Scheduled Recordings not recording

Why are my scheduled recordings not recording.  Sometimes the record light is on lilke it is but if I check my show is not listed.  This goes for movies as well as series recordings.

You could try using other TV software, but that may not work either as it looks like your broadcaster is protecting some programmes to prevent recording, for copyright reasons.

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  • Scheduled recodings not recorded

    All programmes scheduled to be recorded yesterday failed to record. This has happened on a number of occasions.

    Hi short55,
    Still having trouble with this?
    BT Mod Team.
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  • DVR will record manually but scheduled recordings won't play back. Help?

    I have 2 DVRs in my home: a QIP 7232-2 and a QIP 6416-1. I recently located the 6416 to a different room and connected it to an LCD monitor via HDMI cable. It was previously connected to an old TV via coax converter. Since the move, any recordings that are pre-scheduled appear to record, but when I try to play them back the screen freezes on the info bar for one moment, then goes black for a few seconds, and then returns to live TV.
    Interestingly, if I hit the record button during a show and record manually, it records flawlessly. I can play that file back on both the 6416 or the 7232 with no problem. I should mention that any recordings that are duds on the 6416 appear the same way on the 7232. Also, the 7232 has no problem with recording scheduled programs. I can playback recorded shows on the 6416 that were made on the 7232. In all cases, I'm recording (or TRYING to record) SD programming.
    I have reset both boxes ad nauseam with no joy.
    Does anyone have any experience with this, or have any ideas on how to resolve it?
    Thank you!

    Sorry fo your troubles with the recording. We may need to reprogram the DVR. I have sent you a private message to get more information.
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  • My Scheduled Programs are Getting Cancelled and not Recorded

    Why does the X1 System delete programs that I have scheduled as Series Recording. This has happened to me and my daughter at a different location. I have a program scheduled as a series recording and somehow, it does not get recorded!

    Detailer1948 wrote:
    I don't think cloud is enabled. The recordings are new shows only with HD preferred.
    Maybe someone who does a lot of Series Recordings can jump in here ( I only do movies and the occasional documentaries I like )....   but it sounds to me as if something is wrong somewhere...  Other members have reported series recording issues with CLOUD, but if you can see the "Scheduled" recordings, and the actual recordings are not taking place, that's a problem.... Send a PM to ComcastNick and ask him to take a look behind the scenes to see if he sees anything out of the ordinary... -=Ray=-

  • Scheduled program did not record

    I scheduled a program to record on the MRDVR.  The first time I scheduled the program, I scheduled it from the STB.  I scheduled it to record first-runs.  The program recorded, no problem. 
    This week, when I went to watch the recorded program, I saw it was not recorded.  I checked the scheduled recordings and the program was not there.  Yesterday, I scheduled the program again, this time from the MRDVR.  Today when I checked it, the program again did not record.
    I'm was thinking maybe the problem was the program does not broadcast the same time everyday, but then I remember it was recording the program at different times last week. 
    Any suggestions to what the problem is?

    You can also check DVR and it will tell you why something didn't record.
    Go to DVR - All Activity.
    Scroll down tot he show you were joping to record,. It will tell you what happened.
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  • Scheduled series are not recording

    About 2 weeks ago I noticed that some of my scheduled series (record new only) were not being recorded.  After checking that there were no programming conflicts I manually programmed the following week's episode, and when I tried to program it as a series I received the message that the series was already programmed, so i chose to just record that episode.  Now I have to manually record these series.  What's up?
    This is happening with the new season of Parenthood, Revolution and Top Chef.  Does anyone know why this is happening?
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    Are you sure the programs you are trying to record are brand new (meaning they have never aired before). You may want to change the setting to "new and repeats".  This setting will make sure each episode will be recorded, even if the system is not sure if it is a re-run or a brand new episode, but it will not record duplicate episodes.

  • How do I get my scheduled recordings from the old DVD to the new DVD?

    My DVD died. I installed the new one and it works, but the scheduled recordings aren't there. How do I retrieve them from the old box?

    I found it.  
    It's not under Menu> Settings> DVR...  It is Menu> DVR> Settings  to get to the "export" option.   I haven't done it yet, but the on-screen instructions seems straight forward.  Also, support tells me that once I have exported, then the next time I come to this screen on my new DVR, I will see an import option.  
    Also I found that by Menu> Settings> Save Settings, I hope to be able to save most of my STB settings, too, because there I have an option to Save Settings to the Cloud.
    Fingers crossed...

  • Scheduling a screen recording on your Mac

    I often would like to view a webinar related to personal finance or my profession, but cannot as I am committed to attend a meeting or there is some time conflict. Is there a way to schedule Quicktime to start recording a screen recording of my Macintosh computer's screen much like one can schedule a DVR recording for one's t.v.? I have a desktop Mac that has Quicktime
    at home. I have been thinking of getting an Apple laptop that I could just take to work so that I can turn on the screen recording and stop it when the webinars is through. But perhaps there is some software I am not aware that I could use in conjunction with Quicktime, or a feature of Quicktime I am not aware of? Thanks for any suggestions.

    was searching for the same, here's what I've found:

  • OFT for web : does not record in popup windows

    Hello (again)
    I have a question :
    I tried openscript to test my application (oADF based) and although it was got popup windows, all is working fine and recording.
    Now with OFT for web, popup windows are not working (in recording mode, in popup window, buttons are not working) and not recorded !
    Is there something in OFT for web parameters that I should change to have same behavior than openscript ?
    thank you

    OFT comes with an Embedded browser so while record all navigations must be with in that browser only. You can try OFT Demo application see if you have any external pop ups in there as far as I have seen that demo application does not have any pop ups. Any external windows will not be recorded in OFT as far as I know. You can use Open script to do recordings in the external window.
    IE popups can be handled in OFT for example the the https web page intialization warning IE pop up can be handled.

  • Cannot schedule a series recording for a programme...

    10pm Channel 4 Sunday Peep Show
    The first in a new series but when I try to series record this message comes up. "Cannot schedule a series recording for a programme that's not a series"
    Trying from episode 2 works fine but not episode one. This has happened with several programs recently. The first episode even has the option when you press the "i" button to Record Series but you can't series record from episode one.
    I'm sure it was the same with Homeland and Hatfields & McCoys.
    It's not a major issue but why does it happen?
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    I did think that. However it still does it when there is more than one episode listed in the EPG. That's how i know there's a problem. It clearly shows a series listed but episode 1 doesn't allow series record but episode 2 does.
    I've just deleted both the single recording for ep 1 and the series recording for ep 2 - so NO episodes are set to record and there is NO series recording set.
    It still won't series record from ep 1 (even now ep2 appears in the EPG) but...
    if ep1 is NOT set to record and I series record ep2 it also adds ep1 to the list of episodes to record.
    So ep2 knows ep1 is part of the series BUT ep1 thinks its a stand alone episode......
    As i say nothing major....

  • CCX / WFO Not Recording All Users

    I've setup CCX and WFO in a lab to test compliance recording.  My lab consists of the following:
    - CCX 8.5.1
    - WFO 8.5.2
    - 3 AD users with device profiles (agent1, agent2 and agent3)
    - 1 laptop with CIPC configured for network recording
    When I login agent2, calls are recorded.  I've verified this by logging into the WFO webpage and playing back the recordings.
    When I login either agen1 or agent3, calls are not recorded.  The WFO CTI logs show the error '
    Not enough active connections. Not qualified.'  Below are the complete CTI logs.
    2013-03-26 04:55:05,123 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|Prequalifier#isInterestingJtapiEvent:112]  Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User login  required] JTAPI: 16791936 [CallActiveEv] <128>
    2013-03-26 04:55:05,125 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|Prequalifier#handlePassive:144] Active event  (TermConnActiveEv SEPA088B41981E0) sent for local terminal  (SEPA088B41981E0). Setting connection 24229920 to active state for  callid 16791936
    2013-03-26 04:55:05,125 DEBUG  [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#writeEvent:841]  EVT: Sending to  <Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User  login required]>:  Head[23,366,1]ConnectionId=24229920;AssocCallId=291160144755072;EvId=23;EvName=BEGIN_CALL;CallingAddress=212;MAC=SEPA088B41981E0;Line=212;Timestamp=1364298905;CalledAddress=Unknown;CallId=16791936;<
    2013-03-26 04:55:05,125 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|Prequalifier#handlePassive:149] Talking event  (CallCtlTermConnTalkingEv SEPA088B41981E0) sent for local terminal  (SEPA088B41981E0). Setting connection 24229920 to active state for  callid 16791936
    2013-03-26 04:55:05,126 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|Prequalifier#isInterestingJtapiEvent:112]  Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User login  required] JTAPI: 16791936 [CallCtlTermConnTalkingEv SEPA088B41981E0]  <128>
    2013-03-26 04:55:05,126 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|CallTalkingQualifier#isQualified:83] Not enough active  connections. Not qualified.
    2013-03-26 04:55:10,128 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|Prequalifier#isInterestingJtapiEvent:112]  Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User login  required] JTAPI: 16791936 [CallCtlConnEstablishedEv] <129>
    2013-03-26 04:55:10,128 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|CallEstablishedQualifier#isQualified:83] Not enough active  connections. Not qualified.
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,613 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|AgentObserverImpl#terminalChangedEvent:268]  Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User login  required] JTAPI: [CiscoRTPOutputStartedEv] <136>
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,614 DEBUG   [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#sendFakeEstablishedEvent:534] Sending fake  established event for call id: 16791936
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,614 DEBUG   [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#sendFakeDirectionalEvent:513] Sending fake  directional event for call id: 16791936
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,614 DEBUG  [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#writeEvent:841]  EVT: Sending to  <Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User  login required]>:  Head[15,376,1]ConnectionId=24229920;AssocCallId=291160144755072;EvId=15;EvName=CALL_ORIGINATED;CallingAddress=212;MAC=SEPA088B41981E0;Line=212;Timestamp=1364298911;CalledAddress=Unknown;CallId=16791936;<
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,615 DEBUG  [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#writeEvent:841]  EVT: Sending to  <Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User  login required]>:  Head[10,378,1]ConnectionId=24229920;AssocCallId=291160144755072;EvId=10;EvName=CALL_ESTABLISHED;CallingAddress=212;MAC=SEPA088B41981E0;Line=212;CallId=16791936;CalledAddress=Unknown;Timestamp=1364298911;<
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,615 DEBUG  [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#writeEvent:841]  EVT: Sending to  <Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User  login required]>:  Head[31,476,1]ConnectionId=24229920;EvId=31;EvName=RTP_OUTPUT_START;PacketSize=20;Timestamp=1364298911;AssocCallId=291160144755072;PayloadType=G711ULAW64K;MAC=SEPA088B41981E0;Line=212;CallId=16791936;RemotePort=25044;Silence=false;RemoteIP=;<
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,653 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|AgentObserverImpl#terminalChangedEvent:268]  Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User login  required] JTAPI: [CiscoRTPInputStartedEv] <136>
    2013-03-26 04:55:11,654 DEBUG  [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#writeEvent:841]  EVT: Sending to  <Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User  login required]>:  Head[30,444,1]ConnectionId=24229920;AssocCallId=291160144755072;EvId=30;EvName=RTP_INPUT_START;LocalIP=;LocalPort=24598;PacketSize=20;MAC=SEPA088B41981E0;PayloadType=G711ULAW64K;Line=212;Timestamp=1364298911;CallId=16791936;<
    2013-03-26 04:55:17,433 DEBUG  [(P1-  EventThread|Prequalifier#isInterestingJtapiEvent:112]  Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User login  required] JTAPI: 16791936 [CallCtlConnEstablishedEv] <129>
    2013-03-26 04:55:17,433 DEBUG  [Outgoing#5|AgentObserver#writeEvent:841]  EVT: Sending to  <Agent[type=Network,dev=SEPA088B41981E0,ip=,id=1.User  login required]>:  Head[10,384,1]ConnectionId=24229920;AssocCallId=291160144755072;EvId=10;EvName=CALL_ESTABLISHED;CallingAddress=212;MAC=SEPA088B41981E0;Line=212;Timestamp=1364298917;CalledAddress=7173646217;CallId=16791936;<
    Any thoughts?
    - Robb

    Resolved... Apparently you need to add the physical phones and the device profiles as recording devices.  The documentation is somewhat lacking in this regard.  Anyway, hopefully this helps someone else.

  • Scheduling is not working.

    Hi Experts,
    Scheduling is not working.
    I have created the Standalone agent and start the agent. It is working fine.
    I have scenario on package. I did scheduling for every data at 5AM.
    The scheduling is not happing (Scheduling is not working).
    In topology  agent  I have updated the Scheduling also.
    I am looking advice…
    Thanks in advance.

    We are implementing OWS. We have successfully installed and deployed OWS but yet to open the OWS applicaation. we are defining the entire CCD parameters. Apprreciate help on the same, whether you have have any setup document. A business flow or the process flow on OWS.
    Sincerely appreciat your help. My id: [email protected]

  • Schedule lines not generated after MRP run

    Dear All,
    I am trying to create Schedule lines through MRP run , but instead system creates MRP element PRqRel  and its PurRqs when i check in MD04 ,  the following are the prerequisite i done before MRP run , but still Schedule lines are not generating.
    1.activated checkbox source list in material master.,Procurement type is F, MRP type PD , lot size MB , marked JIT  Scheduling indicator as 1 in Pur view of material master , no MRP group is used in our process.
    2.Maintained Inforecord.
    3.Maintained source list for the material and marked MRP relevant as 2. Validity also checked.
    4. Quota arrangement for this vendor only.
    5. Created New scheduling agreement.
    6. Material is not sent for subcontracting.
    7. Ran  MD02 with following parameters ,
    Processing key NETCH Net Change in Total Horizon
    Create purchase req. 1 Purchase requisitions in opening period
    Delivery schedules 3 Schedule lines
    Create MRP list 1 MRP list
    Planning mode 3 Adapt planning data (normal mode)
    Please let me know if i am missing something
    Thanks in Advance

    Please check the below links...
    Schedule Lines not getting created in MRP
    Schedule Lines not generated for MRP Type PD

  • Maintenance schedule is not getting generated

    Past one year, maintenance schedule is not getting generated.
    Could you please let me know to where i have to look out for this problem in Equipment & Functional Locations?
    What are all the fields will be mandatory and triggering the maintenance schedule / Notification in Equipment / Functional Locations?
    Need your response at the earliest.
    Mohd Ali.

    There May be several resons...
    Check Whether Maintenace for perticualr maintenance plan is not scheduled... their could completion requirement tick might selected previous maint. not done for the equipment.
    Check any scheduling for inactive equips/fl
    check any long offset has been set....
    check while scheduling any sortfield key is set or genral...if pertiucalr sort key is belong to Eq/fl which will not help

  • In my first iPhone 5, the speaker didn't work and people could not hear me on Speaker phone when I used it. When I used the video recording it did not record sound at all only a hissing/static sound, no voice.

    In my first iPhone 5, the speaker didn't work and people could not hear me on Speaker phone when I used it. When I used the video recording it did not record sound at all only a hissing/static sound, no voice. I wished for a software fix. I did a hard reset, nothing. I did a full restore to factory settings not putting my backup on and the problem persisted.
    i have been provided with this info
    You can find troubleshooting tips, how-to articles, and moderated
    > > discussion forums on our support website:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > iPhone: Basic troubleshooting
    > >
    > >
    I did every step in the link that i have been provided with (thank you), but I’m
    still experiencing the same issue. My experience with Apple has been
    excellent and this has been the first time I have experienced something
    like this with an Apple product. I hope we can find a quick solution.
    In order to get the iPhone 5 as soon as it launched (being a major fan of
    Apple products!), I purchased my iPhone 5 from the UK through a friend of
    mine who lives there.
    My question is: can I have the faulty device replaced within Saudi by one
    of the official resellers here (we have 3: STC, Mobily and Zain)? I want to
    avoid the disruption, complication and expense of sending it back to the
    Could you advise whether this is possible or not, and if not how should I
    go about having the device replaced?
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Nice try! Take a hike.

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