Snap-To-Grid Finder feature doesn't work for mounted data CDs (Icon View)

I always use Icon View in Finder. And I AM aware of the CMD+J --> Arrange by --> Snap-To-Grid feature. I've set it for all my other Finder windows for my startup drive, and it works. (Actually, I set it to auto-arrange by Kind.) I've even used it as the default setting by clicking the "Set As Defaults" button at the bottom of the View Options window.
But there seems to be a weird glitch where every time I insert a burned data CD with icon folders and such, my Finder window always opens a mess of icons, one on top of each other. I keep setting it back to CMD+J --> Arrange by --> Kind, and the icons organize into grids right after. I click "Set As Defaults" again. But when I eject the CD, then mount it again, Finder gives me a mess of one-on-top-of-the-other icons all over again. What gives? I just want to be able to set all my files to auto-arrange in Finder by Kind.

But when I eject the CD, then mount it again, Finder gives me a mess of one-on-top-of-the-other icons all over again
Of course it will.
The CD is read-only - it can't be written to. Since the window position, view settings, layout, etc. are stored in the directory, there's no way for the Finder to write the changed settings back to the disk before you eject it.
The issue occurs because what you're seeing is how the window was laid out when the disk was burned in the first place.
Your solution is to re-burn the disk, positioning the icons where you want them before starting the burn.

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    When you click on it, it will try and log on as user guest with no password. This will nearly always fail on a windows box.
    top right of the window pain there should then appear an option to 'connect as', click this and type in a valid username and password. Tick the box to add it to your keychain and it should then always connect when you click on the sidebar.

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    This is what the article here claims you need mobile share plan to work.
    It shows it will work fine over wifi.

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    That works!
    I was thinking that 1 was the highest priority when the filter was just working on a simple numerical value.
    Thank you!

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    I tried to update the navigation index but it still doesn't work. from my debuging i found out that it just doesn't look in classes, all classes. I mean even in the where used itself there is not an option for used in classes. I checked it and it's a generic problem of the where used list for global data.
    Edited by: Cohen Lior on Apr 14, 2010 6:52 PM

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    the short title line makes it nearly impossible to distinguish between songs with similar titles.
    Then, I have to click the "show all" and many of the same problems still persist.
    Is there a trick I need to learn, or do I just pray that Apple will give us a more functional search tool!!!!!
    Plus when I click the song in the search list, does it start playing?  NO!  I have to find it in the other window that may
    be partially obscured and click it there!.  If you think I'm being to needful for speed and efficiency, you have never been
    in front of a classroom with 25 hormone freaked students just looking for a chance to get off task!
    Thanks, especially if anyone has any ideas.
    using iMac Intel A5   OS X 10.7..   2.5 GHz computers

    If you deslect Search Entire Library Search will behave as before
    Click on the small black arrow to the right of the magnifying glass in Search
    Untick Search entire Library and it will work as in itunes 10. You may also notice a speed improvement

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    Previewing a persona only works on sites that are whitelisted via an allow exception.
    You can see the permissions for the domain in the current tab in:
    * Tools > Page Info > Permissions > [X] Install Extensions or Themes
    * Tools > Options > Security : "Warn me when sites try to install add-ons": Exceptions
    Make sure that you do not use [[Clear Recent History]] to clear the 'Site Preferences'.

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    Tech support INSISTS that the iphone locator on i Cloud is accurate.  How can it be?  My phone is NOT here!

    Is your device showing a green or grey dot?
    Here is some background on how location services works.
    Here is what happens if the device is turned off
    This linksays if it can't be found it will show the last location for 24 hrs and then  it will clear the map.
    Mine always works fine... it's say within 25' of where I am.

  • I tried copying a photo and pasting it in another event/group within iPhoto but the paste feature doesn't work.  This wasn't an issue with both Leopard and Snow Leopard.  Do you have any solutions or tips?

    I bought a new MacBook Pro with OsX Lion as operating system.  I use iPhoto a lot and when I tried copying a photo then pasting it to another event/group, the 'paste' feature doesn't work.  This wasn't the case with Leopard and Snow Leopard where the 'paste' feature worked.  What I did was to paste the photo first to the desktop before transferring it to the new event/group.  I brought my Mac to the Apple store where I bought it and the technicians were themselves surprised that the 'paste' feature didn't work.  Chalked it up to glitches in the Lion os.  So how do we fix this?  I just find it absurd that a feature that used to work in Snow Leopard has been disabled in Lion, and the user still has to undergo an additional step to make it work, when new technology is supposed to make things easier for users. 
    Also, hasn't anyone noticed that it takes longer for the computer to boot upon opening? 

    Instead of copy and paste drag the photo to the new event. Or flag it and use the add flagged photos to selected event command

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    Every time Firefox opened
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    Hi Cb,
    I did try that and it didn't work. the site in question (though I could pick any) is and I typed in capone (which is near the end of the page)
    Works well on IE, though I'd like to stick with FF.

  • HT1206 drag feature doesn't work

    dragging feature doesn't work. can't drag songs into a playlist, what am I doing wrong

    Hey Lyssa,
    yes, it's the glas-trackpad - one piece.
    I tried several things already:
    setting up a diferent profiel
    hard drive service repairs
    the boot diagnostics (pressing d while booting)
    updates from apple
    I was hoping it's a software problem but now I think it may be the hardware...

  • I have an FF 3.6.10, just reinstalled flash plugin but in gmail the advanced attachment feature doesn't work anyway. what can I do?

    i use FF 3.6.10, just reinstalled it. I have also reinstalled flash plagin. but anyway in gmail the advanced attachment feature doesn't work. what to do?

    Hello & a warm welcome to the forums & Macdom!
    For Lightroom 3...
    Silly Apple, you can't even buy Lion/10.7 anymore, onlt ML/10.8 after you get SL/10.6!???
    You need to get 10.6 & update to 10.6.8 first to be able to buy it from the App Store & download it.
    Snow Leopard/10.6.x Requirements...
    General requirements
       * Mac computer with an Intel processor
        * 1GB of memory (I say 4GB at least, more if you can afford it)
        * 5GB of available disk space (I say 30GB at least)
        * DVD drive for installation
        * Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
        * Some features require Apple’s MobileMe service; fees and terms apply.
    Which apps work with Mac OS X 10.6?...
    It's been pulled from the online store, so you have to call Apple to buy it, last I heard, but quick, call before it's gone!
    At the Apple Icon at top left>About this Mac.
    Then click on More Info>Hardware and report this upto but not including the Serial#...
    Hardware Overview:
    Model Name: iMac
    Model Identifier: iMac7,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 4 MB
    Memory: 6 GB
    Bus Speed: 800 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B03
    SMC Version (system): 1.21f4

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    <input name="ab" id="ab" type="text" />
    <input name="ac" type="text" id="a_c" />
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    method="post" onsubmit="return _CF_checktest(this)">
    <input name="ab" id="a_b" type="text" />
    <input name="ac" type="text" id="a_c" />
    Is this a bug?

    Thanks for bringing this issue to light.
    We are looking into it.

  • "Fit slideshow to music" feature doesn't work

    I've selected "Fit sideshow to music" on a slideshow I've made. Using a song imported from my iTunes library. Ken Burns effect is switched on.
    But the feature doesn't work. The song ends but there are still more slides to show.
    Isn't the idea that the computer will speed up the pix so they end just as the music ends?
    Anyone know how to fix this?
    Mac Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

    Try this solution.

  • IOS 6 Bug? VIP feature doesn't work w/ ActiveSync mail

    I noticed that the new VIP feature doesn't work against ActiveSync mail. The feature works as advertised with my Hotmail account, however.
    I am able to select VIP users from within my AS account but their emails are not being filtered into the VIP folder. I do get an audio alert however when their emails come in.
    is this by design or is it a bug?

    I use Active sync on Exchange 2007.
    I have 1 user, my boss, currently set to VIP and it is working ok.

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