Some Questions on Adobe PDF Forms

I have some questions on Adobe Forms development (especially Adobe Forms in ABAP)
1)     In a form interface, in the Code Initialization can we use Object Oriented Syntaxes such as class method calls, etc?
2)     Can we declare Global Data variables with reference to Class References / Interfaces
3)     Can we use the latest ECC 6.0 enhancement framework to add code in the standard form interface to enhance / enrich some logic within the form? This is to avoid copying the form interface into a Z in order to enrich the form via coding?
Please let me know if this is possible at all and how
Will award points
Thanking You in advance

That is possible of course. You should use the PDFObject API for that requirements.
1. define a xml schema with all data given by SAP system.
2. create a form template which uses this schema as data connection
3. implement a java application (i.e. J2EE application) which:
- gets the data from SAP system and generates some pdf files (using PDFObject API)
- reads pdf files back to xml and submits the data to a BAPI

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  • Questions about Adobe Interactive Forms

    Hi everybody,
    I have some questions about Adobe Interactive Forms with CRM 2007.
    I can create AIFs with the Template Designer via the WebUI. These templates appear e.g. for the account in the selection PopUp "Create from template". But these templates are not interactive at all, just the BP-information is displayed.
    Is the template-function only a static way to create a static PDF from the BP-information? Or is there a way to have the BP-information loaded to the PDF but still interactive input to communicate via a webservice?
    Thanks a lot for answers.

    My really modify is :
              iv_xml_string      = lv_ws_data
              iv_xdp_string      = lv_template_data
              iv_returntype      = lv_doc_type      "cl_crm_oi_ads=>gc_doc_type_pdf
              ev_result_document = lv_pdf_xstring
              iv_xml_string      = lv_ws_data
              iv_xdp_string      = lv_template_data
    *{   INSERT         CRDK900138                                        1
    * Modify for correct Interactive Form
              iv_fillable        = 'X'
    *}   INSERT
              iv_returntype      = lv_doc_type      "cl_crm_oi_ads=>gc_doc_type_pdf
              ev_result_document = lv_pdf_xstring

  • Adobe PDF form / submit sutton does nothing in Safari 5.1.2

    We display embedded Acrobat PDF forms containing a submit button in Safari.
    If I press "submit" nothing happens, this worked some Safari versions before.
    My Adobe Reader is: Adobe Reader X, Version 10.1.1
    My Safari version is 5.1.2, I removed and reinstalled it, still does not work.
    Reading this:
    "I contacted Adobe again, and their technical support was more helpful. 
    It is a known issue, and Adobe suggests using a different browser, or downgrade to Safari 5.0.1.
    Adobe will soon issue a patch for this to work with Safari 5.1.1.
    Well, I have 5.1.2 and this does not seam to be fixed yet.
    Downgrading my Safari version to 5.0.1 made the Adobe PDF forms work again with Safari, the submit button does  something.
    Does anybody have some information about this? Is there another way to solve this issue then to downgrade to version 5.0.1 ?
    Thanks for helping

    I'm experiencing the same issue and wondered if you have any news re this problem or have found some workaround ?
    I've performed tests on all verions of Safari  5.1.x including the latest 5.1.4 and unfortunately the bug still exists.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration and any help!

  • Questions regarding Adobe Interactive Forms capabilities

    We have the following questions regarding Adobe Interactive Forms.
    1. Not able to create a text field with dynamic size according to the data entered in the text field in a form with Static Content type forms.   We use a scroll area, but cannot print content that is not visible in the scroll area.
        We currently have Designer 7.0 and 2004 SP 16. I tried to set “Form Properties -> PDF Render Format” to be “Acrobat 7.0 Compatible Dynamic PDF” but the text field did not grow dynamically.
    2. Another requirement is that once one form is accepted by the Customer, we need to generate a second, new form (with all user entered information from the first form) and the customer should be able to print the form.
        To implement this, we need to have a form that can support dynamically growing text field in some areas, and specific positioning of form elements for other areas. Can we have a dynamic form which lets the fields grow dynamically according to the data entered in the field and with specific positioning of elements?
    3. Sending emails from Offline forms – Requirement is to send an email as soon as the form is accepted by our Customers. But the Customers can complete the form offline. Is it possible to automatically send an email in an offline forms without having the user push the ‘send’ button from their email application?  Can the Adobe Form do that part automatically?
    Appreciate any help regarding above questions.

    HI Francois,
    Thank you very much for the very helpful information.
    1. I am able to insert now the floating field inside a static text but the text does not grow dynamically even when I set the form type to be "Flowed Content". Is it something that required Adobe Designer 7.0 and also 2004s ADS?
    2. I can still select only Flow or position content from the option but how can we use both in the same form? I am using Adobe Designer 7.0 and it allows to select only one. Is it again a problem in lower versions that I use?
    3. This is an excellent idea and I strongly believe this is going to work (am trying to create POC for this solution). The form should be able to call the webservice as long as the user is connected to internet.
    Can you provide your views on the first two points. I appreciate your help.

  • ADOBE pdf Forms upload on EP

    Can somebody pls tell me the steps to upload ADOBE pdf Forms on Eportal...
    We have a requirement in which the user can download the pdf forms from EP & upload it again on EP doing some changes in pdf.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Nikesh Shah

    Hi Nikesh,
    As per your description you would like to use the PDF forms to update data in the CRM system. In that case you will be required to create a Webdynpro application which will work with some RFF/BAPI which will update data in the CRM tables.
    To use Adobe forms you need to have  Adobe LiveCycle Designer installed and configured with SAP EP Server.
    The option you currently use is not linked to any backend system and that file is being stored in the KM repository of the EP server.
    Please visit the following link for more details:
    There is an example also which you can visit at:
    ALSO on SDN:
    Sample Tutorials for Interactive Forms:
    Hope this helps and clears your doubt.
    Atul Shrivastava
    PS: Award points for helpful answer.
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            Atul Shrivastava

  • How do I create an app from my Adobe pdf forms to use on any mobile device as well as windows and ios?

    How do I create an app from my Adobe pdf forms to use on any mobile device as well as windows and ios? I have all the apps in Creative Cloud by the way.

    If you already purchased it with the same Apple ID, then you will not be re-charged.

  • Problems with Adobe PDF forms in Web Dynpro Java

    As of now , I have two major issues in developing Adobe PDF forms in Web Dynpro Java .
    1.Text getting wrapped and repeated from the first line :
    Any text field that flows to the next page gets wrapped at the end of the page and is again printed on the next page beginning from the first line .
    For eg:
    If I have 4 lines in a text field that is at the end of the page
    and the page holds space for only two lines it prints the lines
    in the first page and then proceeds to the next page and prints
    rather than printing
    2.No way to hide a page at runtime:
    It is not possible to hide a page in a PDF form at runtime . If scripting is used , the page turns into a blank page but not hidden .
    Any pointers on this????????
    Helpful answers will be suitably rewarded with points!!!!

    Yes,I am using the versions that you mentioned.
    I have a node called <b>MasterData</b> which is the root node for my PDF Form.I have a node called <b>GenData</b> inside this node whose <b>ctx_Appraisal_Type_Num</b> attribute is bound to a hidden TextField in my form.In the <b>docReady</b> event of this TextField, I am writing the following FormCalc script to hide my SubForm whose Id is <b>MngrCmptnc</b>
    if(MasterData.GenData.ctx_Appraisal_Type_Num == "2")
    MasterData.MngrCmptnc.presence = "visible"
    MasterData.MngrCmptnc.MngrCmptnc.presence = "visible"
    MasterData.StrImp.presence = "visible"
    MasterData.MngrCmptnc.presence = "hidden"
    MasterData.MngrCmptnc.MngrCmptnc.presence = "hidden"
    MasterData.StrImp.presence = "hidden"

  • How to dynamically assign Display Pattern using FormCalc in Adobe PDF Form

    I am using Adobe PDF Form Designer. I am trying to dynamically assign a display pattern like MM/DD/YYYY to the Field tab - Display Pattern property. May I know how to do that?
    I am using FormCalc scripting.

    After placing the date field in layout from data view, u will get tabs like field,layout,border etc..
    In field tab under the edit pattern specify the pattern in which you want to display the date field.
    hope this works.
    Reward points if helpful.

  • Faxing adobe pdf forms using actions in CRM service process

    Hi experts,
    Does anybody has experience in sending adobe PDF forms as a fax using actions in CRM service processes? Currently I use this by implementing a PPF BAdI, but what else configuration, software and hardware requirements I need to make faxing work in CRM?
    Is it possible to use 3rd party software to send the fax for example winfax and transfer the fax number to this?

    Dear Dezso,
    As far as I remember, we already know each other
    Our company have been using winfax in the past for sending fax messages. Now that they will use SAP-CRM shall they buy a new fax server? I have looked after Topcall, it might be useful with RFC?
    In CRM service order, I use the EXEC_METHODCALL_PPF BAdI implementation to collect the data from the service order, and then use the standard function modules to "print" or "fax" the PDF document (call function FM_NAME).
    At this function module, which structure do I neet to enter the recipient's fax number (I read somewhere that I have to use DEVICE='TELEFAX' in the output_options - is it true?) ?
    Or should I communicate from the BAdI with Business Communication Services (create recipient and similar methods)?
    Is there any way to send the fax from the local machine where the user uses the SAP GUI?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help and support!

  • Need to fax a Adobe PDF form

    Hi all,
    We have a requirement where we need to fax a Adobe PDF form. Can you please help me what i need to do to fax a PDF form.
    Can anyone explain me the step by step procedure or codes to achieve this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Otto,
    The post was really very helpful... here is my code please say me whether is it correct or not.....
    DATA: formoutput TYPE  fpformoutput ,       " PDF FORM settings.
             docparams  TYPE sfpdocparams ,         " Print and Spool Dialog settings
            ie_outputparams   TYPE sfpoutputparams ." Print and Spool Dialog settings
    DATA: it_recipe TYPE ztrecipe_form1.    " Internal Table Declaration
    DATA: i_name TYPE fpname,
          fm_name TYPE funcname.         " Captures the Generated Function Module name
    i_name = 'ZRECIPE_PRINT_FORM1_1'.    " Adobe Form name
    PARAMETERS: p_matnr TYPE zrecipe_form1-matnr OBLIGATORY.
    SELECT * FROM zrecipe_form1 INTO TABLE it_recipe.
    CALL FUNCTION 'FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME'               " Will contain the name of generated Function Module Name...
        i_name = i_name
        e_funcname = fm_name.
    ie_outputparams-device = 'TELEFAX'.
    ie_outputparams-getpdf = 'X'.
    CALL FUNCTION 'FP_JOB_OPEN'                           " To Open the Form for Printing...
        ie_outputparams       = ie_outputparams.
    *docparams-langu = 'E'.
    *docparams-country = 'US'.
    *docparams-fillable = 'X'.
    CALL FUNCTION fm_name                                " Generated Function Module(/1BCDWB/SM00000167)...
        /1bcdwb/docparams        = docparams
        it_recipe                = it_recipe
        p_matnr                  = p_matnr
       /1bcdwb/formoutput       = formoutput   .
    CALL FUNCTION 'FP_JOB_CLOSE'.                   " To Close The Form For Printing
    here whats my doubt was i havent written any code for FAX except the line *ieoutputparams-device = 'TELEFAX'.*_ or should i write any code for the FAX option or this is enough....
    how do i know whether the FAX option has worked or not
    Please help me in this........

  • Adobe PDF forms

    Hi all,
    Please help me out...
    In Adobe PDF forms, how should we assign master pages to body pages.
    Kindly give me the steps... in the Adobe LifeCycle Designer.
    Thanks in advance.
    Jaffer Ali.S

    Hi all,
    Please help me out...
    In Adobe PDF forms, how should we assign master pages to body pages.
    Kindly give me the steps... in the Adobe LifeCycle Designer.
    Thanks in advance.
    Jaffer Ali.S

  • Adobe PDF Form print preview problem

    Hi All,
    I am new to Adobe PDF form.  I have created one small form using the t-code SFP.
    I am testing this form directly from the T-code SFP.
    When i use the print preview to see the fom output it is givine me below exception.
    "Device type unsuitable for ADS documents"
    I am using the printer LOCL.
    Can you please help me to rectify this problem.
    I am not able to undestand why i am getting this error as i am new to ADOBE form.
    Thanks in advance

       check this [LINK|] to check if ADS is working or not.
    Viquar Iqbal

  • Re: Interactive Adobe PDF forms

    In interactive Adobe PDF forms only two events are give such as OnCheck and OnSubmit. Is it possible to use other events appart from check and submit.If so how to use it and where to code it.
    Is Interactive pdf forms are ment for these two purposes only.
        Thanks and regards .

    The other events you may need would be mostly for field level validations. The adobe framework allows one to write javascripts. Every UI element on the Adobe will have its own set of events. For eg say u want to fill a dropdown frm a RFC when an other UI in the form is clicked and you choose not to use the oncheck or submit action, here is the way:
    Make the RFC a webservice, call the webservice using javascript in the onclick action of UI element 1. Similarly you can use other events to fill, validate and manipulate data. Finally once all that is done submit the data to SAP. Hope it helps. Thank you.

  • Adobe PDF Form: Include text in table

    Im kinda new to Adobe Forms, and this may seem like a very basic question.
    I have copied a standard SAP VAT invoice adobe form and Im making changes to it.
    I have added an "include text" (which has multiple lines) to an already existing table with multiple columns.
    The problem is that while the include text prints correctly when it expands, the entire table does not expand along with it.
    So when the include text goes into many lines, it exceeds the table boundary and overwrites other areas of the form.
    The table layout is like this .
    Column1                Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Column6 
    Inc text                    50$        1.00       PAID       DELIV
    Many Lines       -
    Is there any grouping or somehting that i have to do?

    Basically, you need to create a pdf form.
    Add a text field to your form.
    There you can choose which font your want the text to appear in.
    The trick is, when you export from InDesign, in the "Advanced Tab" — set "Subset fonts when percentage…" to 0%, so the whole font embeds.'
    I believe there's an option in Acrobat to embed the font as well, but I'm not recalling what it it.
    But that will ensure the font appears correctly.

  • Adobe(pdf form) Footer does not display on my form

    hi Masters,
    i have a adobe form and i want to create the footer to it.
    when i create and have some datea on footer the data...the footer does not display.
    the footer is not displayedd whether their is data or not no data.
    am bit new can i have some info pls.
    thank you,
    Moderator message: wrong forum, please have a look in the forum for "Adobe Interactive Forms".
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    FormsCentral does not support Digital Signatures.  The submission process does not handle a signature field in any way. 
    There isn't a method in our authoring environment creating a new form in FormsCentral to add a Signature field, and for an Imported PDF Form there is a warning if a signature field is discovered alerting the user that it will not be used.

Maybe you are looking for

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