Showing real time in video

I want to have real time showing in small video clips. Is there a way to have a minute: second time superimposed somewhere inside a clip?

In the titles section, there is a date/time title that you can drag into your project. I think it has date/hour/minutes but not seconds if I recall correctly.
Also, if you click VIEW/Display Playhead Information, you will see the time metadata as you skim with your mouse. However, this is only visible while editing. It will not show in the finished movie.
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  • Does anyone know a work around to broadcast live (in real time) via video stream through a BC website?

    Does anyone know a work around to broadcast live (in real time) via video stream through a BC website?

    There is no work around. You would look to use a service, like Twitch, you get a embed code for the live stream, you put that on a page and away you go. All depends on the service your using.

  • Anyone used VisionNet system "designed to provide real-time streaming video feeds over the Internet"?

    I'm a Mac user and we only have Macs at home. My son just started preschool, which offers a VisionNet system--"a state-of-the-art system of cameras, servers, and software designed to provide real-time streaming video feeds over the Internet." However, on the VisionNet FAQ page, it specifies the following:
    "You need a web browser that is Java-enabled, perferably Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you're running Microsoft Internet Explorer, it needs to be version 6.x or higher.  We recommend Internet Explorer 6.x as this is the latest and most up-to-date product release.  Some Windows XP and Windows XP Professional users will have do download a Java runtime environment in order to use the VisionNet system if they have not done so already."
    We don't have any PCs at home, so I  tried to log in using my MacPro desktop, my old MacBook Pro and my new MBP. Basically, for the last 3 weeks I've managed to access the site only ONCE from my desktop and after the time-out session, I wasn't able to log on ever again (I just cannot enter any keys on the Username and Password fields at login). If I hit the Logon button from the FAQ page, I get an "Unauthorized Access" pop-up message: "This site may only be entered from an authorized web site! Please enter this site from your childcare provider's web site." When I enter "OK" I immediately get a pop-up menu "Confirm Dialog Preference. Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" but I still can't enter any keys at login. It does nothing!
    The "support guy" has NO knowledge of Macs, so I don't know where else to go. The fact that I had successfully logged on once makes me believe it's something I have to update/delete/add in my Preferences in Firefox (I've used Safari and Chrome with no success). I've also considered purchasing an inexpensive PC just for this lousy VisionNet system  but I want to see if anyone has any ideas or advice.
    Can anyone please help me?   Thank you in advance!

    Here is a link to the finished PSA at Vimeo. It is not an outstanding production or anything too special, but it is worth noting that while some of the stills were doctored in Photoshop, the entirety of the editing and motion graphics were done in Premiere CS6.02; and the timeline playback was RealTime thanks to the MPE Hardware Acceleration and a GTX 560 2GB.
    Happy Editing.

  • Showing the time the video was recorded on screen

    I'm making a follow-up video to a recent fire department training we had and would like to have the finished video show the times that the clips were recorded on screen.
    Is this possible with imovie? If so, how?

    Well, you could always use subtitles to show them. Click the "T" on that bar in the center on the right.

  • Apps to show real-time voltage of iPhone 5 battery?

          Is Apple blocking the info (such as real-time voltage, say 3.753V) and no Apps can show that info in realtime?  My iPhone drained quickly and I need to evaluate its health (My expertise is Li battery)
         This company is known for heavy-hand ractice, and I am very upset!

    Does anyone has an answer?  I need to read the real-time voltage!  Thanks!

  • Metric shows real time value but does not show historical data

    I am using OEM 12c.I am facing an issue and I don't know where to look for problem.
    I had created one customized metric for percentage flash recovery area through metric extension.I deployed to it target databases.
    When I check it through Database --> All Metrics it shows me real time value for metric,Collection schedule,upload interval and last upload time.IT is all fine.
    When I check metric value history,
    For all the columns like Last Known Value,
    Collection Time stamp,
    Average Value,
    High Value,
    Low Value
    it shows no data.It even does not show anything in Metric Value History graph.
    Even the metric test in Metric Extension works fine.
    All the client agents are uploading the the data to OEM successfully.
    Any help,guide is appreciated.

    bit late but there are two options on metric creation "Alerting Only" or "Alerting and Historical Trending" - I assume you need the latter to show history so was this option used?

  • Webview not showing real time reports

    I have a customer with IPCC Enterprise 7.5 and using the Webview for reporting. The Real Time reports are empty although campaigns are running and agents are logged in. The Historical Reports works absolutely fine. I noticed that for the dialer port status report, I had to enable a setting through the registry, according to the following document:
    I changed that and then the Real Time report for the dialer port status works. Nothing else from the Real Time reports returns any data.
    Thank you,

    We are using only the Outbound option, so it's only for the outbound. It doesn't give me any Real Time report except the dialer port status. It doesn't return any error, but the report is empty.

  • Call web service from OBI dashboard to show real-time data alongside data from DW

    OBI =
    We have a requirement to pull in real-time data from an external, secure web service (WS) into an OBI report.  The OBI report also contains data from the data warehouse (DW) along with a calculation that is derived from multiplying the DW and WS data .  In theory, the behavior that were looking for is similar to the Action Link "Invoking a web service" whereby the call is made to the web service for each row of data.  How would it be possible to achieve this result on an OBI report?
    Desired Result of OBI Report
    Product.......Qty.........Price........Potential Revenue
    Breakdown of the data source for each column on the OBI report
    Product.......Qty.........Price........Potential Revenue
    Thank you,

    Does anyone know if it's possible to call a webservice from an OBI report to populate a column's value?  Thank you for your input.

  • Did they change the inventory system to have it show real time counts now?

    I ask because before it used to be that it took a store having THREE or more copies of a game or other item before they would show up as available via the website. Of course, if you looked something up using the kiosks IN store it would show most times even if it was less than three.
    I just ask because I bought a copy of Deadpool for the PS3 on Sunday and it showed as IN stock even though they only seemed to have ONE copy. By the time I got home and double checked it showed '3-5 days' for in store pickup for that same game.
    Just kind of curious since if they did improve the system this is a GREAT thing.

    Hi CheapestGamer,
    Great question about our inventory system! I always check and make sure the item I want is available before I go into the store so I don’t leave disappointed I didn’t get what that I wanted because it was sold out.
    I know that we are continuously striving to improve our systems and make them better, faster, stronger. Just recently in fact, we rolled out a new register system to the stores full of numerous improvements and upgrades. With that said, I too have noticed the system updating more quickly, and have seen exactly what you described in your post.
    Thanks for noticing our hard work, hopefully we can continue to impress!

  • Real-Time 120fps web video now possible! (for 120Hz monitor users)

    With the emergence of "120fps" cameras (Galaxy S4, GoPro Hero 3, Casio EX-FC200S, and the upcoming iPhone 5S), Blur Busters did some research on a distribution medium for playing back 120fps videos in real-time.  We have discovered some good news.
    (1) Presently, 120Hz monitors are quite popular among high-end video game players.  There are more than a dozen models avaialble:
    One of the more popular models is the VG248QE, which as over 60 reviews on Amazon (4.5 out of 5 stars).
    (2) The web is now a potential 120fps video distribution medium; and some computer users use 120Hz computer monitors now.  There is now a way to speed up 120fps slow-motion to 120fps real-time, and it was recently discovered that all the popular web browsers support [email protected] (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and the new FireFox 25+ Beta) using the <VIDEO> element are now capable of playing back at 120fps in real time on a 120Hz computer monitor:
    In general, any machine capable of playing back [email protected], is easily capable of playing back [email protected]  Both are pretty similiar bitrates.  Also, some websites ( using Chrome browser) also shows that it's now possible in some web browsers to automatically detect the refresh rate of a web visitor, so you can present 120fps videos automatically only to 120Hz visitors.
    I want to make sure that Adobe Premiere Pro is capable of converting 120fps slow-mo into 120fps real-time, as a natively-encoded 120fps H.264 video file?
    Mark Rejhon

    Adobe employees:
    I need an answer to this question as I'm getting more than one inquiry (I run Blur Busters) and I want to help people be able to create 120fps videos. 
    Do I recommend continuing using Adobe, or do I refer them to a competitor's product if it's the only way to output 120fps???? 
    Even plain free tools such as ffmpeg can do 120fps!
    Some people are starting to think abot 120fps editing (e.g. ...) so this is an emerging area that Adobe also needs to pay attention to.
    The 120fps distribution medium is already here today, and it's called "web browsers running on a 120Hz computer monitor".

  • I would like to see the time in a waveform graph (real-time​)

    i need the x-axis of the waveform graph to show real time (from the computer clock). I have made a program with all the example. He read and log data when the chosen time has elapsed. the program work's well...but i dont't know why the x-axis blink every time he draw a point
    i can see two x-axis in the same time.
    i give you a picture of one of a part of my program, i hope someone can help me
    my_software.JPG ‏128 KB

    I tried to reproduce what you were getting by building a simple VI but I havent had much luck (I have attached the VI).
    Could you post your code so that I can take a look at it?
    Feroz P
    National Instruments
    Attachments: ‏39 KB

  • Canvas output not in real time on TV

    After finally getting my connections right to get video out to my TV monitor, I've ran into another problem. The video from the Viewer is just fine and in real time on the TV. However, from the Canvas just the audio is in real time, the video stays on the first frame until I stop the play and then it goes to the last frame. This just happens on the output to the TV, the Canvas window on the computer has no problem. I have played around with the commands in the view menu with no effect. I would appreciate any help.

    Two suggestions:
    - make sure you rendered all the sequence alt-R and mixed down audio alt-cmd-R before starting Print to Video or simply before playing back the timeline when using View/Video Out/Apple Firewire DV-PAL (or DV-NTSC);
    - make sure the canvas window is set to *Fit to Window*
    You should now get a smooth playback on the firewire device

  • Windows 7 offline files do not sync real time while online?

    I have network folders setup for use offline. When im online and another user deletes files from those folders, i dont see those deletions until i reboot or force a manual sync. How do you make that to show real time. So that when another user deletes files
    in folders i have set to use offline... however im online connected/authenticated to the network, i can see those changes real time.

    Wow, nearly two years since this question was posted and still no worthwhile contribution from Microsoft. 
    We are also seeing behavior similar to this.  We're running Windows 7 clients on a SBS 2011 network.  We are not doing folder redirection, but rather we have users taking certain file shares offline to work from home or on the road (works much
    better/faster than the VPN).  However, when they get back to the office occasionally they find themselves editing the same file another user is, or referring another user to check out a file they created while offline which is not actually in the share.
    Turns out their PC is using the local cache and not the network cache for some file access, but it insists that the user is working online.  Typically if the user forces a manual sync and resolves any conflicts or errors that arise, they can be 99 percent
    sure they are working online for real, but without double-checking against open files on the server there's really no way to know for sure.  This has absolutely destroyed user confidence in this technology which used to work OK (where this is concerned
    anyway - it still had some flaws) in Windows XP. 
    I saw a post in the partner forum where a moderator basically said "oh yeah, I can totally reproduce that in my lab and that's a shame...try Sharepoint."  Absurd.
    Seems like Microsoft is basically taking the stance that Offline Files is only worth using for folder redirection where only one user is likely to be using the files.  If that's the case then as long as the data syncs eventually it's probably not
    a huge deal that this happens.  If, however, you're using Offline Files to sync a shared directory this can have disastrous consequences with documents being edited simultaneously for hours or even days before finally someone realizes the problem and
    then one user or the other gets to redo their changes.
    If they can't make them work right, then they could at least give us more transparencey so the user can see what's going on.  I hated the stupid "you are now working offline" popups in Windows XP as much as the next guy, but I'd kill to get them
    back now, if only to avoid this stuff.  When a user browses to their share that's been made "always available offline" and it says "Offline status: Online" then it should be using files from the LAN, not the cache.

  • Real Time Refresh Data in Dashboards

    How I can see near to real time refresh data in the OBIA Dashboards?
    Scheduling ETL over night only show the data posted a day ago.
    Naeem Akhtar

    In order to show fresh data in dashboards(not from cache) we go for event polling table.
    Using Event Pooling will run the incremental Load to show real time data?No it dosent run any incremental load, it purge cache to show fresh data in dashboards
    Go through below guide which will help you out -

  • Real-Time Collaboration Instant Messaging & .wmv video ?

    Hi, is posible using the last version Netweaver 2004s and Netweaver 2004s BI for some <b>Real-Time Collaboration Instant Messaging</b> for speak to users depending the costcenter and territory area ?
    So idea is show too video .wmv for Principal Directors speaking to cost center depending the territory area and departaments. ?
    Some idea ?
    Thank you ...

    We try test Collaboration and Content the Collaboration.

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