Server Issue Today???

All my dev V18 Newsstand builds have been getting hung on "Updating Library" today.
Only issues downloaded prior to today remain visible in an app'sLibrary view. (and it seems possible to update those issues)
But any folio pushed up to the Adobe server but not yet downloaded to the app...results in a timeout message..
"Cannot Update Library"
An error has occurred.

based on additional info - i am up and running now.
I had been using apps constructed just prior to Jan 30th - Adobe posted a server hot fix on the 31st.
Having just rebuilt all apps yesterday. all is functioning.

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  • Is anyone else having icloud server issues today? I cant log on at all today

    I am not able to get onto icloud today. it said " icloud encountered and error while trying to connect to the server" is anyone else having the same issue?

    Somebody clearly hasn't read the User Guide.
    Basic troubleshooting steps are retart, reset, restore from backup, restore as NEW. 
    If you have tried ALL of these steps and you're still having problems, then you need to bring your phone into Apple for evaluation.

  • Help!Electronic noises,server issues,console messages,ethernet -PowerPC G4

    I've been searching the internet as well as the Console and Activity Monitor for answers to this scenario, and it looks as though there is some kind of relationship between recent strange sounds I have been hearing over my speakers and server issues (my IP? Apple servers? spyware? )
    Immediately below, are some of the log messages I have copied (for terminology examples).
    Below them will be the description of the sounds I've been hearing, and potentially related details.
    The first of the log examples documents something that happened when no one was home to use the computer. The second describes some kind of process that might be suspicious. The third describes what is happening a lot lately, and it seems to correspond with the sounds I referred to as well as with simultaneous increases in network activity shown on the Activity Monitor
    Apr 8 14:01:13 Macintosh kernel[0]: System Sleep
    Apr 8 14:01:13 Macintosh mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default “Macintosh-000000000000” instead
    Apr 8 14:01:13 Macintosh kernel[0]: System Wake
    Apr 8 14:01:13 Macintosh kernel[0]: Wake event 0020
    Apr 8 14:01:14 Macintosh configd[65]: posting notification
    Apr 8 14:01:16 Macintosh kernel[0]: USB caused wake event (EHCI)
    Apr 8 14:01:16 Macintosh mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default “Macintosh-00112474A206” instead
    Apr 8 14:01:17 Macintosh kernel[0]: UniNEnet::monitorLinkStatus - Link is up at 100 Mbps - Full Duplex
    Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 (Build 8S165)
    2009-04-09 23:06:12 -0400
    2009-04-09 23:06:18.315 HPEventHandler[216]: DebugAssert: Third Party Client: (NULL != m_lock && 0 == errno) Can't create semaphore lock[/Volumes/Development(Build System)/HP/Mac-Fontana/mac-software/components/HPEventHandler/Sources/Core/HPTM NotificationManager.cpp:62]
    2009-04-09 23:06:25.995 SystemUIServer[207] lang is:en
    Will Power On (Wake) Notification occurred.
    2009-04-09 11:21:49 EDT - Network transition occurred.
    2009-04-09 11:21:49 EDT - Network transition occurred.
    2009-04-09 11:21:49 EDT - Network transition occurred.
    2009-04-09 11:21:55 EDT - Network transition occurred.
    2009-04-09 11:21:55 EDT - Network transition occurred.
    2009-04-09 11:21:55 EDT - Network transition occurred.
    2009-04-09 12:01:12 EDT - Sleep Notification occurred.
    I have recently been getting both a tapping and a buzzing sound through my speakers. Both kinds of sounds come together, intermittently and repeatedly, and each time, the volume rises, peaks, and fades away again (or stays faint until it starts to rise again). Today, once, there was a squeal-ish sound (not like a fax) as well, paralleling the other sound. These episodes vary in duration.
    The Activity Monitor has shown increases in the Network window when these sounds have occurred, but I don't remember whether the greater increases were incoming or outgoing--I think, incoming.
    When this first started happening, I was also seeing a lot of "Network Transition Occurred" messages in the log. Now I am seeing mostly "Macintosh mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default "Macintosh-000000000000” (or “Macintosh-00112474A206)” instead" messages.
    It all started happening after I uninstalled a trial version of ProtectMac (at the end of March), as well as set up a separate log-in for my grandson to use (major changes for the first time in years, which also caused me to lose a lot of things like bookmarks, saved music in iTunes, home movies in camera related software, pictures in iPhoto, etc...). Somewhere along the line I also lost iSync and just left it off.
    Are these noises servers trying to communicate with my computer, which I somehow happen to be hearing as transmitted static/feedback/or signaling?
    I have a 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4. I use a DSL, ethernet.
    Thank you.

    Try these DNS numbers.
    Try putting these numbers in Network/Advanced/DNS.
    Add these numbers to DNS Servers
    Click OK. These are safer/faster than most ISP's NDS numbers, and have been patched against DNS poisoning.
    Go here to test DNS.

  • Regarding Sun Java System Application Server Issue with JVM

    Regarding Sun Java System Application Server Issue with JVM
    I have installed SJSAS9.1 on solaris system. I m trying to deploy war file which i compiled in windows enviorment by jdk1.5.0_05. Every time i got the following error :
    type Exception report
    descriptionThe server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
    org.apache.jasper.JasperException: PWC6033: Unable to compile class for JSP
    PWC6199: Generated servlet error:
    [javac] javac: invalid target release: 1.5
    [javac] Usage: javac
    [javac] where possible options include:
    [javac] -g Generate all debugging info
    [javac] -g:none Generate no debugging info
    [javac] -g:{lines,vars,source} Generate only some debugging info
    [javac] -nowarn Generate no warnings
    [javac] -verbose Output messages about what the compiler is doing
    [javac] -deprecation Output source locations where deprecated APIs are used
    [javac] -classpath Specify where to find user class files
    [javac] -sourcepath Specify where to find input source files
    [javac] -bootclasspath Override location of bootstrap class files
    [javac] -extdirs Override location of installed extensions
    [javac] -d Specify where to place generated class files
    [javac] -encoding Specify character encoding used by source files
    [javac] -source Provide source compatibility with specified release
    [javac] -target Generate class files for specific VM version
    [javac] -help Print a synopsis of standard options
    note The full stack traces of the exception and its root causes are available in the Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 logs.
    I have cheked jvm version on both system the only difference is :
    Solaris points to jdk 1.5.0_09
    Windows point to jdk1.5.0_05
    Even i tried to run blank jsp also but again i got the same error.
    Can any help me to sort out the problem or give me any idea so i can do something by my own.
    Thanks in Advance

    Do you have ANT installed and available?

  • HT4859 After the i-cloud server issue Nov 26, 2012, I had to change some mail account settings to get my i-cloud mail to work again.  However, all of my received e-mails are gone.  How do I retrieve my e-mails from the server?

    After the i-cloud server issue yesterday, November 26, 2012, my i-cloud mail account on my Macbook Pro stopped receiving mail.  I changed some mail account settings to fix the issue, and was able to start receiving e-mails.  However, all of my historical e-mails are gone.  How do I retrieve all of my old e-mails from the server?

    What settings did you change, what were the changes, have you visited to see what mail is actually there? and do you have a backup?

  • HP Connected server issues

    My printer has been working well *. since I purchased it earlier this year. until about a week ago when I upgraded to the next level Instant Ink plan. Since then when I try to print the display on the printer shows a rotating circle with the word Printing. This remains for around 2 minutes, without printing anything, and then I get a message on the display that tells me that "The printer cannot connect to HP Connected". At the same time I get a pop up on my PC that "warns me" that the printer cannot connect to HP Connected and that this may cause my printer to stop printing. The terrible message concludes with the meaningless "OK" statement, having urged me to follow the printer's on screen display to make the connection.  When I try to follow the instructions on the printer it merely confirms that the printer is connected. I usually cancel out of the setup and then, as if by magic, whatever I tried to print suddenly starts printing.  So, my questions are?
    1) Is this a common or at least know problem?
    2) Is it caused by my having changed Instant Ink plans and if so what has HP done to cause this?
    3) I have not knowingly changed anything on my system other than the HP Instank Ink plan so why does the printer no longer connect to the HP Connected server to update that system with details of my print usage?
    4) Is there a fix/workaround that will prevent me from having to manually coax my printer to work again?
    I have already used the HP Updates function and have reset/restarted both the wireless router and my PC.
    * I do occasionally get messages saying that the scan function isn't available because it's lost connectivity but this seems to rectify itself without having to do anything else.

    Hello GaryG888,
    Welcome to the HP Support Forums!
    Thank you for the very informative post. With that great info I think I know what has happened. Over the weekend (24th, 25th & 26th) there had been Web Service server issues. As of right now, here is the fix and or workaround: Re: How do I correct the date on my HP Envy 4500?
    Please follow up and let me know if this helps you.
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" to the left of the reply button to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • Sorry, we are having some temporary server issues. You can work off line if you plan to insert pictures from your computer

    We have about 200 users that connect to three terminal servers. On the servers we have Office 2013 installed. Several users are stating that when they attempt to search for templates or insert Online Pictures, they are getting error messages of "Sorry,
    we are having some temporary server issues. You can work off line if you plan to insert pictures from your computer"
    Remember, they are connecting to a terminal server, all have roaming profiles, and for some users this works fine.
    We've Googled the error message and found no help. A lot of responses was to reset the IE settings, which we've tried to no avail.
    Also as a test, we took one of the users that was having the issue and deleted their profile. When they logged back on the server, the same problem occurred again.
    We're currently at a loss as to why it works for some users and not others?
    Any ideas out there?

    You can refer to this link and find the possible solution which is to delete the offending registry key:
    There we can also find information about deploying logon script to all roaming profile users to resolve this issue.

  • Anybody having icloud server problems today? No incoming mail

    I haven't received any emails for the past 16 hours.  I see from earlier posts in September this was an apple server problem.  Does anyone know anything more?  Any solutions?  Thanks in advance.

    No email for me since last Thursday evening--9.27. After 45 minutes on the phone with Apple last night, I was told that it's a server issue and they just have to work it through. It could theoretically be days.
    When I looked on iCloud, it seems that they added an "[email protected]" to my main alias, they deleted the primary email address (an alias), which was a "[email protected]" In effect, they deleted my main email address. People who send me emails are getting a failure notice—it says it's "an unknown or illegal alias."
    THIS IS MY PRIMARY EMAIL ACCOUNT! What if I were a freelancer? What if I were on a job search?
    Sorry to vent, but this is inexcusable.
    P.S. What do you use an alias as your primary email, you may wonder? Well, I married and changed my name. But Apple won't allow me to update my Apple ID accordingly AND will not allow me to transfer my perferred email address (the alias mentioned above) to it's own iCloud accout. Ridiculous.

  • I am having issues today with my Adobe Lightroom 5.6 today that was working fine yesterday except for te files from one of my cameras showed up on import but wouldn't download, today I'm getting the message "Lightroom cannot start because it cannot create

    I am having issues today with my Adobe Lightroom 5.6 today that was working fine yesterday except for te files from one of my cameras showed up on import but wouldn't download, today I'm getting the message "Lightroom cannot start because it cannot create files in the temporary file location  /var/folders/jv/2bct456j0yg4ys681fxk9zq00000gn/T " don't know what has happended in 24 hrs except I did check my permissions on my main directory to ensure that I had extended permissions to all the folders contained within my main drive on my IMac running OSX 10.10

    Use the trackpad to scroll, thats what it was designed for. The scroll bars automatically disappear when not being used and will appear if you scroll up or down using the trackpad.
    This is a user-to-user forum and most people will post on here if they have problems. You very rarely get people posting to say there update went smooth. The fact is the vast majority of Mountain Lion users will not be experiencing any major problems with the OS, or maybe with apps which are not compatible, but thats hardly Apple's fault if developers don't update their apps.

  • Temporary Server Issue

    I just installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 on my newly installed Windows 7 Ultimate computer. When I try to sign in a message pops up saying "Sorry, we are having some temporary server issues." I have read other forums and this seems
    to be an ongoing issue. I have looked at the Procmon and everything seems to be working. Is there anyway I can fix this problem?

    Please verify whether you have installed the following updates: (KB2768349,
    KB2767861, andKB2760624
    Uninstalling these updates may help.
    Then, to run an online repair, follow these steps:
    1.Open Control Panel.
    2.Click Programs and Features.
    3.Click Microsoft Office 2013.
    4.Click Change, click Online Repair, and then click Repair.
    If that doesn’t work, we recommend you to pen up IE.  Choose "Internet Options".  Select the "Advanced" tab.
    At the bottom it says, "reset internet explorer settings" . click "Reset".
    Check the "Delete personal settings".  Click "Reset"
    Restart your computer.
    Tylor Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Multiple access server issue remotely

    I have two rack with two access server.How can I access both remotely with linksys router.I did port range forwarding but only one rack is accessible.Please advise

    A TCP connection to a router is established using an IP address. Using the host name is valid only when you are initiating an rcp or rsh command from a local router. The host name is converted to an IP address using Domain Name System (DNS) or host-name aliasing. To allow a remote user to execute rcp or rsh commands on a local router, you must create an entry for the remote user in the local authentication database. You must also enable the router to act as an rsh or rcp server. To enable the router to act as an rsh server, issue the ip rcmd rsh-enable global configuration command. To enable the router to act as an rcp server, enter the ip rcmd rcp-enable command. The router cannot act as a server for either of these protocols unless you explicitly enable the capacity

  • RAS Server Issue - Uninstall/Install RAS

    I've posted a RAS Server issue several weeks ago and still, I haven't gotten my answer.
    With this, is it safe/possible to uninstall and install RAS Server? is it safe?

    CRSE is an OEM Product, log a case in SMP. these forums are for general use.

  • Outgoing Mail server issues

    ooutgoing mail server issues. Rebooted phone, changed password, changed port everything and still no luck !!

    Its something to do with my phone it's self. The exact details in another phone works !! Just can't figure it out.

  • Mac mail server issue?

    All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, my mac mail connection has gone dead. This is one of the error messages I receive:
    "The SMTP server “” rejected the password for user _____."
    I re-enter the correct password... then I get this:
    "There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Check the settings for account “________” or try again.
    The server error encountered was: The connection to the server “” on port 143 timed out."
    Repeat process... on and on and on.
    Can anyone help?

    There are server issues with .Mac - incoming and outgoing mail servers.
    I copied this from under Support via webmail access for my .Mac account.
    +100% of members might experience slower than normal response when using IMAP mail. Mail can be sent and received using .Mac webmail. Normal service will be restored ASAP.+

  • Update: E4200 Media Server Issues

    Dear All,
    Late last week engineering released beta firmware for the E4200 that should resolve the media server issues many have experienced.  This firmware release will go through a cycle of testing internally as well as with members of the community that we have been working with. Once the firmware has gone through the required testing and approvals it will be released publicly.  There is no ETA at the moment but we will update the community once a release window has been identified.

    Dear All,
    Here is an update on the media server issue.
    "The media server issue is definitely a software issue as confirmed by the engineers. A fix has been built, tested and is close to release. The firmware is currently going through the Engineering release process. This process is time consuming as this firmware is open-source and requires that Cisco follows strict guidelines to ensure that they are in compliance with the GNU General Public License. Estimated release date is around 3rd or 4th week of September if there are no other issues."
    As promised, we will keep track of this issue until a fix has been released. Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 

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    Hi Experts, I'm having these error "You cannot enter a partner function for output NEU" (message VN041) when I tried to assign a partner function (e.g OA)  in the conditions records for application "EV" (Purchase outline agreement). The system do not

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    Hi Friends, For unicast conguration, do we have to enable Outbound Enabled and Tunneling Enabled in network channels.

  • Manual posting for returnable packaging ( RL11)

    Hi Iam supplier of OEM I have created returnable packaging account with following details Location - My plant Exchange partne - OEM  (sold to party) In relationship -- Main -- Type plant Location plant number / Exchange partner---- type customer - so