Should I buy the new MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro

Should I buy the new MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro?

it really depends what you are going to be doing, if you are going to be video editing and doing intensive stuff the Macbook Pro.
if you are going to be just browsing the web and doing lite video editing and not that intensive stuff than you should go with the Macbook Air.
Also if you want a cheaper computer than you should get the Macbook Air.  By cheap, I mean less expensive.

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  • Should I buy the new ipad air?

    I have an ipad 4 without the cellular capability and have always wanted one with that capability.  I've been waiting for the new ipad and now that it's out I'm asking the experts here - should I buy the new one or get an ipad4 with cellular?

    My first iPad (first gen) was a 16. I managed well with it. Then upgraded to a 3rd gen with 32 GB. What I found was that if the space was there, I used it, even though I thought 16 was plenty. And suspect if I had gone to a 64 or a 128, would have found the same thing. If you think there is a chance that 128 would work better for you, that's what I would go with. Better to have it and not really need it, than not to have and wish you did.

  • I Want to buy the new mackook air (2013) .Will it be good enough for ios app development as i will be installing xcode.Is 1.3hz processor good enough.

    I Want to buy the new mackook air (2013) .Will it be good enough for ios app development as i will be installing xcode.Is 1.3hz processor good enough.

    The MBA is so small and thin many people can't help thinking it is like a Windows netbook - an underpowered toy. It isn't. There's nothing I do on my top end iMac that I can't - and don't - do on my MBA. Of course the iMac has a faster processor, bus speed, and a discrete video card so it is much faster than my MBA. Then again, my computers spend more time waiting for me to do something than I wait for them - and this includes using Photoshop and compiling code.
    If I were writing large programs - something like Word for example - I'd want a very fast processor to speed up the compile/debug/compile cycle. But for iOS development your codebase will be much smaller. Frankly I can't see that much difference between a 13" MBA and a 13" MBP for development purposes. Now a top of the line 15" MBP is a different matter with its much faster CPU and separate video card.

  • Should I buy the new iPod touch? My concern when buying really only Siri. The only drawback is the high price. What would you do?

    Should I buy the new iPod touch? My concern when buying really only Siri. The only drawback is the high price. What would you do? 

    What do you mean by"
    What would they do?"?
    It is really up to you. Since y say yo have iOS 6 yo must have a 4G iPod which is not bad.

  • Should I buy the new ipad or ipad 2?

    The new ipad have just released and i still hesitate to buy the new ipad or ipad 2. I heard a lot of rumours saying that the new ipad is overheating. Can you guys give me a few comments????

    All I can tell you is that my new iPad doesn't overheat, nor do the others that have been purchased in my company. In general it's been agreed by most objective observers that the problem was overblown, though undoubtely there are some units that overheat.
    As to which you should get, that's up to you. I'm quite happy with the higher resolution of the new screen, but the iPad 2's screen was more than adequate. If you have an Apple Store or dealer who carries the iPad, I'd suggest you pay a visit and compare the screens for yourself. The back camera on the new iPad is certainly better, but I have had little need to use the cameras in either, so that's something you'll also have to decide for yourself.

  • Should I buy the new iPad or just keep my iPad 1

    Help me decide whether or not to buy the new iPad

    Nope, you don't want it.
    There you go!

  • I want to buy a new laptop so my question is should i buy the new 2013 macbook air 13in or wait for the next model (june 2014) ?

    This will be my first mac laptop, so my question if i am goin to miss a huge jump in the specifications for the next year release or not ?

    We know there will eventually be a new MacBook Air (though the terms of use here prohibt speculation about it). We have no idea when it will come out or what it's specs will be. Retired Engineer's advice is exactly the same as mine. If you need a computer now, buy it. It is a powerful computer and except for the fact there's no 2TB SSD available (not that I could afford it if one existed) it could be my one and only computer. If you merely want a new computer, wait until you need one.

  • Should I buy the new macbook air?

    I currently have a 13 inch 2010 macbook pro that has
    2.4 GHZ intel Core Duo processor
    8GB Ram
    250 Hard Drive of which 140 is used up
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a 11 inch 2012 macbook air with 128 flash storage?  Will i still be able to the macbook air like i am using my pro and will it still run fast?
    Or would it be wiser to get the 13 inch 2012 macbook pro?

    The 2012 MBA will be faster than your 2010 MBP. The main advantage of the 11" MBA is the i5 processor and SSD drive.
    Are you keeping the MBP? If weight is not an issue, then, you can replace the HDD on your MBP with an SSD drive and get similar performance to the MBA 2012.

  • Should I buy the new MacBook Pro 17 right now or wait for longer?

    I've seen a lot of people complaining issues of the new MBP 17. I just don't know it's the right time to buy one or wait for onther months. I am scared that if I ordered one online, and can't return it.....

    In my opinion not doing custom if you can afford it is a mistake. The only drawback is yes you cannot return it, but if your that unsure about it, do what i did. i went to an apple store and played with it. The only unsure thing i had was if i would like the operating system over windows.
    Also posted questions here. The downside of not least getting a higher processor is that it requires replacing sooner. Rather spend a few extra now and be able to use it an extra year or so. i speak from expierence of not upgrading and seeing my 3000 dollar sony blue ray i bought 3 years ago become an expensive blue ray player because i didnt upgrade my processor from a 2.0 to 2.5 back then. If i did it still be a decent computer but alot of games now require over the 2.0 to even run at low specs.
    But i buy for the computer to least last me 3 years, maybe you replace sooner. Again this is only my opinion. and for what its worth ANY computer you buy if you go to the forums of that computer you will see complaints and problems about it. Just Apple is a big name and this is a new release so the news people still have this computer in thier radar.

  • Should I buy the new iPod Touch?

    So I've had my iPod Touch 3G, 8GB (considered 2G, though), for about 3 years now. It's still in good condition except for a few cracks in the screen, and a slower processing speed. It also quits apps unexpectedly, and other minor problems like that. My question is should I replace my old iPod Touch with the new one with FaceTime, HD recording, a camera, iOS 5, and iCloud, and other features?

    the iPod touch 4th gen hardware ( the currently one is the 2010 model except for the new colour option ) is comparable to that of the iphone4 but with the major difference : iPod has 256MB of memory and the Backside camera has only 0,7Megapixels instead of the iphone4 which has 5MP. ( 4s = 8MP )
    I have the iPod touch and am very very pleased with it. Aside from the "only 0,7MP" the camera creates brilliant HD Movies ( outdoors and in daylight ).  It runs the latest games and apps. I have yet to find a game that does not run on it. The display is the very same as in the iphone4 with Retina. Compared to the 3rd gen everything looks cripy and non-pixelated. You can even read small text without zooming into it.
    It is also a perfect mini pocket computer for office use, if you buy the iwork apps ( Use them everyday in iPod ) .
    It will also run iMovie and the new and many many others.
    And iOS5 is even faster then iOS4 .( to me it feels so ).
    I recommend it. But it is up to you.

  • Should I buy the new iPad?

    With all this comment i'm getting worried.

    If this will be your first iPad, buy one!  If you have the original iPad, buy one!  If you own N iPad2, you most likely can wait another year unless you're someone who MUST have the latest.
    As to the Smart Cover and heat issues, i have had neither.  I ordered the red leather Smart Cover when I ordered my iPad and it works perfectly.  I have noticed NO heat issues and I use my mostly on my lap so I think I would notice it! 
    As to slow battery charging, it certainly is if using a USB port, even a fast one.  Mine was slow to fully charge the first time, but is now no differs than my original iPad.  I do use the optional 10W Power Adapter I got for my first iPad as where I use it, the cord provided is not long enough.  I have no idea if that makes a difference or not.
    I have the basic iPad - wifi only - the $499 model.  I cannot speak about the other models.
    For some reason, people just love to make angry claims about Apple products.  I got my first Apple computer in 1990 and have had many different products over the years.  All of mine worked just great and were working when they were replaced, with the exception of one HD which did go bad after 4 years. 
    Just remember - over 3 million of these have been sold and there are not 3 million people complaining!

  • DVD drive problems : should I buy the new iMac ?

    Hello, being new to these discussions, I don't know if this question was answered before.
    My last iMac's DVD drive stopped working after 3 years use. And from reading the discussions, this problem seemed quite common.
    But 3 years is not bad, considering the posts talking about the DVD drive not working on NEW iMacs.
    Does anybody know if Apple is going to do something about this soon ? My computer is a working tool, and I cannot spend time or money on repairs all the time.
    Thank you.
    A Mac user since 1985

    +"Well, since nobody has an answer, I suppose I will wait until I no longer see the DVD drive problems on the discussions."+
    That might be a while. I bought my iMac Oct. 15 and the DVD drive is already not responding. Backing up files, I had burned 2 DVDs from the same package, Toast says this one is a CD-RW and unwritable, and makes a noise like it's trying to eject it but nothing happens. Disk utility says the DVD drive is empty and nothing shows up in the Finder. Using Terminal (drutil eject) and starting up with the mouse button held down makes the same noise as trying to eject it in Toast, with the same results - nothing.
    Still trying to find the receipt to take it back & get it repaired. I sure miss the hole for the paper clip.

  • Should I buy the new imac or?

    My lease has expired on my G4 Dual 1.25 ghz, 1MB SDRAM and (2) 180GB harddrives and multiple LaCie external Firewire drives and 20" display. I primarily use Final Cut Pro, Motion, Live Type and DVD studio Pro and have not had many issues regarding RT processing and speed. But it is time to upgrade. Would I be well served going to a maxed out imac 20" core duo' 2MB SDRAM, 256MB Vram, 500GB hard Drive or go to a G5 tower and spend a lot more money? I am thinking I would see a substantial improvement over what I am using now with the souped up imac. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    Allegedly, Universal versions of the software you're using (at least the Apple apps like Final Cut Pro) are due out in March, but if you're not sure you can wait that long, you might want to go ahead with the G5 tower; I'm thinking they won't switch the towers to Intel until they have relatively bug-free versions of the Pro products out there, and possibly not till Adobe gets off their posterior and gets out new Universal versions of their software (I'm a little ticked off at Adobe right now, can't you tell?), meaning probably not till Q3 perhaps.
    Or can you extend your lease on the G4 for another 6 months, to see what's happening with the Universal update on your software?

  • Should I buy the new iPod Touch or just keep my 4th generation iPod

    I don't know if i should upgrade. I like the bigger screen but I haven't got a lot of money

    But if it had the Apple version of maps I won't be getting it. My sister's getting a 5th gen for christmas and I wanted to know if it was better or just a bigger version of the 4th gen. And my 4th gen is fast but I only have about 4 apps on it

  • Should I buy the new (early 2009) iMac 2.93 GHz or 3.06 GHz processor?

    The heavier applications I'll be using are Final Cut Studio and Photoshop/Illustrator (not so much for video games).
    Would there be a significant difference between the 2.93 GHz processor and the 3.06 GHz one? If so, where/when/how will I notice it?
    I'm already planning on the ATI 4850 graphics card. The only thing I don't know enough about is the processor.
    Thank you!

    Snow Leopard aims to change this, but as far as I know, only the CPU is involved in decoding/encoding video/audio, editing photos, etc. I would assume that 3D apps use the GPU to help with the rendering process, but this is an assumption and not based on experience (they could just as likely use the CPU only). The GPU is used for drawing your screen. In a game, it's critical. Running "productivity" apps, however, the GPU is largely unused. Snow Leopard will supposedly implement a system that allows the OS to pass information to the GPU to be processing, using some of those unused cycles. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen.

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