Saving PS CS3 files when used as an external editor

When I open an image through aperature with PS as the external editor it makes a copy of my image and saves it in my library when Im done in PS which is great, but when I take that same PS edited file, open it back up in PS and attempt to save another PS version of it in the aperature library with the "Save as" command it does not show up in my library anywhere. If I go to the aperature library folder I can find my additional saved PS images in the correct library folder, but they do not show up in aperature.
Does anyone know a way to be able to save additional PS files in the aperature library?

Thanks for the help. Only problem still is that if I do it that way and import the edited saved Tif or PSD file back into aperature my PS layers and settings are erased when I try to reopen that PS file with the external editor through aperature. Unlike the original image duplicated in aperature when using PS as the external editor which I can continue to open and reopen from within aperature and be able to access all my saved PS layers, mask, adjustments, etc.
Sorry if this isnt making any sense

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  • Photoshop File Save useing Photoshop as external editor

    When I open a file using Photoshop CS2 as the external editor within Aperture 1.1 I can't save the file and view it in Aperture. I get an error message in Photoshop: "Could not complete your request due to a program error". I have to do a "save as" and import the "saved as" file into Aperture. This is true whether I try to save as a PSD file or as a TIFF.
    Does anyone know how I can save files in Photoshop and view them as a version in Aperture?

    These files were imported into the Aperture library from folders of pictures on my hard drive and then exported from Aperture to Photoshop for editing. When I try to save the edited files in Photoshop, (which is supposed to automatically put it back in Aperture) I get the photoshop error mentioned in my original question. Aperture may be able to read TIFF and PSD files, but that doesn't help if Photoshop is unable to save the exported Aperture version back into Aperture. It appears to me that this is a photoshop error message due to some sort of incompatibility with Aperture. That's my guess, but it still does not solve my problem.

  • Jar file in applet not saved in internet files when using jdk plugin

    I recently upgarded to jdk1.3.1 and converted our applet and classes to jdk1.3.1 using swing classes. From there, we converted the html file with htmlconverter and diployed this on the web. When a user goes to the web, the system automatically downloads the java plugins and installs them on the clients maching. From there our jar file loads and executes. Our applet runs fine. However, every time our website is accessed, our jar file cookie must be downloaded which is just over 1meg and I know this is not going to fly with our clients.
    What needs to be done so the jar file is not downloaded every time, to work like java version 1.x ?
    Thanks for your help in advance with this one.
    Jay Ford

    Hi Jay Ford,
    Enable the "Recycle Classloader" in Control Panel-->Java Plug-in1.3.1-->Basic.
    The main purpose of this Recycle classloader is it will enable the "javaplugin.classloader.cache.enabled" property to true and it caches the jar files for performance enchancement.
    Hope this will help you.
    Developer Technical Support,
    Sun Microsystems Inc,

  • How to spilt files when using DATA UNLOAD (External Table, 10g)?

    I am runnin 10gR2 and need to export partitions by using data_pump driver
    via dmp files (External Tables).
    Now as requierment the created files can not exceed 2GB mark.
    Some of partitions are larger than that.
    How could I split the partition so I could be able to create files smaller than 2GB? Is there any parameter I am not aware of or do I need to do SELECT COUNT(*) FROM source_table PARTITION(partiton_01);
    and than to work with ROWNUM?
    This example working fine for all partitions samller than 2GB:
    CREATE TABLE partiton_01_tbl
    3 (
    5 DEFAULT DIRECTORY def_dir1
    6 LOCATION ('inv_xt1.dmp')
    7 )
    8 PARALLEL 3
    9 AS SELECT * FROM source_table PARTITION(partiton_01);

    You could specify multiple destination files in the LOCATION parameter (the number of files should match the degree of parallelism specified). I am not aware of an option that would allow the external table to automatically add new data files as the partition size increased, so you'd likely have to do some sort computation about the expected size of the dump file in order to figure out how many files to create.

  • Print to PDF - using Snow Leopard (Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose

    i have a PDF form that i created that is used as a custom proposal that my company sends out to potential clients. the form in its editable state is only used internally. we recently upgraded to snow leopard, but prior to the upgrade, we were able to fill the custom proposal form out using adobe reader, and, as you well know, we weren't able to save that edited document as a PDF with the custom form fields filled out. our work around using adobe reader was to print to a pdf using the adobe pdf printer in the printer dialog. with the addition of snow leopard, however, instead of choosing the adobe pdf printer, we were to choose PDF from the bottom left corner, then Save As PDF, and it would spit out an uneditable pdf that then allowed us to email it to the potential client without them being able to edit it as well as have an internal, digital copy for our records instead of having lots of paper floating around (i know this is also doable using security that disallows the client certain editing privileges, but printing to a pdf is much quicker and more efficient, and the pdf security isn't really that secure at its best).
    in any case, i came across this gem of a post here on the support forums that installs another option from the PDF drop down on the bottom left of the print dialog menu that reads Save As Adobe PDF and is supposed to do exactly what i am trying to get it to do...print to a pdf file from adobe reader.    
    once i updated to acrobat 9.2 (as the link above suggests 9.1), however, the Save As Adobe PDF does appear in the print dialog menu, but it still gives me the same error that acrobat 8 - 9 gave me while using Snow Leopard — Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save — and as i've already explained, you can't save an edited pdf form in reader (as i am the only one in the office with acrobat) and still keep the fields as you've entered them in. the only work around is to print to a pdf but is apparently having some recent problems.
    using acrobat, however, i know that i can save the editable pdf as a new file with the fields customized as i have left them, but it still saves it as an editable pdf and the print to a pdf option still remains the best option...that way we have digital copies internally that are uneditable that can be printed at any time or emailed to the client.
    how can i do print to a pdf, based on what i've written above, using snow leopard and acrobat and reader?

    A simple way is to flatten the form fields, which converts the field appearances to regular page contents. You can do this with JavaScript or PDF Optimizer (Advanced > PDF Optimizer > Discard Objects > Flatten form fields). A very nice script that adds a custom menu item can be found here:

  • AcroPro9, snow leopard, "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported"

    I have AcroPro9.1.3 (and 8 and 7 and Dreamweaver CS3, and probably other stuff too) on Snow Leopard (10.6.1).
    I've read about de-installing the Acrobat printer and using "save as Adobe PDF" from the PDF button on the print menu.  However, when I try this, I'm told "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported".  Note that this is AcroPro9, not AcroReader.  I get the same message when I try any of the other options under the PDF menu on the printer menu in Acrobat.  In other applications, tho, (eg powerpoint), the PDF button works fine.
    Before the upgrade, the PDF button on the print menu didn't work either (same message), so I used the Adobe printer, but now I can't.  I had always assumed that AcroPro was stopping me from using Apple's PDF generator in favour of the Adobe one.  But maybe some of my settings are wrong.
    I now cannot print to PDF from Acrobat.  Help.  There are 120 fourth year software engineering students who will appreciate any help I get, as I can then post my recent lecture notes for them.
    (What I really want to do is to take my powerpoint slides and print 4-up versions directly.  But the PPT idea of 4up wastes a lot of space, so I generate 1up PDF, and the 4up PDF from that using Acrobat.  At least, I used to.  It was so much easier in the old days with Latex and psnup ...)
    -- Mike G.

    My current solution is to print from Preview instead (which will let me use the Adobe print facility, unlike Acrobat itself).
    In fact, I pretty much have no need for Acrobat at the moment.
    Adobe and Apple between them seem to have some real problems with Snow Leopard.  I can't get Dreamweaver to run anymore without immediately crashing (yes I looked through the help forums, deleted settings, etc etc).  So I'm now looking for a replacement tool for Dreamweaver and will likely use that from now on.
    Adobe is not looking very good to me at the moment.  YMMV.
    -- Mike

  • Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File Save.

    I am using Mountain Lion (10.8.2) and I was using Adobe Reader version 9. In the past, I've always been able to print to file using the File -> Print dialogue but all of a sudden it stopped working. I read somewhere that installing the latest version of Adobe Reader (version 11) would remove the old printer, so I did so. It took me about an hour on version 11 to even find the pdf print to file option, but I am getting the same message. For what it's worth, when I try print to file from Microsoft Word, I have no problem. I have no idea why things changed all of a sudden, but does anyone have any idea how I can get this working again?

    I checked with Adobe.  No luck. 
    Allow me to clarify my problem: 
    I have Adobe Reader XI. I also use a Mac--imac and a MacBook Pro.   My adobe was updated on 12/24.  Prior to that point, I could open my print dialogue box and there was a PDF tab on the bottom left.  In the drop down menu there were many choices, including but not limited to Open in PDF Preview, Print PDF, Save PDF, email PDF.  If I selected one page of 30 pages from a document saved in Adobe, I could extract just that one page and save it or email it, without having to send the entire document.   After the update, when I open a PDF file using ADOBE READER XI, and then open the print dialogue box, and follow those same steps, I get the message "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save."   My question is why is this feature now unavailable and is there a way to fix it? 
    The answer I got from Adobe was that Adobe never had this function, so it must have been via my print or preview programs..which are apple.  Does anyone have any thoughts?
    Thank you. 

  • Is there a capability to save/export the time capsule settings file when using the iphone/ipad airport utility. the "file" button does not exist on the latest airport utility app.

    is there a capability to save/export the new airport 2TB time capsule settings file when using the iphone/ipad airport utility. set-up wasn't a problem but the "file" button does not exist on the latest airport utility app v6.3 to save the configuration file.

    the "file" button does not exist on the latest airport utility app v6.3 to save the configuration file.
    Sounds like you are a bit confused with version numbers.
    Latest AirPort Utility version for the iPhone / iPad is 1.3.3.  There is no option or capability to export/import settings on the iOS version(s) of AirPort Utility.....although you could take a series of screen shots and save them for future reference.
    AirPort Utility 6.3.x is found on a Mac.....not on iPhone / iPad. Export and Import options are found under the File menu in 6.3.x.

  • Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported.

    Hi Guys,
    I upgrade from leopard to snow and now I don't have the possibility anymore to to print PDF as a PDF.
    Before I was going to print and then choose save as a pdf and everything ok.
    Now after the upgrade to snow every time that I am going to print a pdf from a pdf (acrobat 9 and X) I received this msg "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save "
    Why that happened ? how can I fix it?
    The thing is that I have a pdf form (contract) that I have to fill up and print it as a pdf.
    Now I can't do that I can save only the form with the fields unlock.
    thanks you in advance for your help.

    Ah.. this is so annoying filled in a long form.. which doesn't allow saving.. I assumed as normal with this type of form I could print to PDF and at least get a electronic copy.. but no, I made the mistake of installing Adobe Reader.. and it has screwed up the print options.. when I try to save as PDF from the print menu I get the helpful suggestion
    "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save."
    When I do as suggested.. it helpfully tells me that it will only save a "blank form"..
    Adobe has badly messed up their reader.. I now need to print out and then scan this document to get the electronic copy I need.. I will be uninstalling promptly after this fiasco..

  • Message error: "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File Save."

    I have 2 problems creating a .ps file.
    As i know, there are 2 ways of creating a Postcript file from a PDF.
    The first is from the Print monitor. I go through menu File/Page Setup i give the exact dimensions from my spreaded pages and after that i go to Print and when this window opens,
    i go down and left and i open the pop-up menu on"PDF" and i choose "Save PDF as Postscript"
    There is where i get the above error message :
    "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save."
    And the second scenario, i get an equal problem.
    If i go to Page setup and give the right dimensions of my spreaded document, after that i go to the File/Save as command, there is choose from the bottom pop-up menu, the option at Format: Postscript
    If i do that i get the following message:
    "The document could not be saved. An internal error occured."
    What is wrong with all this?
    Can anyone help me out?
    System preferences.
    Mac OS X 10.4.11
    Acrobat professional 8.1.2
    Thank you

    Jon Bessant asked:
    "Does this occur on every PDF file? The internal error message that is ..."
    Yes, it happens on every PDF

  • Adobe Premiere CC 2014.2: losing rendered files when using warp stabilizer

    I am constantly losing rendered files when using the warp stabilizer. So far I have tried about every hint I could find on the web such as cleaning the cache, rebuilding the rendered files, creating additional sequences etc etc.
    Honestly I am getting tired of using a product that isnt cheap in the first place to rent and where a bug like this apparently persists over several product versions without being fully fixed (I have had this problem throughout 2014 but according to forum postings others seem to have problems with much earlier versions as well).
    I would be really grateful if somebofy has any suggestion how this can be addressed.
    I am also happy to help testing fixes - if there are any fixes available.
    Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!

    Hi Catherine,
    Welcome to the Adobe forums.
    Please try the steps mentioned below and check if it works for you.
    1. Launch Premiere Pro and create a Project, go to File menu>Project Settings>Renderer and change the Renderer to Software only mode, delete previews if you get a prompt and then try to import the clip.
    2. If step 1 fails or the Renderer is already on Software only mode, go to Start Menu and search for Device Manager, go into Display Adapters and Right click on the Graphics card to select Update driver software option, on the next screen choose "Browse my computer for driver software", then choose "Let me Pick from a list..." option and from the list select "Standard VGA Graphics adapters. You might need to change the screen resolution of your screen and once done restart the machine again.
    Launch Premiere Pro and import the clip to check.

  • Firefox 33 doesn't display a pdf file when using the response object

    Firefox 33.0.2 does not display pdf files when using the code below from an program, which works for previous versions of Firefox, and also works with IE. I'm using the built-in pdf viewer. All of my plugins are disabled.
    Dim strPDF As String
    strPDF = Session("filname") 'pdf filename
    Response.Buffer = True
    Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
    Response.CacheControl = "Private"
    Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache")
    Response.AddHeader("Expires", "0")
    Response.AddHeader("Cache-Control", "no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate")
    Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=" + strPDF)
    Session("filname") = ""

    Thanks cor-el. You pointed me in the right direction. It appears to me that a reported Firefox 33 bug with the handling of compression (Transfer-Encoding: chunked) is the culprit ( I was able to find a work-around by specifying the file size and buffering. Below is my code, with some code from
    Dim strPDF As String
    strPDF = Session("filname") 'pdf filename
    Dim User As New WebClient()
    Dim FileBuffer As [Byte]() = User.DownloadData(strPDF)
    If Not (FileBuffer Is Nothing) Then
    Response.CacheControl = "Private"
    Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache")
    Response.AddHeader("Expires", "0")
    Response.AddHeader("Cache-Control", "no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate")
    Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
    Response.AddHeader("content-length", FileBuffer.Length.ToString())
    End If
    Session("filname") = ""

  • What is a valid location for autorecovery files when using Word for MAC?

    What is a valid location for autorecovery files when using Word for MAC?

    Microsoft Word for Mac support forums is probably a better place to ask.

  • The preview option in FCK doesn't work when using trought an external app!

    Hello everyone!
    I have an issue with the FCK-editor when using in an external application.
    We are executing the “WCM_EDIT_DATA_FILE” service to launch the FCK contributor application in a portal (Webcenter) so we can edit datafiles. The preview option (preview butto) does not apply a region template and the content is shown in the same order as defined in the region definition. Viewing the same datafile trough Site Studio I can see that the preview option applies a region template.
    I've compared the links but I am not getting anywhere.....
    The links for the preview are:
    Via the portal:
    Via Site Studio:
    I can see that the portal link has the same parameters as the Site Studio link and some more. I even tried adding a region template in the url by adding my template as a parameter like this "&templateDocName=RT_BOUND_DETAIL_VIEW" just to force it but without any luck. The same goes for the "view differences"-button in the FCK editor.
    Has anyone had this problem?

    Hi Stijn,
    Here is the link to the SS-services:
    And here is the link to the CS-services:
    The name of the service that creates new data file is CHECKIN_NEW_FORM.
    Saving the file from the FCKEditor makes the browser window "greyed out" so for the time being we are hitting the "go back"-button in the browser to return to the portal... as we open the editor in the same window as the portal. However, there must be another solution as this is fare away from user friendly!
    Let me try to answer some of your questions:
    - Are you also using the Site Studio publishing functionality (we will not)
    No, we are not either.
    - where will your site design be done (we'll try to do as much as we can in WebCenter to keep it all in one place; we might even just output XML with our templates from SS, and transform it in WebCenter using different "templates")
    We are also planning to have it all in WebCenter. We are using SS for creating region templates and subtempalates used in the portal (Webcenter/ADF) for showing the same data files in different ways. That means that we also have elements, region definitions, placeholders and so on in the SS.
    - what are you doing with inline images in the FCKEditor (we want contributors to be able to upload there images easily from the Editor, without the need to browse to UCM)
    Well, for the time being the contributor must browse the some images from the CS because the images must have a certain height and width... so that is our way of controlling that the user is choosing from the approved images. When it comes to images in the text the contributors can add as many images as they want that are not from the CS. They can just copy/paste them in the editor from whatever location they want.
    - is it correct that the metadata tab cannot be used in combination with profiles defined in UCM (see other thread WebCenter Content
    I've heard that before so my guess is that it's true. My question then is how do I do to hide the metadata tab if I do not use it?
    - will you be using the ctrl-shift-F5 functionality to edit content, or just create a link to the WCM_EDIT_... service in a popup window?
    We create a link to the WCM_EDIT_... service that opens in the same window as the portal.... but as I mentioned earlier that is not the most user friendly solution so we probably must change that....
    Now back to my problems:
    I know why the preview trough the portal and the site studio differs.
    The services that are used when previewing content trought the SS are:
    The services that are used when previewing content trought the portal are:
    The SS_GET_PAGE actually shows a page in SS and as soon as there is a region template attached to the page you are able to see the content the way you want. That is not the case then calling the SS_QD_GET_RENDITION service. So my question is if there is a workaround where I can force a region template to be used con conjunction with the SS_QD_GET_RENDITION service?
    Anyone? All ideas are really appreciated!

  • When using photoshop elements as editor in iPhoto the pic does not show up when PS opens

    When using photoshop elements as editor in iPhoto the pic does not show up when PS opens

    Ralph9430 offers a good suggestion.  But you may need to do this before taking his advice:
    Check in iPhoto's Preferences (which you can open from the iPhoto menu).  Look in General, and make sure "Connecting Camera Opens" is set to "Image Capture").
    If it is set to "iPhoto", you won't be able to get to Image Capture easily.

Maybe you are looking for

  • PO determination from PR

    Hi When I create PO the PR price is getting copied. I want to avoid it. How do I go about it. I've used this procedure: to Go to Spro>MM>Pur>Environment Data>Define Default Values for Buyers here click Settings for Default Values.. and copy 01 & crea

  • Web host recommendations (that works with Mac IMAP Mail)

    hi all. i did a lot of research and moved my sites to a HostGator and after going through all this effort i have been finding my sites are being shut down due to an issue where my IMAP email is pinging their servers and when they see 25 pings (or wha

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    I'd like to know if there's an application out there that will display a small number on the dock icon for each program that has more than one window open. This would be especially helpful for web browsers. I always maximize every program I use, so s

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    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to bypass this?  I know that when I had my gmail accounts on both devices and I checked my emails on one the notification would go away on the other.

  • Touch gestures feature stopped working/disappeared two days ago

    I use Photoshop CC on a Surface Pro, and actively use touch gestures experimental feature as part of my workflow. Two days ago, the feature all of the sudden stopped working. I went into Settings, and it's no longer even listed under experimental set