Scroll bar trouble in filmstrip mode

In horizontal filmstrip mode (Bridge, the right end of the horizontal scroll bar is not visible. If I make the Bridge window smaller than full screen, I can drag the slider out of sight beyond the right side of the Bridge window, but not far enough to see all the files. The right side of the Bridge window appears to be otherwise normal.
What's happening?

Thanks again Curt,
I seem to have fixed it. I opened the pop-out menu associated with the filmstrip button(#1)in the lower-right-hand corner of the window and re-selected Horizontal Filmstrip. That fixed the scroll bar (displayed the right edge of it). I couldn't increase the screen resolution because I was already at the native resolution for the (flat-panel) monitor. When I had the Bridge window open to less than screen size, it was very strange to drag the scroll bar outside the Bridge window where it disappeared. I could move it even though I couldn't see it.

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    What browser are you using? Do you get this condition on all web pages you access?

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    I've been working on this for hours (about 4 hours now) without finding the right solution, so maybe someone can help. I searched through a few pages of the forum but didn't see this exact issue. And the tutorial online doesn't help much.
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    When you have changed the content, call getRootPane().validate(); instead of pack(), as in this slightly modified version of your sample program:
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class MyFrame extends JFrame implements ActionListener {
        private static final int MAX_HEIGHT = 100;
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            jp.add(new JLabel("Doesn't"));
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            if (getHeight() > MAX_HEIGHT) {
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {

  • ITunes 11 scroll bar trouble

    Hi folks,
    this concerns iTunes 11.1.3 for Mac: when in the iTunes store to view my purchased items, I cannot use the left scroll bar (artist listing).  The said scroll bar is visible only when the pointer rests on an item - the moment I approach the scroll bar with the pointer in order to scroll up or down the list, it simply disappears. Does anyone know a fix for this bug?  Please, let me know.  Thanks!
    Frank M.

    You don't have to scroll with your arrow directly on the bar.  Scroll works when your arrow is positioned in this area:

  • Bug? scroll bar hides behind filmstrip in Grid view

    In Library Grid view, when scrolling to the bottom of the grid, the scroll bar slider gets hidden behind the film strip at the bottom of the window.
    OS: WinXP SP2, 4GB RAM

    Okay, I will answer my own question in case anyone else sees the problem.
    When I am viewing my large catalog with only three thumbnails across in LR, I lose the little button to slide up and down. When I change Grid View to show four or more thumbnails, the button reappears. I'd suggest this is a bug needing fixing.

  • How to view scroll bar in filmstrip view in aperture 3.2.2?

    I have aperture 3.2.2 and normally work in filmstrip mode.  In the documentation I notice a scroll bar underneath the filmstrip, allowing you to scroll quickly through the images.  When I open aperture I see no such scroll bar.  Underneath the filmstrip I have keyword controls, but no scroll bar.  I have a couple of arrows that allow me to move one image to left or right, but no scroll bar.  Is there a simple way to be able to have the scroll bar be visible?  Thanks, Ric

    Ok, It now has suddenly appeared.  I switched between the viewing modes several times, and now the scroll bar is appearing.  It took a long time (and many switches) for this to work, but now it works fine.

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    Good afternoon,
    I have noticed the presence of a verticle scroll bar where
    there shouldn't be one.
    I create a Captivate project and publish it with no borders
    and no skins (no playbar). I make sure the size of the file
    generated by the project will comfortably fit in a 1013px by 713px
    browser window. I test the project after publish and of course
    there are scroll bars as in this mode all of the browser attributes
    are in place.
    I then test the file through the LMS (the LMS fires the HTML
    file in a window of fixed size (I designate the size in the LMS
    settings) that has no attributes. There should be no scroll bars or
    navigation. All works as planned except on the right verticle side
    of the browser window a scroll bar (with no scroll tab) appears.
    The content should not need to scroll, and indeed it does
    fit, no content is hidden but there is this usless bar on the
    verticle left side. I have tried using CSS overflow:none and
    overflow:auto to not display the bar, but it still displays
    Has anyone had any problems of this sort? If so, what was the
    Thank you,

    Final Synopsis,
    The conditions:
    Our company recently upgraded from the Flash 8 to the Flash 9
    plug-in. Our current version of Internet Explorer 6 is version
    6.0.2900.2180. Our operating system is XP (service pack 2). My
    company uses Adobe Captivate 2 to create internal training
    materials that are SCORM compliant.
    The problem:
    Recently I noticed an odd behavior from lesson materials
    created using Captivate 2. While creating training materials I
    noticed there appeared to be an “empty” vertical
    scrollbar on the right side of the HTML page (web published lesson)
    that was generated from Captivate 2. I have been using Captivate 2
    for several months (with the Flash 8 plug-in) and did not encounter
    this “artifact” before this time.
    To remove the artifact I tried to “publish” the
    .cp file as Flash 6, Flash 7, and Flash 8 compatible files. In each
    case the phantom scrollbar was visible where no scrolling should be
    needed. In addition, I re-sized the physical dimensions of the
    project and altered settings in our LMS to allow for a generous
    window size and a small project size. The artifact persisted. I
    also tried changing the DOCTYPE attribute for the HTML page. Again,
    the artifact persisted. I re-created the project using Captivate
    (version 1), and again the artifact persisted.
    Finally, I inserted an (invalid) <BODY> tag attribute,
    ‘scroll=”auto”’ so that the body tag looked
    like this:
    <body scroll="auto" bgcolor="#F1F4F5"
    This appeared to work (even though this appears to be an
    invalid markup tag) and still allowed the page to show scrollbars
    if needed.
    I asked the IS department to roll back the Flash Plug-in to
    version 8, and again published a .cp project (without the above
    mentioned solution). The problem disappeared.
    The problem appeared to be with the Flash 9 plug-in and/or
    how it was implemented in Internet Explorer 6.
    I have tested the file with these browsers:
    OS Browser Plug-in Scrollbar Present
    XP (sp2)Internet Explorer 6 Flash 9 Yes
    XP (sp2)Internet Explorer 6 Flash 8 No
    XP (sp2)Internet Explorer 7 Flash 9 Yes
    XP (sp2)FireFox Flash 9 No
    Mac OSXSafari Flash 9 No
    Mac OSXFireFox Flash 9 No
    I submitted a report to Adobe Support since this appears to
    be a bug.

  • Scroll bar missing in Web Analaysis Studio in Designer View

    I'm unable to see a scroll bar in the Design Mode but can view it in Analyze mode, hence while designing report, I cannot add any object which is crossing more then one page.
    Not sure what is the exact problem, please help me on this, Thanks in advance.

    Hi ...
    5.0.5 ?  That's an oudated version.
    Update Safari >   Safari 5.1.5

  • In Columns mode, Preview QTs no longer have scroll bars...Why?

    I used to really like looking for files in the Finder mode, in the Column view; then finding the QT, and previewing it in the Preview column, complete with scroll bar. That was the Old Days. Is there anyway in Leopard to get the scroll bar back? (BTW, I'm not a fan of the Space Bar Preview, unless someone can tell me a way to keep the preview playing even after I click into another window/app.)

    I think the answer is "fashion" or the latest interface thing.... Anyway, what ya get now is the little play button smack dab in the middle of the preview, just like YouTube! Only better! Because this play button doesn't appear until you mouse over the preview button! Isn't that cool? No? Tell Apple what you think of this devolution of usefulness:
    So if you want to have a scrollbar that you can scrub you must use QuickLook (the spacebar thing). But all you can do with volume in the scrub bar is mute it. And you can't switch to something else while it plays. If you want it to play when you switch you have to use the play button in the Preview pane. But you can't scrub when you switch back.

  • NB100 touchpad scroll bar stops working after exit full screen mode youtube

    I have few Toshiba laptops, satellite, and now netbook100.
    All of them share one problem, touchpad scroll bar:
    It will stop working after exit full screen mode in youtube.
    Here is how to reproduce the incident:
    1. using any mainstream browser, start playing a youtube video, click full screen button at the bottom right corner of the video.
    2. click on the [cross] to exit the full screen mode. (next to full screen button.)
    3. check if you scroll bar still functioning.
    4. a reboot will restore the function.
    Currently, Im on vista, I believe in XP you will have the same problem.
    Searching in google (touchpad scroll bar stops full screen youtube) will return more people share the same question but no answer.
    Environments: win xp all, win vista all.
    Windows all most updated driver, touch pad driver up to date.
    This is not a major tech problem but for a netbook, this is very annoying.
    If anyone have this problem or answers, please share it here.
    Thank you in advance.

    I had the exact same problem on my laptop and after a lot of searching, I finally found the simplest solution that really works for me so here goes:
    Once you exit the full screen video and the scroll pad has stopped working, click once anywhere on the youtube page(just to unfocus from the video) and press the spacebar button on your keyboard twice.
    Et voila, your scroll pad should be working again. Beats the hassle of having to log off everytime.
    Hope this helps

  • Illustrator Fullscreen mode with out scroll bars

    I'm using Illustrator CS5 for Mac. When I go to full screen mode all toolbars disappear but scroll bar is still there.
    How can I solve that?
    Gregor Cepek

    Let me explain my situation. In our company we have one big screen (full hd) for clients to see our work in realtime.
    Now I just create "window -> new window" so I have copy of document I'm working on. Then I move it to the big screen and enable "full screen mode".
    It hides all toolbars which is perfect, but it doesn't hide scroll bars (and zoom and page drop down). In manual is written that full screen mode should be with out scroll bars.
    As our designs are mostly for FULL HD resolution it would be very nice to display them full screen on HD TV set. With no distracting scroll bars.
    In photoshop it works ok.
    Thank you,
    Gregor Cepek

  • My firefox browser window will not stay in full screen mode, it keeps reducing itself so I can't use the scroll down button on the side, so I have to constantly minimize and maximize to get to the scroll bar, How can I stop this?

    Like I said it happens every few minutes... It is annoying when you are on the internet for more than a few minutes because you constantly have to either minimize it or reduce the screen manually by hitting the button and then maximize it again to get the scroll bar to be in view to use it.

    Delete the localstore.rdf file at the following location:
    C:\Users\'''USERNAME'''\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\'''PROFILE NAME'''
    I did this and it fixed it for several days, but it broke again eventually.

  • Kiosk mode with no tool bars or scroll bars

    I have touchscreen information kiosks running Linux.
    I need a browser that will ONLY display the website:
    No tool bars, NO scroll bars ALWAYS running full screen.
    Would it be possible for me, NON programmer to edit config files to achieve this, or do I need a programmer to to write a add-on (There are add-ons, but not for FF 5) that would supposedly do this,
    Do I need to find a programmer to re-write a browser application that can do it for me?
    The touchscreen website for the kiosks has no keyboard or mouse attached and will ALWAYS ONLY start with a specific index.html page and will NEVER exit the kiosk using a HYPERLINK NOT on the kiosk.

    In Firefox 3.6 on Windows you can hide the menu bar via "View > Toolbars" or via the right click context menu on a toolbar.
    Press and hold the Alt key down to bring up the menu bar.
    Go to "View > Toolbars" or right-click the menu bar or press Alt+V T to select which toolbars to show or hide.
    See also:
    [[Menu bar is missing]]
    [[Back and forward or other toolbar buttons are missing]]

  • New up date hides down scroll arrow behind task bar in full window mode how do i fix this?

    After new up date, the scroll bar on the right and bottom of browser si under task bar. I have windows 7. I have checked addons and extensions and they have made no changes. The last thing updated was the default theme.

    I'm glad to see this solved your problem. Also note, since you're running Windows 7, you can click anywhere on the window and then slide your mouse off the screen where the window's edges are hidden to get it back. This may help in the future without having to maximize the window.

  • I need to turn the horizontal and vertical scroll bars off when in full screen mode is this possible

    I am using a touchscreen monitor and am running the website at 1280 x 1024, however there are scroll bars and I dont want them and I dont want to alter the HTML

    Try this code in the file [ userContent.css]
    <pre><nowiki>html,body { overflow: hidden !important; }</nowiki></pre>
    * ChromEdit Plus:

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