Saving numbers twice on my iPhone contacts

I have used an unlocked iphone since the iphone3 (and upgraded at every chance - currently using the iphone5) and noticed that you have to double save numbers under contacts. This happens often when using the iphone internationally. For local number the number has to be saved with the country code and without the country code.  For text messages the contact isnt identified if the country code is not attached. And contact isn't identified when the country code is attached for incoming calls. Is there a work around for this.

Hmmm, that would work, but in iOS you can't manage the groups and such, how would I do that exactly?

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  • Why are my saved iPhone contacts now displayed as phone numbers instead of names?

    my saved iPhone contacts are now displayed as phone numbers. I've added again as new contacts. After awhile, they revert back to phone numbers. What's wrong? It's happened several times today.

    Refer to link here:
    How to Fix
    1- Dail *228 on your iPhone 4S which is basically recognized as Verizon programmingnumber.
    2-   Press “1” to “Program or Activate” your iPhone 4S.
    3-   After some time your call will be disconnected and a message will appear saying “Settings updated”.
    4-   Open task manager by double clicking on your iPhone 4S Home Button.
    5-   Close your Phone, Message and Contacts Apps.
    6-   Wait 4-5 minutes and then open your iPhone 4S Message App to verify fix

  • Birthday calendar for only some of my contacts are showing up twice in my iPhone. They are not showing up twice tho on my iMac. No, I do not have duplicate names in my address book either. Any idea how to fix that?

    my birthday events for only some of my contacts are showing up twice in my iPhone. They are not showing up twice tho on my iMac. No, I do not have duplicate names in my address book either. Any idea how to fix that?

    I have uploaded the InDesign file so that you can take a closer look at:
    The file is called "Template_File.indd"
    So, as discussed the main issues are:
    1) The TOC doesn't generate all the listings (only those with the applied paragraph style "Heading 1 - Appendix")
    2) When I try to create a new pargraph style and apply it to existing or new text, it reads the pargraph style in the Paragraph Style menu, but the style doesn't actually apply.
    Hopefully you can figure something out from this. I really appreciate your help.

  • My iphones contact list in whats app is showing same contacts twice how to solve this problem

    my iphones contact list in whats app is showing same contacts twice how to solve this problem

    APPLE says:If the previous owner is not present
    Make sure the device is powered on and connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Then contact the previous owner and ask them to follow these steps:
    Sign in to their iCloud account at
    Select the device from their Find My iPhone device list by clicking All Devices at the top of the screen.
    Erase the device by clicking the Erase button. This will erase all content and settings from the device. When prompted, do not enter a phone number or message. Click Next until the device is erased.
    When the erase is complete, click "Remove from Account" to remove the device from the account.
    After the device has been erased and removed from the account, you can proceed with the device setup process.
    i forgot to erase the phone.i just removed it without erasing.

  • HT5557 questions is related to objective C...Is it possible to display name of the person who is calling me whose number is saved in my local database but not in iphone contacts ?. questions is related to objective C..
    Is it possible to display name of the person who is calling me whose number is saved in my local database but not in iphone contacts ?.

    No one from Apple here - we're just users like you. All I can tell you is that electronic fail and with MacBook Pros (and most notebooks) the components are so integrated as to make a repair to the logic board practically impossible, hence the high prices charged for repairs.
    Only you can decide if you want to have your computer repaired or put the money towards the purchase of a new computer. If you do decide to purchase a new unit I would suggest that you also purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan which increases your warranty from one year to three years.
    Sorry and good luck,

  • Why do phone numbers disappear in Address and IPhone Contacts?

    I've noticed that my wife's phone numbers get cancelled out of the Address Book and IPhone Contacts after a sync. I have only noticed my wife's phone numbers missing. Don't know if others numbers are missing too. Her name and email address and notes stay. Only the phone numbers get deleted.

    Check your address book on your computer to make sure everything is in order first, then go into iTunes and choose the box under the sync options for your iPhone that "Replaces" all the information on your iPhone with that of your PC in the category of the address book. See if that helps.

  • I have lost all the contact numbers after restoring my do i get it back?

    i have lost all the contact numbers after restoring my do i get it back?

    Contact iTunes support & request they add the lost music to your iTunes download queue:
    Apps, you can re-download for free.

  • How can i export my contacts numbers from my old iphone and import it to my new iphone?

    I want change my iphone,but i dont want to lose my numbers and datas!

    If Contacts are the only thing you care about, you can turn on iCloud on the old phone following the setup instructions in and insure that you turn on Contacts in the list of items to be synced.
    You can verify that the contacts are uploaded to iCloud by then logging in to
    On your new phone, when you setup iCloud and turn on Contacts, as you did on the old phone following the instructions above, the contacts will automatically sync to the new phone.
    If you want to transfer more than just contacts, the following has instructions on how to backup the old phone and restore to the new one (either using iCloud or iTunes):

  • How can I backup iphone contacts/email/addresses and transfer them to PC ea

    Hey,guys!!!i have one quick question about my iphone contact backup ...
    I have an iphone that has all my contacts stored in it.... (phone numbers, email, addresses, etc...) and I recently
    bought an new computer, but I don't have any of this information stored in it.
    My question is, how can I sync my iphone with to my PC without erasing the info in the iphone. I don't want my system
    to think that since the PC is empty it should erase every contact in the iphone. I just want to transfer everything
    from iphone and have a copy on PC,especially the contacts.
    Appreciated your early reply.

    Maybe you should go Discussion-Apple to look for what is iTunes user directions about how to backup your iphone.
    Other than there are also a tool called Contacts Tool search iphone applications,and it will help u a lot if u want to transfer the contacts to computer.Like Out2003 or Outlook2007...
    Outlook 2003:
    1. In Outlook, choose Tools > Options.
    2. Click Other and then click Advanced Options.
    3. Select COM add-ins and select the iTunes sync add-in and click OK.
    4. Click Apply and then continue with the steps below.
    Outlook 2007:
    1. In Outlook, choose Tools > Trust Center.
    2. In the Categories pane, click Add-ins.
    3. In the Details pane, locate the iTunes add-in in the "Inactive Application Add-ins" list.
    4. In the Manage box, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go.
    5. In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, select the iTunes sync add-in.
    6. Click OK.
    Besides,if you are always frustrated the directions of iTunes and Outlook.I want to give your advice to try out other professional transfer contact software.As far as i concerned,you can download the [trail version|] of [Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact|] for free,which can help you back up your iPhone contacts along with contact photos to computer as a file (either txt or antc).
    Hope you have a wonderful time.
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  • How can I sync my iPhone contacts to my Mac and vice-versa, without losing them? Can i do it with iCloud?

    I always add new phone numbers on my iPhone Contacts, while new email addresses are always added on my Mac Contacts. The result is that I dont have my recent email contacts on my phone, while on the Mac I dont have the recent phones.
    I would like to have ONE common list of contacts (same for iPhone & Mac) which will be AUTOMATICALLY updated for both, once I add a new entry.
    I am not sure how to do this with syncing, I am afraid I wll lose my old contacts. Can I do this with iCloud?

    Hello there, Seta.
    You are correct that this can be done with iCloud. The following Knowledge Base article provides some great instruction for syncing contacts:
    iOS: How to transfer or sync content to your computer
    Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, and Notes
    You can sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and notes with other applications on your computer. This allows you to keep all your information in sync across multiple computers and iOS devices. The settings for these items are all in the Info tab for your iOS device in iTunes. With your iOS device connected to the computer, select your iOS device. Then click the Info tab.
    For details on syncing content on your iOS device with your computer, click the sections below.
    To sync contacts with your computer, choose "Sync Contacts with" within iTunes for Windows, or "Sync Contacts" in OS X v10.8, or "Sync Address Book Contacts" in OS X v10.7 and earlier.
    You can sync your contacts with:
    Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8)
    Windows Address Book (Windows XP)
    Windows Contacts (Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8)
    Address Book (Mac OS X v10.7 and earlier)
    Contacts (Mac OS X v10.8)
    Microsoft Entourage 2004, Microsoft Entourage 2008, or Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac
    When syncing contacts, you can choose to sync all of your contacts or only selected groups. The option to sync selected items may not show up until after the first sync.
    You can select a group of contacts to which all new contacts created on your iOS device will be added.
    Additional options for syncing include syncing your contacts with Yahoo or Gmail/Google Mail. You will need to configure it with the user name and password for your Yahoo or Google account.
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • Is there a way to get phone numbers back on my iphone / or excel sheet?

    Is there a way to get phone numbers back on my iphone / or excel sheet?
    What I've done:
    I've upgraded my iphone from 2.0 to 2.1. To be able to do this I've upgraded to the latest iTunes and switched my USB port several times until it was finaly installed. Then, despite iTunes taking 3 hours time for making backups, I found my phone to be completely empty when it was finished. So, I tried to restored the phone. This gave an error 1602 and bricked my phone. Tried it all over again two times more with same results.
    The bottom line is that I have an empty phone and I really would like to have my phone numbers back. There's some 1.02 GB of backup information in the apple directory, so I guess they must be something there. But how do I know which file I need and how to decode it?

    Your contacts should still be on whatever program you sync your iphone to (i.e. Outlook, address book).
    The iphone is not a stand alone device. It is designed to be synced with a computer. If you have not been syncing with a compatible program, then you are out of luck. Your contacts are not included in the back-up because it is meant to be synced with your computer.
    "Although iTunes backs up most of your iPhone and iPod touch settings, downloaded applications, and other information (Contacts, calendars, notes, images in the Camera Roll), your audio, video, and photo content are not included in the backup."

  • IPhone Contacts & Calendars not syncing with mobileme

    Apologies if there is a solution to this posted already, I can't find it despite extensive searching!
    My iPhone Calendars & Contacts do not sync with MobileMe. I can't find a way of exporting or saving the data on the iPhone and importing it into my desktop iCal & Contacts apps.
    I have looked at all troubleshooting help I can find, and all is suggested is deleting/ resetting the phone & syncing from MobileMe. However, if I do this I will lose lots of contacts & calendar entries.
    The data will NOT sync from my phone despite following all available instructions. My desktop apps are all set to sync with MobileMe & this works fine, it's just the iPhone data will not transfer to MobileMe.
    Please help!!

    Since you are syncing your iPhone with your Mac, it should be syncing your contacts and calendars with your Mac as well (and your bookmarks if you have it set up to sync). You should have Mobile Me setup on your Mac to at least sync your Calendars and Contacts, which should be updating your Mobile Me account. If you want to check to make sure that all of your contacts that are on your iPhone are on your Mac, simply open up the Contacts App. Once you check this, add your Mobile Me account to your iPhone and let it sync your contacts and calendars, it will delete all the contacts and calendars that are currently on your iPhone, but the same data is on your Mac anyways. Once Mobile Me syncs with your iPhone you won't have to worry about it anymore.
    If you are having problems where you already setup your Mobile Me account on your iPhone and it's not syncing properly, deleted it, restart your iPhone, then add it again.
    Does this help?

  • Iphone contacts "not available" to car phonebook after messing around with Outlook.pst file names and backups. Iphone4 connects to car though and other phones connect properly.

    iphone contacts "not available" to car phonebook after messing around with Outlook.pst files, names and backups, on my ms XP 2003 laptop. I substituted a much smaller new Personal Folder -Contacts File, with a smaller list of phone numbers (4 only as a test) which successfully synced to the iPhone 4. The iPhone connects to the Skoda Octavia HandsFreeSystem OK (Bluetooth works fine), but now iPhone wont load the new Contacts as it did originally. However a family Nokia (never messed with) can connect properly. So must be the iPhone or more likely an Outlook.pst \ Contacts problem. Ideas?

    After fiddling a little more, the following fixed my corrupted outlook.pst file:
    1) I made a backup
    2) In outlook under file, I exported the calendar to excel
    3) In outlook under file, I imported the calendar back to outlook
    And voila, it worked.

  • IPhone Contact Pictures Fully Explained

    Hello Guys,
    Just wanted to explain fully how the iPhone contact pictures work and why some are large and some are small etc.
    In the very beginning if you added a picture to a contact on the IPHONE when you made a call it would show up as a LARGE image. If you added the picture via the Mac contacts app, when you called it would be a small image in the top right corner.
    Then what happened if you added a HD/large in data size image to a contact in the mac app, it would show in your iPhone (during a call) as a large image. This was because there was enough picture data to show the larger size.
    Now we come to Yosemite and iOS8........
    In iOS8 if you now view a contact on the iPhone and actually finger tap the contact picture it actually opens up the full image in the screen. This didn't happen before.
    Before if you tapped the picture nothing would you can view the image and save it to the camera roll if you wish........ Yosemite if you add a picture on the Mac this is where is gets interesting....... It doesn't matter on the actually data size of the image. It could be 40kb or 4mb. What makes the difference between large and small when calling is the HEIGHT of the image.
    If you resize ANY image to 960px, when calling it will show the image as blurry LARGE!!
    If you make the image 959px or less in height it will show the image as small top right.
    So you have have a 5mb image thats 959px high and it will show as a small image when calling.......
    I hope that clears everything up for you guys!

    What version of the iPhone software are you using?
    Are you saving the contact pictures (by tapping done in the edit contact screen) before you go to the home screen and use another application?
    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.

  • Syncing "On My iPhone" contacts to iCloud

    I have been using iCloud to sync almost everything iCloud can sync across my Mac, my iPad, and my iPhone for as long as iCloud has been around without any issue, but i just noticed that some contacts on my iPhone, which were created on that device, have failed to sync with iCloud and hence the rest of my devices. It seems syncing is fine, but the issue appears to be that when creating the contacts, the iPhone doesn't automatically add them to any of my iCloud groups and instead just labels them as "On My iPhone" and keeps them just on the phone. I have two questions regarding this issues for you guys:
    1. How can I make my existing "On My iPhone" contacts sync with iCloud?
    2. How can I ensure new contacts created on the iPhone will be labeled as iCloud contacts? (I have made 100% sure "contacts" is selected as one of the iCloud syncing option across all my devices, and contacts sync fine from my Mac to the iPhone, but not the other way around.)
    Thanks in advance for your replies!

    Anwer to question #1: 
    1- go to Settings
    2- go to iCloud
    3- turn off Contacts, then DELETE the iCloud contacts from phone. This will not delete the contacts created "On My iPhone", it will only delete the iCloud contacts that are saved to iCloud.
    4- turn Contacts back on, then MERGE all the contacts.
    5 - As etamayoz said, make sure you reset the Default Account under contacts to your icloud account, or other cloud connected account, otherwise any new contacts you create from the account named "On My Iphone" will not sync over iCloud.

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