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I have a dynamic flowed PDF form which has calculated fields, validations and multiple digital signatures. My digital signatures are "Document Signature" type and no locking occurs for fields after signing. When I open the form, before changing any field I applied one of the digital signature. However yellow warning mark appears in the signature field saying "..signature has not been altered.., there have been subsequent changes to the document". What can be the problem that a warning mark occurs? How a dynamic form with calculations, validations, invisible areas, and multiple digital signatures can be organized?
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It's not from the scripts, to put it very simply, when the second or later person clicks on the signature
field they are changing the form data, which is exactly what the warning says.
E.g. Form with 2 signature boxes, BoxA, BoxB.
Person 1 signs BoxA, this stores the contents of the form, including BoxB which is empty.
Person 2 then signs BoxB, which stores the contents of the form at signing time.
When the document is opened the contents of the form now match the contents stored when BoxB was signed, but for BoxA the content is different (there is now data in what was previously a blank field) so the warning is triggered.
The warning firing is the correct behavior, as if there was no warning then person A could sign a particular form which person B could then change the contents of without their knowledge, and it would still appears as though they signed it. If the previous version was not stored, and a warning not issued, then signing a document would be pointless.
You can make certain fields be locked after signing, and this can be handy as if you lock all the fields which should not be changeable after the first signature, then you can be pretty sure that the data hasn't changed, and the warning can be safely ignored (but as far as I'm aware, not disabled).

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    you can mail me directly to [email protected], and I'll try to help.
    no guarenty :-)
    [email protected]

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    Thanks for your replies, Irosenth.

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    one limitation which comes to my mind immediately is that you cannot create spool output of the dynamic document.

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    Hi Angelo.
    Did you get any idea how to solve the problem? I face the same problem and found out, that if you use the print method (print_document) you get the refreshed document. But if you display the document you´ll get the old one.
    Thanks for your or any othe´s reply.

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    Pages for Mac OS X, the topic discussed in this community won't do it.
    I think you'll have a better chance for a useful answer in either the Using iPad or the iPad in the Enterprise community.

  • Clicking on link in dynamic document does nothing

    Hello my friends,
    I Add link to my dynamic document but when I press on the link it does
    nothing. I create event handle class and connected it to the link and
    it still did not work.
    Please help me if you can, its urgent.
    Eitan Iluzz.

    Try this:

  • Recieving error when signing a document

    When signing a document, users are receiving >>Timestamp signature property generation error: Unsupported transport protocol
    Time Stamp Server is configued as Server URL:  IP Address of Time Server
    Any ideas on how to resolve this error?

    The problem is probably the URL for the timestamp server is an SSL address (i.e. https://) and the certificate that the OS needs to validate the SSL connection is not available. One thing to try is to copy the address for the timestamp server and paste it into a browser. This may give you the option of installing the SSL certificate.

  • Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader

    I am signing a pdf document with my own .cer file using a plugin. Everything works great in Reader 8, I've got a green check, it specifies that this is a valid signature and I can view the certificate. In Reader 9, however, I receive a huge question mark, but it still specifies that the signature is valid and I can view the certificate. In Reader X, the signature is "UNKOWN".
    How do I get rid of the question mark? Even if I delete the vector data for the drawing the question mark in the plugin, a big yellow question mark is still being displayed in Reader 9 and X.
    Thank you,

    Again, I know NOTHING about your plugin, your code, the certificate in question, etc.
    The ONLY WAY to get you an answer is for you to provide our support staff with the PDF in question, at least as a starting point.  Please open a support contract.
    From: Adobe Forums <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
    Reply-To: "[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>" <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
    Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 06:25:35 -0700
    To: Leonard Rosenthol <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
    Subject: Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader
    Re: Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader
    created by magdakuit<> in Acrobat SDK - View the full discussion<

  • Signing a document using an image

    I can no longer sign a document using an image with Adobe Ready XI.  I have tried to "change saved signature" and click on the "use image" option.  It then requires me to save a copy but after I do so the box disappears and I don't have an option to browse for the image I want to use.  If I click on Place signature again it forces me to set up a digital ID. This happened after an update I did yesterday.  How can I use an image to sign and NOT a digital ID?

    Ok, here's what I've got:
    myCert.cer (certificate)
    myKey.pfx (PKCS12 keystore)
    With this two files I should be able to get the private key (from myKey.pfx), the public key (from the certificate)... and use this to sign the document.
    Can anyone help me to do that? (in Java Code)
    I'll apreciate any help...

  • Signing a document using an existing certificate

    Hi, I've been searching for APIs to digitally sign documents.
    I've successfully signed documents using Keystore and KeyPairGenerator (both of them work), but I haven't been able to use an existing certificate (a .cer file) to sign a document.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    An example code of signing a document using (for example) a certificate stored in myCertificate.cer would be really helpful.
    Juan Ignacio.

    Ok, here's what I've got:
    myCert.cer (certificate)
    myKey.pfx (PKCS12 keystore)
    With this two files I should be able to get the private key (from myKey.pfx), the public key (from the certificate)... and use this to sign the document.
    Can anyone help me to do that? (in Java Code)
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    Is the camera working in other applications, such as Photo Booth? Does the green light come on in Preview?

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    In Acrobat 9 standard, when signing a document with a Windows Digital Signature, how do you set it to ask for a password?

    The product acts for a password when it can't identify and verify the signer is supposed to have access to the signing certificate's private key. You can't control what happens on the signer's end in all cases. If you want to set restrictions on specific fields, look up "seed values" in the Dig Sig Guide.

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    When you sign a document in Adobe X (or XI), the system says it needs to save the file first.   Is there some way to change the (suggested only) file name to a different value for that save?
    Right now, people open a blank form - lets call it formX.pdf.   They fill it in and sign it.  The suggested file name for the save is FormX.pdf.   I can generate a unique file name which i'd like to put in place of the suggested default...

    AFAIK, you can't do it with code. Your best option might be to use a form field to show a message to the user when they sign the document with that information.

Maybe you are looking for