SEPA - How to control payment method used for SEPA during invoice entry?

To implement SEPA Credit Transfers, a new payment method must be created.
But this payment method will coexist with other payment methods that can be used for EUR payments between non-SEPA countries...
Is there a way to control during invoice entry that the user is using the right payment method? Thus, if the payment is to be made between two SEPA countries, is there a way to control that the payment method used is well the new SEPA payment method? These pmts would fall in error if OSS note 1406227 has been implemented (it creates a table that controls the validity of pmt methods per country of destination) but obviously, we want to control this before the payment run F110...
Or is it only controllable via a user-exit?
Thanks a lot!
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You need to Use User Exit MEVME001 in SAP as well please see the below link for more
Ninad Kshirsagar

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    I'm guessing you don't have a debit card with your new checking acct? If you do, use that in the credit card option. A debit card can be used as a credit card if it has the Visa, etc logo on it. Otherwise, you can use the Bill Me Later option, though by the looks of it, it will take considerably longer that way.

  • F110 - No valid payment method found for Customer Direct Debits

    Hi All,
    I am running customer Direct debit pre-notifications payment run via F110.
    I am runnnig only for one customer and it appears as an exception with the message 'No valid payment method found
    We have used payment method D lots of times before so it is nothnig to do with the company code or payment method set up.
    It is however the first we've tried to run for this customer.
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    5) parameters are correct in the F110 selection - company code, payment method, dates, next payment date, invoice is well overdue, it was only entered today but was due back in 2014!, free selection, additional log etc.
    6_ Checked in SPRO in "Payment Method/Country" details and the following are required : Bank details including IBAN required, SWIFT code required, SEPA mandate required. These are all maintained in the customer master data.
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    Hi Jenna,
    In the log I can see the message 'SEPA mandate & for bank xxx has been assigned to a contract' FZ788. This means: Mandates with contract cannot be used for the payment of any invoice. The invoice has to be assigned to the mandate or be assigned in the payment run.
    Please check the F1-help of the field 'SEPA Mandate: Contract Type' in the mandate.
    The Note describes the various options.

  • How to include payment method in F-28 TX (I need in F-28 Obligatory)

    How to include payment method in F-28 TX (I need in F-28 Obligatory)

    If you want to make assignment and document header text has required. Then go to SPRO-Financial Accounting - Document types - Define document types for entry view
    Here you select the Document type for incoming payments (ie)  DZ.
    In DZ Document type configuration there is section called required during document entry, there you will find check boxes referance document and Document header. Tick them, then it will become a required entry.
    Note:- When you do the entry These fields will not show with the indicator of Mandatory item but u cannot post the transaction without filling these fields.
    (Assign Points if useful)

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    Mohammed Kalim

    Hi Mohammed,
    Please go to OB24/
    Select * (for all default field status.Or Create new entry and input your co.code, Save it. Come back to co.code.
    Go to payment transaction
    Payment block and payment method display can be controlled from here for vendor master data
    Thanks and good luck.



    This is a case for the iTunes Store Support:
    1. Go to
    2. select 'itunes' and then 'itunes store' on the right
    3. select a topic and a subject
    4. click 'continue' and then 'email'
    5. fill out the form and explain your situation
    6. they will respond within 24 hours usually
    Good luck

  • APP Error : none of the payment methods defined for these items

    I have posted a vendor invoice using F-43.
    P.key 25 vendor account
    P.key 50 bank account.
    I have selected the payment method as Check.
    So what I have posted is a vendor invoice for outgoing payment using T.Code F-43. Doc date -- Posting date -- B.line date entered - 08.06.2008
    Now I want them to be cleared using APP. So I have created an APP run to be scheduled on 10.06.2008 and which takes up all documents posted upto 09.06.2008. I have selected paying company code, payment method , vendor maintained print program RFFOUS_C variant.
    Now when I am doing the proposal run and then simultaneously the payment run. It is showing error that "none of the payment methods defined for these items" . Why is it so.
    and no payments are being posted.
    I checked in FBZP also that the paying bank is defined and in payment methods for that country check is there.
    Please reply asap..
    Thanks and regards,

    Hello Ghosh,
    Please check the following things
    1. Define pay method at country & co.code
    2. Assign pay method to your vendor masters
    3. Define bank determination with the combination of pay method
    4. Have u assigned pay methods while positng business transactions
    APP run:
    1.Give your pay method
    2.If u have any exeptions, pl edit the proposal and reallocate your correct pay method and rerun
    this will helps you, if u have any querry pl revert

  • How to separate payment method by level of payment amount

       Please help me, I want to set configuration for transaction F110, I have two payment method (C:Check, T:Transfer). At each vendor If payment amount less than 2 million --> T, if amount greater than 2 million --> C method, How I can do it?
    Thanks you.

    Please help me, I want to set configuration for transaction F110, I have two payment method (C:Check, T:Transfer). At each vendor If payment amount less than 2 million --> T, if amount greater than 2 million --> C method, How I can do it?
    Thanks you.
    In FBZP transaction code in the tab Payment methods in country you have to define the two payment methods C for cheque and T for transfer.
    In the next tab Payment methods in company code you have to define the max & min amount (2 million in digit) for payment method T and for payment method C the min amount will be
    million and max amount will be greater than  million.
    other wise at the time of running  F110 you can manually select the payment method  against the line item amount.
    Try this in Development client.
    With Regards,

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    Hi Ldavinci, I have noticed your posts on that particular
    site before. Just chiming in here... don't be afraid of Flash Help
    menu. There's a wealth of information there and I've found it much
    faster than waiting for a response from the forum. Then if it still
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    can u plz give the list of country specific infotypes used for PA n OM Module.

    Hi Archana,
    To Upload bulk data I think BDC is the best and effecient way.
    Regarding Infotypes we dont have any country specific Infotypes in OM & PA. In Payroll we do have according to country wise.
    I hope you had understood the point
    Remainder: Points to be given on answers

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