Signing a document using an existing certificate

Hi, I've been searching for APIs to digitally sign documents.
I've successfully signed documents using Keystore and KeyPairGenerator (both of them work), but I haven't been able to use an existing certificate (a .cer file) to sign a document.
Can anyone help me with this?
An example code of signing a document using (for example) a certificate stored in myCertificate.cer would be really helpful.
Juan Ignacio.

Ok, here's what I've got:
myCert.cer (certificate)
myKey.pfx (PKCS12 keystore)
With this two files I should be able to get the private key (from myKey.pfx), the public key (from the certificate)... and use this to sign the document.
Can anyone help me to do that? (in Java Code)
I'll apreciate any help...

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  • Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader

    I am signing a pdf document with my own .cer file using a plugin. Everything works great in Reader 8, I've got a green check, it specifies that this is a valid signature and I can view the certificate. In Reader 9, however, I receive a huge question mark, but it still specifies that the signature is valid and I can view the certificate. In Reader X, the signature is "UNKOWN".
    How do I get rid of the question mark? Even if I delete the vector data for the drawing the question mark in the plugin, a big yellow question mark is still being displayed in Reader 9 and X.
    Thank you,

    Again, I know NOTHING about your plugin, your code, the certificate in question, etc.
    The ONLY WAY to get you an answer is for you to provide our support staff with the PDF in question, at least as a starting point.  Please open a support contract.
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    Subject: Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader
    Re: Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader
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  • Signing a document using an image

    I can no longer sign a document using an image with Adobe Ready XI.  I have tried to "change saved signature" and click on the "use image" option.  It then requires me to save a copy but after I do so the box disappears and I don't have an option to browse for the image I want to use.  If I click on Place signature again it forces me to set up a digital ID. This happened after an update I did yesterday.  How can I use an image to sign and NOT a digital ID?

    Ok, here's what I've got:
    myCert.cer (certificate)
    myKey.pfx (PKCS12 keystore)
    With this two files I should be able to get the private key (from myKey.pfx), the public key (from the certificate)... and use this to sign the document.
    Can anyone help me to do that? (in Java Code)
    I'll apreciate any help...

  • Unable to sign a document using latest adobe reader.

    Hi guys,
    I've never had to sign a document using reader before so I'm really lost. I've downloaded the latest adobe reader version and created an adobe account. The form is enabled for reader and signatures as far as I can tell.
    I'm logged in while the file is open but under the right side tab "sign" all the options are grayed out, I also cant just click on the signature box like it mentions in the help vids.
    I've added a screen shot to show you what I mean.
    Thanks guys,

    Try updating the software, first? PKCS12 is the latest one.
    Also-- you have to make sure you have a digital ID stored in the computer (or through a server), or you can create one.

  • Error while signing a document using API

    Hello. I'm using API functions to add a digital signature to a PDF document. While signing this document, I receive an error which looks like:
    com.adobe.livecycle.signatures.client.types.exceptions.PDFOperationException: ALC-DSS-303-001 Could not sign Signature Field MyField (in the operation : sign)
    Caused By: ALC-DSS-303-014 Subject name and the subject alt name missing. (in the operation : getSignerName)
    My source code is a straight copy/paste from the SDK Help. I can successfully add an unsigned signature field using API call, but I can't sign it. I can also sign my document manually from Adobe Acrobat Professional using the same certificate.
    I'm new in LiveCycle and digital signatures, so it might be some obvious reason that I just can't detect now.
    Could anyone help me, please?

    you can mail me directly to [email protected], and I'll try to help.
    no guarenty :-)
    [email protected]

  • Signing a Document using Custom PKCS#11 and Hardware Token

    I am using a custom PKCS#11 dynamic library and a hardware token to sign a document in Adobe Acrobat 10. I encountered this error when I used the Standard Text as the Appearance of the Signature.
    Creation of this signature could not be completed. Unknown error Support Information: CDSHandler-657
    If I use a custom appearance, the signing is successful.
    Do I need to set anything else before signing the document? Everything works fine on Adobe Acrobat 11. I am using a Mac OS X 10.9 machine. The same error is encountered in Windows 7.
    Is this a known issue in Adobe Acrobat 10?

    My bad, actually I was not using Adobe SDK. I just loaded my custom PKCS module and tried to sign the document. Have you encountered this error?

  • I need to digital sign a document using Acrobat Reader. Is it possibile?

    I am an IT Manager for a little city in northern italy.
    I have almost 50 clients with smart cards enabled for what concerns digital signage.
    I use flawlessy the software of the firm who provides the smart card. (
    This uses sha256 crypt, no problems about it.
    The problem I have is:
    The final file is a "p7m" envelope.
    I would prefer to use a "pdf" envelope. One only file.
    I tried to follow this video
    Simply it doesn't work.
    I have also a couple of Acrobat Standard.
    I can "pdf-sign" with Acrobat Standard 9.
    I am not able to do the same with reader 9 or X.
    There is a way to do it?
    Thank You.

    You can sign a PDF using Adobe Reader 9 or X, but the document must be "Reader Extended" to enable this functionality, This can be done using ADEP\LiveCycle Reader Extensions (server product) or Acrobat Professional 9 (Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader) or Acrobat X Professional (File > Save As > Reader extended PDF)
    For some more info...  or cb9aad9-7ffa.html

  • To sign the document using pen tool in acrobat

    hi ,
            I have to draw in the pdf using pen tool in a particular textbox. what i want to do in when i click in the textbox
          it has to go to pdf comment in it, It has to select the Drawing markups and then select pen tool automatically.
             I want a path for it directly . so that a layman can directly click the textbox and pen tool should open . so that he can sign the document

    Actaully this code is printing a flower using ink tool. can to modify this
    code so that instead of printing it should display inktool by using which i
    draw my own sign or image etc.
      var inch =72, x0 =2* inch, y0=4*inch;
    var scaledInch=.5*inch;
    var nNodes=60;
    var theta=2*Math.PI/nNodes;
    var points =new Array();
    for(var i=0;i<=nNodes;i++)
         Theta =i*theta;
    var annto= this.addAnnot(

  • Webdispatcher use of existing certificate

    Hi guys,
    we are still runnig iis with reverseproxy (old portal EP6) on a gatewayserver in the dmz. Now we want to use the same server for webdispatcher on a different port (parallel for NW04s Portal). For http it works fine. But we want to run (terminated) https and want to use our "old" certificate from verisign (its still used for the reverseproxy and still valid).
    I only find description and helps with information of how to generate a pse for a certificate request but not of how to use my old valid certificat. How can i import my old certificate into the pse?
    Regards Frank

    Hello Frank,
    You can import the Certificate into your SAP system via T-Code STRUST.
    On SAP J2EE Portal you can import the certificate via ....
    First login to the portal at .....
    then go to System administration --> system configuration --> Key Store.

  • Signing a document using graphical pad

    I have Acrobat 6.0 but I am upgrading to 9.0. I would like to be able to create documents within my word processor of choice and then output the final version to PDF and add a signature using my Wacom Graphire pad, all as part of a workflow.
    Obviously I would have to put some sort of box or field in the word processing document, to show Acrobat where the signature should go. But can I add signatures using Acrobat out of the box, or do I need third party software?

    graffiti's comments are probably the most appropriate. You can also use the signature tool with the stamp I think. The other alternatives is to use the pencil tool (you have to be real careful about lifting the pencil or it will start moving what has been done rather than finish writing. The resultant markup is also just that, not a part of the document as such. I think the signature tool is a bit more complete, but then there is still a question of the legality of such a signature.
    A nicer product for markup is PDF Annotator. It allows you to write on the page and does not have the problem I mentioned above. However, it is an additional cost from a third party.
    In the meantime, try the pencil tool and also the signature approach of graffiti. See what works for you.

  • How to use an existing certificate for the ABAP SSL setup using STRUST

    All the documentation say to Create certificate Request and subsequently import the Certificate response from a CA.
    In our case, the company has a certificate from a valid CA root and we would like to use this when creating the SSL PSE files, in particular, the SSL Server PSE.
    Should I use sapgenpse instead of strust??
    What are the steps to apply the certificate ( to this instance (host.dom.internal)??????

    Hi Dough,
    pls chk out this for SSL certificate
    pls reward points

  • Use an existing certificate (we already own) on a Exchange server

    This has to do with certificates and email - so I'm uncertain whether it should go in the security section (here) or in one ofthe Exchange forums... (?)
    Anyway, here we go...
    Usually I create a certificate request for the Exchange server on the Exchange server itself, submit the request and when the certificate is available, install the certificate and enable it.
    What if an organization already has a wildcard certificate for its web servers...
    What obstacles would prevent it from being used on an Exchange server?
    The certificate is for "server authentication" - but probably not email (I know there are different certificate "types", "roles" or "templates" that may come into play here).
    I was not involved in the purchase of the certificate, so I'm not sure if there is a maximum number of servers on which it can be used, or other legal considerations. That is something that must be taken into account all the same.
    But from a technical standpoint, what would prevent a certificate (that can be exported, says the team involved in its acquisition) from being exported and imported to the Exchange server?
    Getting a certificate specifically for the Exchange server might make more sense (I'm certainaly more familiar with that option) but would the situation above even be feasible?
    One last note: there might be a migration to Exchange Online in the future.
    Please mark as helpful if you find my contribution useful or as an answer if it does answer your question. That will encourage me - and others - to take time out to help you.

    On Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:30:40 +0000, David M (LePivert) wrote:
    What if an organization already has a wildcard certificate for its web servers...
    What obstacles would prevent it from being used on an Exchange server?
    After reading your post, one of the Exchange forums would be a better place
    to post it.
    Paul Adare - FIM CM MVP
    Systems programmers are the high priests of a low cult. - R. S. Barton

  • Error When Signing a Document (Using a new digital ID)

    After designating a digital signature and attempting to save, I receive the following error:
    Creation of this signature could not be completed.
    Could not create appearance stream.
    I attempted to try this on another computer and still the same error.
    I can't seem to find anything about this error anywhere.
    Can someone please help?
    Thank you.

    you can mail me directly to [email protected], and I'll try to help.
    no guarenty :-)
    [email protected]

  • Getting Error:Digitally Signing documents using Acrobat SDK

    I am using following API's to digitally sign a document using Acrobat SDK but getting error(return code -2) while making a call to folllowing API DigSigCommitSigRefDict(ASAtomFromString("DocMDP"), tempDict, &pOutRefDict);
    What am i missing?
    Here's my code.
        CosObj sigDict = CosNewDict(cosDoc, true, 1L);                         //Signature Dictionary Cos Object
        CosObj  sigRefDict= CosNewDict(cosDoc, true, 1L);                    //Signature Reference Dictionary Cos Object
        CosDictPut(sigRefDict, ASAtomFromString("TransformMethod"), CosNewName(cosDoc, false, ASAtomFromString("DocMDP")));
        CosDictPut(sigRefDict, ASAtomFromString("Type"), CosNewName(cosDoc, false, ASAtomFromString("SigRef")));
        refArrayObj = CosNewArray(cosDoc, false, 1L);                         //Reference array object inside signature dictionary
        CosArrayInsert(refArrayObj,1, sigRefDict);
        CosDictPut(sigDict, ASAtomFromString("Reference"), refArrayObj);
        CosDictPut(sigDict, ASAtomFromString("Type"), CosNewName(cosDoc, false, ASAtomFromString("Sig")));  
        CosDictPut(sigField, ASAtomFromString("V"), sigDict);               //SigField is an AcroForm object
        DSSigRefDictParamsRec myDSSigRefDictParams;
        myDSSigRefDictParams.size = sizeof(DSSigRefDictParamsRec);
        myDSSigRefDictParams.cosDoc  = PDDocGetCosDoc(pdDoc);
        myDSSigRefDictParams.rootObj   = cRoot;
        myDSSigRefDictParams.sigDict   = sigDict ;
        myDSSigRefDictParams.transformMethod   = ASAtomFromString("DocMDP");
        //myDSSigRefDictParams->transformParams   =
        myDSSigRefDictParams.bIndirect    = true;
        DSSigRefDictErrParams errParams;
        DSRetCode retCode = DigSigNewSigRefDict(&myDSSigRefDictParams,errParams);
        CosObj pOutRefDict;
        retCode = DigSigCommitSigRefDict(ASAtomFromString("DocMDP"),sigDict , &pOutRefDict);
        retCode = DigSigFinishSigRefDict(ASAtomFromString("DocMDP"), sigDict , pOutRefDict,errParams);

    Thanks for the tip George. I'm using Acrobat Pro X to create a form. Can you tell me how to make the form reader-enabled so that it can be digitally signed?

  • How do I sign a Adobe document using Adobe Acrobat 9Pro?

    How do I sign a Adobe document using Adobe Acrobat 9Pro?

    Hi Calvin ,
    Please refer to the following links to sign a document using Acrobat 9 pdf
    Stay well.
    Sukrit Dhingra

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