Search Engine Conversion Filters

Does each service pack of iplanet/sun one web server install newer conversion filters for the search engine (word, excel, pdf etc.)? Generally, how new are these filters compared to data formats (Office XP etc.)?
We are running iplanet 6 sp2 and the search engine seems to stumble with newer ms office and acrobat files. I have not been able to find any documentation whatsoever on obtaining and installation newer conversion filters. Any help would be greatly appreicated.

Typically the filters included in Service Packs are not changed unless there is a defect that needs addressing.
The SunONE Web Server uses the Verity search engine. Filters that work with Verity's offerings should work with SunONE WS.

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  • Iplanet search engine

    I have been trying to get newer conversion filters for MS Word and MS Excel documents for out installation of iplanet 6 sp2. I only just noticed that iplanet search isn't using any converson filters for these documents at all (if I look at the html converted text, its the same as what you would see in notepad when opening a Word or Excel documents).
    Has anyone had any success at all getting netscape/iplanet/sun one search to properly index Word and Excel documents? How can I get conversion filters for these documents and how can I install them?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The SunONE Web Server uses the Verity Search Engine. Filters that work with the Verity engine should work with SunONE WS as well.

  • TS1398 my sons ipad 1 is not loading videos when he goes on to youtube through   his search engine (hes not on safari as he is on a parental restriction search engine) but has been able to for the last 12 months until the other day.

    My son has an ipad 1 and goes on to you tube through his search engine (which is not safari as i have put a parental restriction search engine on there for him) and up until a few days ago was working fine. now when ever he goes into youtube the video selections come up but when he presses a video to watch it doesn't load (comes up with the loading icon). However i wanted to see if this was a youtube problem so I unrestricted his youtube app and tried to get into youtube that way and it worked and the videos loaded. Does anybody know why it wouldn't work through his search engine now after working through it for so long?
    Any help would be great as i dont mind him going on youtube as long as innappropriate content is filtered (which is what his search engine did).

    I've never seen this issue, and I handle many iPads, of all versions. WiFi issues are generally local to the WiFi router - they are not all of the same quality, range, immunity to interference, etc. You have distance, building construction, and the biggie - interference.
    At home, I use Apple routers, and have no issues with any of my WiFi enabled devices, computers, mobile devices, etc - even the lowly PeeCees. I have locations where I have Juniper Networks, as well as Aruba, and a few Netgears - all of them work as they should.
    The cheaper routers, Linksys, D-Link, Seimens home units, and many other no name devices have caused issues of various kinds, and even connectivity.
    I have no idea what Starbucks uses, but I always have a good connection, and I go there nearly every morning and get some work done, as well as play.
    You could try changing channels, 2.4 to 5 Gigs, changing locations of the router. I have had to do all of these at one time or another over the many years that I have been a Network Engineer.
    Good Luck - Cheers,

  • Firefox(20.0.1) is ignoring my proxy server for google searches from website and the search box. It works for all other search engines and chrome/safari.

    squid (port 3128) and dansguardian (port 8080) not running in transparent mode.
    I am applying blacklists and a custom url regex to apply "safe=vss", this works for all browsers and all search engines except firefox using google search engine.
    Search engines tested (bing, yahoo, norton, ask, amazon, avg, ebay) - all work.
    Links from the search results are blocked by content filter, but search results still appear and google images are still shown. This does not happen in Chrome(23.0.1271.97), IE9(9.0.8), Opera(12.14) or Safari(5.1.7) with the same settings.
    No log entry appears in Dansguardian access.log implying proxy settings are being ignored for just this combination.

    I can't think of a reason that one particular webpage would behave differently from all the others, i.e., if you are starting at and running a search using the form in the page, I'm not aware of any reason for Firefox to handle that specially just because it's Google.
    Does it make a difference if you disable JavaScript when using Google? If that yields the results you expect, perhaps Google's XMLHttpRequest AJAX traffic is bypassing your filters?
    The search bar has its own code, so someone would need to look at that to see whether/why it bypasses your proxy if the above hypothesis does not apply.

  • How to make search engine results lead to a specific slide

    Through Google Analytics I found that a search in Bing for a particular item took the user to my page. The third slideshow, one of three tabbed slideshows on that page, is the default and shows first. The user promptly left my site because this wasn't what they were looking for. Instead, if possible for that search should land on the slide contained within the second slideshow. The search results in Bing showed the caption for the correct slide. Is there any way to make sure they then go directly to the correct slide?  I tried to add anchors to the individual slides or captions but couldn't make it work. Would that even help?

    Thats easy. How many links from each engine do you want, do you want to allow duplicate results (i.e. google and yahoo both reporting the same URL in a listing)?
    Do your own search on Google, Yahoo, etc. Look at the HTML code (typically a table) and look for unique tags or IDs that surround the URL. Google and Yahoo incorporate Click-Streaming into their search result URLs. That is, they don't provide the direct URL, but rather reference it within their own redirector which is simply a CGI program designed to count page hits and by what keyword and then simply redirect your browser to the actual page.
    If you can find out what that redirecting URL is, just filter the HTML that you get from these search engines for that URL and then you know where the URL starts and stops.
    Doing some further research will show you how to extract the actual URL from the redirecting URL. Just look at the URL and remove the or from the begining and strip out all of the CGI that comes after it until you get to another URL.
    First off, we now know where within the HTML a link starts, and doing a little more filtering, we can throw out the "" and the first CGI of "this-is-google&url=" and then simply read and file the ""

  • Search Engine Friendly URL Rewriting

    Has anyone done any kind of URL rewriting to convert the big, query ridden portal
    URLs to search engine friendly URLs?
    eg. Portal URL: http://somedomain/application?event=blah&pageID=blah&blah=blahblahblah
    gets converted to
    http://somedomain/pageID/page.htm or something like that.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Filter your recordset based off text values for your table fields ex. field 'model' will have values Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, etc. and field 'color' will have values red, blue, green. etc.
    The filtered URL will be to show all red Hondas in the filtered recordset.
    Using .htacces mod_rewrite you can convert the above example to something like

  • Verity search engine security

    I am wondering if there are any security risks with submitting a form entered search and the <cfsearch tag? Currently I'm filtering to allow only alphanumeric characters plus one or two others, but presumably if characters such as angle brackets < > have special meaning to the search engine it is not possible to inject malicious code?
    Any help with this and guidance as to where there is a concise explanation of Verity search criteria with examples would be most welcome.

    oh this is the code
    collection="collectcmi "
    extensions=".html, .htm, .cfm, .cfml"

  • [ANN] XpoLog Center 2.7 and XPLG Online Search Engine released

    XpoLog Center enables rapid access to logged data, generic logs viewing, fast search, data analysis and much more.
    Available to be deployed as J2EE Application for J2EE log management, in clustered or distributed environment for monitoring and root cause analysis.
    With XpoLog companies dramatically reduce maintenance and MTTR periods.
    Some of the new features:
    XPLG Real Time Search
    - Large file searches 1 Giga for less then 1 second!
    - Online incremental indexing.
    - Over time indexing.
    - Real Time Search - online search in changing system!
    - Search engine functionality for logs, including drill down to logs from search results
    - Integration with XpoLog Center
    XpoLog Center:
    - Menu changes
    - Filters and search Support in the indexing engine
    - Right click menus
    - Large File support - 1 Giga+ files
    - Large Configuration management
    - Predefined System templates
    - Multiple Pattern Support - apply endless number of rules on the same data source.
    - Firefox browser support
    - More Remote Access and Export features for technical support
    - WAR and EAR adaptation to JBoss, Weblogic and Websphere
    - Optimizations
    You are more then welcome to visit our New Web Site
    <a href=''></a>Or use our new Online Support Center
    Find out more and get a free trial at our web site,
    Gal Berg
    Chief Engineering


  • Why does Brand Thunder open as a search engine when I open another tab

    I want firefox as my search engine. Ifthis is not possible google it is

    There are two ways a page can take over the "new tab" page:
    (1) Changing the new tab page setting in Firefox (e.g., by creating a user.js file that overrides your preference every time you start Firefox);
    (2) Using an extension to override your new tab page setting.
    Let's check those:
    '''Clean up Extensions'''
    Disable ALL nonessential or unrecognized extensions on the following page. If in doubt, disable:
    orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Extensions category
    If a link appears above a disabled extension to restart Firefox, you can do that as the last step after completing your review of the list.
    '''Update New Tab Setting'''
    (1) In a new tab, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
    (2) In the search box above the list, type or paste '''newtab''' and pause while the list is filtered
    (3) Double-click the '''browser.newtab.url''' preference and enter your preferred page:
    * ''(i) Page thumbnails (default)'' => about:newtab
    * ''(ii) Blank tab'' => about:blank
    * ''(iii) Built-in Firefox home page'' => about:home
    * ''(iv) Any other page'' => full URL to the page
    Press Ctrl+t to open a new tab and verify that it worked. Fixed?
    '''Check for and remove a user.js file'''
    To prevent your change from being reverted the next time you start Firefox, check for this files in your Firefox settings folder (also known as your Firefox profile folder). This article describes how: [[How to fix preferences that won't save]].
    That should do it!

  • Search Engine-friendly while content copying blocked?

    Hi all
    I am trying to see if there is a way to create a PDF file that has "Copying content" blocked, without stopping a search engine from reading and indexing that content. is there any way to do this?
    Thanks for any help you can provide

    Filter your recordset based off text values for your table fields ex. field 'model' will have values Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, etc. and field 'color' will have values red, blue, green. etc.
    The filtered URL will be to show all red Hondas in the filtered recordset.
    Using .htacces mod_rewrite you can convert the above example to something like

  • Optimising video for web search engine results

    I have little experience of producing video, so by default I have little experience or knowledge of premier... so I am here to ask a question on the back of a conversation I have just had with a client who is fairly video savvy, but not entirely premier pro savvy.
    He is under the impression that premier pro has a facility to be able to analyse the content of a video and then automatically create a metadata file which can then be utilised for search engine ranking. Is this so? Has premier pro got this capability?
    Thanks in advance.

    > Is that what's being asked for, though?  I understood the OP wants
    Google to scan the video itself for metedata and use that for rankings.
    Yep. The tutorials that I linked to show how to embed the speech-to-text metadata in the video and then extract it for search within Flash Player.
    > Actually whether or not any Adobe app is capable of such, I think the
    bigger question is can a search engine actually scan video files, or do
    they just scan web pages?
    The search engine companies are all moving toward using metadata within video files, but at different speeds and with different degrees of transparency. For now, I don't think that it's much used. But the time is coming (and is already here in a minimal, primitive form.)
    The reason that I then suggested using the metadata as something to put as text on an HTML page was that I thought that this might be more valuable for the current state of search engine technology.

  • Make Website More Visible To Search Engines

    A friend of mine has provided the following feedback on my homepage;
    'The Blog page I visited was presented as graphical images, rather than as text. That means you have exact control over the appearance, but has several disadvantages. Among them are that people can't copy & paste what you've written, and search engines may not find it. (I say may not, because there seems to be some kind of text-based version that loads momentarily and then gets overwritten by the graphical image. Very strange! Search engines may be able to find the text-based version.)
    I have tried to find my website on Google without success. How do I make it more visible to search engines? Is there some preference in iWeb that would help?

    I wouldn't worry too much about the whole text-to-graphic conversion issue. iWeb does this for your benefit so that what is rendered is exactly what you expected. It is my belief that the negative effect of this on search engine results is also overblown.
    Anyhow, the least that you can do to get your site indexed by Google eventually is to go to Google directly and register, verify, and provide a sitemap for your site. I have put down a set of directions here for everyone's benefit...

  • I'm using my new imac and now my safari is redirecting me to a russian search engine which is "" !! I can only enter a few websites without being redirected... !!! is that a virus and if yes how can I delete it and get! Do I have to have AV !

    I'm using my new imac and now my safari is redirecting me to a russian search engine which is "" !! I can only enter a few websites without being redirected... !!! is that a virus and if yes how can I delete it and get! Do I have to have Anti virus !
    Please help me ASAP!

    safari is redirecting me
    It's not a virus.
    Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is redirecting your browser. Use Open DNS to avoid that. Open DNS adds security and anti phishing filters and it's free.
    Open System Preferences / Preferences then select the Network tab. Click the Advanced tab then click the DNS tab.
    Click +
    Enter these numbers exactly as you see them here.
    Click +
    Then click OK.
    More about OpenDNS here.
    Topic : Manually provided DNS server addresses are higher priority than DHCP's

  • What happened to the search engine drop down menu

    I am using Firefox 32.0.3. There used to be a drop down search engine menu on Firefox. Has it been removed from the latest version or is there some settings adjustment I can make to get it back? Thanks for any feedback.

    Hi brianvt, if you find the new design less productive, it is possible to switch back to the old search bar. Here's how:
    (1) In a new tab, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
    (2) In the search box that appears above the list, type or paste '''search''' and pause while the list is filtered
    (3) Double-click the '''''' preference to switch it from true to false
    This doesn't affect the current window, but each new window you open (Ctrl+n) will have the old Search bar.

  • Spry xml dataset driven page and search engines

    If a page uses Spry xml dataset to present products to a
    visitor, what do google and yahoo crawlers see in that page?
    I'm asking because i plan to rewrite our products' static
    pages using spry xml dataset, and i'd like to ensure crawlers see
    the products. I haven't looked much, yet, into this pry capability,
    but the products page will most probably be paginated (not sure if
    possible in this capability) since there are hundreds of products.
    currently, our static html pages generated good conversions
    into purchases from google and yahoo searches.
    It would be great if there is a real-life website that uses
    this spry capability and has their pages appear in those search

    If a page uses Spry xml dataset to present products to a
    visitor, what do google and yahoo crawlers see in that page?
    search bot do not read / understand javascript. So they would
    not index it.
    Its a commen point of failure of the ajax techniques, Spry
    has a handy solution for it (spry:content) wich will allow u to
    overwrite 'content' if javascript is enabled so and bots will just
    see the static page.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Can't seem to report an app that I keep getting charged monthly for.

    First, I love Apple products. I've owned them for years. I currently own a new Macbook Pro, Apple TV, Ipad 2 and some other products. A few months ago, I downloaded a free app called KDrama. It streams korean videos and since my wife is korean, I tho

  • Date field disabled(0580)

    Dear Friends,                        I am putting master data for hiring process using PA40 transaction but in 0580 infotype(Previous Employment Tax Detail) the start date fields  is disabled am not able to put the date i don't know why it's coming i

  • Using the iPhone internationally...Need help!

    I want to know how I can use my U.S. iPhone in Europe and to work as an international phone. I will be in Greece/Europe for an entire year and I want to continue using my iPhone. If I have to buy a new iPhone in Europe that will be fine (as long as i

  • Xalan, xsl:include, The system cannot find the file specified


  • 5500 with audigy DVD Playback probl

    I had my logitech 5500's connected to my onboard nvida soundstorm for awhile but i decided to put my old audigy in just for kicks. It installed fine, but i can't seem to find a mixing console or any other software besides the basic audigy console. My