Sell an investment project that needs to be an asset of the company

I'm working on a new project for a service company, this company has it's own network and equipment and it is a company asset.
The scenario I have is the next...
The client pays the entire cost of the project, so this is a sale, but the result of the project is a company asset, the cost of the project will be discounted of billing receipt of the client.
I have already worked with investment projects and sales project, but in this case how should I treat this scenario?
I need suggestions...

As per my understanding of the issue
Create mulitroot WBS Elements.
WBS1 is internally financed and to carry out the activities which are funded by the company itself.
WBS2 will be an externally financed e.g by the client.
So you can know what cost has been incurred for that WBS and what was the budget available..
so it helps in tracking the cost and budget independently.
Hope its useful.
Reward points if useful.

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    Dear Experts,
        I have idea abt customer projects but I am new in investment projects. please suggest me diffrerence between investment projects and customer projects. waht is the basic difference and what is difference in configuration between these two projects.
    thanks in advance.

    Customer Projects:
    PS is being used to manage the sale of anything. If we are building something that will be ultimately sold to a Client.
    1) Customer Project with Assembly Processing:
    Step1: Create a quotation that leads to a Sales order containing Configurable Materialas line items which will automatically generate a Project which in turn create material reservations or PR and PO.
    2) The project's part in this process is to manage the basic scheduling of the procurement cycle.
    3) Billling the Customer is being done from the Project based on Milestones which would have been used to create a billing plan in the sales order.
    2) Customer Project with Direct Sales:
    In this case, in addition to the above steps, customer is billed on the resources you have used. This is made possible through RRB-Resource related billing and DIP(Dynamic Item Processor) profile
    3) Service Project:PS is used here for the purpose of servicing equipment that may be on a customer site or even in our own site. In this case, we may need to use CS and PM modules. PS is created with a structure representing the various pieces of equipment. It will be like sales oriented project, but we need to connect PM orders to the WBS or Network.The planned costs can be seen by the project and the actual costs can be settled to the project. Billing of the customer could be done through RRB, where CATS timesheets and other actual costs can be transferrred to the customer invoice with a mark-up.
    In simple terms Customer Projects bring revenue to the Company.
    Capital Investment Project was used in malls & commercial building contruction, the main thing is that settlement is done against AUC (asset under construction), ur complete building will be ur asset, but during contruction that will be ur AUC (asset under construction).
    hope u will understand.
    Capital investments, means the acquisition of fixed assets as the result of in house production or purchase.
    In SAP the term investment is not limited only to investments you capitalize for book keeping or tax purposes. An investment in this context can be any measure that initially causes costs, and that may only generate revenue or provide other benefits after a certain time period has elapsed.
    Hope this will be enough to understand the diffrence

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    Hi there
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    Cheers... Rick
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          I am Ganesh - application consultant for PS. There is no hard and fast rule, as far as these two scenarios (Customer project and Investment project) are concern. You can have activites and networks in Investment projects also. Mainly, it is driven by the business need. When investment projects do not have any SD/MM integration, the activities are not used. But, there is no such distinction. In nutshell, you can have networks/activities in both caes.

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    This forum focuses on end-user support. You can find more web development help on the [ mozillaZine Web Development board]. Separate forum, separate registration. Please note the tips in the Sticky Post at the top of the forum before posting.
    That said... Firefox honors the setting autocomplete="off" in the form tag. When this attribute is set, users should not be prompted to save the username/password, and it should not be filled automatically. (Is this what wasn't working??)
    Knowledgeable users can bypass this setting by running a script to strip this attribute. I doubt that very many users would do that, but if people have to log in very frequently, it is more likely to happen. Users also may use add-ons that manage passwords, and those add-ons might not honor the autcomplete="off" setting. I haven't used any such add-ons, so I don't know the situation there.
    I'm sure this isn't completely satisfactory but hopefully it helps to some extent.

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    Note:  Partial refunds are available where required by law.
    From here  >
    HelpKimIsAlreadyTaken wrote:
    Since I purchased about $70 worth of movies and books and they won't load onto my iPad, do you think iTunes will refund my money?
    If you make more room on your Device perhaps you can View/ use the purchases...
    However if you would prefer a Refund... you can always ask... be sure to explain your situation...
    To Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact
    It is stated that all sales are final

  • Do I need to be accredited to use the SAP SDK?

    I am software developer working for a small company that uses SAP BO 2005A in the finance and sales department.
    I recently discovered the SAP SDK installed on our machines (server and PC's), and after some research and looking at people's sample code here, I have successfully written a small Visual Basic application that could create Sales Orders automatically, saving the company time not having to do the manual entry.
    Would anyone know if I would be breaking any SAP contract or agreement if I was to run my little application ?
    Do I need to be accredited to use the SDK?
    Much appreciated.
    Ed Roman
    Melbourne - Australia

    Hi Lisa,
    The SAP service provider looking after us, is very drakonian, My management senses that the contract we have with them could ban us (the Client or anyone else) from interfacing SAP in ways that are not via the SAP Front End.
    We recently approached them for a quote to build us a simple Stock checking web service function plus an Order loading application and we were hit with a 20,000 australian dollar quotation, which is close to 15,000 us dollars:- quite excessive in my opinion, given I have just built the application in a few hours using the SDK, I realise we are getting over quoted!
    Wanting to be helpful, and being a dotnet developer, after having done plenty of research here at the SAP Developer Network, I have learned how to use the SDK and now I realise how simple it is to interface SAP using the Business Objects DLL.
    However, if I run my application using the SDK I fear that our SAP provider could sue us for breach of contract. They might say they hold the exclusive rights to SAP on our Inrastructure to using the SDK DLL's directly.
    I want to play by the rules, and I would like to ask them directly where I stand using the SDK, but this might antagonise them and God knows what else! After all, they wuold like to be selling us their solution, if you know what I mean.
    It would be nice if I could contact SAP directly and get the truth on the matter.
    I appreciate your feedback immensely.

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