Shift click on iPad with blue tooth keyboard doesn't select multiple images

i have my iPad running iOS8 on Safari with a blue tooth keyboard In a WordPress slideshow website. The WP plugin does allow me to select multiple images on the computer but not on the iPad.
IS there a way to make this work?

No. There is not 'shift click' on an iOS device with our without a wireless keyboard.

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  • HT4108 Does anyone know if there is a blue tooth keyboard for an ipad air that will allow for a slideshow presentation to pair with a monitor.

    Looking for a blue tooth keyboard that is compatible with the iPad air that has slideshow functionality for pairing with a monitor.  I thought Zagg had one but they do not with the new operating system.

    PaulDonegan wrote:
    Is there a text box generator in InDesign that will allow you to create a text box with XXX amount of words in it? I work for a newspaper pagination desk and we always get asked to keep a hole for a story that may have 500 words in it. If there is such a thing this would be greatly helpful for people in my position to use this and implement it in the whole office so that we could plug in a space and keep a rough idea as to how much space we need.
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Paul D
    Use Type > Fill with Placeholder Text to generate lots of text. Select some text, then use Window > Info to display the number of selected words. Expand or contract the selection by holding Shift, or Shift+Cmd/Ctrl, and pressing arrow keys. When you have the number of words you want, copy, press Escape, click an empty spot on a page, then paste; the copied text appears in is own text frame. Select the frame and use Object > Fitting > Fit Frame to Content contain all the text within the frame.
    Search Google for terms like "InDesign placeholder text" without quotes for info on changing the actual placeholder text, and also info on a text generator.
    Peter Gold
    KnowHow ProServices

  • Bluetooth Connectivity Issue with Apple Blue Tooth Keyboard

    I have a blue tooth keyboard paired with my MacBook. I recently installed the latest Apple update and restarted the computer. When it fully rebooted, the keyboard was never picked up. I went into the system preferences to go through the blue tooth settings and tried to repair it or search for wireless devices. When I searched for devices, it picked up the keyboard, but when I tried to pair them, I got an error saying the keyboard was out of range and could not be connected to. I changed the batteries, turned it on and off, but still no results.
    Any ideas?
    I also have a bluetooth Apple Mighty Mouse which works fine, it's just the keyboard.

    I know you may feel that you've already done this, but just try me.
    I'm assuming you have installed 10.4.8, and all applicable security updates for your Mac- if not, please do, before you try the below.
    Remove any pairing with your keyboard in your system preferences, and turn off all the bluetooth settings, including bluetooth itself. Make sure your Mighty Mouse is off, and will not be connected during this process.
    -Shut down your Mac, and make sure the keyboard is off.
    -Turn on your Mac, and when it's booted, open Bluetooth preferences, and turn Discoverable on.
    -Go to the devices tab, and click on the 'Set up New Device' button in the lower right corner.
    -When prompted, say yes to turn Bluetooth on.
    -The Bluetooth assistant will begin.
    -Select Keyboard from the list of devices.
    -*Turn on your keyboard now, and then select continue.
    Hopefully it will find your keyboard now, and you can continue to pair the keyboard with your Mac. When done, go back into Bluetooth preferences and turn Discoverable off, enable any other setting you would like, and under the device tab, select the keyboard, and click Add To Favourites.
    I hope you're up and working~!
    If not, we'll work on a Level 2 solution!

  • Can my blue tooth keyboard affect iPad battery life?

    For some reason my battery life isn't as long as it once was and it hit me that it may be from leaving the blue tooth keyboard in the on position.  Would this run the battery down more quickly?

    My experience with using a BT keyboard is that it has a negligible affect on battery life. The connection drops if I'm not using it for a while and picks up again when I start typing. I am using a Logitech keyboard designed specifically for iPads.

  • TS3253 I have iPad 2 and can't get it to see new Bose sound dock 10 also with blue tooth. iPhone saw it easily, not iPad...any help?.

    Any help in getting iPad's blue tooth to find any device is helpful.

    Touch or tap the field that you want to use/select and it should get a box around it ; then double-tap that field to activate/type it. Once you've entered your password you can do the same (i.e. touch to select, double-tap to activate) to gradually get into  Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver and turn it off.
    So to enter your passcode you first need to tap the 'slide to unlock' button to hightlight it (it should get a box around it), then double-tap it to unlock it. Then for your passcode tap the digit that you want and it should get a box around it; then double-tap that digit to type it; and similar for the other three digits in your passcode.
    The manual ( also that you should be able to switch voice-over off by connecting to your computer's iTunes :
    Turn VoiceOver on or off in iTunes: Select iPad in the iTunes sidebar. In the Options section of the Summary pane, click Configure Universal Access. Select VoiceOver, then click OK.
    So select Configure Universal Access at the bottom of the Summary tab and set Seeing to Neither

  • My blue tooth keyboard will not connect to my computer

    Hi evey body,
    I have just got a new Blue Tooth Keyboard and Mouse.
    but I have a problem, the mouse connect to my iBook and works fine, But the Keyboard will not work, I am using the Bluetooth setup assistant,I have Follow the instructions and I get the set-up numbers, I have enter the numbers a couple of times, but all I get is a message saying “The pairing attempt was unsuccessful. Make sure your keyboard is in range of this computer,turned on “discoverable”. When ready. click Continue to try again” I do it but it will not set up,
    the keyboard is right next to the computer,and is switch on and it has new battery's,and it is discoverable.
    but it dose not want to work, the green light on the back of keyboard comes on,
    but the light on the cap lock on the keyboard will not come on, when I press it .
    so can some one tell me what is going on and what can I do to get my Keyboard to work.
    thank you
    iBook   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   new blue tooth keyboard

    Hello London William:
    Welcome to Apple discussions:
    This Apple knowledge base article has connection troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Can't connect blue tooth keyboard

    Hey all...I've had my new iMac now for quite awhile with 0 problems. I have the blue tooth keyboard and mouse....recently, I can't connect the keyboard. I bought new batteries and still a no go...I press the power button on the keyboard and the green light comes on once for about 10 seconds before shutting this brief period of time the computer recognizes the blue tooth keyboard, but I can't keep the keyboard on long enough for it to connect. Any ideas?

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    So the keyboard powers down after just a short few seconds? Then I would call Apple and arrange for them to swap it out. There is not a lot users can do to fix a faulty keyboard or mouse.

  • Why cant send imessage without hitting "send" using blue tooth keyboard?

    its quite annoying when you type with a blue tooth keyboard sending imessage you have to hit the "send" button on the screen all the way across instead of hitting the "enter" key on the keyboard
    is there any option we can choose from the system??

    I do not think there is a way around it.  But try pressing the Tab key several times until the Send button lights up.  If that works, pressing Return on the keyboard should be equivalent to hitting the Send button on the screen.
    If that does not work, try each of the function keys along the top of the keyboard, in case one of them has been pre-programmed to Send a message.  You may have to hold down the fn key (bottom left).
    You might look into using the "Assistive Touch" feature at Settings-General-Accessibility-Assistive Touch.  I do not know what it does, but it mentions having difficulty touching the screen.

  • Safari still freezes when accessability voice over is on and blue tooth keyboard still doesnt work when accessability voice over is on, Help

    Hi Apple,
    iphone 5s latest updates , safari still freezes when accessability voice over is on and blue tooth keyboard still doesnt work when accessability voice over is on, Help

    If you are absolutely sure that neither the sound output of the Macbook nor the sound output of VoiceOver are muted then try to reset VoiceOver.
    1. Open VoiceOver Preferences.
    2. From the File menu choose "Reset All VoiceOver Preferences …".
    3. Click "Reset.
    4. Turn VoiceOver Off and On again. (hold command and press F5 twice).
    If you still don't hear anything then it could be that the main sound output of the Macbook got muted somehow. I find that I often hit the mute button on my Apple wireless keyboard without noticing. So just make sure that its not muted and also hit the "Volume Up" a few times. Its so terribly obvious I know but its also very easy to miss. Lots of people do that.

  • Outlook 365 retrieves same mail over & over -- stops and restarts -- won't sync to iPhone -- won't work with blue tooth in car

    Outlook 365 retrieves same mail over & over  --  stops and restarts  -- won't sync to iPhone  -- won't work with blue tooth in car  'm using Win 8

    How did you set up your email on your Ipnone? Please refer to the article below and try the method to set up your email:
    Do you use Outlook desktop app? If you are talking about a question related to Office 365 web app, it's better to post your question to the Office 365 forum. You will
    get the most qualified pool of respondents there:
    If you means that the problem is with your Outlook desktop app, please try to log on your OWA and check if the problem persists there.
    Please let me know the result.
    Best Regards,
    Steve Fan
    TechNet Community Support

  • Is iphone 4 having issues with Blue tooth?. I have checked four iphone brand new sets from different location. Not detecting other devices

    Is iphone 4 Having issues with Blue Tooth connectivity ? Last saturday i have bought up iphone 4,  when i checked that device blue tooth was not detecting the other iphones. I went to apple store in Ottawa. They checked with their Mac computers. They said Yes this iphone is having problem. Please exchange it on the store you bought up.  I have exchanged that iphone with brand new, again same issues...
    iPhone is not detecting other devices with Blue Tooth.  I have checked with other two. they having same problem.
    Please tell me, What apple gonna do with my iphone now ?  Should i keep it ? or cancel my contract with cell phone company.  As i am sure they not going to replace it again or gonna make excuses.
    Waiting for replies [email protected]

    I have upgraded my iphone 3 to a 4. I just recently discovered that while the iphone 3 automatically discovers bluetooth but the iphone 4 does not (couldn't discover any bluetooth). My bluetooth is Jabra SP200. It turned out, there are other steps to take with the bluetooth device to pair with the iphone 4. As stated, iphone 3 detected it automatically. But w the iphone 4, I had to press and hold the answer button of the Jabra for it to pair with iphone 4. Call the bluetooth manufacturer directly and check with their alternative pairing procedures.
    Hope this helps.

  • Why will my iphone 4s not find any devices with blue tooth it just keeps on searching

    why will my iphone 4s not find any devices with blue tooth it just keeps on searching...??

    If you're trying to connect to another Apple device you can't, it's not supported.
    Here are the supported profiles

  • I am trying to connect my iPhone 4  to my iMac with blue tooth

    my iMac will not connect with my iPhone with blue tooth for some reason when i try there is a message that phone is not in range or is turned off. what do i have to do to get it working.

    What are you trying to accomplish?
    You can only connect your phone to your MAC for tethering only.

  • Please please can some one tell me how do you charge ur ipad with ur laptop. it doesn't chage wen I put use the wire. only charges when I plug the socket in.

    please please can some one tell me how do you charge ur ipad with ur laptop. it doesn't chage wen I put use the wire. only charges when I plug the socket in. Iv never used an ipad b4 so don't really know much. Hope some one knowz.

    The quickest way (and really the only way) to charge your iPad is with the included 10W or 12W USB Power Adapter. iPad will also charge, although more slowly, when attached to a computer with a high-power USB port (many recent Mac computers) or with an iPhone Power Adapter (5W). When attached to a computer via a standard USB port (2.5W, most PCs or older Mac computers) iPad will charge very slowly (but iPad indicates not charging). Make sure your computer is on while charging iPad via USB. If iPad is connected to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, the iPad battery will continue to drain.
    Apple recommends that once a month you let the iPad fully discharge & then recharge to 100%.
    How to Calibrate Your Mac, iPhone, or iPad Battery
    At this link,3014-11.html , tests show that the iPad 2 battery (25 watt-hours) will charge to 90% in 3 hours 1 minute. It will charge to 100% in 4 hours 2 minutes. The new iPad has a larger capacity battery (42 watt-hours), so using the 10W charger will obviously take longer. If you are using your iPad while charging, it will take even longer. It's best to turn your new iPad OFF and charge over night. Also look at The iPad's charging challenge explained
    Also, if you have a 3rd generation iPad, look at
    Apple: iPad Battery Nothing to Get Charged Up About t/
    Apple Explains New iPad's Continued Charging Beyond 100% Battery Level beyond-100-battery-level/
    New iPad Takes Much Longer to Charge Than iPad 2 d-2.html
    Apple Batteries - iPad
    Extend iPad Battery Life (Look at pjl123 comment)
    New iPad Slow to Recharge, Barely Charges During Use uring_use.html
    Tips About Charging for New iPad 3 ad-3.html
    How to Save and Prolong the battery life of your new ipad
    Prolong battery lifespan for iPad / iPad 2 / iPad 3: charging tips
    iPhone, iPod, Using the iPad Charger
    Install and use Battery Doctor HD
    To Extend a Device’s Battery Life, Get to Know It Better
    iPad Battery Replacement
    In rare instances when using the Camera Connection Kit, you may notice that iPad does not charge after using the Camera Connection Kit. Disconnecting and reconnecting the iPad from the charger will resolve this issue.
     Cheers, Tom

  • If I select multiple images to apply a change to all Aperture it does so only with the first selected. Why?

    If I select multiple images to apply a change to all openings it does so only with the first selected. Why?

    You probably have Primary Selection only on.
    Aperture identifies the images you’ve selected by displaying them with a white border. When you select a group of images, the actively selected image, called the primary selection, appears with a thick white border and the rest of the selected images appear with thin white borders.
    Primary Only button: Click this button to make changes to the primary image selection only.

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