Setting the default Output Name for the Export Media dialog

In File | Export | Media the Export Settings always show the wrong Output Name, from a project I did several days ago. If I change it for this export, the wrong path just comes back again for the next export.  I don't know how I accidently  got it set for the earlier project.  I don't see any way to set it. Could someone tell me where this is set?  I'm running PrPro CS4.

dkeubnasoieng wrote:
I'd read earlier the update wasn't a good one so had avoided it. The
real frustration comes from not finding how I did it a couple months ago!
I do not know where you read that but there is nothing wrong with the update.
Here you will find the latest update.

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  • How to set a default output device for FAX outputs

    Hi Experts,
    Business requires to set a default output device for fax outputs ( Medium as 2 Fax medium ).
    as fas as print output ( medium as 1 print medium ) is considered we can maintain output device in condition record--> communication
    I tried maintaining output device in VP01 for my condition type based on sales org but it did not worked.
    Can you please suggest ways to achieve default output device for fax outputs.

    Well, obvious solution would be to either update user profiles or change the output from 'process immediately' to 'process by a background job'. Then create a generic user ID with any fax number desired and use that user ID to process the output through the background job.
    This is not really an SD question, so if this simple option doesn't work for you, I'd suggest to discuss other custom solution with your ABAP / Basis team.

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    Is it possible to set a default music player for the music on my external while still keeping my iTunes the default player on my Mac ?
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    There is no setting in the iPhone to set another default music player. The default is Music. If you are using another application, you are at the mercy of how that application operates as far as what occurs when it stops or errors out. The car is looking for music to play.

  • When I export photos from Aperture, the pixel dimensions are halved thus losing data.  I have set the export preferences to export at original size, to no avail.  This happens even if I just drag to the desktop and then back, or if I export into my iphoto

    When I export photos from Aperture to desktop or iphoto I lose pixels.  The pixel dimensions are halved, despite setting the export preference to export at original size.  Anyone know why or how to correct this?

    Dragging an Image from Aperture exports the Preview.  Preview parameters are set on the Previews tab of Aperture preferences.
    Are you seeing the same results when you export using one of the export commands?
    Is so, confirm that the settings in the selected Image Export Preset ("Aperture➞Presets➞Image Export") truly represent those in the Image Export Preset's name.

  • Default output type for PO

    Dear All,
    Can some body so kind to help me to resort the following problem?
    My client have more then 5 purchase organization & each purchase organization use different 'output type' for Purchase order.
    Client requirement is ' there should be a different default output type for different purchase organization while creating PO .
    Thanks in advance.
    sp sahu

    You don't need ABAP or BADIs for this  !!!!!!
    Simply use the options already available as standard in MN04 and choose the output type and select the P org that it relates to and set up the communications data.
    PLEASE don't make SAP any more complex than it is by using ABAP or BADIs when the standard system does it (even without config) as standard.
    Steve B

  • Want to set a default zoom level for safari?  Here's how you do it.

    If you like to set a default zoom level for safari so you don't have to hit Ctrl+ (or Ctrl-) every time you start Safari and open a new tab, here's how you can do that. This should work on Safari for mac, too:
    1) create a file named defaultzoom.css (or any name you like, just make sure it has a css extension.)
    2) copy and paste in the following:
    body {
    zoom: 130%;
    change 130 to whatever number suits you. >100 means zoom in, <100 means zoom out. Don't forget the % percent sign!
    3) in safari, go to Preferences > Advanced. Under style sheet, select Other... and point to the file you created.
    4) you may need to restart safari for the change to take effect.
    Voila. Hope that helps someone.

    Yes you are right!
    This CSS zooming is a crude hack. I think it basically treats a web page like a pdf document where you just enlarges everything.
    When you zoom manually, safari does a smarter sort of zoom where it enlarges but tries to keep widths of the elements the same size, reflowing text where needed and scrolling only when necessary.
    If the web page has a fixed size that is smaller than your browser window, like this forum, css zoom works ok. But with a page like gmail, which has no width constraint, you get into trouble.
    Hmm, wait, I just checked out wiki, which also uses up all available screen real estate, but does NOT have this problem.
    Notice in gmail, even if you zoom way out below what should be 100%, the login is still off the screen. The font gets real small but the width of the page stays the same. The css zoom basically "sticks" and isn't completely reversible.
    Bottom line: you have to decide which is more annoying: having to hit Ctrl+ for every tab you open, or running into some problematic pages.
    On Windows, I use autohotkey (a kdb and mouse macro scripting program) to switch off the CSS on the fly when I need to. I think Mac has similar capability built in, right? If I were really clever, I guess I could program autohotkey to send a few ctrl+ whenever it detects a new window or tab in safari, but I'm not there yet.
    Bottom bottom line: Apple needs to add this feature. It's a pretty basic accessibility feature. Doesn't Apple have like an accessibility guru/advocate?

  • Default output location for Adobe PDF 9.0 printer

    Hi there,
    Is there a way on Mac OS 10.6.4 with the Adobe PDF 9.0 virtual printer that I can set a default output location?
    For example I want to use the print via AppleScript command, and all printed documents would be output to a folder on the desktop (or another location of my choosing)
    I know CUPS-PDF does this, but the file size is huge in comparison to what Adobe PDF 9.0 does.
    I've looked through the PPD but can't find anything. This can be done in windows by changing a registry key, but I can't find anything for the Mac OS
    Thanks in advance and feel free to ask questions if I haven't been clear enough

    If Cups PDF does indeed still work on X.6 the reason for the large size it that they use acrobat version 3 format.
    each new version of Acrobat has improved file sizes and compression.
    I would simply use cupspdf and open the items in question in Acrobat 9 version and use PDF Optimizer to save in Acrobat 9 format.

  • Default output medium for PO

    Can any one please tell, where can I maintain the default output medium for a business partner?
    Is it in transaction BP - address tab?
    Where can I set the default output as XML?
    I am in SRM4.0. Please help me.

    Hi Aruna
    Manage Business Partner via web 
    There is output medium section in the Business Partner.
    however it may stored in BBP_SENDMEDIUM  table plz check..

  • "Untitled" as default document name for new documents

    I have one installation of Adobe Illustrator CS2 in a Mac with which I have the following problem:
    Whenever I go to File->New, to create a new document, the default document name is blank, and it should be "untitled".
    Is there a way (without reinstalling) to correct this? (turn the default blank document name to "untitled" default document name, for new documents)
    Thank you.
    Juan Poniachik

    On what Mac? If it's on a new Mac with Snow Leopard, I would guess it is one of those compatibility issues of new OS vs. legacy software. If so, you can't change any of that. Other than that I can only think of trying to edit the document templates...

  • How to Set A Default Start Time For New Events In Calendar?

    How to Set A Default Start Time For New Events In Calendar?

    Thanks for that suggestion - could not get it to work. However, I did manage a different approach. I finally determined the sequence of events in terms of how the various events and listeners fire (I think).
    Basically, the CalendarActivityListener fires, followed by the listener associated with the Calendar object's Create facet, followed finally by the CalendarEventListener - the final is where the TriggerEvent is available and then finally, control is passed to the popup/dialog in the Create facet. So, my approach of trying to set/get the TriggerDate in the user's HTTP session was doomed to failure because it was being get before it had been set :(
    Anyway, I ended up adding a bit of code to the CalendarEvent listener - it grabs the current BindingContext, navigates through the DCBindingContainer to derive an Iterator for the ViewObject which drives the calendar and then grabs the currently active row. I then do a few tests to make sure we're working with a "new" row because I don't want to alter start & end dates associated with an existing calendar entry and then I define the Start and End dates to be the Trigger Date.
    Works just fine. Snippet from the listener follows
    BindingContext bindingContext = BindingContext.getCurrent();+
    *if ( bindingContext != null )    {*+
    DCBindingContainer dcBindings = (DCBindingContainer) bindingContext.getCurrentBindingsEntry();+
    DCIteratorBinding iterator = dcBindings.findIteratorBinding("EventsView1Iterator");+
    Row currentRow = iterator.getCurrentRow();+
    if ( currentRow.getAttribute("StartDate") == null)+
    currentRow.setAttribute("StartDate", calendarEvent.getTriggerDate());+
    if (currentRow.getAttribute("EndDate")==null)+
    currentRow.setAttribute("EndDate", calendarEvent.getTriggerDate());+

  • How to set a default colour & thickness  for rectangle in preview?

    How to set a default colour & thickness for rectangle(annotation) in preview ? Because every time that I choose for example red and thickness 1 it reverts to orange and 3 next time .

    Doesn't appear to be a default setting. Peruse the webpage for Secrets at for a possible setting.

  • How to set different default interactive reports for different user groups?

    I'm probably overlooking an obvious solution, but how do I set different default interactive report for different user groups?
    For the same interactive report, I want one set of users to see a default where the default filter is based on column X. However, another group of users doesn't have authorization to see that column so I need to set the default filter to something else for them.

    You can set a filter on a report in a URL - would that help? I think with apex 4.x you can also link to a saved default report or alternative report...

  • How to set a default Billing type for a particular Delivery type

    Dear All,
    How to set a default billing type for a particular delivery type.
    My requirement is, we are creating delivery for a Stock Transport Order. Delivery type is NL and the Purchase order type is UB.
    When we are creating Billing, it should take Billing type "ZSTO" by default, which is the customised Billing type.
    Where we have to do this setting?
    In case of normal sales order, this control will be available in the Sales order document types.
    In case STO, how to set a default billing type for a delivery type (NL).

    There is a customization available here no default or hard coded
    Normally in a sales doc type we mention which billing type system has to pick
    If the billing happens from a PO which billing type system will take depends on the controls set in the areas mentioned below
    Go to your delivery type OVLK (say your delivery type is NL)
    In that there is a field called default order qty in the order reference tab (say if you maintained DL there)
    This DL is called PSEUDO order type
    Then in VOV8 for DL based on the billing types mentioned ,system will take the billing doc
    For delivery related billing say if you mention say ZF8 in the details of DL in VOV8(provided you have created ZF8)
    Then while you bill the delivery doc of NL system will take ZF8
    For intercompany delivery you can create ZIV billing type also Pure customization
    PO is linked to delivery type ( MM spro settings)--Del type linked to order (pseudo) type---in order type (pseudo) we mention the billing types. Here the flow is bit different that pure SD flow
    Though the invoice is crated by manually putting customized Biiling Type and A/Cing doc also generated, but in the VF04 still system shows the same deliveries pending with Billing Type (F2).
    This manual is not reqd if the said assignments are done properly
    Hope it can assist you.
    Thanks & Regards
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  • Default caller name for a given phone number

    If you have multiple contacts that have a phone number in common, is it possible to decide which of those contacts is the default display name for that number?
    For example, I have an entry for my wife. I also have an entry for "ICE" (In Case of Emergency). They're essentially the same. When my wife calls or texts me, the display says "ICE." I want it to say "Wife."
    Is this possible?

    BTW, I am curious, do you have a passcode lock on your phone? If so, doesn't that pretty much make any ICE contact pointless since they cannot access the phone?
    Understand your desire to have it there though. Also, there are apps out there (think called ICE) that can let you put a icon on your screen that says ICE and then link that to a number.
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  • Default Last name for Spouse in Family infotype 0021

    We have a requirement and wondering somebody could help me with that:
    when ever we maintain the Family infotype 0021 - If the person is married the spouse last name is automatically populating in the last name field. Is there any functionality which would allow the last name of the female spouse come in as blank as it is not standard for the last name to be same as husband.

    Hello there,
    Looks like defaulting last name is standard behavior in different countries specifics:
    Note 1001323 - Defaulting of Last name in IT0021 (Family/Related Person)
    Note 1083523 - Defaulting Last name in IT0021
    Note 625670 - MASTER DATA: Default family name for all IT0021 subtypes
    MP002120     35     IF P0021-FANAM EQ SPACE AND PSYST-IOPER EQ 'INS'.    "note 1083523       
                   36       MOVE P0002-NACHN TO P0021-FANAM.                                       
    MP00212R     50    IF P0021-FANAM EQ SPACE AND PSYST-IOPER EQ INSERT.      "JM#1001323  
                   51       MOVE P0002-NACHN TO P0021-FANAM.
    So if you wish, you can overwrite this according to sandbisw1983 instructions.

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