Slow performance in Illustrator CS6 for duplicating the repeating gradient dot pattern

Hi. I am using CS6 currently to do my gradient dot pattern using the 'Blend & 'Transform Each' tools for an artwork size of 4300mm x 2800mm.
I am using a 64-bits and 8 GB memory but my computer is not responding really well.
During the duplicating process, it will be lagging so badly and sometimes the illustrator will appear a box saying 'out of memory' and my artwork will be gone.
Do I need a better specification for my computer to run this? (Higher RAM? Processor? Graphic Card?)
Here are the specification of my computer:
Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor E5-2609 (Quad Core, 2.40GHz, 10MB, 6.4 GT/s)
8GB (4x2GB) DDR3 RDIMM Memory, 1333MHz,ECC
2 units of 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive
NVIDIA Quadro 600
Windows(R) 7 Professional 64 bit
or is there any method of creating the gradient dot pattern so that I can do it efficiently?

Hi Mylenium,
These are the gradient patterns which I am trying to achieve on an artwork size of 4300mm x 2800mm:
                                               Pattern A                                                                                                                                    Pattern B
Hope to get some advices from you.

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    Windows 7 64bit SP1
    8gb of RAM
    Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz
    500gb HDD
    AMD Radeon HD 6350 512mb
    Illustrator 16.0.3
    The memory usage when it does this for Illustrator doesn't go above 400mb and CPU usage is 07. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?! I have tried puting each artboard on it's own layer and hiding that layer while I'm not working on it, but that doesn't do anything either. I checked the Event Viewer and didn't see any warnings or errors at the times this occurs either. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I don't know if it is unique to your computer, this file you have or just AI. I tried to replicate the setup you are using but don't experience the lag.
    I am now using Win8 64-bit, but on my previous laptop I didn't experience anything abnormal using Win7 64-bit.
    The above also applies to the PNG redraw issue.
    Can you share the file? If so, upload to and either plop a link here in the thread, or, if sensitive/not for world-consumption, consider sending me a PM with the link.

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    1) Close down Illy and open again;
    2) Restart the computer (you may do that up to 3 times);
    3) Close down Illy and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift during startup (easy but irreversible);
    4) Move the folder (follow the link with that name) with Illy closed (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible);
    5) Look through and try out the relevant among the Other options (follow the link with that name, Item 7) is a list of usual suspects among other applications that may disturb and confuse Illy, Item 15) applies to CC, CS6, and maybe CS5);
    Even more seriously, you may:
    6) Uninstall, run the Cleaner Tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), and reinstall.

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    What is the price to upgrade to the new CC version?  I can't get any information on anything from Adobe.  I am so annoyed with their website, I really have lost interest.  I don't use the cloud, and only want to use 1 or 2 of their products.  The last product I bought, has now been taken over, and says my TRIAL will expire, when I have owned it for years.  It seems like the options are, pay monthly for everything, or get nothing. I'm not sure if this is designed for students, who can use everything, which is a really cool option, but not what I want. 
    I've always been a die hard Illustrator fan, but I have not been able to use other ADOBE products.  I am, or was, really looking forward to the new CC version. 

    There is no CC without the cloud and that is that. For you activation issue rtefer to this:
    Sign in, activation, or connection errors | CS5.5 and later

  • Slow performance pages when accessing for first time

    Hi Oracle developers,
    Hope this is the right place to ask my question regarding Fusion Applications performance.
    I'm dealing with a hard issue in our Fusion Applications 11.1.7 'test' environment for educational purposes. The thing is that whenever a page is accessed the first time (after a restart) it takes a very long time for the page to appear on the screen.
    When it has been accessed before the page is rendered almost instantly. I suspect this has to with caching/compilation of the pages.
    I already looked at article (Doc ID 1518515.1) and the settings were already set as is described in the solution part of the note.
    My question:
    Is there a fix for this?
    Is there a way to precompile all Fusion Applications JSP pages after a restart.
    Hope you can help me out with this!
    Kind regards,

    Hi Charif,
    we are looking into ways to speed this up, but at the moment there is nothing you can do to avoid this delay.  I know this sounds vague, but I cannot discuss future potential features here.
    Fusion Applications Developer Relations

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