Shipment cost Trx Vi01

in shipping cost calculation, transaction vi01, there is the feature to create a purchase order. I try to create the purchase order from Vi01 but I get an error that the system  require purchase order type.
Can you tell me where to fix the purchase order type for transaction VI01 to create the purchase order.
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Hi Josy,
It is in shipment cost configuration. SPROLOGISTICS EXECUTIONSHIPMENT COSTS--
You have to explore here in settlement area. As I am not in the system, I am not able to give you the correct path. But the solution lies somewhere here in the settlement area only.

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  • Hi whenever I trfr  shipment cost in VI01 to FI system is directly posting

    whenever I trfr  shipment cost in VI01 to FI, system is directly creating a PO and a service entry sheet
    and is there any control for service entry sheet through release strategy with the relation of shipment cost please let me know

    If you want achieve this through Rel.Strategy then Just check following structure.
    CESSR through SE11.

  • Required BAPI for Shipment Cost Document (VI01)

    Dear All,
       I required BAPI for Shipment Cost Document (VI01), pls help on this.

    Dear MM
      Thanx for replying, but the BAPI which you have provided will only show me the Cost with correct Tax calculation,
    But its not getting created, which system should show the Shipment Cost Document number.

  • CO error in Shipment cost calculation - VI01

    Hi all,
    We have an issue while creating an shipment cost document for the shipments created with respect to Project/Networks.
    Scenario: Our client has various project site where construction is going on and material is being sent to these site. A outbound delivery (delivery type LP) is created with respect to Project/Networks and send it out via third party carriers. A shipment document is created for these deliveries in order to fetch the shipment cost.
    I am using account assignment category as "P = Project" in Item category assigned to Shipment Cost Type I am using and Account Modifier has been taken as VBR. My G/L account is deteremined fine but Cost Object (WBS element) beside G/L is coming blank in account assignement field in Shipment cost document.
    Please suggest what I am missing here in configuration from Transportation or Financial side.

    Rana Debgupta wrote:
    > Dear All,
    >        I have configured shipment cost through VI01 successfully and it is showing net value.But,when I am clicking "Freight Cost Estimate' button in shipment document through VT01N,it showing Net Value "0.00".so,Why Net Value is showing "0.00" although I have maintained it in VI01.Can anybody tell me the solution...??                                                                                with regards,
    >                                                                                RANA
    I am a bit confused with this, VT01N is first, then you do VI01.
    in VI01 you create a shipment cost document to a shipment which must exist.
    when you execute VT01N, then you create a new shipment.

  • Replicate breakdown cost from the Shipment cost document (VI01) to the PO

    Currently we are creating the SCD with reference to the shipment number. This SCD creates a Service purchase order and a Service Entry sheet automatically.
    The SCD has several conditions types to store different types of costs: Freight, fuel, accessorial, package, etc.
    The purchase order has only one value, instead the several values in the SCD. We want to replicate all condition types from the SCD  to the PO.
    SCD condition types:
    Freight           $80
    Fuel           $15
    Accessorial     $5
    Total          $100 USD
    Automatic service PO conditions
    Price(Limit)          $100
    We want to have the same breakdown cost in both documents. Do you know how to do this?

    No possible.
    OSS note 427944

  • BAPI to create Shipment Costs (VI01)

    Hi All
    I am not able to find the BAPI to create Shipment Cost (VI01).
    I want to create it on on SAVE in VT01n/VT02n for which I am using BADI_LE_SHIPMENT
    Thank you for your inputs.

    Hi Heber
    This BAPI is to create shipment i.e. using VT01N. I don't think I can use this to create shipment cost.
    I need BAPI to create shipment cost using VI01. Please let me know if you have any idea about it.
    Thanks for your input.

  • VI01(shipment cost)

    hi to all..!
    can any one help me on "shipment cost"...(VI01)? what exactly shipment cost ? how it will work?

      Let me explain with eg:
    Company have the plant in US & their Canada customer (all partner functions r same)places order for goods.
    Now the goods has to be delivered from US to Canada.
    in this case, Incoterms will play the key role, how the goods has to be delievered?
    Say goods flow will be through "Sea" way- from US port to Canada port.
    Transporation steps:-
    1-goods has to be moved from US plant to US port
    2-from US port to Canada port
    3-from Canada port to Customer
    transportation 1 will be bare by the comp
    2&3 will by customer.
    where company will deliver the goods from US port to Canada port
    company will take service from the 3rd party(vendor/forwarding agent)
    to deliver the goods to Canada port & the this charge will be
    collected from customer & paid to the vendor.
    while creating delivery- will assign the vendor name
    in delivery header - partners tab ( if th vendor isnt same always)
    will create the delivery. Before PGI will create shipment
    doc(VT01n) means deliveries will be collected which flows
    from the same shipment mode like sea.
    Service PO - ML81N has to generate for this vendor- this is an
    agreement with the vendor for one year.
    Service PO 12 line items indicates each per month.
    Condition record will be captured/copied from Cond master data
    maintianed in Tcode:TK11- based on transportation zone basis.
    then shipment cost document -VI01 will create with ref to
    the shipment document & its specific to the vendor.
    once save the shipment cost document,service acceptance-SES doc will generate
    and released to FI.
    Now, we have to do MIRO-Vendor invoice verification-
    once invioce verified - amount will be settled to the vendor
    this is nothing but frieght amount incurred to transport the
    goods to the customer.
    when creating billing doc- this freight amount will be charged from the customer.
    this is the std transportation flow.
    Hope it clears.

  • Shipment cost vi01

    Hi Gurus,
    As I had done shipment cost by vi01 and for every time i am getting the same message with pop up like..
    three options:
    1. log
    2. save
    it is not transfered.....transfered type is  
    A   in place of C.

    Hi Rahul,
    Please double click the item and add the relevant Pricing and include that in the account assignment.
    After that check the transfer button and save.
    After you save this document it will transfer the entries in the relevant accounts.
    Hope this solves your query....

  • Shipment costs to appear as delivery costs in Purchase

    we want the shipment costs to appear on the purchase order.
    I have followed the sequence as below
    Created a purchase order
    Created a delivery VL31N
    Created a shipment VT01N
    Created a shipment cost document VI01
    I have goods receipt using VL32N, but the shipment cost did not appear in Purchase Order.
    in configuration i have created a new condition in Purchasing ZFRB which has copy shipment cost slected, and added this to the purchasing schema.
    for the shipment cost item category, i configured the settement to delivery costs and left the generate PO blank.
    i would be grateful if someone could help me with configuration that i've missed,
    thanks in advance

    Please read OSS note 427944 and check SAP online help:
    To add shipment costs to delivery costs in the incoming shipments, you need the following settings in Customizing:
    Shipment cost item categories
    Under the Shipment cost types and item categories activity, set the Relevant for costing field to A = Relevant for calculating delivery costs (Delivery costs). This results in the shipment costs not being transferred directly into accounting. The accounting is done via the purchasing functionality for delivery costs.
    Conditions in the purchase order
    Under the Define condition types activity, set the Condition type field to B = Delivery costs. In addition, select the Transfer shipment costs field. The system only shows this field, if you have chosen delivery costs as condition type. In the purchase order, you have to enter the condition type in the item category section. However, you do not enter a value since this value will be determined by the shipment cost document and will then be automatically transferred to the goods receipt document.
    Goods receipt
    To find the relevant shipment cost documents, you must know the corresponding inbound deliveries. Therefore for incoming goods this must relate to confirmation-related goods receipts. Under the Set up confirmation control activity, select the GR-relevant and GR assignment fields for the appropriate confirmation control key (which is then entered in the purchase order).

  • Shipment costs in COPA

    We are trying to assign shipment costs to copa, we execute VI01
    transaction and we do account assignment. It appears account assignment
    fully completed but when we display the profitability segment there are
    some of the value fields that are empty.
    The fields that are empty are "Material", "Distribution
    channel" and "Division", and all of them are filled when the SD bill document is
    registered. I don´t understand why the system does not take them to the
    profitability segment because they are fixed value fields.
    We have checked that when we register vendor billing documents it works
    correctly and all the fields have their corresponding value.
    Thank you very much

    Hi I was just looking at your post and  have a similar  situation .
    Currently our shipment cost documet Vi01 is posting to a cost center .
    Is there any way it goes to COPA directly  with all the billinig information
    What are the config needs to be done
    iis it just in OKB9 we need to put the GL account to Profitability segment
    the GL account we use is 53000000  and from OKb9 based on plant it picks a Cost center  and From cost center we settle it to COPA
    Is thre a better way

  • Automatic picked up purchase order during shipment cost cal

    We have one issue system picked up automatically Purchase order which having account assignment category "U".We have config new account assignment category "I" for some specific reason.Now we want that during shipment cost calculation (VI01) system automatically picked up purchase order with having account assignment category "I" intead of u.
    Please guide.

    Dear Arif,
    Please check the shipment document is there any error log exists
    Check the shipment cost having the value and Transporter(Vendor) and it is getting transfer to FI.
    After checking the transfer chek sytem will create the PO while saving the shipment cost document.
    I hope it will help you,

  • Shipment Cost to Invoice document

    Dear All,
    We have the following scenario in Transportation Module.
    When we create the Shipment document (VT01N) against the delivery, the user does not aware of the chargeable weight of the consignment as transporter charges are on volume basis which may be different from the actual weight. So he creates the Shipment document & Shipment cost document with the actual weight and commercial and excise invoices. Here no accounting entries passed to FI.
    In this case user gets the actual chargeable weight after one or two days of the dispatch. Here we change the shipment cost document (VI01) with the actual weight and relevant value. Now this exact value has to be reflected in the invoice document instead of that old value since the CO-PA analysis require the transportation charges.
    Pls advise how to handle this scenario.

    In one of my earlier projects, I have done the following which you can consider
    Weightment will be made in two stages.  That is empty vehicle will be weighed while entering the plant and after loading when the vehicle reaches the security gate, again it is weighed with load.  At both these stages, entry will be made through a zee transaction so that system will capture the exact weight of the material by referring the delivery document.
    So while generating shipment cost, through an exit in the background, system will fetch the difference in weight and post the value accordingly.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Shipment cost in customer billing doc

    Hi all
    I want to include shipment cost in billing document I want to know the detail process.
    After rising shipment cost doc vi01 this will get reflected in
    Shipment doc vt01n
    I need to charge the cost to customer .i want to include cost in customer billing document VF01
    I want to know from shipment document how will the condition types will be copied into billing document
    1.Should I have to maintain any copy control between these two docs?
    If yes what confi settings need to be done
    Pls let me know  the steps in detail

    Hi mukund thanks for reply
    in copy control i need to maintain "D" or "F"
    i want to know from shipment cost document Vi01 how the conditions are copied to delivery document
    for example- i maintained ZF01,ZF02 in shipment cost doc and i need these two conditions to be displayed in customer billing Vf01
    1) from shipment cost doc how i have to get them in billing doc
    what confi settings are needed

  • Wrongly Price Picking in Shipment Cost

    Hi Guru’s,
    I am maintaining the condition records for freight cost in Tk11, choose the condition type I have configured for freight and maintain those records for freight basis the truck type and the transporter rate is scale wise. Example- 100km – 3/- & 200km-4/-
    I am creating the shipment in VT01N & selected the two delivers & Route, Route Km is 100. I have created the shipment cost in VI01, system picking the KM is 100 but price picking 4/- instead of 3/-.
    Can anybody give the advice? Why it is pickup wrong price? Is any setting or configuration required?
    Useful answers duly rewarded

    Thanks for reply,
    I have maintained the Scale type in “To scale" but same problem is there.  My client is requirement the fright calculation – KM x Rate x MT(Qty) & rate is scale basis.  I have maintained the condition type as below
    Scale basis – R – (Distance)
    Check value -   (None)
    Scale type    -  (To-scale)
    After maintained the condition, I am creating the shipment cost & go to condition. I have checked the header conditions details; system doubles the KM in Scale base val. 200 km instead of 100 km.
    Pl. give the advice
    Pl. help
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  • Each Delivery to each Shipment Cost Item

    I'm creating shipment cost documents (vi01) for a Shipment document with 3 deliveries.
    The shipment cost document has only one item with 3 subitems. And is checking for the price condition record using the data of the first delivery for the 3 subitems.
    I would like to have one item for each delivery document in order to avoid this situation but I can't figure out how, any idea?
    Thanks in advanced

    As I've read: "The items refer either to a shipment header or a shipment stage"
    I close the thread (I will open a new one with a more specific question)

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