Serial Number not suitable for movement  when doing goods issue  or sto ?

Dear all ,
I have a issue , when doing sto or goods issue ,
i have a material code serial number profile is off physical quantity is laying 20  and my requirement  is active the serial no
and  assign to  serial number  for the material ,
Tcode is iq01 put the material , serial number  and category after save when i am doing  ma1a putting material ,quantity
and that serial number click on save ,  geting error like
Stock data of serial number 1234 not suitable for movement
when i am checking iq02 serial number is showing but checking in  MMbe there is not showing

to activate the serial numbers you first have to clear all the stock for this material (MVT 562 / 502 or other)
Than activate the serial in the material muster.
in your situation (if i understood correctly) what you need is:
1.  disable the serial numbers for the material (move them to another material)
2. deactivate the serial number in the material master
3. get rid of all the stack - post it with  562 or 502
4. activate serial numbers
5. post the material back to stock - 561 / 501 - than the system will require a serial number for each unit

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    We have a situation where we have had to put some serialized parts on a rework production order.  When we are trying to bring them back into stock, we're getting a message that says "Stock data of serial number not suitable for movement."  I'm guessing that this is because this serial number had existed in stock before (since this is a rework of an existing material/serial number.)  We need to receive this back into stock using this same serial number. How is that possible?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Dear Friends,
    while doing PGI through movement type-601 we are getting error message "Stock Data for serial number xxxxx not suitable for movement"
    please suggest.

    While doing PGI give the serial number which is assigned to your exsisting in stock.
    Go To MMBE
    and see which valuation stock and wich storage location you want to issue and righ click and check the equipment/serial number in system and give the appropriate serial number available in stock

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    I am trying to post good receipt-other ( for movement type 561) using MIGO transaction. I have specified all required data.
    Also depending on the item qty., I entered serial number in serial number tab.
    Its creating document successfully. However if I try to display same document using MIGO, serial number is missing.
    I tried to debug the code and I realized its not saving serial number itself.
    For other movement type its creating document with correct serial number.
    If I repeat same process using same data using transaction MB11 its posting successfully and I can see serial number using MIGO transaction as well.
    One more thing which I've noticed is when I post document using MIGO, Account assignment details are missing. However with MB11 I can see account assignment data too.
    Would be really appreciated if someone can help me on this.  I dont know If I'm missing any configuration part here.
    Thanks & Rgds,

    Any help Experts?

  • IO231: Stock data of serial number &1 not suitable for movement

    Hi experts,
    I have unique problem with serialized material posting.We are having serialized managed materials which are posted to quality inspection stock.The user was able to post partial quantity to unrestricted after usage decision but when tried to post remainig quantity it is giving error 'IO231: Stock data of serial number &1 not suitable for movement".I checked serial number history in iq02 & it shows that same serial numbers were used for some order in the past which is already delivered.I am not able to understand how it allowed to post same serial numbers again for the same material and if it is normal why it is giving above error when we try to post remaining quantity?
    I tried by changing serial profile in the material master with all optional fields and without stock check and equipment and try to post but its not working.
    I want to somehow post material to unrestricted use from quality inspection with or without serial numbers.
    I am working on 4.7 system
    Can u guys help me.
    Thanks & Regards,

        Please check this SAP Note: 213861, 1229108
    From Note 213861
    Release 4.0A or 4.0B:
    Table T156S
    Maintain the data using Transaction SM31.Flag for transport using Transaction SE16.
    All entries for movement types 645 and 647 should be filled with '****' in field T156S-VRGNG.
    Release 4.5A or 4.5B:
    Table T156S
    Maintain the data using Transaction SM31.Flag for transport using Transaction SE16.
    All entries for movement types 645, 647 and 675 to 678 should be filled with '****' in field T156S-VRGNG.
    Release 4.6A to 4.6C:
    Table T156SY
    Maintain the data using Transaction SM30 using view V_T156SY.If necessary, manually flag for transport in this transaction.
    All entries for posting string references 645 or 647 should be filled in field T156SY-VRGNG_S or T156SY-VRGNG_H with '****'.
    For Note 1229108
    A correction instructions has given Please take help from BASIS Team....
    This will solve the Problem...
    Edited by: Gnana Kumar on Nov 3, 2010 7:16 AM

  • Stock data of serial number 90645 not suitable for Movement.

    HI Friends,
    We are having issue while doing return delivery for a service/Repair order, the serial number related error messages are coming.
    the error messages are
    1. Stock data of serial number 90645 not suitable for Movement.
    2 . Serial number can not be used here.
    3  termination of gods issue posting for delivery note 855222.
    The following points explain the scenario..
    1. The Previous and next documents are through with the post Goods receipt for the same  material with different serial numbers.
    2. The movemnt is 653 E
    3   Client placing one service/repair order and creating return delivry against this order and assign serial number and trying to post Goods receipt.
    4  The serial number profile is having Exist/ indicator for SDRE return delivery serial usage is 'optional' and Equipe' with equirement'

    Hi Anybody come across this requirement.

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    I can not get cs6 to load on my new pc the serial number will not work, It says it is valid but there are no programs on my computer, but i have downloaded them.

    You need to contact Adobe Support either by chat or via phone when you have serial number and activation issues.
    Here are some links to help make contact:

  • Why does my cs5 serial number not qualify for an upgrade?

    I input the serial number for my cs5 product in order to quality for the adobe customers special and it doesn't qualify. Any idea why? I wanted to chat with an Adobe representative but was only given the forum as an option.

    What KIND of CS5 do you have... regular or volume license or OEM that came with a computer or education or ???

  • Design Standard CS 5.5 serial number not working for Photoshop

    I am trying to install the Design Standard CS 5.5 but am having trouble with Photoshop.  All of the programs installed and open correctly except for Photoshop.  When I try to launch it, the Adobe Application Manager comes up saying that the serial number is "not valid for this product."  The serial seemed to work during the install and both InDesign and Illustrator launch without any problems.  I have also tryed uninstalling and then reinstalling Photoshop, but I still have the same problem.  I am running Mac OS X 10.6.8.

    Are you definitely installing Design Premium CS5, not a similar sounding Creative Suite? And not CS5.5?

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    I'm switching to a new laptop, and I want to bring my Acrobat 9 STD with me. Deactivated it on the old laptop, went to the download page for Acrobat 9 and downloaded it, got to the part in the installation where I entered my serial number, and the installation wizard said it was invalid. That's when I noticed the download was for Acrobat 9 PRO, not STD. I used the support chat and explained it to the support person, and he gave me a link for the 9 STD download. Unfortunately, it was the same page. I downloaded it again. Still 9 PRO. Anyone else have any ideas where they're hiding the Acrobat 9 STD download?

    Finding the file all depends on how you did the install and if you downloaded the install file. If the install file was downloaded to the TEMP folder, there is a slight chance it may still be there (should be in Windows>TEMP, not sure on MAC). It may have a name similar to the Pro download of AcroPro90_efg.exe. The Pro would be change to Std and I am not sure what the efg stands for. I would search for AcroStd9*.exe. There seems to be a download for AA 9 std available at ml. I have no idea if that works. I had found one place where a staff member said he is working on getting links up for all the older versions, not just the trials (that are Pro). I simply searched on Google for Acrobat 9 Standard files. I can't find the message by the staff, but there is one in the last week or two as I recall where a staff member was providing links for folks on an individual basis.

  • Cs5 serial number not allowed for cs6 upgrade?

    I am trying to install CS6 Design Premium (via CD) and have CS5. However I am denied installation because my CS5 serial number is not allowed (it appears I must have CS5.5).  All phone lines are engaged. As well as frustrating, this would seem a very poor 'stealth' trick. I have countless registered Adobe copies going back years and saw no warning re this possibility prior to purchase. Is installing from CS5 impossible?

    phew! I took your advice and after many dropped phone connections, I was able to speak to Prashant (Adobe service rep in India) who was able to take create a (temporary) support number for me to type in to the registration dialogue via the challenge code procedure. This appeared to bypass the registration dropdown issue and so allowed me to register... at last!
    In retrospect I am very grateful for your help and my good fortune in being able to speak to Prashant who was able to fix the problem over the phone. However I suspect this problem may occur to others and the solution seems far from easy when long phone queues and dropped connections add to the tortuous minefield of what is simply meant to be a registration process!
    best regards in all events

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    I entered the Serial Number on the back of the box for Adobd PHhotoshop CS3, but received an error message which said it was invalid and to contact customer support. Does Customer Support monitor this Forum? How do I contact them?

    that’s where I was already - how do I contact a real person I can talk to on the phone or live chat online?
    Jane Künstler
    [email protected]
    Künstler Enterprises, Ltd.
    P.O. Box 311
    Oyster Bay, NY 11771
    Confidentiality Notice:  The information contained in this e-mail and any attachments may be legally privileged and confidential.  If you are not an intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender and permanently delete the e-mail and any attachments immediately.  You should not retain, copy or use this e-mail or any attachment for any purpose, nor disclose all or any part of the contents to any other person.   Thank you.

  • Serial Number not recognized for Snow Leopard Up to Date

    Not sure where to post this question as it pertains to Snow Leopard....
    Just bought a new imac but its Serial Number is not being recognized on the Snow Leopard Up to Date page. The serial number is recognized elsewhere, such as the warranty check page.
    Suggestions? Thanks

    That's a shame. But I suspect it's temporary. I think you get 90 days from the date of purchase to get the free upgrade. I assume that Apple will be better able to deal with this issue as we get closer to the release date.
    Meanwhile, we are not Apple employee's and can not speak for the company or guess what the problem is. Apple does have a direct Feedback site that they do read and respond to:
    For those that may have missed it or haven't tried yet, here's the sign-up page where you are supposed to be able to register online. You can also download the form and send it in the mail.

  • Serial Number Not working for XSAN. PLEASE HELP!

    When I purchased the XSAN software it was version 1.0 well I installed the software on all the machines and then did the updates to XSAN 1.2, but when I go to add clients serial numbers in XSAN ADMIN 1.2 it does the Metadata Controller (which is running the XSAN ADMIN program) just fine I can see the clients but when I enter my password it says "Valid Serial Number with No Expiration Date" so I click OK. Now it has a green light next to it, but when I click Save Settings it goes back to orange and give me the error "Error while writing settings (Invalid Serial Number)". Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    When I had an issue similar to yours, it was because I had typed the serial number in capital letters (just like the license showed) but it had to be in lower case. When I switched them it worked just fine.

  • Serial Number not working for a re-install

    I am still trying on this one... I needed to replace my hard Drive. I have been trying to re-install Keynote on my new hard drive but the Installer window won't recognize the Serial Number. It will allow me to open old Keynotes but not save any edits. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    Error "The serial number is not valid for this product" | Creative Suite

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