Sleeping with the lid open

This is so basic, I am embarrassed to post, but here goes. I have a MacBook that sleeps just fine with the lid closed. Light pulses, spin up noise when I open the lid. Recently I have noticed that when I leave the lid open, the screen goes black in the appointed time (from setting in System Preferences), but the little light on the front does not pulse nor do I get the spin-up sound when I move the mouse, etc.
Now for the embarrassing part -- has it always worked this way, or is this something new? I feel sure that previously I could leave the lid open and after the appropriate time, the light would pulse, etc. But not now.
I have reset the PMU several times, checked the sleep preferences, made sure that there was nothing running, no bluetooth activity, etc. But no joy. I called Apple, and the tech there (who quite frankly was hard to understand, but I think I did understand him enough) told me that the behavior I am experiencing is correct. What I want to know is whether the MB sleeps with its lid open and no pulsing light (just on steady). Is my machine sleeping or not?
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your replies! I have checked my settings repeatedly -- currently (for testing purposes) set for the screen to sleep after 2 minutes, the hard drive to sleep after 2 minutes, hard drive to sleep when possible, etc. Bluetooth is not the problem, set to not wake for bluetooth activity, as is the "wake for ethernet". I have even restarted the computer, left it at the login page, and the behavior remains (no pulsing, no spin-up sound). Now that I think about it, when I close the lid for sleep, the light pulses, but no spin-up sound. Hmmm, should I be worried?
Just seems to me that with my G4 PowerBook and this MB earlier, that with the lid open the light would pulse, and just a while ago started not pulsing. Seems about the time I did a software update, but can't be sure. This issue is somewhat important to me because I use WireTap Pro to schedule recording of a couple of radio shows, and need to leave the lid open so WTP can "wake" it to record.

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    The easiest way is to copy the iTunes folder from your old PC to your MB (put it in the Music folder as a subfolder), along with the other valuable data on the old PC. Or restore it from a backup of your old PC. Then authorize iTunes on the MB to the same account you had on the PC. When you sync it will warn you that your content will be deleted, but it will be replaced with the same content from the MB. Before syncing you should also make sure there is at least one entry in iCal and Address book on the MB (assuming you sync to Outlook or equivalent on the PC) to assure that your contacts and calendar entries will move over correctly.
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    This is useful but the MBA gets a bit hotter due to intake, but if you have the lid open + external screen it gets even hotter due to more for the GPU (processor) to do.
    Only way I’ve manage to run only external screen with the lid open is to trick the MBA that the lid is closed with a magnet positioned on the left.
    I’d really like a software solution to this though…

  • No sleep with closed lid?

    I am a mere days away from receiving my new MacBook in the mail My buddies have some and some still have iBooks and no one knew if there was a way to have the lid closed, but to not have the MB go to sleep (disconnect from the internet mainly). I know that if you have external stuff hooked up it won't, but is there anyway that you can prevent sleep with the lid closed with only the MacBook being used?

    Make sure that you read the comments made by the developer on the PRODUCT PAGE and that you're comfortable with them before you install and run this.
    All of the comments about it surround heat issues. The developer, though he doesn't publish an actual warning, says that it could be harmful to the LCD if your machine runs over 50 degrees C while it is closed.
    Personally, I wouldn't run the risk.

  • My Macbook Pro (5,3) sporadically goes to sleep when the lid is open and in use.

    My Macbook Pro (5,3) sporadically goes to sleep when the lid is open and I am actively using it.  This problem happens both with OS X 10.7.2 and Windows 7 (64bit), so I don't think it's an OS issue.  Has anyone else encountered this? It's still covered under apple care... But I'd rather try to fix it myself before having to bring it in.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case - it does get hot.  However, this happens even when I first open it after having it in sleep mode for an entire night...  Do you know how to run the diag tool with OS X 10.7?

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    How putting my mac to sleep with the display closed????

    MBP does not sleep when display is closed?
    For:   A portable Mac doesn't appear to respond properly when you close or open the lid.
    Reset SMC.
    Choose the method for:
    "Resetting SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own".

  • Using  MBP with with the lid closed

    I have done some searching for tips on using the MBP with the lid closed and there is some conflicting information. I'm hoping people who use their Apple laptops in this way can help clarify a few things.
    First, as I understand it, the MBP will operate with the lid closed if there is a connected power cord, mouse, keyboard, and external display. I plan to use mine with a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard. (More details from Apple can be found here.)
    These are my questions:
    1) I've heard people issue warnings about laptops overheating when running closed, but it seems Apple endorses using the MBP this way. Is heat really a problem, or are people just spreading misconceptions by predicting an early demise for a laptop used in this way?
    2) Can the MBP be turned on/off when closed, or only put to sleep? I want to keep my MBP on a shelf that makes it inconvenient to open every time I want to shut down or power up. I suspect putting it to sleep will be good enough, but if I can shut down and power up without opening the lid, that would be preferable.
    3) I've read that the MBP can be glitchy when waking from sleep in the closed-lid configuration. According to some people it sometimes won't wake up and requires at restart. Am I fooling myself into thinking sleep can replace shutting down?

    1) As long as you don't place anything between the keyboard and screen, you should be fine. There have been worries about display damage due to heat rising up from the keyboard, but no substantiated reports of real damage occuring.
    2) You can obviously turn the MBP off while closed by choosing Apple > Shut Down; powering back on requires pressing the power button. Another option would be enabling the Wake on LAN feature in Energy Saver preferences.
    3) AFAIK, the problems are with deep sleep and occur regardless of whether the lid is closed or not. I've not had any problems waking my MBP from sleep, but I always shut it down for the night.

  • Running With the Lid Down

    I would like to run maintenance applications at night and do screen sharing with my macbook pro - but I would like to have the lid down on my laptop while doing these various functions...
    Is it possible? What would be my settings?
    Comments, suggestions and opinions are welcome
    Thank you in advance...

    You can only run it with the lid down if you connect an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    Then, put it to sleep and wake it up from the external keyboard.

  • MacBook Pro attempts to power up with the lid shut

    My MacBook Pro attempts to start up with the lid shut. The apple on the lid lights up and I can hear the hard drive attempt to boot up. I have recently had the logic board replaced. I have tried to put the computer to sleep before closing the lid but i still experience the same problem.

    I'd suggest taking it back to wherever you had the thing repaired and tell them what's happening. My guess is the new logic board is bad, but it could be something as simple as the flex cable for the top case being in improperly. That cable is a bit tricky to get in right, and it's easy to break the locking mechanism, otherwise I'd suggest trying to reseat it yourself. So, take it back, they will most likely do that themselves, and odds are just end up replacing the logic board again.

  • Macbook pro auto wake from sleep every minute lid open or closed

    Macbook Pro 2.53, OSX10.8.5.
    Since I installed Lion, my Macbook pro will not sleep for longer than one minure.
    Even with the lid closed it still wakes up. Charger on or off.
    Force sleep works, but auto wake after a minute.
    Have reset SMC, deleted printers, sharing off, bluetooth off, and tried for over a year to find a solution.

    Test after each of the following steps that you haven’t already tried:
    Step 1
    Take all the steps suggested in this support article. That's the starting point for any further effort to solve the problem. Skipping any of those steps may mean that the problem won't be solved.
    Step 2
    From the menu bar, select
    System Preferences ▹ Accessibility ▹ Speakable Items: Off
    Step 3
    Reset the SMC.
    Step 4
    Boot in safe mode and log in to the account with the problem. Note: If FileVault is enabled on some models, or if a firmware password is set, or if the boot volume is a software RAID, you can’t do this. Post for further instructions.
    The login screen appears even if you usually log in automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin.
    Safe mode is much slower to boot and run than normal. Don’t launch any applications at first. If sleep still doesn’t work properly, back up all data and reinstall the OS. After that, if you still have the issue, make a “Genius” appointment at an Apple Store to have the machine tested.
    If sleep now works as expected, go on to the next step.
    Step 5
    Still in safe mode, launch the usual set of applications that are running when you have the problem, including your login items, one at a time, testing after each one. Some applications may not work; skip them. You might be able to identify the cause of the problem this way.
    Step 6
    If sleep is still working after you’ve launched all the usual applications, reboot as usual (not in safe mode) and test again. If sleep still works, you’re done, at least for the moment.
    If you still have the sleep issue after booting out of safe mode, post again.

  • Satellite 'Won't Wake' Up With the Lid Closed

    This may not be a Toshiba problem per se since it has been reported for other brands as well.
    I want to run backups overnight. This requires my backup programs to 'wake' the computer from sleep. This works perfectly well for my desktop. It does not work for my laptop if the lid is down: the laptop does not wake, so backups do not run
    Some details:
    Model L955-S5370, Windows 8, UEFI
    Power settings for a closed lid, whether on-battery or off battery, are: Sleep (not hibernate)
    Makes no difference whether the power options are to sleep or not to sleep when the lid closes; in neither case does the computer wake up.
    When the laptop is set to not sleep when the lid is closed, the laptop eventually goes to sleep in accordance with my general sleep settings ('sleep after 30 minutes')
    The same issue has been reported in the user forums for other brands, and in those instances the problem was neither obvious or easy to diagnose. The problem seems to be in the interface between the lid closing mechanism and the operating system. Dell says they'll include a resolution in a BIOS update.
    Can Toshiba help with this?
    Go to Solution.

    No, you're not dense. Lacking in appreciation of subtle humor, perhaps.
    "Allow wake timers" was disabled. When I changed the setting to "Enabled" my backup ran. So I am   .
    That said, I have read in other OEM forums that running scheduled tasks with the lid down can be a problem. Something to with the interface between the lid (hardware) and the operating system. Apparently, I don't have that problem.

  • Turn on by itself with the lid closed

    I have a Lenovo v100 0763 laptop and I have this problem:
    When I close my laptop lid, it goes to standby mode (I don't activate the hibernation mode) but it only lasts for 20-30 minutes when I can hear the (humming) sound of the machine starting again even with the lid closed.
    When I open the lid, it shows the login page directly like it has always been on (left standby with the lid on)
    I had this problem around a year ago, and then I brought the laptop to a service (along with many other faulties - like the screen) and they fixed them (it was under guarantee back then) but now the problem suddenly came back around a week ago and this applies for both condition when it's plugged onto electricity or when it's under battery power only.
    My setting for the power is Lenovo Standard 
                                                        Power                      Battery
    Close the screen:                       after 25 mins             after 5 mins
    Shutdown the harddisk:              after 30 mins            after 5 mins
    System standby                          after 25 mins            after 5 mins
    Does anybody know why my laptop behaves like this? Because sometimes I left my instant messenger on (It automatically went off when I closed the lid) but it went right online again when the laptop was turned on by itself.
    Thanks in advance

    Sorry, but I cannot find it the one that you meant.
    Is it the boot from network setup? Because there's no such thing as Power Management Setup in the boot menu. It's just bunch of options on from where to boot and since my laptop is turned on from standby by itself, does it have anything to do with booting?

  • MBP battery fully discharging  with the lid shut down overnight

    I have noticed that even with the lid shut down the battery drains out in a few hours on a full charge which was not the case a few days ago. Secondly my MBP will not go into a sleep mode when i try to do so thru the remote, the screen goes blank for a few second then back again.
    I did the last battery update.
    Energy saver is on default setting.
    No third party application is installed to do scheduled tasking.

    I have notices the following in my MBP too, thanks for the info. So now I have bigger issue's
    A. battery drain out in sleep mode.
    B. MBP not restoring itself but restarting.
    After the battery update the safe sleep mode seems to have been disabled, on a complete battery drain out the MBP restarts dose not restore itself to stage when the lid was shut down as its supposed to do so from the contents of RAM image in the file /private var vm sleep-image
    I have noticed a lot of users suggesting to change the hibernation-mode to 0 from 3 and nvramrc to false from true thru terminal command. What are the consequence of the same with regards to the links to it and is it good to go about changing the default settings?
    One pays a good amount for a 15"MBP not to forget the add on's for stability, durability and usability. I give the MBP 100 in 100 in durability & usability, but its lacking in stability too many issues with regards to hardware or software.

  • Mac book pro is very very slow/it hangs for even the smallest tasks/even with the lid closed it is still running if it is not completely turned off. Dose any one know what may be wrong ? and how to fix it?

    More details about the problem : My computer is a Mid 2012 Mac Book pro 2.9GHz i7 processor with 8GB RAM updated to OS X v10.8.5
    - I ran a compleet scan of my computer for any threats ( I used virus barrier express ) and there was nothing identified
    - When I oppened the Activiti Monitor there are about 20-30 processes which I do not undersatand they are run under the user "root" 2 in perticular ( Kernel_task & fseventsd ) they both take up a lot of threads and kernel_task is constantly using 1.2 GB of "real memory" which is at least 20 times any other process that is running espesially the ones that run under the user "Apple" I do not know if this is causing the problems on my mac but i tryed to forces close it and it dose not even let me click the button, the others close but reopean immideatly. I will attach a screen shot of what i have mentioned here.
    - The problems I am facing are mainly performance :- To state a few examples, my mac dose not seam to be able to handile even the smallest tasks like switching tabs on safari, typing any thing, playing a movie withought stopping inbetween, etc.. ( let me elaborate on why I said its not able to handil these tasks, it is because when I am trying to do any one of the afformentioned tasks inbetween the cursor becomes a rainbow collered spinning disk and I am unable to do anything for about 10 seckonds after which it starts to work again for some time before it happens again. )
    - Another concern of mine is that my mac seems to be on even with the lid closed if I do not shut it down compleetly, if i just close the lid after some time the computer starts warming up, and the fan starts running. the battery is drained at the same rate or slightly less rate than it would have if i was using it normally with the lid opean. ( altough this is happning the screen dose not turn on untill the lid is opean again )
    Ps: I apoligize if I have given too many unrelevant details, not enough usefull information and or if i was just all over the place with my explanations but I am really frustrated and was hoping not to miss anyting. Please let me know if any information at all is required and ill do my best to provide it.
    Thank You

    Start with this comprehensive troubleshooting article:
    Look at this one for possible solutions:

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