Snap to Grid behavior not working?

I recently upgraded from CS3 to CS6. To my eyes, Illustrator's Snap to Grid functionality is either broken—or I'm not understanding a (new?) option.
Use case: I set-up a grid with 1/8" spacing. I paste a 1/2" x 1/2" object from another file, or just copy and paste an existing one in the same file. I want it to sit, say, 2" from the top, and 4" from the left edge. In CS3, I could just use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the object around, and its edges would precisely snap, as expected, to the grid, with no muss or fuss. If it was an uneven size, the edges would snap, making it easy to at least align the left and top edges (for example) where I want the object to sit.
In CS6, this really just plain doesn't work—either with arrow keys, or moving the object with the mouse. The objects are always—ALWAYS—some fraction "off" in one direction or another. And yes, I know it sounds like the Snap to Grid is off, but it's not. The object moves by increments of the grid (1/8" in my example), but the object is not grid-aligned, and cannot be made to be. I can arrow-key the object all over the workspace and it won't snap properly. The only way I can find to accurately position the object is open the Transform dialog, and enter the measurements by hand.
Quite honestly, that's a pain in the butt, and it's made literally everything I do in Illustrator take roughly twice as long. This is improvement?
I am hoping I "just don't get it." That there's an option mis-set somewhere in here. Maybe it's related to moving from Windows on CS3 to Mac on CS6, who knows. What I do know is I'm starting to hate Illustrator every time I have to fire it up these days.
Anyone else see this? Anyone have any idea how to fix it? File a bug report?
ADDED:  In playing with this just after my original posting, it appears that the described issues occur only with groups of objects. For example, a 1/2" x 1/2" icon composed of a square for its outer dimensions, with some other stuff layed on top, then grouped, and moved as a whole. (Although whether it's grouped doesn't actually seem to matter—an ungrouped, multi-select of the same sort behaves the same way.)

Use Preview Bounds didn't help, but your raster effects question got me wondering... I am using a rounded corner effect in every instance where I have observed this. At least with a couple of quick tests, removing the rounded corner effect via the Appearance panel seems to have kicked it into expected behavior. Interesting.
I'd still make a case that this is a bug, and to the best of my recollection, it is NOT how it worked in CS3; I use the rounded corner effect pretty regularly... I would certainly have noticed this "in the old days." 
Thanks for the clue. I'll find a way to deal with this knowing where the issue seems to be. I also just filed a bug report on it; I feel strongly that it is one.

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    Wasn't there a perfectly good application we're supposed to transition away from, something called Fireworks?

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    Target {clusterName, CLUSTER} Is Broken: Cannot Compute Dynamic Properties In Time. [ID 559362.1]
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    I created 5 separate DIVs/Images using the grow/shrink behavior. The behavior worked on the computer I initially created them on, when I got home, the behaviors are still setup, but don't work in either the LiveView, Preview in Browser or when the new files are uploaded to the server.
    When I check the source code, the behavior is there as well. (the five images are supposed to grow from 25% of their size to 100% at different speeds.
    I'm using version CS4.
    Any ideas on why?

    You need to upload the script file to the server:
    <script src="SpryAssets/SpryEffects.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    That is in your code but not on the server.

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    I appreciate your need for precision in the printed version. All can suggst initially is to go to AppleWorks > Preferences > General > Text, and turn Fractional Character Widths on. I know this is a text setting, but it does affect graphics as well.
    If I could see one of your files, it would give me a better idea of how you are building the needlework graphs, and might lead to further ideas on how to solve the problem. It doesn't have to be an actual pattern that you intend to sell—my interest is in the AppleWorks tehnique you're using rather than the graph itself and it's ultimate use.
    My address is available by clickig my name to the left of this message.

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    Make sure Metadata > Show Metadata For Target Photo Only is unchecked.

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    Chord Grid Libraries (I mean, the default one with more than 4500 chords) doesn't work in Snow Leopard.
    It works as expected in Leopard.
    Already verified the bug with other users over here in Italy
    Message was edited by: Simone Coen
    added BUG to the subject header

    Here I did a workaround:
    If you have a 10.5.8 on a Backup Harddisk , start from it, launch Logic9, export the Chord Grids, start again from 10.6.1 launch Logic and reimport this File

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    We are using EBS 12.0.6 and database
    enterprise manager doesnt work
    What can be the reason..does it need seperate licensing?
    Is there anything like admin console in 10g ?

    this note applies to 12 to 12.0.3
    i am on 12.0.6It should work with 12.0.6
    Does it need a seperate license? somebody told me this
    can you confirm me?Contact your Oracle Sales representative for license issues.
    You may also review:
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Licensing Information
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Licensing Information

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    Hi, I've never had issues with adding a simple link to a
    button. However, with IE7 my Get URL behavior won't seem to work in
    IE. I'm including the new AC_Active_Content.js now that spits out
    with the published files and it still doesn't seem to work.
    Please confirm what code I should be using for a button link
    and where it should go (action or behavior?)
    Anybody know what's up?

    Thanks. I was actually wondering the differences between AS2
    and 3. I guess that's one of them.
    Anyway, that worked. I just used AS2 and put this into the
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    Thanks a lot for the help.

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