How do I save an Illustrator CS6 document down to a previous version like CS2?

    I thought I've seen a way to save down to previous versions before, but I can't find it now.
    I Googled to find the answer, but everything I've found seems to be about previous versions of Illustrator because the screenshots don't match my Illustrator CS6 for Mac.
    Some Google results say to try Export instead of Save as, but I don't see previous versions as options when I try either one.
    I'm probably missing something obvious.

    File > Save
    then give the file a name
    then hit the Save button.
    This should bring up a box similar to the one below (that's from CS4). Choose the version from the drop-down menu circled in red.
    Edit to add; Too slow on the keyboard again!

  • How to save adobe Premiere CS6 files in CS5.5?

    I have Adobe Premiere CS6 installed in my PC but my college Adobe version is how can i save CS6 files into CS5.5?? i have checked a few forums but couldnt find a solution!!

  • What's with the image Save dialog in CS6?

    Being aware that this is a slightly distempered question: exactly whose bright idea was it to replace the wasn't-broken-so-why-fix-it Save for Web dialog, which looked, felt and workd the same as in Photoshop, with the dummy version in CS6? It isn't even "mostly harmless" -- it seriously gets in the way of getting work done.
    The Photoshop team didn't change the SfW dialog, so why did the DW team decide to tear up the memo that says "Suite point products should maintain consistent UX."?
    Change for the sake of change is never a good idea. Change that removes needed functionality is a bad idea. A bad change that also directly contradicts the entire philosophy of the Creative Suite is an offense, the penalty for which should be exile of the guilty UX and engineering personnel to an island with no electric supply, no phone lines, no internet connection of any kind, somewhere off the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego, for one complete product cycle. Without parole.

    In several workflows, I maintain native PSDs and insert those into web pages both for speed and ease of update via "Edit Original" and "Update from Original."
    DW CS6 has almost no functionality in its new SfW dialog, just a list of presets that aren't adaptable and are in most cases unsuitable. In order to properly optimize an image, instead of using DW CS4 thru CS5.5 image converter I have to either a) SfW out of Photoshop, losing the "Update from Original" functionality in DW, or b) switch to CS5.5 so I can use its dialog (which was essentially the same as Photoshop's SfW). Both of these add time to the process. Multiply by 40 to 50 Photoshop composites and you're talking a serious waste of billable time. I don't charge by the hour.

  • Cannot save in InDesign CS6

    About three weeks ago, InDesign CS6 began acting up. When I had been using and saving a document for half an hour or so, I would lose the ability to save the document. All the save-related commands became grayed out. I came to the forum for advice, thinking it was that one document. I was advised that the file had become corrupted, and that I should export it as an idml file, then open it and resave it. That worked.
    Over the intervening weeks, it has happened several times, on several different documents. The problem is intermittent. I can work for an hour with no problems. Then another time, the save command will become unavailable after typing one sentence.
    I am using OS 10.8.3 on a Quad-core Mac Plus with 16GB of RAM
    Obviously something vital to the program has become corruped. Any ideas or suggestions?

    The files are on my hard drive. I am not on a network - stand alone, single user machine. Per advice from you to another user in the past, I just manually trashed the preferences in the user Library, along with the SavedData file in Caches. I will need to work with it for a bit to see if that solved the problem. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Can't "save as" in CS6 after a while

    After working for some time in CS6 several of the program's features stop working. These include "save as", "new layer" "filter>blur" etc. (doesn't seem to be any commonality among them).  I can still "save", though.  Quitting and restarting fixes this. Sometimes I go for 12 hours without a problem, other times it occurs after an hour.  I'm running XP, I have 50GB free on a 111GB hard drive (my scratch disk). This drive has been defragged, and I also ran disk cleanup on it. I have 2G of ram (efficiency remains at 100% always), and have done all the optimizations listed on the Adobe site. Yet, this still occurs.  I used the history log to see if any particular action seems to precede the problem, but nothing turned up there (dozens of "eyedropper" followed by "paint brush", that's it).  I've spent three lengthy chat sessions with Adobe help, and about 6 hours uninstalling, reinstalling, and cleaning off space on my hard drive per their advice... but still, the problem persists. I think maybe it's time to go back to CS4...

    Chris Beatrice wrote:
    I'm running XP
    There's your problem right there.
    XP uses up resources, and has leaks all over the place.  If you use it heavily it's necessary to reboot from time to time.  Newer versions of the OS have made this much better.  It's one of the best reasons for upgrading.
    It's possible Photoshop CS6, being optimized for larger systems with newer OSs, exercises XP in ways that cause these resources to be used up more quickly.
    As a workaround, close and reopen Photoshop from time to time (e.g., between images).  Obviously that adds some steps if you really are working on the same image all day.
    But if you want your state-of-the-art graphics software to work best, you really should be moving up from outdated technology.  You're missing out on all the GPU features as well, since they're not provided in XP.

  • Save as AE CS6 to older versions

    I have after effects cs6. After creating my AE projects, I want to save it as AE cs5 or later version. Please anyone can help me.
    Thank you.

    Thank you Mylenium. i got the answer.

  • Cannot save file in CS6

    I have Lighroom 4.2 and Photoshop CS6, running on an iMac with Mountain LIon. I can successfully export from Lightroom to CS6 for editing, but when I try and save the file I get the following error:
    Could not save as “xxxxxx..tif” because the file is locked, you do not have necessary access permissions, or another program is using the file. Use the ‘Get Info’ command in the Finder to ensure the file is unlocked and you have permission to access the file. If the problem persists, save the document to a different file or duplicate it in the Finder.
    Please tell me what I need to do to correct this. So far I've tried repairing permissions in Disk Utilities, but no go.

    Hi. Because this forum is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I'm moving your question to the Photoshop General Discussion forum.

  • HELP. Whats the best way to save an Illus CS6 as a jpeg to be emailed

    HELP. I've tried saving to web and exporting my file out of Illus CS6 as a jpeg to be emailed.
    I then attached the file to mail and send it. But then cannot download the file! I even send it as windows friendly. I'm not sure what else to do or why the jpeg files are embedding in the email instead of as an attachment.
    Can anyone advise.

    It's different because whomever you are sending email to doesn't understand their email application. Not everyone with access to a computer is savvy enough to understand some of the basics.
    If the images are inline on their end, all then need do is save those inline images the same way they would an attachment.
    On the Mac, you can zip any file by Control-Clicking and and choosing "Compress [filename]"

  • Is there a way to set your Illustrator CC to always save down to CS6 as a default?

    At our company a select few of us have been upgraded to CC and most are still on CS6. Is there a way to set saving down to CS6 as a default so we don't need to remember to Save as every time?


  • How to save Adobe Bridge CS6 keywords to install on new computer

    I am getting a new computer and need to do a new installation of Photoshop CS6. Last time I did this I lost all my keywords on the keyword panel. How can I avoid that this time?

    You might need contact Adobe Support directly by chat or phone to get this resolved.  A couple years ago the versions that qualified for upgrading to CS6 changed to being only CS5+, so CS4 would no longer be valid.  If you bought CS6 while CS4 was still valid then it should remain so, but you might need the help of Adobe Support to make that happen.
    If you use the following link you should be able to find links at the end for contacting Adobe by chat or phone.  If you do not see them try using a different browser.
    Contact Customer Care

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