Share item not album

Apologies if this has been asked / resolved before, but I did search around the fora and could not find an answer.
I have a number of items in an album however, when I share a item I want the recipeint to be able to view only the item I have shared and not the whole contents of the album. I have tried the suggested method of not sharing the album but only the item, however i ended up frustrated as the method described either did not work or does not work, as I was unable to "unshare" an album.
I don't want to have to create new albums each time i upload an image, i just want a secure way of sharing an item and only that item.
Thanks for any advice.

Try the forum for Photoshop.Com

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  • Won't let me post notes or share items in FaceBook.

    I can use all FaceBook functions in IE, so clearly it's a Firefox issue.
    When I click "Write a note" in FB, it just brings up the notes that have been written to me by friends. It will not bring up the note window for me to enter a note.
    Also, it will not let me share items. I click on "share" on a newsfeed item, and it brings up the window and lets me enter my comment and click the button to post it, but I get a message that I can't post the comment on that wall.

    Which browser?
    If you are using IE - make sure it is 9.x and if it is... reset it.
    if that doesn't work run without add-ons.
    you can also try firefox or crome...
    good luck.
    I'm a HP employee

  • HT201317 I have a MobileMe account and have shared many MobileMe Galleries.  MobileMe Galleries are going away in June.  How can I share a photo album with others using iCloud?

    I have a MobileMe account and have shared many MobileMe Galleries.  MobileMe Galleries are going away in June.  How can I share a photo album with others using iCloud?

    The new ios version of iPhoto allows sharing.  Here's a blurb from Apple's web site:
    There’s the old way of creating photo galleries, then there’s the iPhoto way. Select a group of photos and iPhoto automatically flows them into a beautiful journal that’s fun to personalize and share online. Touch a photo to make it bigger or smaller. Or drag it to a different spot on the screen. iPhoto adjusts the page around whatever you’re doing, so your journal always looks great. You can even add captions, maps, dates, and weather — giving family and friends the big picture at a glance.
    More things you can do:
    With iPhoto, there’s more than one way to share a photo. Post pictures directly to Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter. Play an impromptu slideshow on your iPad or iPhone. Or stream photos to your HDTV to give your big moments room to shine.
    I have not used ios version of iPhoto to share "journals" and I'm not sure this is part of iCloud or not.  You'll have to do a google search on "ios iphoto" and read up of this journal thing.  As far as I know, this is the only way of sharing photos.  I'm not sure whether other friends use a browser to view these journals or whether they need something special.  Any way - search around to find answers.

  • Can't resequence photos in i Photo 11 smart album.. tried drag and drop.. also if I share a smart album to Facebook will it appear as manually sequenced or by date?

    I have created a smart album with a date range and 'photo is flagged' and I would like to sequence them manually. The doucmentation I can find says you can open a smart alblum and drag/drop... not me. Can you help?
    Also.. if I figure this out and Share the smart album with Facebook, in what sequence will they appear in Facebook?

    You can't sort photos manually in a Smart Album. How Facebook will display the pics is one for Facebook support.

  • Regarding Template updates, what does this error " not updated, item not found" mean?

    This is the second time I've posted this question so hopefully somebody will respond. At some point in the last few weeks I found that I could no longer apply a template in a group operation (returns the error shown above). If I modify the template and save it it shows all the related files to be updated but does not actually update them and again returns the error "not updated, item not found". As a test I created a duplicate of a particular .html file and applied the associated template successfully. When I apply a template change it does properly update the newly created file but not the others. I also did a mechanical file compare (using windiff.exe) between the original and duplicate file and there are NO differences in the two .html files. I have also deleted and recreated my site maps several times.
    As an aside, Library items do update successfully.
    I am running Dreamweaver CS6 on Windows 7.

    I have an extensive home network and I consider myself to be very proficient with personal computers (had one since 1981) so let's start at that level.
    I have you beat by 2 years. Bought an Apple II+ in 1979!
    When this problem first started, I went to another PC (home built desktop Win 7 64 bit) I have and created a new Dreamweaver site copy using an instance of the site that was on a network share running on a NAS box (Netgear RAID5) that I use for central file storage. Just for a test I did the same thing on my main working PC (see below) and created a new site with the data that was on the network share. Well, lo and behold the template problem went away with both of the two sites I am having trouble with. Now I have no idea why sites housed on my PC are having a problem but that seems to be the issue.
    Your setup is very similar to mine - NAS (I'm using an Intel NAS) housing all my working files.
    Just for a test I did the same thing on my main working PC (see below) and created a new site with the data that was on the network share. Well, lo and behold the template problem went away with both of the two sites I am having trouble with.
    So it's working in the duplicate site, but not the current site. And in the current site, you have some files that update as desired and some that do not? Why not just make the duplicate site be the main working site?
    Anyhow, I cannot think of any wrinkle that would cause DW to update some legitimate child files in a site but not others, except for a corrupted file cache.

  • Creating a collaborative Revel share at the Album level?

    Hi, just wanted to confirm what looks to be the case:  It looks like I can only set up a collaborative area at the LIbrary level, not at the album level, is that correct?
    I wanted to invite another Revel user to collaborate for one album in my Library, but only see the option to share (which I gather lets them see the images in my Album and download if I let them, but they can't edit/add etc.)
    So if I want to do that I have to create another LIbrary, and that gives them access to contribute to all albums in that library (and create new albums, etc?)  I can see how that would also be useful, but was hoping I could just give people access to individual albums within a library, too.
    Is that possible?

    You are correct in that you can only invite users to collaborate in a group library at the library level, and that you can only send links to  share at an album level. You would have to create a new library and put in the files you wish to share with the one person, and then share that library.

  • Is it possible to upload an entire photo album from my iPad to Facebook? I can upload photos one at a time, but cannot figure out how to share an entire album.

    Is it possible to share an entire photo album from my iPad on Facebook? I can share photos one at a time, but cannot figure it how to share an entire album.

    Not direct with the FaceBook app, but there are some 3rd party photo uploading apps that work in conjunction with FaceBook allowing the upload of multiple photos at once. Check an app named iLoader for this.

  • Home Sharing and Show Items not in my Library

    I was very excited to finally be able easily sync up the iTunes libraries on my new home mini and my laptop, I was even more excited by the "Items not in my Library" option... but I seem to be having a issue it, that is probably a bug, and I'm wondering if others are seeing it too in 9.0.2:
    I transferred over an album no problem, then I went to transfer a setlist of live tracks by the same artist. Because it's live, many of the song names are the same. I had the *Show Items not in my Library* option selected and it hid (and thus didn't transfer) some of the tracks. I later realized that it had hidden the tracks that had the same name as the original album, even though they are quite different.
    I hope others experience this same issue and Apple will release an update fixing it. This issue will make it impossible to realiably synchronize libraries as they change.
    BTW - I've also noticed if you choose *Show: All items* and import a file that is a real duplicate it will copy it over and append a "1" creating a duplicate as opposed to replacing or updating the file.

    The import button remains greyed out and therefore unavailable.
    Quickly doublechecking ... has the MacBook gone to sleep? If it's awake, does the Import button become active for you?

  • Items not imported

    Am using PSE 3, on a Dell computer with windows XP, 1GB ram
    Just transferred some photos from a kodak easyshare digital camera but they didn't appear in my PSE 3 photo browser (but are on the hard drive).
    when I tried to "get photos" from files in PSE 3 I get the following message in a box stating "Items not imported": "The file already exits in the catalog C:\Documents and setting\Allusers\documents\My pictures....."
    I also have Photoshop album 2 as it creates get slideshows and noticed that when I right click on the photo in the My pictures file, it can be imported to photoshop album.
    how can I import the photos to PSE?

    I'm presuming you have webmail access? In the webmail environment, can you move those messages into another folder or into the inbox itself, then connect in the Mac environment, the mailboxes/folders will synchronize, then drag-and-drop them into the Sent folder? And make sure that in Mail's Prefs, you have the "Store Sent Mail on server" checkbox checked?

  • Credit Card Chargeback for Item Not as Described

    I'm dealing with a lying, jackass of a buyer who just filed a chargeback through his credit card company.   As far as the dispute is concerned, here's the skinny:   Customer pays for deposit for custom item using PaypalCustomer provides details such as size and color for item, item is made to customer's specsWe personally deliver and install custom item to customer (customer is one state over from us), customer pays $200 cash towards balance leaving $225 remaining. Customer states he will pay remaining balance via PaypalI contact customer via text regarding balance due and he states he is unhappy with the product and will send email detailing why. Customer doesn't send email but INSTEAD....Customer files dispute with Paypal requesting refund for "item not as described." I escalate dispute to claimPaypal decides in my favor. Yay! I email customer and tell him we will refund him if he returns the productCustomer makes additional demands for money and says he will return product AFTER he gets refund. Customer is holding item hostage.  Ha!  Customer is a loser!  I respond to customer, "**bleep** to the No!" Customer initiates credit card chargeback  There are some other issues surrounding this situation with the client.  For one, we installed the product wrong BUT did apologize and offered to correct at no additional charge to customer.  And this is before the customer decided to dispute with Paypal.  Not sure if this and other issues are relevant being that they aren't directly involved in the dispute and the refund amount requested is for the item and nothing else.  (Note: I was not on site for the install and didn't learn the details until after.)  What I have learned and can share from this experience so far:   Buyers do not have protection from Paypal for custom products or deposits toward purchases.  This is the reason I was able to escalate the customer's initial dispute through Paypal to a claim and have it closed and decided in my favor almost immediately.  TIP - If this happens to you, CALL PAYPAL!  My Paypal rep held the line while I escalated the dispute to a claim so that she could deny and close it as fast as I hit the submit button. That felt really good!   There is such a thing as "friendly fraud" and we should educate ourselves on that.  This link describes it but also offers a service that I'm not affiliated with so heads up! You do have recourse through smail claims so do it if only for principle!  If you can!  But if you can't, see below.  If you lose, you can and should report them to the credit bureau for an unreturned item.  I just learned this about today so I will post more on this as I learn more.   Wells Fargo has a useful chargeback tool for merchants and through this tool, I learned a new term called a "Chargeback Representment Right."  I figure if you can reply back through Paypal to the bank with terms the bank recognizes, it may help your cause.  Here's a link to the tool. Do save all records; texts, emails, chats, documents, etc. at least 6 months.  We are at or around 180 days since the deposit was paid and the customer was able to chargeback.   The spellchecker in this forum thinks Paypal is spelled wrong!   Anyhoo, I am in no way confident that I will win this as all that I've read thus far pretty much states that the credit card companies generally decide in the favor of the customer.  But  I would like feedback!   I've read many similar stories but people often don't always follow up and probably are less likely to post good outcomes.  We small businesses are all in this together so please share your advise and experiences!   Thanks in advance for your time.  

    You can always try.The two basic types of Dispute are Item Not Received and Item Not As Described.But are these digital items?There are very few allowable actions with digital items. Try the Resolution Centre (at the bottom of this page) but the PP Resolution Centre might be better. If you don't mind not attending the concert at all, of course, since basically the Dispute would cancel the transaction, refund your money and leave you back where you were before you bought. It might be simplest to go to your credit card and cancel the payment or start a chargeback. There is a 1-800 number on the back of your credit card. Hmm-- would the original seller of the tickets (not your reseller) or the concert hall be able to exchange your unwanted tickets?  

  • At bottom of screen '36 items not shown" comes and goes??

    Thanks is advance for your help.
    At the bottom of the Organizer screens it always says "972 items dated etc". But then depending on something I do, possibly with tags, it sometimes shows "36 items not shown"  for a total of 1008.   Note the View does not show any hidden files.  One thing I noticed is when I put just one photo in an album and click on the album it will say "1 item found 1007 items not found for a total of 1008.
    What concerns me most is that I have 36 photos floating around somewhere that I can't see.

    Thanks Brett; However, the View hidden files and edit visibility seem to be the exact same settings?   Are you referring to anything else when you mention the "hidden" attribute are you referring to anything else. The only choices oh both are to:  Show all files, show hidden files and hide hidden files. None of these choices including show all files seem to show all the files. Any other suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks much

  • Iphone 6 tells me that "Item not available" in my country UK, when i click on the itunes store icon for the app to open the music, movies or tv shows section of the app. is this a bug?

    I am based in the UK and have just got a new iphone 6, everything works well except when i try to turn on the itunes store app -  i can do a search and buy music etc that way, within the app, however, if i go to Music, Movies or the TV shows section within the Store app, i get a message come up saying "Item Not Available" - This item you've requested is not currently available in the UK Store, but it is available in the US store. Tap Change Store to view this item".   I therefore cannot browse the music, movies or tv shows sections at all, nothing shows up except that message.  All my previous itunes purchases have downloaded ok, and i can access them. My apple ID works fine and restrictions on the iphone are turned OFF. The App Store app works normally. Connection etc is all fine and I can access itunes  in the normal way on my ipad and laptop, so this is just an iphone problem. Any ideas? is this a bug? I cant find anyone else with exactly the same problem. By the way, the same message comes up when i click on the red Music icon, on the iphone (situated next to the Safari icon) and then go to the "Store" via that app.  my playlists are in tact, but as soon as i click that Store button, I am told that the Item is unavailable - not that i have chosen any Item lol, I just want to access the store in the normal way. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can give

    It is working now. I no longer get the message about the item not being available in the US and I can access the store.

  • On i-pad, when try to enable itunes match, it says, "you are not currently subscribed to iTunes Match. Use iTunes on your computer to subscribe." I am subscribed though! Then it says no my request and item not available in the U.S. store. WWJD?

    On i-pad, when I try to enable itunes match, it says, "you are not currently subscribed to iTunes Match. Use iTunes on your computer to subscribe." I am subscribed though! Then it says no to my request and, "item not available in the U.S. store." My Mac will not use update iTunes to any later version than the one I have because my os is also out of date, but when I try to update that i cant, so what do I have to do?  Please don't tell me I have to buy a new Mac to be up to date.

    On the iOS device you must be logged into the store with the exact same Apple ID you used to originally purchase the service. Go to Setting > iTunes & App Stores and if necessary sign out/in and then enable iTM.

  • Windows 7 error: Location is not available or Item not found

    I'm using windows 7 ultimate. I have a directory on a 1TB external usb drive called "1976 T.N.T". I am neither able to access this directory nor am I able to delete it. When I double click to access it windows says -
    Message Title: "Location is not available"
    Message Text: J:\Music\Library\Rock-Metal\ACDC\1976 T.N.T refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer.or on a network. Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the Internet
    or your network and then try again. If it still cannot be located the information might have been moved to a different location.
    When I try to delete it windows says -
    Message Title: Item Not Found
    Message Text: Could not find this item.
    This item is no longer located in J:\Music\Library\Rock-Metal\ACDC. Verify the item's location and try again.
    I have tried the following -
    1. Deleting file using command prompt but that doesn't work
    2. Check disk with both options "File system errors" and "Bad sector recovery" selected - it does not report any errors and the problem persists
    3. Rebooting the computer
    4. Disconnecting the drive and connecting it to my xp pro laptop (messages on xp are slightly different but to the same effect)
    Any suggestions short of formatting the drive will be appreciated.

    The cause of this is as follows:
    The directories in question were created or last modified by a process other than Windows Explorer. This process created a directory name with a space at the end. When you created a duplicate directory, the exact directory name you created was therefore
    not exactly the same; it had no space on the end. That is why both directories with the apparent same name could coexist.
    Note: if you attempt to create a directory from within Windows Explorer with a space on the end, the process explorer.exe is designed to prevent this from happening. That's why it's never usually an issue.
    To reproduce this problem, you could do the following:
    1) Create C:\foo
    2) Create C:\bar
    3) Use Robocopy to create the erroneous directory using the following command:
    robocopy "C:\foo" C:\bar" /E
    Notice that I missed the first double-quote on the target location. Robocopy should have responded with an error, but due to the way it interpreted my input, it didn't.
    Now you will see a directory called C:\foo\bar
    Except this directory is actually: "bar " - the word "bar" with a space on the end.
    Now try deleting C:\foo altogether. It won't because there is a directory underneath it that has an invalid name.
    Now try entering C:\foo, and creating a second directory called "bar". This will work, and there will appear to be two directories named "bar".
    But this time you can go up a level and delete "C:\foo".
    Put it down to a bug in Windows, a bug in Robocopy, whatever you like! That's the reason though...

  • Miro line item not generated

    Dear All,
    I have facing one issue at the time posting in MIRO.
    I post one of migo doc in date 03/01/2010 , the entry is:( with same material )
    Post key   description  amt                               curr.( USD)
    89              Stk.RM -IMP                                     32100.00
    96              PL.VND.RM.IMP GR/IR                     32100.00
    40              Purchase RM-IMP                            32100.00
    50              Purchase offset.                             32100.00
    And Miro Posting on date 23/03/2010
    Post key   description  amt                               curr.( USD)
    31           xyz Vendor                                    32100.00
    86           PL.VND.RM.IMP GR/IR                    32100.oo
    89           Stk.RM -IMP                                    -
    40           Purchase RM-IMP                          -
    50           Purchase offset.                           -
    But when I post for another po in migo on date 03/01/2010
    Post key   description  amt                               curr.( USD)
    89              Stk.RM -IMP                                     76800.00
    96              PL.VND.RM.IMP GR/IR                     76800.00
    40              Purchase RM-IMP                            76800.00
    50              Purchase offset.                             76800.00
    and miro posting on date 19/02/2010
    Post key   description  amt                               curr.( USD)
    32            yz Vendor                                       76800.00
    86           PL.VND.RM.IMP GR/IR                      76800.00
    89           Stk.RM -IMP                                      Line item not generated
    40           Purchase RM-IMP                             Line item not generated
    50           Purchase offset.                              Line item not generated
    Can any one tell why line item not generated for miro posting .

    The extra line items will be generated when there are any exchange rate diffrences are there then only shows.
    Other wise it wont show those extra line items
    Please check group currency , global currency etc. for  your extra line items

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