Since upgrading to 10.8, my mouse scroll wheel works in reverse.  When I rotate the wheel towards me, the page scrolls up.  Can this be configured or fixed?  It is not an apple mouse.

Have been happily using a Microsoft optical wheel mouse with my 27" iMac for a year or so.  Just upgraded the OS to 10.8.4.
Now, when I rotate the scroll wheel towards myself, instead of scrolling down the page, it scrolls up.  Microsoft doesn't yet have a driver for
anything past 10.7.  Can this be configured somehow to act as it used to?

Many thanks!  I clicked the link Barney-15E provided, and found this page:
There were a number of good suggestions there, including this one:
Raptor T Wiked 
Re: Mouse/Trackpad Scroll Options Not Independent     Aug 24, 2011 11:31 PM    (in response to erik.l) 
There is a free app out there that fixes this. I tried it and it does what we want.
It took about 2 seconds to download the app, install it, and be back to normal mouse wheel behavior.
I'm grateful for the help.

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