Scroll script works in Flash 6, but not in 9

I have a simple scroller script that works fine for scrolling
a movieclip in Flash 6, but when I publish in anything later, it no
longer scrolls. Both are set to AS2. Is there an obvious reason
that anyone can see of why this should be? When I test the script
syntax in the actions panel, it says there are no errors in the
script. By tracing I can see that there's no trouble with targeting
the up and down buttons or scroll slider, and the slider still
drags, but the content MC doesn't move as it should. Thank you very
much for your help, in advance. Here's the script, in case the
answer isn't obvious from the description:

You were right! It works now, even as posted above. I just
remembered I had fixed an upper/lower case inconsistency just for
neatness since I last tested, never thinking that would fix the
problem! I just tested again and to my surprise, it works great. I
guess neatness does count!!! Thanks again, kglad!

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  • Flex mobile 4.6 app works inside flash builder but not in android emulator

    Originally posted on stackoverflow: but-not-in-android-emulator
    I have a basic flex mobile 4.6 app and it works fully fine in the flash builder built-in emulator using an android device profile like aria...
    It also launches fine in the android emulator but one particular view shows blank (and this view works fine in flash builder).
    Before I get in to many details of the view are there any categorical gotchas that can be causing this?
    I can't seem to get the trace statements from the app to show in 'adb logcat'. It seems I need to compile a debug version of the apk but I don't know how to do this. I use the 'Export Release Build' from the Project menu in flash builder and it doesn't seem to have an option for debug=true.
    The problematic/blank view basically uses the stagewebview and iotashan's oauth library to call linkedin rest apis... A different (and working) view can make restful web service calls in the emulator fine, so it doesn't seem to be an internet permission.
    The source code contained in the problematic/blank view is almost identical to the tutorial found at:
    The differences are: a) The root tag is a View b) I use StageWebView instead of HtmlContainer c) I use my own linkedin key and tokens.
    I would appreciate it if someone can provide me with some pointers on how to troubleshoot this situation. Perhaps someone can tell me how to debug the app while running in the emulator (I think I need the correct adt command arguments for this which matches the 'Export Release Build' menu but adds the debug param?)
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Comment Added:
    I suspect that this has to do with connections to https:// and https:// The only reason I can think of that the same code is not having issues inside of Flex Builder but indeed having issues in the Android emulator is something to do with certificates. Any ideas?

    Thanks er453r,
    I have created a project that clearly reproduces the bug.  Here are the steps:
    1) Create a UrlLoader and point it to (HTTPS is important because http works but HTTPS does not)
    2) Load it
    3) Run in Flash Builder 4.6/Air 3.1 and then run in Android emulator.  The former works with an http status 200.  The latter gives you an ioerror 2032.  I am assuming what works in Flash Builder is supposed to work in the Android Emulator and what what works in the emulator is supposed to work in a physical device (plus or minus boundary conditions).
    I see a certificate exception in adb logcat but not sure if it's related...
    Here is the self contained View code which works with a TabbedViewNavigatorApplication:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:View xmlns:fx=""
                        creationComplete="windowedapplication1_creationCompleteHandler(event) "
                        actionBarVisible="true" tabBarVisible="true">
                                  protected var requestTokenUrl:String = "";
                                  protected function windowedapplication1_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
                                            var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
                                            loader.addEventListener(ErrorEvent.ERROR, onError);
                                            loader.addEventListener(AsyncErrorEvent.ASYNC_ERROR, onAsyncError);
                                            loader.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, securityErrorHandler);
                                            loader.addEventListener(HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_RESPONSE_STATUS, httpResponseStatusHandler);
                                            loader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioErrorHandler);
                                            var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(requestTokenUrl);
                                  protected function requestTokenHandler(event:Event):void
                                  protected function httpResponse(event:HTTPStatusEvent):void
                                            label.text += event.status;
                                            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                                  private function completeHandler(event:Event):void {
                                            label.text += event.toString();
                                            trace("completeHandler data: " +;
                                  private function openHandler(event:Event):void {
                                            label.text +=  event.toString();
                                            trace("openHandler: " + event);
                                  private function onError(event:ErrorEvent):void {
                                            label.text +=  event.toString();
                                            trace("onError: " + event.type);
                                  private function onAsyncError(event:AsyncErrorEvent):void {
                                            label.text += event.toString();
                                            trace("onAsyncError: " + event);
                                  private function onNetStatus(event:NetStatusEvent):void {
                                            label.text += event.toString();
                                            trace("onNetStatus: " + event);
                                  private function progressHandler(event:ProgressEvent):void {
                                            label.text += event.toString();
                                            trace("progressHandler loaded:" + event.bytesLoaded + " total: " + event.bytesTotal);
                                  private function securityErrorHandler(event:SecurityErrorEvent):void {
                                            label.text +=  event.toString();
                                            trace("securityErrorHandler: " + event);
                                  private function httpStatusHandler(event:HTTPStatusEvent):void {
                                            label.text += event.toString();
                                            //label.text += event.responseHeaders.toString();
                                            trace("httpStatusHandler: " + event);
                                  private function httpResponseStatusHandler(event:HTTPStatusEvent):void {
                                            label.text +=  event.toString();
                                            trace("httpStatusHandler: " + event);
                                  private function ioErrorHandler(event:IOErrorEvent):void {
                                            label.text +=  event.toString();
                                            label.text += event.text;
                                            trace("ioErrorHandler: " + event);
                        <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
              <s:Label id="label" y="185" width="100%" color="#0A0909" horizontalCenter="0" text=""/>

  • Scrolling Header works in Visual Studio but not on Report Server 2008

    2008 R2 Reporting Services. My scrolling header works in Visual Studio but not when deployed to the Report Server and viewed in IE 9. I have read most every post on this issue and can't find a solution. I have the fixed data properties
    set correctly. Any suggestions?
    Help appreciated! 

    Hi Linda,
    As a suggestion, I would try to delete the deployed version and instead of deploying ther RDL file, i would try to upload the file and test it.
    If the issue exisit, then I would download the exisiting version from the reportserver and compare the xml versions of the two reports and check if the propoerty is getting over written while deploying.
    Please vote as helpful or mark as answer, if it helps

  • Swf works in Flash App but not online!

    Hi Guys,
    I am sitting with a situation I cannot figure out.
    In The Flash Application, my gallery is working as it is meant to. Yet, when I upload the swf to the live site, the first image, text and movie of my gallery works but it refuses to scroll to the next item in my XML.
    I have given it an absolute path to that server which works in Flash but not when it is online.
    Has someone come across this anomaly before? I don't even know where to begin debugging.

    Better u check the XML image names and the image path are correct.
    becoz case sensitive in online..

  • Script works in one frame, but not with frames before it

    Hi all-
    I'm a complete AS/Flash n00b, but hoping that I can get some guidance on this.
    I'm trying to test a very simple function for an e-learning module that is to train people on using 'quick keys' or key combinations on their keyboard. Basically, I want to show them a command and have them practice. In the practice, they will be asked to use a command and then have to do it on their keyboard.
    I used the code below successfully with one frame and a couple layers. I created a text-area ("traceArea), put it on the stage, set up the event and function... it works great! (although I'm sure the code isn't very pretty) When anything other than ctrl-p is pressed, it traces the "Try again!" message and when ctrl-p is pressed, "Great job!" pops up.
    stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, detectKey);
    function detectKey(event:KeyboardEvent):void
    if (event.ctrlKey== true && event.keyCode==80 )
    traceArea.text = "Great job!";
    traceArea.text = "Try again!";
    So, then I tried to build on to the file and added two frames before the previous AS code.
    Frame 1 - Intro
    A short introduction to the 'module' with a continue button. The code for this frame is:
    function buttonPressed(event:MouseEvent)
    Frame 2 - Instructions
    This frame shows the viewer the correct keys to use to print (ctrl-p). There is another continue button here. Code:
    The last frame is then the 'practice' (see first code above).
    When I run this file, there are no errors, but when it gets to that last frame, nothing is traced and there is no output on any keyboard command. I know the solution must be pretty easy, but I'm missing it and have no idea what it might be!
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    use the trace function to debug your flash code:
    stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, detectKey);
    function detectKey(event:KeyboardEvent):void
    if (event.ctrlKey== true && event.keyCode==80 )
    traceArea.text = "Great job!";
    traceArea.text = "Try again!";

  • Works in Flash preview, but not on webpage?

    I'm using this code to externally load a .swf into my site. I made sure all the files were uploaded. I'm sure, because I can even find the .swf on the site, it just won't show up on the main page. (for example, I can find it at, but not in it's place at
    Here's the code I'm using:
    createEmptyMovieClip("anim", 0);
    anim._x = 156;
    anim._y = 515;
    It's inserted into the actions panel of a new layer in the main Scene 1 timeline in my .fla project. It works when I preview it (ctrl+enter), but when I upload everything to the site, it doesn't show up?
    Anyone know what may cause/why this is happening?
    Thanks for your help in advance!

    Is the file that is loading animation.swf also in the same folder?

  • Short, basic VB script works on 2003 Server but not on 2012 R2 server

    Hello all,
    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I have a legacy VB script that I need to keep, but I'm having trouble getting it to work on Server 2012 R2.
    The script reads a file called "Test.txt" that contains the following string:
    Part of the VB script is to read this "Test.txt" file and parse this line into 2 separate elements based upon the "|" delimeter:
    On Error Resume Next
    Dim FSI, inputFile, String, f, WshShell,WshNetwork, WshFSO, StringArray
    inputFile = "Test.txt"
    CONST ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8
    Set FSI = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set f = FSI.OpenTextFile(inputFile, ForReading, True)
    Set WshShell=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    '********* Read the file ********
    String = f.ReadLine
    msgbox("String: "&string)
    '********* Split the line *******
    StringArray = Split(String,"|", -1, 1)
    msgbox("stringarray(0): "&stringarray(0))
    msgbox("stringarray(1): "&stringarray(1))
    The variables in this script when ran on Server 2003 are:
    string = String1|String2
    stringarray(0) = String1
    stringarray(1) = String2
    So this script parses the String1|String2 line perfectly on Server 2003. However, running this same VB script on Server 2012 R2 results in very strange output:
    The variables in this script when ran on Server 2012 R2 are:
    string = ӱƥt
    stringarray(0) = ӱƥt
    stringarray(1) =
    Is there anything on Server 2012 R2 that I need to install to get this to work in VB, or what is the issue with Server 2012 R2 and visual basic? I'd LOVE to redo this in PowerShell but I need to keep it Visual Basic for legacy reasons for a few more months.

    Hmm interesting. I tried using the 3 different "format" parameters for the OpenTextFile method, and none of them worked on Server 2012 R2:
    However, I copied the text file directly from the 2003 server and placed it on the 2012 R2 server, and then the script worked great!
    Thanks for steering me in the right direction Bill!

  • LoadMovie working in Flash Player, but not when posted online

    I have built a website
    utilizing Dreamweaver and Flash. This page:
    has a link under "print" called "catalog". It is supposed to load a swf file when clicked. It works when I view it in Flash Player, but when I import it into Dreamweaver and post it, it isn't working.

    It is likely an issue with file location/targeting since you appear to be loading the swf into the html page from a separate folder.  When you do that, any files that the swf file loads need to be targeted as if that swf is in the same folder as the html file.  So if your other swf is also in the images folder, then when you specify to load it in the Flash file you need to include the images folder in the path.

  • Script works for one frame but not another

    I set up 2 keyframes, each one loads a different text file
    into a dynamic text box. The text box for the first keyframe is
    named "session" and the text box for the second keyframe is named
    "oneptq". The text file for the first text box is named Titles.txt
    and the text file for the second keyframe is 100Q.txt. The code I'm
    using is identical (except for the respective names of the text
    boxes and text files) but for some reason the text will load in the
    first text box but not the second.
    Here's my AS for the first keyframe:
    lvLoader = new LoadVars();
    lvLoader.onLoad = function(success)
    session.text = lvLoader.textbody;
    And my AS for the second keyframe:
    lvLoader = new LoadVars();
    lvLoader.onLoad = function(success)
    oneptq.text = lvLoader.textbody;
    I can't figure this thing out. Please help. Thanks.

    Have you double checked that it's a DYNAMIC text box? Maybe
    it was accidentally swapped by to static at some point...

  • Works in Flash player but not from Browser

    I know this has shown up in the forum before but I must be using the wrong search terms because I can't find it.
    I've created a Flash file that reads from several different xml files and displays them when requested. When I run the Flash player, (by pressing Command-Space within Flash), it all works flawlessly. But when I open it within a browser, only one of the xml files loads, the other two just spin away on the preloader.
    I have another Flash file that is doing the same thing. A click on a scrolling new list should take you to another web page. In Flash Player it works fine, but from a Browser nothing happens.
    Anyone know why this is?

    As odd as it may seem, the tip-off to the problem may be:
    " When I run the Flash player, (by pressing Command-Space within Flash), it all works flawlessly"
    If any of your Flash assets are in a different folder than the HTML Web page... then testing the .swf directly like that should NOT work!
    It's most likely a pathing issue:
    Pathing issues
    Almost always when it works on the local machine and not the server, it's a pathing problem.
    You can put your Flash related files in whatever folders you want, they do NOT have to be in the root, they do NOT all have to be in the same folder. But if you have a problem and if sticking them all in the root folder works, then you know that the issue was a pathing problem.
    Just remember that paths used in the .swf become relative to the Web page on which the .swf is placed, NOT it’s physical location.  So for example, if your .swf is in the flash/data folder and you use that .swf on a Web page in the root folder, you are in effect, removing that .swf from flash/data and putting it in root. So if the .swf is loading any related files (xml, images, video, etc), the path used inside the .swf to load the .xml file has to be relative to it's new location in root and then back down into flash/data. This is true even though when testing the .swf by itself, it can be inside flash/data and work just fine, since relative to it's location, the path is just fine, they are in the same folder. But if that same path is used when the .swf is placed on a page two folder levels up, the relative path has changed, the old "same folder" path will not work.
    In fact if you are placing the .swf on a web page in a different folder than the .swf is stored in, and that .swf calls external assets, then direct clicking and opening of the .swf in it’s folder should NOT work! That’s because the paths to the external assets should be relative to the Web page and not the physical location of the .swf.
    So just be sure that you use addresses relative to the final Web page locations (not physical file locations) and you can put the Flash related files in what ever folders you want.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video
    Best wishes,

  • Simple Script works on 10.6 but not 10.5.8

    Brand new to Applescript...I made a simple script (saved as an application) to rename Excel Sheet Tabs and it works on my MBP (10.6.2) however when I try sharing with other users (10.5.8), it fails to carry out properly. It opens a blank workbook rather than the "test.xls" workbook and won't go any further. Am thinking it might be due to:
    1) where the script and .xls file were originally created/saved?
    2) 10.6.2 vs. 10.5.8?
    3) method of sharing? Tried attaching to Mac OSX Server Wiki, NAS and e-mailing but still wouldn't work.
    here's the script-
    tell application "Microsoft Excel"
    open workbook workbook file name "test.xls"
    activate object worksheet "names"
    set myRange to range "A2" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 3 to myName
    set myRange to range "A3" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 4 to myName
    set myRange to range "A4" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 5 to myName
    set myRange to range "A5" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 6 to myName
    set myRange to range "A6" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 7 to myName
    set myRange to range "A7" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 8 to myName
    set myRange to range "A8" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 9 to myName
    set myRange to range "A9" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 10 to myName
    set myRange to range "A10" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 11 to myName
    set myRange to range "A11" of worksheet "names"
    set myName to input box prompt "Please type a Student Name" title "Students"
    set value of myRange to myName
    set name of sheet 12 to myName
    end try
    end tell
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

    more info:
    a co-worker with a MacBook (10.5.8) was able to download the script and .xls file from our server and it worked...
    An eMac (10.4.11) was not able to run the script.
    All machines are running 2008 Office for Mac

  • Flash works in Flash editor but not when puiblished

    I have got my flash working fine in the editor but when I
    publish it, neither opening it in IE from the hard drive, nor from
    the internet works.
    The animation works fine, but there should be images loaded
    onto the animated squares and there's not.
    Any thoughts?

    LLuis12 wrote:
    > Hi
    > I have got my flash working fine in the editor but when
    I publish it, neither
    > opening it in IE from the hard drive, nor from the
    internet works.
    > The animation works fine, but there should be images
    loaded onto the animated
    > squares and there's not.
    My guess is your paths are wrong to the loaded content. Done
    for local view
    not for html. Make sure the paths to files are a ok.
    Best Regards
    If you want to mail me - DO NOT LAUGH AT MY ADDRESS

  • PHP Script works in Chrome, IE9 but not in Firefox 15

    This page is a PHP script for creating hyperlinks to all files in a directory:
    It works fine in IE9 and Chrome, but Firefox "give up" about 3/4 way down the listing the hyperlinks for the files are no longer shown. Weird stuff.
    This issue has been present for a long time

    It's not pretty, is it. The problem is that your page opens &lt;strong> tags without closing them. For example:
    &lt;a href="Victoria Derbyshire Cuts off Police Constable talking about The Club in the Police - Radio 5 Live - 13 Sep 2012.mp3" class="w"><b>&lt;strong></b>Victoria Derbyshire Cuts off Police Constable talking about The Club in the Police - Radio 5 Live - 13 Sep 2012.mp3 &lt;/a>
    (1.5 MB) (Modified: Sep 17 2012 11:06:37 PM)
    This causes Firefox to "nest" tags in the page past a maximum depth. After that point, it just dumps text to the page. Similar/related past threads:
    * [ Part way through a particular web page, HTML stops being rendered]
    * [ text is missing from webpage]
    So just a small fix to your PHP and you should be good to go.

  • SQL script works in SQL Developer but not when scheduled

    I have a script that I can run, logged onto my server as a user with full permissions and into my database as SYSDBA, that produces a CSV file on the server when I run it from SQL Developer ON the server. HOWEVER, when I set it up as a scheduled job, using those SAME CREDENTIALS (same Windows/network user; same database user), I get no output. The job indicates that it's running successfully, but no file gets created.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    Here's the script:
         set serveroutput on
         my_query varchar2(5000);
         my_query := q'[
    WHERE instr(client_id,'10.') is not null
         p2k.ccsd_any_query_to_csv('HRISEDB_E_OUTPUT_MK', 'dbserver_job_output.csv',my_query);
    Here's the called procedure (I don't really understand it -- I gleaned it from others on the internet):
    -- DDL for Procedure CCSD_ANY_QUERY_TO_CSV
    set define off;
    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE "CCSD_ANY_QUERY_TO_CSV" (p_dir in varchar2, p_filename in varchar2, p_query in varchar2) AUTHID CURRENT_USER
    l_output utl_file.file_type;
    l_theCursor integer default dbms_sql.open_cursor;
    l_columnValue varchar2(4000);
    l_status integer;
    l_query long;
    l_colCnt number := 0;
    l_separator varchar2(1);
    l_col_desc dbms_sql.desc_tab;
    l_col_type varchar2(30);
    l_datevar varchar2(8);
    l_query := 'SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL; ';
    dbms_sql.parse(l_theCursor, p_query, dbms_sql.native);
    dbms_sql.describe_columns(l_theCursor, l_colCnt, l_col_desc);
    l_output := utl_file.fopen( p_dir, p_filename, 'w' );
    dbms_sql.parse( l_theCursor, p_query, dbms_sql.native );
    for i in 1..l_col_desc.count LOOP
    utl_file.put( l_output, l_separator || '"' || l_col_desc(i).col_name || '"' );
    dbms_sql.define_column( l_theCursor, i, l_columnValue, 4000 );
    l_separator := ',';
    end loop;
    utl_file.new_line( l_output );
    l_status := dbms_sql.execute(l_theCursor);
    while ( dbms_sql.fetch_rows(l_theCursor) > 0 ) loop
    l_separator := '';
    for i in 1 .. l_colCnt loop
    dbms_sql.column_value( l_theCursor, i, l_columnValue );
    utl_file.put( l_output, l_separator || '"' || l_columnValue || '"');
    l_separator := ',';
    end loop;
    utl_file.new_line( l_output );
    end loop;
    utl_file.fclose( l_output );
    execute immediate 'alter session set nls_date_format=''dd-MON-yy'' ';
    when others then
    execute immediate 'alter session set nls_date_format=''dd-MON-yy'' ';

    does oracle showing any errors in user_scheduler_job_run_details for this job ? I would advise try inserting some debug statement to identify where exactly its stuck. Also please check sample configurations syntax for user_scheduler_jobs.

  • Script works in PowerShell ISE but not in regular PowerShell window

    Hello all!
    I've got another PS conundrum to ponder.  I have the following script lines:
    for password complexity requirements:"-foregroundcolorblack-backgroundcolorwhite
    $PasswordPolicy|[email protected]{n="PolicyType";e={"Password"}},`
    ="Password complexity requirements";e={Switch($_.pwdProperties)
    can be simple and the administrator account cannot be locked out"} 
    must be complex and the administrator account cannot be locked out"} 
    can be simple, and the administrator account can be locked out"} 
    must be complex, and the administrator account can be locked out"} 
    When I run this code in ISE, it works great.  It returns the value for the setting "1" which is what this GPO is set to.
    But, when I run this same code in elevated PowerShell prompt, I get the following error:
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Are you creating $RootDSE before you use it?
    Don't retire TechNet! -
    (Don't give up yet - 13,085+ strong and growing)

Maybe you are looking for