Show values of filters used in the columns

hi experts
Probably it is very simple but I don´t find how to do it. I would like to see in the query the values of the filters used to calculate the columns.
I.e. One column is the amount of the net income for one month. The month is asked when I execute the query but when the query is executed I don´t see in the screen the month used.
Thanks and regards

I think you are wanting to use text variables on the columns to get the values of the month. To do this go into the column name and type &. It will prompt you to select, create, or edit a text variable. You can create a variable here to display the value of the characteristic your variable is on (i.e Month).
Hope this helps,

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    We are trying to set value in to a column from sales order matrix with the below mentioned code
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    Thanks & Regards

    Try and make the column visible then set the value and make it invisible then
    Hope this helps

  • Passing parameters to table valued functions and using parameters as column name on select

    I am creating a function where I want to pass it parameters and then use those parameters in a select statement. When I do that it selects the variable name as a literal not a column. How do I switch that context.
    ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[ufn_Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison_parser_v2]
    RETURNS @Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison TABLE 
    LAST_NAME nvarchar(max),
    EMPNO int,
    BannerColumnName nvarchar(max),
    BANNER nvarchar(max),
    ORION nvarchar(max)
    INSERT INTO @Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison
    inner join IWM_Stage.dbo.ViewPersonnel AS b
    on a.BADGE = b.badge
    and a.BANNER_RANK <> b.[rank]
    I execute this:
    select * from ufn_Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison_parser_v2 ('a.BANNER_RANK' , 'b.[rank]')
    and get:
    Cerecerez NULL

    You could go for using a CASE statement as earlier mentioned by Erland. This would look like below: (Downside is that you need to be mentioning all possible values in the CASE)
    ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[ufn_Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison_parser_v2]
    RETURNS @Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison TABLE
    LAST_NAME nvarchar(max),
    EMPNO int,
    BannerColumnName nvarchar(max),
    BANNER nvarchar(max),
    ORION nvarchar(max)
    INSERT INTO @Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison(LAST_NAME, BANNER, ORION)
    , CASE @ORION_COLUMN WHEN 'b.[rank]' THEN b.[rank] END --put values as required
    inner join IWM_Stage.dbo.ViewPersonnel AS b
    on a.BADGE = b.badge
    and a.BANNER_RANK <> b.[rank]
    Another method that I would suggest is to get all values from the function, then build a dynamic query to obtain results from it .. Something like:
    ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[ufn_Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison_parser_v2]()
    RETURNS @Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison TABLE
    LAST_NAME nvarchar(max),
    EMPNO int,
    BannerColumnName nvarchar(max),
    BANNER nvarchar(max),
    ORION nvarchar(max)
    INSERT INTO @Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison(LAST_NAME, BANNER, ORION)
    * --Returns all the columns
    inner join IWM_Stage.dbo.ViewPersonnel AS b
    on a.BADGE = b.badge
    and a.BANNER_RANK <> b.[rank]
    SET @ORION_COLUMN='[rank]'
    SET @SQL='
    select LAST_NAME,'[email protected]_COLUMN+','[email protected]_COLUMN+' from ufn_Banner_Orion_Employee_Comparison_parser_v2 ()'
    You just need to make sure that the column names returned by the function are UNIQUE (Using proper alias names) so that you don't have a problem referring to them from the outside..
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  • Retrieve as many duplicate records as a value stored in one of the columns

    I have a peculiar requirement where I want multiple copies of rows the count of which is determined by one of the column values:
    create table test (id number, value number, data varchar2(100));
    insert into test values (1,5,'one');
    insert into test values (2,2,'two);
    insert into test values (3,3,'three');
    insert into test values (4,4,'four');
    insert into test values (5,5,'five');
    select * from test where id=3;
    I get:
    I want:
    i.e. Althought there is ONLY ONE row for the id=3, but as the column value=3, i want 3 rows from this table (all identical) except the last column to which I append a running sequential number.
    How to do that?

    You have still pipelined function :
    SQL> create or replace type TypeTest as object (id number, value number, data varchar2(100));
      2  /
    Type created.
    SQL> create or replace type ListTest as table of TypeTest;
      2  /
    Type created.
    SQL> create or replace function TblTest(p_id number default null)
      2  return ListTest
      3  pipelined
      4  is
      5  begin
      6      for x in (select id, value, data from test where id = nvl(p_id,id)) loop
      7          for i in 1.. x.value loop
      8              pipe row (TypeTest(, x.value,||'_'||to_char(i)));
      9          end loop;
    10      end loop;
    11      return;
    12  end;
    13  /
    Function created.
    SQL> show err
    No errors.
    SQL> select * from table(TblTest(3));
            ID      VALUE DATA
             3          3 three_1
             3          3 three_2
             3          3 three_3
    SQL> select * from table(TblTest);
            ID      VALUE DATA
             1          5 one_1
             1          5 one_2
             1          5 one_3
             1          5 one_4
             1          5 one_5
             2          2 two_1
             2          2 two_2
             3          3 three_1
             3          3 three_2
             3          3 three_3
             4          4 four_1
             4          4 four_2
             4          4 four_3
             4          4 four_4
             5          5 five_1
             5          5 five_2
             5          5 five_3
             5          5 five_4
             5          5 five_5
    19 rows selected.
    SQL> Nicolas.

  • The TV show could not be used because the original file could not be found

    "The TV show “Blah-blah ep.23” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?"
    I know this problem is listed (and unanswered) from quite a few users in the forums for song files, but I haven’t found any that mention TV shows. To add to the heap, and help emphasize to iTunes that this is a major bug in need of fixing, here is my version of this problem.
    I have a variety of season passes to TV shows that normally download on almost a daily basis (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for example). About once every four or five downloads iTunes decides to silently delete a file. No warning given, no chance to stop it, just gone. ITunes downloads the file (clearly seen in the process in the Downloads part of the Store menu) and then lists the file under its correct menu in the TV Shows Library section (with the correct amount of MB listed for the file). I usually watch the episode right after I download it (with no problems), but of course I have left episodes unwatched when I shut iTunes down.
    On the next startup of iTunes, I go in to watch an old episode again or click on an unwatched episode, but it isn’t there anymore and the old “would you like to locate it?” message pops up. After being through this at least a dozen times in the last year, I know there is no point in looking for the file because it’s gone. The only choice is to go into iTunes support and ask them to reset the download, which they’ve always done without question, and then I have to download the file all over again. This is a huge hassle and all the more frustrating because it happens so irregularly.
    I’ve tried to find answers in these discussion forums, but have been unable to see any reasonable solution and wish to add to the voices of annoyed paying customers in the hope something will be done. If anyone is interested, the bizarre and time consuming workaround I’ve had to employ is:
    1. As soon as any of my TV shows are downloaded, I stop whatever I’m doing to go grab the file out of iTunes’ folder and move it to a location where iTunes can’t get its grubby little silent deleting hands on it.
    2. On the next shutdown-startup cycle, I can then go back and move the file back into its correct location in the iTunes TV Shows subfolders and I’ll never have a problem again with THAT particular file being deleted.
    Of course, the problem with this solution is that it’s painfully annoying to have to do it every time. I get lazy, iTunes seems to get its evil deleting ways under control and downloads all seem to work again. That is, until they don’t and the issue mysteriously returns with files being picked off anew and I have to return to these forums in the hope of finally finding out why this is happening. After more than a year and two or three iTunes version updates, it’s the problem that just won’t die.

    Yes, only TV shows. I've never had a random silent delete of a song file. I also considered that Windows might be blocking the file to save space, but with no limitations set in the control panel that isn't the problem either. In fact, I've only had this problem with season pass downloads. It's never happened with a single download of a video or TV episode.
    Tonight, when I downloaded my Daily Show episode, I really kept tabs on what the heck iTunes is up to during the process. As many know, iTunes creates a folder called Downloads during the download process. Inside that folder, a video file gets downloaded as “download.m4v” along with another Qtime info file. When the download is complete, iTunes is supposed to use the info file to identify and tag the download.m4v file and then move it over into its correct artist subfolder with the correct file name.
    The problem, I discovered tonight in watching this process, is that iTunes (for mysterious reasons) does not do the relabel/move step with some of the downloads and leaves the files in situ as download.m4v in the download file. Additionally, in the iTunes software you can click on the file (correctly labeled and appearing, as I said in the first post, under the correct TV show banner) and watch it one time. However, after shutting down and restarting (and this is where the evil happens) iTunes will delete all files in the Download subfolder as part of a cleanup process. I suppose because it assumes that those files were correctly relabeled and copied into the corresponding TV show folders. So, there is the reason for the loss of downloaded video files (in my case).
    There appears to be no way of knowing, from within iTunes, when the file has been correctly copied over to its corresponding folder and when it hasn’t and remains in the Bermuda Download Folder of Death. Again, I have to go into that folder each time (before shutting iTunes down) to make sure the move took place. If it didn’t, then I have to make a copy of the download file and place it outside that folder.
    Finally, since this only happens occasionally, I’m wondering if it doesn’t have something to do with the way the info file is being tagged and labeled prior to being made available to download. However, if that were the case then the problem would be happening to lots of users and I would have expected a lot more complaints in the forums.
    By the way, I’m not big on fidgeting with any of iTunes folders or settings. It hasn’t been the case where the downloads were fine, I made some goofy change to the folder structure and then it doesn’t work. I haven’t fiddled with the settings for months, but all of the sudden this issue starts to appear and can just as easily disappear in the following week’s downloads.
    Still seeking answers or advice.

  • Show only colors already used in the document?

    Is it possiblé to see somewhere which colors I have previously used while working with a document? I think it would be nice to have the option for example for the swatches panel to only show user selected colors so that I can go back and forth in my 6-10 color palette really fast. It would be kind of a "color history". Is this possible to achieve somehow?

    Image --> Mode --> Indexed color, then use the options to save and edit palettes...

  • What type of data I must use in the column (SQL)?

    Hi Guys,
    I have a little bit problem with this value (2_1232_123). I don´t know what type of value can be. This value is the result of the concatenation of three integer and "_".
    The code I have is:
    While readerCodeAccount.Read
    Code_Account = readerCodeAccount.Item(0)
    End While
    IDTextBox.Text = Code_Company & "-" & Code_Account

    But  why storing it in the database if you can generate the concatenation on the fly in the SELECT statement
    Best Regards,Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP,
    MS SQL optimization: MS SQL Development and Optimization
    MS SQL Consulting:
    Large scale of database and data cleansing
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  • OBIEE 10g answers display filters used in result

    Is it possible to display the values of filters used in the result of an answer report?
    answer report:
    branch, sales
    Filters: branch = 1
    I want to show the filters used in the result in compound view. I have tired different views, none of them seems to work for this.
    I know I can put it in a dashboard with prompts so users can see the filters applied. But just curious is there any way to do it in the answers? Because in dashboard, it only prints PDF or HTML, but in answers it can print excel, which is what I want.

    In compoud Layout itself, there is option to add filter view. in the top of the answers resuls, you can find some tools and tabs, there you can find add view, by adding the filter view you can have the filter in the compound layout and you can see it printed in PDF like below.
    Fiscal Period
    Closing Amount
    Fiscal Period is equal to 2012-12 , 2013-
    Try it and let me know if it works.

  • Dashboard prompt value is not passing into the report

    I am using OBIEE 10g. The problem is in Oracle BI Answers
    I have a prompt and its related report. In the prompt, in one of the column, I am using sql result. The sql query is a co-related sub query where i have used 2 tables. employee_data and employee_region. The reason for using sub-query is that there is no data_center column in the employee_data table. It has the records for all the data_center e.g USA, UK,IND,AUSTRALIA etc So, I used the sub query with condition which will give the result on a particular data center (here it is USA) and this sub query's output is input for the main query. And the prompts works fine and gives correct result
    The sql query used for the column in the prompt (in Oracle BI Answers) as
    I have used the main column EMPLOYEE_DATA.ENAME for filter as 'prompted'.
    The problem is the value from the prompt is not passing from the prompt to the report, what I found. Because, instead of showing the result for 'USA' data_center, It also shows other data_center 's (UK,IND,AUSTRALIA) data.
    How filter condition I should use for EMPLOYEE_DATA.ENAME column in the report so that the prompt value will pass to the report properly ?
    Edited by: Kuldip on Feb 21, 2013 6:17 AM

    Hi Kuldip,
    There are 2 ways of doing it.
    1. Nice and good: For the section where the report is put have a condition to display only if it returns rows. For details please refer to :
    2. The easy way: Add a "No Result" view to your report and add few spaces in the text.
    Let me know if this helped.

  • Using a Fact Column in Prompt

    I have requirement to use a Fact Column (Eg: Control flag) to be used in the Column Prompt. What is the best way of using it such that query performance will improve. If I use it directly it might have scan through my entire fact table which will have a performance impact.
    Is there a best way to do it?

    Hi GJ,
    The "proper" way to model this in the RPD is to add the column on to a dimension vs. leaving it on the fact table. i.e. the underlying physical fact table becomes a source for both a logical dimension and the logical fact. OBIEE smart enough to sort everything out.
    Having said that - the real performance issue could be because, in a prompt, it would have to scan a potentially huge fact table to get the distinct values of the control flag. If that's the case, then you should either 1) build a real dimension table to make it faster (this would be preferable), or 2) add a bitmap index to the control flag column on the fact table, which would also greatly improve the performance of the "select distinct control flag from fact table" query.
    Hope this helps!

  • One field shows as blank always irrespective of the selection in the report

    there is a field (RKF) in my report which always shows blank irrespective of the selection parameters..
    i have verified in the multiprovider with the same selection , filter and condion values what are used in the report,, the field is showing up the values..
    Please let me know any inputs for investigating this issue?

    Thanks for the reply..
    I have no filter restrictions on the Value type, version and CO Object Type..

  • Spliting the column Into multiple column diff secenario?

    I have one table say tab_det having two columns
    Tab_tablename varchar2(50),
    Tab_tablename varchar2(50)
    Select * from tab_det;
    Tab_tablename     ---->          Tab_tablename
    ------------------ ------> ---------------------
    Emp          ------->          empno,empname,dept
    Emp_acct          ------>          empno,accno,accname,age
    I want to split the each column name from <Tab_tablename > because it contains all the
    Column name with comma separated and as a single value
    I want to split the column name for each < Tab_tablename> Corresponding to
    < Tab_tablename>
    And I want to pass the column names dynamically and the output need to be written into the File
    The Required Output In File
    Empno          empname          dept
    1          aaa               cs
    2          bbb               ec
    3          ccc               ec
    Empno          accno     accname     age
    1          12     aaa          34
    2          13 bbb          36
    3          14     ccc          38
    4          14     ddd          40

    Then do so.
    Use INSTR to identify the locations of the commas and SUBSTR to separate the pieces.
    We are not here to do your school work for you.

  • How to show the VALUE as the Column Header using SQL query?

    I have a requirement to show the picked value as the column header using SQL query.
    WHERE EMPNO=7934;
    Result Should be:

    I have a requirement to show the picked value as the column header using SQL query.In sql*plus you can do
    SQL> set verify on
    SQL> def e =  7934
    old: SELECT empno "&&e"  FROM emp  WHERE empno = &&e
    new: SELECT empno "7934"  FROM emp  WHERE empno = 7934
    SQL> SELECT empno "7934"  FROM emp  WHERE empno = 7934
    1 row selected.

  • Return all the column values using the F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST

    How to return all the column values using the F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST?
    For example : if the row has 3 columns then after selecting the particular row, the RETURN_TAB internal table should contain all the three column values.

       Try the following...
    DATA : it_fields like help_value occurs 1 with header line.
    data: begin of w_vbap,
            vbeln      like vbap-vbeln,    
            posnr      like vbap-posnr,   
            werks      like vbap-werks,  
          end of w_vbap.
    data: i_vbap   like w_vbap   occurs 0 with header line,
             w_fields type help_value,
          i_dfies type table of dfies,
          i_return_tab type table of ddshretval with header line,
          i_field  type dfies.
      select vbeln posnr werks
          from vbap into table i_vbap up to 5 rows.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
       sort i_vbap by vbeln.
      clear it_fields[] , it_fields.
      it_fields-tabname = c_vbap.
      it_fields-fieldname = 'VBELN'.
      it_fields-selectflag = c_on.
      append it_fields.
      it_fields-tabname = c_vbap.
      it_fields-fieldname = 'POSNR'.
      it_fields-selectflag = space.
      append it_fields.
      it_fields-tabname = c_vbap.
      it_fields-fieldname = 'WERKS'.
      it_fields-selectflag = space.
      append it_fields.
      loop at it_fields into w_fields.
        i_field-tabname   = w_fields-tabname.
        i_field-fieldname = w_fields-fieldname.
        i_field-keyflag   = w_fields-selectflag.
        append i_field to i_dfies.
      call function 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST'
          retfield               = 'VBELN'
         window_title           = 'Select'
          value_tab              = i_vbap
          field_tab                = i_dfies
          return_tab             = i_return_tab
         parameter_error        = 1
         no_values_found        = 2
         others                 = 3
      read table i_return_tab into w_return_tab index 1.
      if sy-subrc = 0.

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