Screen flickers and the apps open and close

When using my ipad the screen will start to flicker and when its on the home page it will open or close apps by itself.

Close all of the apps in the recents tray. There might be something funky going on with an app. Then reset your iPad.
Tap the home button once. Then tap the home button twice and the recents tray will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold down on any app icon until it begins to wiggle. Tap the minus sign in the upper left corner of the app that you want to close. Close all of them. Tap the home button twice.
Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.

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  • My ipad 4 dropped and now apps open and close on their own

    My ipad 4 dropped off my lap.  The glass is intact but now all the apps open and close randomly on their own.  I tried to reboot it and it didnt workd.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

    THANKS for your prompt reply  Bluetooth is off in my laptop and IPhone.. and in fact the reset is the only thing that can make it back to normal. But for a lil while. I wonder if it is the touch, or the home botton... both things are very expensive to replace, so I wouldn't like to spend $$ and continue having the prob.....

  • I just installed Readdledocs on my ipod, and now when I launch the app, I get a screen which says "downloading message" and the app freezes and won't do anything else.  How can I get the app to function again?

    I just installed Readdledocs on my ipod, and now when I launch the app, I get a screen which says "downloading message" and the app freezes and won't do anything else.  How can I get the app to function again?
    This happened after I tried to get Readdledocs to open an epub file which I created in Calibre.

    This is a followup to my own posting above.
    Thanks to Dave Sawyer for posting information about re-downloading an app which has been deleted.  I deleted the app from iTunes.  Then, when I synched, iTunes asked me if I wanted the items on my ipod touch copied back into iTunes.  I said yes and then synched.
    Readdledocs is now working again.  It is no longer frozen.  However, I have learned my lesson.  I will download only pdf's from now on.  I don't think it works so well with epub files.  The text reflow feature of Readdledocs is exactly what I need to use for my work documents on my ipod touch.

  • I cannot find the Messages app on my mac. I searched my Finder and the App Store and still nothing. What am I doing wrong?

    I cannot find the Messages app on my mac. I searched my Finder and the App Store and still nothing. What am I doing wrong?

    What version of OS X do you have? Messages requires 10.8. Previously it was iChat (but does not have iMessage capability to send texts to an iOS device).

  • Ever since i updated my phone to iOS.6 I have troubles connecting to the internet and the app store and iTunes app take longer to load

    It keeps saying 'Unable to join' with my home internet and my work internet, i have forgotten both networks several times, but with my home one it keeps disconnecting with my work internet connection it connects but sometimes asks me to join then comes up ' Unable to join '
    The App Store and iTunes takes ages to load, sometimes it is quicker without internet!!
    I could get onto both of those apps quickly with the previous download, i current have iOS. 6
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    I have no more tricks up my sleeve other than maybe it is a firewall issue with your router.
    You can tap or click on the heading below and read Apple's take on the issue. I really don't hold out much hope though that his kb article has any more to offer to you, but I am out of ideas now.
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    Sep 21, 2012 – You may be completely unable to access the iTunes Store on your computer or iOS device. You might also see an alert message similar to one ...

  • Every time I click an app the app opens and then closes right away.  any idea why?

    Every time I try to use an app when I click on the app it opens and then closes right away.  Any idea what I can do to fix that?

    Try this:
    1. Close all apps in the Task Bar. Double-click the Home button and hold apps down for a second or two. Tap the minus sign to close app.
    2. Hold the Sleep and Home button down until you see the Apple Logo.

  • My iPad screen Shake allone, the games Open And close. What can i do?

    My iPad Open And close games allone, the keyboard Open allone, sometimes thouchscren not works, the screen shakes allone. Whist can i do?

    Connect to iTunes to update.
    How to update your iOS device
    Scroll down to the “Update your device using iTunes” section

  • I have a 2008 MacBook, the past few days, the screen has been flickering as the computer opens and intermittently while I work.  What is wrong?

    I have a 2008 MacBook.  Lately the screen has little waves as I open and then intermittenly as I work.  what might be the problem?

    The Logic Board is the motherboard. If you move the display back and forth does it flicker?

  • My settings and messages app open and then close in a matter of seconds, I've tried restoring from the back up of and downloading a free app. Nothing's worked. I'd really like to avoid setting up as new. I'm on 6.1    PLEASE HELP


    i'm also having major CPU problems w/ FF 29.0.1. when i restart the app it calms down again but after loading tabs it steadily climbs up to 100% after not too long. i have checked out the 2 CPU links/articles above and do all the basic troubleshooting and tips, but with all the FF tools & add-ons isn't there some sort of CPU monitor that has the ability to display which extensions/scripts are hogging the CPU? Activity Monitor on Mac just shows the total used by the app. it's impossible in my case to efficiently disable dozens of add-ons & scripts, restart, and test each one by one b/c it can take several hrs before the CPU starts to spike high again. i have no time for this.

  • I downloaded a reader file and it screwed up my Safari browser and the app opens with the Goggle Quick search which I can't get rid of

    I downloaded a file to open a owners manual for a camera I needed. I had difficulty getting it down loaded and never could get the manual. I tried using my Safari browser and started getting this Goggle Quick Search file which opened in place of my Safari….I tried to close it and I can't. I did manage to get ride of the reader file.

    You may have installed one of the common types of ad-injection malware. Follow the instructions on this Apple Support page to remove it. It's been reported that some variants of the "VSearch" malware block access to the page. If that happens, start in safe mode by holding down the shift key at the startup chime, then try again.
    Back up all data before making any changes.
    One of the steps in the article is to remove malicious Safari extensions. Do the equivalent in the Chrome and Firefox browsers, if you use either of those. If Safari crashes on launch, skip that step and come back to it after you've done everything else.
    If you don't find any of the files or extensions listed, or if removing them doesn't stop the ad injection, ask for further instructions.
    Make sure you don't repeat the mistake that led you to install the malware. It may have come from an Internet cesspit such as "Softonic" or "CNET Download." Never visit either of those sites again. You might also have downloaded it from an ad in a page on some other site. The ad would probably have included a large green button labeled "Download" or "Download Now" in white letters. The button is designed to confuse people who intend to download something else on the same page. If you ever download a file that isn't obviously what you expected, delete it immediately.
    Malware is also found on websites that traffic in pirated content such as video. If you, or anyone else who uses the computer, visit such sites and follow prompts to install software, you can expect more of the same, and worse, to follow. Never install any software that you downloaded from a bittorrent, or that was downloaded by someone else from an unknown source.
    In the Security & Privacy pane of System Preferences, select the General tab. The radio button marked Anywhere  should not be selected. If it is, click the lock icon to unlock the settings, then select one of the other buttons. After that, don't ignore a warning that you are about to run or install an application from an unknown developer.
    Still in System Preferences, open the App Store or Software Update pane and check the box marked
              Install system data files and security updates
    if it's not already checked.

  • Accidentally changed cache location and the app crashes and never opens

    I recently changed the cache location to an external usb and whenever I try to open the app t crashes and gives me an error pop up. I cant change the cache location back to default since I can never open the app, feels like a catch22 situation. A simple reinstallation didn't seem to work. Any suggestions?

    Hello: Wait you changed the cache location folder for the spotify desktop spotify app, or changed the location for a system wide cache location? If you did a system wide cache move your probable going to run into all kinds of isssues. Would not it be a smart idea to plug in the USB device that was used in the change of cache location, and then try to launch spotify and see if it loads correct and finds the hacked moved new cache location? What about trying to retrace your steps in how you changed the default cache location, and just reverse the process to move the cache location back to it's default location, using the terminal system folder linking process, and then try to see if spotify will launch properly? I mean your on a Mac is your HD that small? I thought that was one of Apples selling points, larger memory run abilities, and larger HD space for their systems? Does not Mac have something called Time Machine, have your tried that route to fix the lost Cache location folder? 

  • When I start Firefox I get a menu box asking me to agree to let Firefox make changes to my computer. I click yes and the program opens and goes to my homepage. See Details below.

    When I attempt to open Firefox from my desktop icon a menu box appears and backscreen grays out and I can't access anything else except this menu box. top of menu box says User Account Control. Next line says: Do you want to allow Firefox to make changes to this computer? I can click Yes (Firefox opens) No (menu box closes Firefox doesn't open) A link I can click says "change when these notifications appear" When I click it the menu box closes, Firefox doesn't open & link does not take me to where I can change my user account controls. Annoying, I just want Firefox to open directly to my home page like it did in prior versions.

    Do a clean reinstall.
    * Download a fresh Firefox copy and save the file to the desktop.
    * Firefox 7.0.x:
    * Uninstall your current Firefox version.
    * Do not remove personal data when you uninstall the current version or you lose your bookmarks and other data in the profile folder.
    * Remove the Firefox program folder before installing that newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.
    * It is important to delete the Firefox program folder to remove all the files and make sure that there are no problems with files that were leftover after uninstalling.
    Your bookmarks and other profile data are stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder and won't be affected by a reinstall, but make sure that you do not select to remove personal data if you uninstall Firefox.

  • Hi there some of my apps open and then close imedietly

    My safari and mail apps open and close not even a split second after I opens them please help

    Try a hard reset to see if that clears things up.  To do this, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.
    Otherwise, it may be necessary to restore the iPod from a previous backup or even factory defaults.
    iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring iOS software

  • My child must have deleted safari and the app store from my iPad 1. How do I restore them?

    Safari and app store icons missing, child may have deleted them? How do I recover them?

    You can't delete the preinstalled apps. Go to your Home screen and then swipe to the right to reveal the search screen Type in the app name and do a search.
    Also, these apps may have been "Turned Off" by Restrictions. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions.
     Cheers, Tom

  • I have looked at the service manual to be able to access the App store and Itunes, to no avail, still not successful.

    I have viewed the download sevice manual to be able to acess itunes and the apps store,and applied all settings which are recommended, to no avil my iphone still prompts me to " Cannot connect to iTunes Store or Apps store, does anyone have any step by step instructions for me.  I have attempted may times to resolve this issue with no success.  Any advice would be appreciated,

    Hello everyone,
    This is Tq1, when I first joined this community I received enormous responses for my requests, now after seeing  there were 11 views and no remarks posted I am wondering where has all the love gone?  Just a joke don't take it personally, for those of you who have replied to past questions on this post I am extremely grateful.  I hope you all have a wonderful and great day.

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