Some of the error idocs are not falling into Workflow Inbox

The extract of IDOC list with status 51 from WE02 transaction is not matching with Workflow inbox column "object", some of the idocs which are errored are not showing in the workflow inbox. Here we are in need to get all the errored idocs into the inbox. Please suggest me to proceed further.

Hi Smita,
Thanks for your reply.
I have maintained the suggested role SAP_GRC_SPC_SCHEDULER in backend for an user id and i can able to see a job is getting completed in SM37.
However, the task in the inbox hasnt come yet.Any idea you may have as to how much time it will take for task to come into inbox.Or is that i need to do any more extra task.
Please advice.
Ashok S

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  • Some of the PDF doccuments are not open

    Some of the PDF doccuments are not open

    What is your operating system?
    What is your Adobe Reader version?
    "do not open" - what happens instead; do you get an error message?

  • In iTunes on my windows 7 PC, the Edit/Preferences dropdown window,some of the tab windows are not large enough to see all options that are available.  The borders of the window cannot be draged larger.  As a result, I can not uncheck or check some box's.

    In iTunes on my windows 7 PC, in the Edit/Preferences dropdown window,some of the tab windows are not large enough to see all options that are available.  The borders of the window cannot be draged larger.  As a result, I can not uncheck or check some box's on several of the preferences pages.  The Apple people at the store did not help.  I have lownloaded the latest version of iTunes and this is still an issue.  HELP.

    Is there really nobody else with this problem? Really?

  • Error messages are not posted into ECH using collect method

    In asynchronous interface, Error messages are not posted into tcode:ECH_MONI_SEL using collect method.
    In the collect method, passing software component version,business process and error messages.but its not posted into ech and ppo.

    Have you created the FEH class for the proxy. In that, from within the PROCESS method, when there is an error you will be placing those errors into a table and this needs to be passed to the COLLECT method.
    CALL METHOD i_ref_registration->collect
         i_single_bo      = input
         i_component      = 'ZSWC'   "Software component defined while FEH customisation
         i_process        = 'ECH_BP'  "ECH Business process defined while FEH customisation
         i_error_category = lc_errcat
         i_main_message   = wa_error
         i_messages       = lt_error
         i_main_object    = wa_object.
    Here while populating the wa_object, the  objtype field should be populated with the object type defined while FEH customization.
    If all these things are done, then this should post the error.

  • Appointments on the BB Pearl are not entered into the Outlook 2007 Calendar

    The issue that I am having is as follows:
    Calendar entries created on the BlackBerry Pearl are not being entered into the Outlook 2007 calendar. 
    Entries created in the Outlook 2007 calendar are being correctly entered into the BlackBerry Pearl calendar.
    I have made several attempts to fix the issue including:
    Removing and reinstalling the most recent version of the BB Desktop Software.
    Deleting all email accounts but 1, removing and re-sending the service books.
    Resetting the BlackBerry Pearl back to factory default.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated at this point.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    You may have a corrupt Device calendar. Use the following procedure to correct:
    If you need more info please ask!  If not please resolve the thread using the options by the Kudos’ star, Just place the check in the Post that answered your question, Thanks  
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    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

  • Trying to make a disc.img from an iMovie project get the mssage that some of the audio clips are not available. The clips still show as green bars in the project but do not play.

    I successfully made a disc.img and then burned a DVD of the project but found an error in a title. Went back to the project, corrected the error, and tried to create a new disc.img but got the message that some of the audio tracks were unavailable. They still show as green bars in the project but do not play. Tried deleting and reinstalling them with no success. They do play in iTunes and in the iMovie editing pane
    Thank you

    inspired2apathy wrote:
    ... The goal is a ScrollPane that automatically wraps the text inside it. I've just about got it, but I have one thing that's not working. If I just put the JTextArea{s} in as the Editor, then you lose the any text that doesn't fit inside whatever the initial size was. Instead, I put the JTextAreas inside a JScrollPane which works fine, except that I still have to determine the size of the JScrollPane in advance. I would like to make each Editor/JScrollPane start out with just a single line of text and expand until it reaches a certain small number of lines.
    ... What am I missing?THE BASICS. See if this isn't what you are trying to do.
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import javax.swing.JScrollPane;
    import javax.swing.JTextArea;
    public class Test
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        JTextArea ta = new JTextArea();
        JScrollPane sp = new JScrollPane(ta);
        JFrame f = new JFrame();
        f.getContentPane().add(sp, "Center");
        f.setBounds(0, 0, 400, 300);
    }OP, your code was too long and complicated for me to compile and run. However, aren't you forgetting the two simple methods <tt>JTextArea.setLineWrap()</tt> and <tt>JTextArea.setWrapStyleWord()</tt>? Furthermore, I absolutely see no need for you to extend SWING components for demonstration this simple -- that is, if I understand your problem correctly.

  • Some of the MPP file are not opening in MS Project 2013

    I have upgraded Project Server 2010 to Project Server 2013.  I am facing issue with Task List which is not opening in MS Project 2013. While some of the Projects are working fine with MS Project 2013 with all checkin and checkout functionality.
    While i try to open the MPP/Task List. It's giving me error like "Unable to check in project. Ask Administrator to do the Force checkin". After Force checkin also problem remains same.
    Could you please help me on this.
    Rajiv Kumar Srivastava

    Hi Rajeev,
    Since the issue is more related to Project server 2013 products, and here we do not have sufficient information and resource to offer. I'd recommend you ask the question in Project server forum for professional assistance. For your convenience:
    Or you could open a case via
    Thanks for the understanding.
    Rebecca Tu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Some of the open applications are not shown

    I upgraded my MBA2011 from Lion to ML via the appstore.
    Some 3rd party apps do not show up in the dock nor the task switcher (cmd-tab).
    Also if they are statically added to the dock, they do not show the "open app" indicator
    (which is really really bad visible in ML)
    I can see the processes in the "end task (alt-cmd-esc)" and can use this to switch
    in between, but thats not really userfriendly.
    I think I read that there are some changes regards to non signed apps.
    I did not find any setting in the control panel or the finder, anyone a top how
    * how to show all apps in the task switcher in the dock?
    * how to make the open-app indicator more visible?

    After I posted this, this showed up as a suggestion:
    The "killall Dock" works, have to try the
    Drag that plist file to the desktop.
    Reboot, and your problem should be fixed.
    later on

  • Some of the c function are not directly wrapped in to labview how can wrapping to labview

    hi here shambhu
                                  i have problem that some  c call i.e. MTL.dll can wrapped in to labview directly, some of the c function MTL.dll  are not directly wrapped in to labview .How can wrapping to labview.Please suggest me how to over come.Those global data sharing calls will be woking in labwindow cvi.
    Attachments: ‏12 KB
    Template.uir ‏13 KB
    Template.c ‏8 KB

    After I posted this, this showed up as a suggestion:
    The "killall Dock" works, have to try the
    Drag that plist file to the desktop.
    Reboot, and your problem should be fixed.
    later on

  • Some Of The Following Drivers Are Not Being Inslled On The Notebook

    As the topic says, i have an Envy 6 1002TX laptop and in this laptop some of the drivers are not being installed while they are available in the download lists of drivers for the same laptop.
    Product Number::B4P24PA#ACJ
    OS::Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Here are thelist of Drivers that aren't working:-
    1.Intel Smart Connect.
    2.Intel turbo Boost.
    and the Chipset drivers installation has readme file and installation instructions missing, see this:-

    Please find the link given below might help you to fix your issue. Download both driver chipset and have it checked.
    Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver
    Driver Chipset
    Let us know how it goes!
    "I work for HP."
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  • HT1171 shift and the number 2 is making " symbol and some of the other keys are not typing the correct symbol. How do I fix this?

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    I would love to get this fixed since I used this for writing. Any ideas on what I messed up?

    I subscribed to your feed and was unable to download episodes - I tried several including the latest. The error message was that the download was interrupted.
    I was able to download the latest episode in a browser, and to play it in Safari. Evidently your server is reacting badly to requests from the iTunes application; I have no idea why this should be the case and can only refer you to the people running your server.

  • Some of the Artist names are not showing up in iTunes or my iPod

    I have a couple of songs by Yanni on iTunes and my iPod Video (5th Generation). The songs are listed and so are the albums, but the artist name is not. I tried retyping the artist's name but that didn't work.

    See Missing Artist or Album not with others by same artist.

  • Messages are not coming into my inbox...

    Can anyone help??
    My mail activity says I have messages that are being received but they do not seem make it into my inbox. I can access the emails as they are redirected via my pop account, but its a pain.
    Does anyone know why messages would suddenly stop arriving?
    I am a complete beginner, but I set it up 2 years ago and its been fine till now.
    Cheers guys.

    Hi SOLVED IT !!
    In Mail, i clicked on the gear wheel icon - bottom left of Mail window, clicked on Get Account Info - then on Messages on Server - there were titles of all messages I'd seen on but not downloaded to my Inbox in Mail.
    Noticed that there was a message with no title and Sender Unknown, it was 25MB !!! Deleted it, and all fine now !!! Hope this works for you. Not sure if Mail didnt like one mega message or if the Inbox was at capacity - do have 1800 messages in there - its my memory box !! good luck Chris

  • I built a website for a customer using HTML only, so it would work on everything, but some of the text numbers are not clear on the ipad. It works perfectly on all the other browsers.

    I built a website for a customer using HTML only, so it would work on any browser, and it works perfectly on everything except ipad safari. I'm loosing information with most of my text numbers - instead of being black they are displaying a 'ghost' image (white) of the numbers.
    Is this a memory issue, or cache issue, or something else?  I've downloaded iCab and the site works perfectly with it.
    Also wondering if I can manually reload/refresh web pages in iPad Safari.
    Since most people with iPads will use Safari rather than iCab, I have to tweak this site to work in Safari.

    Detecting phone numbers and making them clickable is a feature of the browser, and rebuilding your web-site links will not make any difference. Its done when the page is shown in the browser, not when the page is created.
    According to the Safari iOS developers guide, you can turn these data detectors off using this code:
    <meta name = "format-detection" content = "telephone=no"> ce/Articles/PhoneLinks.html

  • In iPhoto, when a slideshow is created some of the vertical images are not centered, and I have no idea how to fix it.

    Same as the title, not sure why this is happening or how to fix it!

    Same as the title, not sure why this is happening or how to fix it!

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  • IMac takes ages to load videos and then watch once "buffetting" stops

    I need help to speed up my iMac, and I am not sure which bit needs tweaking. If I try and open a video link from a webpage, the content takes too long to load before you can actually watch the clip. I have to pause the video to wait for the load to "

  • I Cal Sharing Calenders

    I want to share calenders with my wife.  We both have I Cloud and seperate Apple IDs.  I have allowed her access on I Cal with read and write access but she still cannot see the Calender on the I Pad.  Please can someone help.  Thanks

  • Global Variables in BI

    Hi, Can anyone explain me the steps to create global variables in BI with out using Query designer? I do not have the infoobject in my cube but still I need a variable i.e for currency translation with out the need of adding the infoobject to the cub

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