Slide show photos display small

Hey Everyone,
Every time I go play the slid shows on my page they display small like a thumbnail. Any clue why? How can I fix this?
Here is the link to my page.

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  • Changing Duration of Slide Show Photos In Aperture 3?

    Just made my first slide show in Aperture 3. The program defaults all slide show photos to a display time of 3 sec. How do I change all the slides from 3 sec to something else?

    I played around with templates hoping that would bring forth some hidden "slide duration" controls...but no luck.
    In iPhoto I can change the slide duration for each slide individually.
    For A3...this capability eludes me.
    Anyone figure this out yet?

  • Final cut pro crashing with slide show photos

    I am working with a large slide show - a few movie clips, but mostly still images from Aperture.  The photos were shot wtih a Nikon D300 in Raw, not that I think that matters much at all.
    Becasue this is a slide show I am working wth short durations for the images - usually 3:14.  Most of the transitions are simply cross dissolve, but some are more complex.
    I am getting again and again crashes - or the spinning color circle going to oblivion and requiring a Force Quit. 
    Either can happen when adding new material, moving arround existing material, or trying to reset durations, add text, different transitions, or working wth the Ken Burns options.  Sometimes it also happens when resizing the time line zoom level.   This marvelous feature seems the most consistent way of trashing the application so I tend to leave it alone.
    I may be able to work for an hour or only a few minutes.  Sometimes deleting and re-adding an image seems to help, but that may not be true - most of the time it's just simply random.   The system has 14 Gig Ram and I am using iCleanMemory now to see how much is in play.  A crash / freeze may occur with a lot or a little - usually looks like I have about 8.9 Gig in play for normal use of Final Cut and no clear change when it crashes / freezes.
    Clearly the images are compatible - they are from Aperture and there is no consistency in always the same image being the issue.  
    Below is the first part of the error report dump. 
    Hoping someone has an idea for how to overcome this.
    Appreciate the thoughts.
    Cheers -
    Process:         Final Cut Pro [1012]
    Path:            /Applications/Final Cut Cut Pro
    Version:         10.0 (179114)
    Build Info:      ProEditor-179110400~1
    App Item ID:     424389933
    App External ID: 3491984
    Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [202]
    Date/Time:       2011-08-17 17:57:45.775 -0600
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.7.1 (11B26)
    Report Version:  9
    Interval Since Last Report:          50891 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report:           1
    Per-App Interval Since Last Report:  2401 sec
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   1
    Anonymous UUID:                      D1C2721F-974C-4845-BFD9-2EA572309772
    Crashed Thread:  17  CVDisplayLink
    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x000000010371ed40
    VM Regions Near 0x10371ed40:
        IOKit                  00000001036ff000-0000000103700000 [    4K] rw-/rw- SM=ALI 
    --> MALLOC_TINY            0000000103700000-0000000103800000 [ 1024K] rw-/rwx SM=COW 
        MALLOC_SMALL           0000000103800000-0000000103885000 [  532K] rw-/rwx SM=ZER 
    Application Specific Information:
    objc[1012]: garbage collection is OFF

    Well, I filmed many of those videos in HDV (the 2x2 wall, the 5x5 wall and some of the 10x10 wall). Plus I converted the whole project to HDV because it is the way I displayed it (thru camera to Plasma TV's) and I wanted the HD space to work with and since part of my videos were HDV I figured that would be best.
    Of course the DV footage is not so good quality, but when made very small for that big screen it looks fine I think. Yeah the AIC codec is great but it takes 4 times as much room, but you think that would work better hey?
    I just don't want Final Cut crashing like that. I don't care if it can't play it back in real time or it takes 10 seconds to display 1 frame.
    I have not used motion....would it work for what I did. Remember I used over 100 discreet video streams I had. I don't want to replicate the same get the drift.
    Did you see it in youtubes HD? What did you think of the quality?

  • Idvd slide shows always display in 4:3

    I am new to iDVD and to this forum. I have created a small slide show set to 16:9. My main page and the extras page display in 16:9, however, the slideshows all display in 4:3.
    The images are cropped not distorted. This happens regardless of the theme I have chosen. The dvd player is set to 16:9 output and the idvd previewer shows the slideshows as 4:3 as well.
    Does anybody have any thoughts?? I need help!!!

    Are you aware that Canon has three digicams that shoot WS? SD700 IS, SD800 IS, and SD900 IS. The last two are very new.
    I have the SD700 IS and love it!!!
    G4 DP 1.25 GHz 2GB RAM 4 Drives 860GB   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2 SuperDrives (SL 8X & DL 16X)

  • Pixel resolution for slide show photos

    Hello all,
    What is the best pixel dimensions for doing a slide show to be watched on a hd lcd tv? I just did some at 1366 x 768 that seemed to work pretty well, but maybe the files don't even have to be this big...
    Also I have a few photos that really flicker in the slide there a way to eliminate this flicker?

    Hello Tom,
    Thanks for the info. My tv that I will be playing the dvd on is 1366 x 768, so my question is what is your reason for making the images 1280x720? Won't this make my images smaller on my tv or do they get resized?
    I will try the blur in Photoshop and see if that corrects the flicker problem.
    I tried the Flicker filter but I'm not sure if it even got applied to the problem images. I selected the image in the time line and then went up to filter and selected flicker...does this automatically apply when these steps are performed?
    Thanks again.

  • Notes on Slide Show Photos

    I'm making a number of slide shows from color slides. I want to put short notes on the bottom of the photos so the notes appear on the pictures as they are shown. Can I do this with I Photo or do I have to get other software to add this feature?

    I don't think you can add notes to the bottom of an iPhoto slideshow, although you may be able to do so if making the slideshow in iMovie or Quicktime. I suggest posting to the iPhoto forum where you'll get more specific help from users who work with iPhoto.
    Here is the link to the iPhoto 6 forum.
    If you are using iPhoto 5, go here.
    The general iPhoto forum may be found here..
    iMac G5 Rev C 20" 2.5gb RAM 250 gb HD/iBook G4 1.33 ghz 1.5gb RAM 40 gb HD   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   LaCie 160gb d2 HD Canon i960 printer

  • Blu-Ray slide show photo rotation

    I am making Blu-Ray slide shows using Premier Elements 11 from albums created in Elements 11.  In the finished slide shows many of the pictures are not correctly rotated.  The compiler is pulling the original photo from My Pictures and not from the album; the photos were correctly rotated in the albums.  Is there a fix for this?  Is the only solution to go through 5,000 photos in My Pictures and rotate the photos that were taken vertically?

    Do a search, and you'll see lots of issues with Encore Bluray slideshows. I do not know what the formula may be for success. I do not use them.
    Yes, a plain slideshow has one mts per slide. A slideshow with transition but no zoom/pan has one per slide and one per transition. A slideshow with transition and zoom/pan has one per slide with the full duration per mts.
    A variety of quality issues have been reported, but I don't recall the color flashes issue. I get what looks very similar to me.
    I recommend doing the slideshow in Premiere, and just having no control for the user. One person reported making a chapter point for each slide, and that allowed some advance.
    You can get a clean slide using no transitions and no pan/zoom; H264 for project settings (used for slideshows) is the recommendation when Mpeg results in poor slideshow quality.

  • PSE 6 slide show photos too large for TV screen

    I have been collecting, scanning and saving family photos for over a year to create a slide show for my 81 yr. old Dad. I create a slide show with PSE 6, save to a CD and play on the TV. No matter what pixel size I resize the photos to they are still too large for the TV screen - not just one TV screen but different ones I try. I loose heads at the top, feet at the bottom, people on the sides. I have been researching but have not found the answer to solve my problem. Anyone have the answer or some suggestions I would be very appreciative.  Thanks.
    Scrap Grannie

    Well, first of all, choose the right resolution and frame-rate...
    Are you working in NTSC (30 fps), or PAL (25 fps)...?
    Use one of the common DV formats /
    if you choose HD, 1080i, then your TV must be able to recognize that format,
    otherwise images get cut off...
    Format                                           Rectangular Size              Square Size
    DV NTSC................................................720x480.............................. ...720x540
    DV PAL...................................................720x576............................ .....768x576
    HDV 720p..................................................NA................................. ....1280x720
    HDV 1080i.................................................NA................................. ....1920x1080
    Stay with your chosen format through-out your whole project...
    (PNG, TIFF or PSD), import those files into your video editor.
    Depending on the Operational System (Mac or Windows), one has many choices...
    After editing, import those files into your chosen Authoring software for burning,
    they will take care of the appropriate compression.
    (I would recommend burning to DVD, not CD, one will achieve much better quality...

  • Slide show photos black

    I am trying to create a slide show from the pictures stored in iPhoto, but some of them do not show up in the slide show. Instead, there is a black screen for the three seconds that the photo should be showing. Others from the same library are fine though. Has anyone ever seen this problem and know how to fix it?

    I have been having the same problem, and I can't figure out how to fix it. I noticed it is for all photos in landscape that it goes black - for portrait photos it works fine.
    Any suggestions would be helpful!

  • LR3 Slide show photo orientation - bug or user ignorance???

    I am building a slide show in LR3 and some of the file orientation shows up in the slide show incorrectly.  For instance, I want the file to show vertical but in slideshow it shows sideways.  I have updated the file in Library and created a a Collection for the photos I want in the slideshow... in the collection and in the library the orientation is correct but the slideshow view still shows it sideways.... Not sure if I am doing something wrong or the program is bug... either way its annoying.  Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

    It's a known bug in Lr3

  • Missing slide show photos

    I just upgraded to PSE7 from PSE5 and converted the catolog ok. A slide show I had just made in 5 has the index photo in the catolog, but comes up with empty photos. The blank frames are there with the time for the slide and the total running time for the show. What happened to the photos?

    > Downloaded psedbtool. It works but I can't get the output.log It runs its diagnostic then disappears.
    You need to start a command prompt and then type the command in, as described in steps 2-4 of the download instructions linked above . If you simply double-click psedbtool.exe, its window will close immediately after running.
    >All the pictures seem to be in the organizer. They just don't come up for the old slide show I did.
    What about my question 2 from the previous post? This will indicate whether the problem is just with the slide show itself or with the photos that are included in the slide show.
    > I just wonder if it would be easier just to redo the show.
    If you catalog has otherwise converted fine, then it may be easiest to redo the show. But the problems with this slide show may indicate other catalog problems with the conversion that could be still lurking.
    > I have the one from Ver 5 on CD. Could I copy it back into Ver 7?
    No, that wont work. The only way to get a PSE 5 slide show into PSE 7 is to convert the catalog containing the slide show.

  • How do I get my DVD slide shows to display files in the order I load them rather than random present

    How do I get slide shows created on DVD to show slides in the order I load them rather than randomly?

    Try this article:
    < _WIN.html>
    It is for PSE11 Windows only and it has a section for reordering under Section 5.

  • Where do I put my slide show photos

    I am working on a slideshow. I do NOT want the photos to be contained in my MobileMe gallery. My host is 1and1. My question is this: do I have to put the folder containing the slideshow photos on 1and1's server, or can I use flickr, etc.
    Currently, when I use the following snippet (with MobileMe):
    <iframe src="" width="640" height="480" scrolling="no" frameborder="1"></iframe>
    I do not get a slideshow. Rather, I get a 640x480 window showing the gallery page.

    Its better to have your photos and slideshow assets, if any, uploaded to the root folder on your server.
    Using an iFrame code like you are doing will only bring up the photos and the URL to any one will be the same when the files are on the 1 and 1 server....
    There are lots of different ways to create slideshows and you would need to let us know what type you wanted....
    etc, etc.....

  • Recapture of slide show photos

    Does anyone have a method of copying photos saved in a iDVD slideshow? The original scans were lost by upgrading software, and now the only place the photos exist is in the slideshow. I'd like to copy them in a JPG format into another file so I can use them in other places.

    I have really bad news for you. The photos in their original form cannot be recovered. They were converted to video (NTSC or PAL) and encoded in MPEG2 for burning to the DVD. (Unless you happened to also write them to the DVD ROM area perhaps?)
    The best you will be able to do is to do a screen capture of the slides. You could also rip the video from the DVD and bring it into a linear editor to export stills. In either case you will be limited to video screen resolution and quality which is pertty abysmal.

  • How to make vintage prints slide show one photo at a time?

    Does anyone know to program the vintage prints slide show to display only one photo at a time?

    The slideshow templates are fixed and can't be changed.
    Alternatives to iPhoto's slideshow include:
    iMovie, on every Mac sold.
    Others, in order of price: PhotoPresenter  $29
    PhotoToMovie  $49.95
    PulpMotion  $129
    FotoMagico $29 (Home version) ($149 Pro version, which includes PhotoPresenter)
    Final Cut Express  $199
    It's difficult to compare these apps. They have differences in capability - some are driven off templates. some aren't. Some have a wider variety of transitions. Others will have excellent audio controls. It's worth checking them out to see what meets your needs. However, there is no doubt that Final Cut Express is the most capable app of them all. You get what you pay for.

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