Smartforms Extra zero printing

Hi all,
I am printing  a field of type quan with length 13 and decimals 3.On debugging ,it contains the right value but the layout contains an extra zero in the figure.
Example if the field contains the value 1500.000 while debugging , it prints 15000.000.
Please guide.
Thanks in advance,

    Number of Decimal Places A program symbol of one of the data types DEC, QUAN, and FLTP can contain decimal place data. Use the option below to override the Dictionary definition for the number of decimal places for the formatting of this symbol value. Syntax &symbol(.N)&
The EKPO-MENGE field contains the value 1234.56. The Dictionary definition specifies 3 decimal places and an output length of 17. &EKPO-MENGE& -> 1,234.560 &EKPO-MENGE(.1) -> 1,234.6 &EKPO-MENGE&(.4) -> 1,234.5600 &EKPO-MENGE&(.0) -> 1,235
can u try tthis in ur form as
&itab-netpr(CR)& or

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  • Key Figure value in Cube showing with extra zeros

    Loaded data into the cube. When I display the result
    Key figure values are showing with 2 extra zeroes and Quantity value shaowing with 3 extra zeroes.
    Original value
    Price, Quantity, Sales Rev
    2     1     2
    3     2     6
    When display value from cube
    Price, Quantity, Sales Rev
    2,00     1,000     2,00
    3,00     2,000     6,00
    Why zero is showing? How can I display the original value? In PSA, values are showing correctly.

    These are the zeroes after the decimal places. this is the property of the key figure.
    In your report you can change the display value. In the display properties of the Key figure under the number of decimal places make it as 0. This will remove the zeroes.
    Hope it helps.
    Edited by: Gaurav Kothari on Oct 16, 2008 10:35 AM

  • Extra Zeros in iCal

    I'm sure the solution is simple wife's iCal calendar has started adding an extra two zero's to the time in all .ics events. An appointment made for 9:00am displays as 9:00 00am. When I drag the item to the desktop and look at it with quicklook it displays as 9:00 00am. When I import the item into Entourage it displays as 9:00 00am.
    Every item in iCal now displays this way so I looked at her iCal preferences. The drop down list in "day starts at" now shows the times as 8:00 00AM! I went to her "date and time preferences" and turned off the display of seconds in her menubar clock with no effect.
    Does anyone know where these extra zeros (or seconds) are coming from? Or more importantly, how to turn them off?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    First of all try refreshing the file. You will find the file in your Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences Folder. Quit iCal, drag the .plist file to your Desktop, log out/in or restart and check iCal for normal behavior.
    If that is unsuccessful, open System Preferences...>Language & Text>Formats, and choose, or change the appropriate region. Then check/change the "Times" formats that you are using.

  • Standard Smartform for label printing for packages - pls advice

    Hi All,
    I need help in changing a print program ie Standard Smartform for label printing for packages ?
    Standard Driver program: SDPACKDR
    Please provide me with the detailed steps for editing the Std Smartform according to any requirement.
    Points will be rewarded promptly.

    1. The smartform name is SD_PACK_ETIK.
    2.Just copy the standard program into Zprogram and make chanes and assign in NACE with the form.
    3.But,in smartform lable printing is not possible. can print barcodes.
    Kumar(Reward if helpful).

  • Extra zeros in numeric fields when I create spreadsheet from data files

    I created a form with Live Cycle, and then in Adobe I use the option "create a spread sheet from data files" to import the answers to a xls file.
    I have two problems with this action: the first one is that I get 8 extra zeros in each numeric field, the second one is that fields are ordered by type and not by appearance.
    I tried a different approach importing directly in Excel, in that way there are no extra zeros and the order is correct, but I get just one form each time, and in a "stairways" fashion (i. e. first field in A1, second in B2, and so on)
    I'd appreciate any help

    Where do you find the command "create a spread sheet from data files"?
    Anyway i have a similar problem: when i export data in a .csv file and than i import it in excel, i always get 8 extra zeros... how can i solve the problem?

  • In smartform, dash(-) is printing as hash(#), How to avoid it.

    In smartform, I am printing the customer address from KNA1,
    In database, it is showing as dash(-)
    but, it is printing as hash(#),
    How to avoid it.
    In debugging also, it is showing as dash(-).
    Can u plz write the solution?

    Hi Narendra,
    "replace NO-BREAK SPACE U+00A0 to normal space
    CALL METHOD cl_abap_conv_in_ce=>uccp
       uccp = '00A0'  "(This is hex value of special char)
       char = lv_rep.
    replace all occurrences of lv_rep in lv_eknam with ' '. 
    i use this to remove those spaces in record and appeared as #### in smartforms.
    For your case, please pass in hex value for dash - instead.
    It should work.
    Xiang Li

  • Standard SMARTFORM  for Check Printing/ Payment Advice

    Hi All,
      I have one important question...
    Standard <b>Script</b> Check Print Program =  <b>RFFOUS_C</b>
    Standart Script Layout Name  = F110_PRENUM_CHCK
                                &  F110_D_AVIS
    We have to modify it as per client requirment.
        But I want to know the <b>Standard SMARTFORM & Standard Smartform driver Program for CHECH printing & payment advice ?????????????</b>
    Is there no Smartform for check printing or if exist then please guide me?????????????????

    hi umesh,
    1)anyone can help me,while extending idoc,i added one segment to idoc by extending debmas.that segment has two fields.while populating data to idoc,i am getting problem like VSV0001.exit is not allowing me to write the code.
    plz anyone can help me on this issue.if you did't understand this problem plz tell me how to extend the idoc.more concentration on while populating the data in to which function module i have to customer master idoc.debmas.i am new to this environment.plz help complet work till completion of task.
    2)and my next assignment is in smartforms.plz let me know .i was created the screen.according to that screen.i have to make print program.plz tell me how to give the text elements.
    like we have given in scripts, page window and then F9 to give the text elements.and make the that any one can tell me to make the complete smartforms programs.
    plz this requirement is very very urgent,plz could you send it for my [email protected]
    advance thanks for your help.

  • Unwanted Extra Zeros in Output - Screen Painter Variable Field

    I made this program to leanr screen painting which is a calculator. It all works fine but any calculation I do has extra zeros I don't want for example,
    If I do 3.5 divide by 0.5 it shold give me an answer of 7.00 but it appears like 00000000007.00 and I can't figure out why. My fields for this output and the input are set to DEC - Decimal the screen painter. My variables are specified to two decimals. So whats with these extra zeros?
    Thanks in Advance.  

    Hi James,
    In the fields attributes, tab program, have a look if "Leading zeroes" checkbox is checked. It should not be.

  • Unable to print chinese characters in Smartforms use Zebra printer

    My printer is Zebra ZM400 300dpi,I created a new output device 'TestDevice' and use the Lzeb3 Device type.
    In my smartofrms i used the Zebra command to rotated text.Now the smartforms counld not print chinese characters but '#' instead.(style font 'ANDALE_S')
    Anyone could help me....
    Thanks Advance.
    Andy Lee.

    Hello Andy,
    If you use the device type LZEBU3 with font ANDALE_S, then when you print then the SAP system
    send a print control for activating the ANDALE font installed on the printer, and the text should
    be outputed over this font.
    When you get # during print then this means that the device type or the SAP font don't support
    this character(this was the original problem), when you get a "space" then this means that the
    font which is used by the printer don't support this character.
    I think this can have 2 causes in your case:
    1. The SAP system use the print control SF000 when you use ANDALE_S, which contains
    the print control ^CI17^F8 in HEX form. This should activate the ANDALE font on your printer.
    (You can find this under tr. SE73 -> Printer Fonts -> LZEBU3 -> ANDALE_S)
    You should check wheter this is the correct print control. You should find on the printer an option
    which list you all installed fonts, and also the print control which can be used for activating it.
    Compare this print control from the printer with the above print control from the SAP system.
    If you see a differnce then change the print control in the SAP system.(Before you do that please
    copy the device type LZEBU3 into customer namespace, don't change the original SAP device type)
    2. The font installed on the printer don't support the character which you use. Contact Zebra to confirm this, and ask for a ANDALE font which supports the character.
    Best regards,

  • O/p style  for smartform changes with printer

    I have a smartform for which I see the print o/p in SP01.When I test with the test printer,o/p looks fine.However when I change the printer at runtime(or select some other printer in sel criteria),then when I see the o/p in SP01,the smartform data is printed in BOLD!
    Can ayone suggest what settings need to be done so that smartform o/p is uniform irrespective of the printer selection!
    I havent made any changes to the smartform smartstyle yet the o/ p is different as mentioned above.

    You can refer
    SMARTFORM style changes with printer

  • Font color of smartform incorrect when printing

    I have created a new smartstyle with different fontstyles. For one window in my smartform, I need a word printed in very big letters and in grey.
    When I look at my print preview, the letters are big and in grey, as they should be.
    But when I print it, the color of the letters is always black!
    When I´m printing about "LOCL", but on the same printer, the letters are shown correctly in grey!
    Does anybody know something about this problem?
    Thank You

    Try the following
    Is your table header defined separately means as a separate template. Then check Template Node -> Output Options --> Check Shading.
    Step2: Check the Window in which the table defined.
    Step3 :
    Table Node -> Output Options Tab--select Header --> Set Shading as 0 and Apply/Set and dothe same for all the columns defined in Header.
    Please check the pattern used for table (May be you have used pattern contains shading) to another pattern.
    Try printing your smartform onto another printer, maybe using another driver. If you get the correct shading then, you have to either find another driver for your have to live without shading. Some high-volume printers (like ours) can only print black and are not able to do any shading.

  • Extra zero "0" in front of caller ID numbers

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone has seen this before.. and if so how can I reslove it.
    When people call my numer from a moble there's always an extra zero in front of the number.. e.g. 007712345678
    So when I try to return the call it fails due to it being a wrong number.
    This is also the same when I call 1471.. the extra zero is there too?

    An update
    Mon 7 Oct : Contacted by support agent to arrange an Engineers visit for Tues between 8am - 1pm
    Tues 8 Oct 8:07am : Engineer arrived at 8:07am. Explained issue and engineer called my number from his BT mobile. He saw the additional zero. He then called 1471 and the additional zero was there also.
    He then ran line tests etc and all seemed good. He went out for a while and spoke on his mobile to colleagues as he hadn't seen or heard of this type of fault before. He asked was my number a BT number or was it transferred from another supplier to BT. I said yes.. it was originally a sky number. He said it seemed like a software / exchange issue and they would need to investigate it further and left.
    Tues 8 Oct 10:40am: Text received to say fault was fixed / closed.
    Tues 8 Oct 2:40pm: Re-opened fault. Fault not fixed - Zero still there
    Wed 9 Oct: Multiple calls to landline from BT engineers working on line. They confirmed they could see the zero when looking at their systems inside the exchanges and that it was some type of network/software fault and would require further investigation.
    Thurs 10 Oct: Call from BT support call centre to arrange an Engineers visit. Visit arranged for Sat 12 Oct between 8am - 1pm
    Sat 12 Oct 10:17am: Text received to say fault was fixed / closed.
    Sat 12 Oct 10:25am: Checked line and fault still there. No Engineer had called. Reopened fault online. Dialled 151 from my BT line and was greeted by SKY Talk customer support? 
    Dialled 0800 800 151 and got through BT Call centre. Asked why fault had been closed again? She didn't know. She is trying to find out if Engineer will actually be visiting today or not. Due to call back within 2 hours.
    To be continued..........................

  • Smartforms - Extra Blank Page in DUPLEX mode

    Hello Friends,
    I am printing my smartforms in DUPLEX page mode. Its printing fine but i am getting an extra blank page.
    Searched the forum but no luck.
    I have defined 3 pages Page1, PAGE_INST,Page2. I need to print instructions(say) on back of each page.
    I had set page1 to duplex mode 'D' and next page to blank.
    My pages flow is in the following way:
    page1>Page INST>Page2
    Page 1 & 2 have main windows and have a command to print PAGE_INST.
    Page_INST Does not has main window.
    Page1 : next Page 2.
    Page INST : Next page is Page 2.
    Page2 : is a continuation of page 1 next window is blank(or page 2)
    Its printing fine in Duplex but always there is a blank sheet in the print out at last page.
    Can someone help me how to avoid the last blank page.

    HI Hari,
    How to avoid a blank page at end of the page?

  • Smartform is not printing in portal

    Hi Experts,
    I have developed one smartform. As soon as user execute one transaction, I am sending the samrtform to default printer without any print preveiw.
    This is working fine in SAP.
    The same transaction we are calling in portal. when user click on execute button in web prortal, document is not sending to printer. i mean no document is printed and SY-SUBRC showing other than zero of the smartform function module.
    Pls help me.
    Anything I need to do in portal...?
    Thanks in advance.

    Firt of all ... it is failing the function module. Because I am getting message as Failed. I check in SAP. It is working fine. I mean .. it is printing in SA. But not printing through portal.
    I have written the code like...
    After calling FM (Smartform FM)...
      MESSAGE XXX 'Success'.
      MESSAGE XXX 'Failed'.
    Pls suggest me... Any OSS note we need to implement?

  • Printing Multiple pages in Smartform on Local printer

    Hi guys,
    I have a smartform with a command to print a page with the general conditions.
    When I print this on a defined printer in SPAD everything goes fine (got 2 pages) but when I print this same form thru the Local printer I only get 1 page. It seems the second page is printed over the first.
    Tried it with more pages, 1 with data then general conditions then data again, and it also prints it all on 1 page thru the Local printer. With the third page on top of the second on top of the first.
    Does anybody know how to solve this issue.

    I checked the printers and they are using the normal SAPWIN type. I tried it with access method F and G but both give the same result. The page format used is the standard DINA4.
    On the print preview it looks fine, when I print it on a printer from my windows session using the local printer it all prints on the first page (so it only shows the last page).
    I tried to add the check SY-TABIX > 1 and it is the same issue.
    The problem seems not to be with the smartform because if I print a layout which do not have a command to add an extra page but it contains enough data to print on multiple pages and we get the same result. Second page is printed over first page.

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