Some apps moved to settings; how can I get them to home page

I thought my problems were solved, but now I have a new one.  Some of my apps disappeared.  I found them in settings.  How can I get them back to my
homepages and how did this happen?

Thanks....yes, I realized this after Carolyn explained how apps work.  I am not new to computers or to macs, but I AM new to apps, and I'm struggling with learning how they work.  I had noticed that they were no longer on my homepage, and then, in searching around for them, I saw them in settings. Then the question was: how the heck do I get them where I want them?  Didn't even think about them being in iTunes!  I love knowing I can shuffle the apps around there instead of trying to slide them from one home page to another (not easy in my view!).
I have to say that without this discussion board, I would never have figured out this iPad.  15 years ago I bought my first computer and learned the whole thing on my own without any tutoring, but this iPad is totally confusing.  I am just now beginning to see how it works and am actually just now beginning to do a little troubleshooting without help. But, it's been a long, hard road! 

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    Are you sure you don't see them when you swipe to the left?
    I actually had only one icon showing on the second page .... and then all of the rest showed up on pages 3, 4, etc.
    The Apple Music app is a red box with a white note
    Weather app is a blue box with a white cloud and yellow sun
    Did you try resetting or restarting the device?

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    bottom row greyed out and apps moved - why ? How do I get them back to where they belong ? Have no idea how this happened.  At first it seemed the apps - phone, safari, mail - were LOST.  But they were moved up with all the others. 

    Thanks for your response.
    However I managed to figure out how to recover - it's just a matter of moving them back to the bottom row 'dock' !  So it's actually very easy.  I was 'thrown' by this unexpected development - don't know how it happened - but it's a 'non-issue' now.  Hopefully my next post or question - if I have one - will be more 'substantive'!

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    They should be in itunes on your computer.  Sync them back.
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  • HT1688 i updated the iphone 4s to ios 7 and now all my apps are gone. How can I get them back?

    how can i get my apps back

    Hey ramsrocket,
    To get back those apps, follow these directions:
    Tap App Store.
    Make sure you're signed in with the same Apple ID used for the original purchase.
    Tap Updates.
    Tap Purchased on the resulting screen.
    Locate the app in your Purchased tab.
    Tap the download icon.
    The app will begin downloading and you'll be taken back to your home screen.
    via: Downloading past purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store
    Take care,

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    You can also restore from iTunes or iCloud backup if you have one.

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    Can anyone help me as to why I can't get my tumblr, facebook & other apps back?

    Unless you have the previous versions on your computer such as in a computer backup you are out of luck. You can only get eh current versions from the App store.

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  • How can I get just my home page to come up when Firefox starts. I don't want to see all the pages for my extensions plus the "Welcome to Firefox Page." I have 5 pages open every time that I don't want.

    Firefox Welcome Page
    Download Helper Extension Page
    Google Shortcuts Extension Page
    Download Status Bar Extension Page
    This happens each and every time Firefox opens, whether there is a new update or not. I currently have these extensions disabled until I can resolve this issue.

    Open Firefox preferences/options. On the General tab you can specify what Firefox should do when it starts. I would guess that you have "Show my windows and tabs from last time" selected. Select "Show my home page" and set your home page in the text box.

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    If you backed up the device, you should be able to recover it from the backup unless you somehow deleted the backup.  See if it isn't recognized by iTunes, then restore it from backup.

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    10.8.2 running on Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.53 (Late 2009).

    Maybe this will help:
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    I updated my iphone and most things like pictures, notes, calendar, transferred over, but I lost APPs and contacts.  How can I get them back?  Went to Verizon and they referred me to Apple.  They said they could see the contacts had been downloaded at some point but couldn't get them.

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  • HT2486 some of the emails i have written send immediately and some are sitting in outbox how do i get them to send please?

    some emails send immediately and some sit in my outbox how can i get them to send please?

    Hello Jo Pru
    Check out the article below to troubleshoot issues with sending email from Mail for Mac. Check in Connection Doctor to see if there is anything that could be preventing from sending it out. Also look to see if how big the email is as that could be an issue with the message sending out.
    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages
    -Norm G.

  • My PC has been restored to factory settings some of my photos are in a album on my iphone only how can i get them back onto my pc

    I have had to restore my PC to factory settings and didnt back up all of my photos but they are in seperate albums on my iphone 4 how can i get them back onto my pc many thaks johnmall

    You can transfer contents from your iPhone back to iTunes library:
    First, *BEFORE you connect the iPhone, please go to the iTunes preferences and select "devices", then select "disable automatic syncing for iPad, iPhones and iPods"*.
    Then, for those songs that you purchased on your iPhone: Transfer purchases from iPod to iTunes.
    For all other non purchased contents (your photos etc), their are ton of third party programs, some is free: iDump, Floola. Some is shareware, but they does preserve playlist/ratings/playcounts/artworks etc: iCopyBot, CopyTrans

  • I delete my camara app on my 4s how can i get it back

    i delete my camara app on my 4s how can i get it back i delete it from da home screen bt when serch it i can c it bt i wants da app on my hm screen

    You cannot delete the camera app, it is a native app to the iOS. It may have been moved to another screen accidentally, or you could have restrictions on, and that would make the camera app unavailable. Check your other home screens, or you can go into Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen Layout and that will bring the native apps back. To check and see if you have restrictions on, go to Settings>General>Restrictions. If they are on, they need to be turned off, but you will need whatever password you used to turn them on. A simple reset of the iPhone might also bring it back, do that by holding down the sleep/wake and home buttons together until you see the Apple logo and then release. After iPhone restarts, check.

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