Songs not syncing from iTunes to iPod

I'm in the middle of transferring computers for the fourth time, and each time I run into a different problem. This time, I've successfully transfered my songs from my iPod (5th generation) to iTunes, but I can't sync songs or movies onto my iPod from iTunes. Is this a problem with iTunes or my iPod, and how do I fix it?

Check your update settings. Connect your iPod and click on it's icon in the iTunes source list (the narrow pane on the left). This will bring up the preferences tabs in the main pane on the right. The first tab you'll see is Summary, look for "manually manage songs and videos", if there is a check mark there then the iPod is set to update manually and you have to drag songs from the iTunes library to the iPod to load them on. If you want to update automatically you need to remove the check mark from there (I would also remove the "enable disk use" check mark unless you want to use the iPod as a removable storage device) and click the Apply button in the right hand corner:
Syncing Music to iPod
Managing content manually on iPod and iPhone

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  • Song not transferring from itunes to ipod shuffle?

    New songs not syncing to Ipod shuffle.  Getting message on 1 of the 2 songs -"cannot transfer to IPOD because  an unknown error occurred.

    Does the song play properly when you play it in iTunes (on your computer)?
    Was this a download from the iTunes Store?  If not, do a Get Info (in iTunes) on the song.  On the Summary tab of the Info window, what does it say for Kind and Bit Rate?

  • Songs not transferring from iTunes to iPod puzzle

    I update my iPod fairly regularly (mostly for podcasts) and I've noticed recently that a small number of songs aren't being transferred to my iPod when I sync it.
    I converted one song that wasn't transferring from an mp3 format to an aac but still no joy. The songs play fine in iTunes and I've tried a manual update in just transferring the one song but that hasn't worked either.
    Any ideas anyone?

    The songs that are not appearing on your ipod, are they from artists that you have multiple songs? If so, I believe I might know the problem. There is a bug, and I will explain it the simplest way I know how to.
    Let's say that I have 3 songs by Led Zeppelin, "Whole Lotta Love", "Black Dog", and "Moby Dick". Now, if I gave "Black Dog" a album title, and I left the other two blank, on your ipod it will skip the album select screen and go straight to "Black Dog", preventing you from selecting the other two. This will also happen if you have 2 songs (let's say "Whole Lotta Love" and "Moby Dick") labeled with the same album title, while your other songs are unlabeled.
    To fix this problem, you must either give another song from the specific artist a different album title from the other labeled ones. Then the ipod will go to the album select screen, and allow you to select "All" which will display all of your labeled and unlabeled songs.
    I hope this helps.

  • Songs not copying from iTunes to iPod

    I am running iTunes for Windows, version 11.0.4.  I have an 8GB iPod Nano generation 2, with software version 1.1.3 on it.  I can play songs in my library through iTunes with no problem, and I can play any songs that are on my iPod with no problems when using headphones or plugged into an aux jack on my car stereo.  Here are my issues:
    When I attempt to transfer songs from iTunes to my iPod, the message "Copying 1 of #: <song name>" in the display (# being the number of sogs I'm trying to copy.)  The problem is, nothing ever happens.  No progress bar, no going onto song 2, nothing.  It just sits there, and the eject button for the iPod shows the sync icon spinning.  I cannot stop the transfer by clicking the X next to the message, it just continues on, doing nothing.  To stop it, I need to click on the eject button, which does eject the iPod.  When I look on the iPod, the one song it said was copying is there.  I can play it and it works fine.  When I plug the iPod back into my PC, I cannot see the songs on the iPod.  They just don't show up.  Turning the sidebar on, I see the iPod connected, but there is no "Music" option listed under it.  In the new view, I can click on the iPod, select "On This iPod" and I see "Music" as a playlist, but there is nothing listed under it.  When I click Autofill, all it does is sit there for a few minutes, saying that it is autofilling the iPod, but only one song shows up on the iPod.
    To try and fix this issue, I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, and also did a Restore iPod.  Neither worked.  I tried plugging my USB cable into a different port.  The only thing I have not tried is a different USB cable, as I don't have one.  Once I get one I can attempt that, but I doubt that's the issue, as iTunes has no problem seeing my iPod, just transfering songs to it.
    Does anybody have any ideas why this may be happening?  The worst part about this is since I did a restore, I now have NO songs on my iPod (except for the 2 that I did manage to copy onto it.)  Thanks in advance for anybody that can help me out!

    For some reason, hooking the iPod up to my wife's machine (which it worked fine on) seems to have done the trick.  When I reattached it to my machine, it updates fine from iTunes.
    Wish I had tried that first before restoring it. 

  • Some Podcast Playlists not syncing from itunes to ipod

    There's no problem with the actual podcasts syncing to my ipod and they play on the ipod.  The playlists are the same in both itunes and the list of podcast playlists on the ipod tab in itunes.  I've reset the plays, deselected and reselected, set them to not auto delete.  I've 'Marked as Watched' and then 'Marked as Unwatched'.  All the playlists are set up the same way.  I've tried sycing using both methods of 1, using the 'File> Devices>Sync xxxx etc and 2, the sync tab in bottom right corner of the 'Podcasts' tab(ipod tab in itunes when ipod connected).

    Just a stab:
    The song titles need to have a check mark next to them in order to sync.
    Thanks ... Ken

  • Some cover artwork does not sync from iTunes to iPod

    I got the album artwork using the "get artwork" feature, but there are a number of album covers that show up in iTunes, but don't display on my iPod after syncing. Most of the artwork synced ok, but there are a few that for some reason don't display. Suggestions?

    There's a couple of things to try.
    First, highlight all tracks before using Apple's 'get artwork' feature. Most people already do this.
    For really stubborn albums, and I've had a few where there's no logical reason why the album cover doesn't show on the iPod, try removing the offending tracks from the iTunes library (no need to send them to the trash), then locate them and re-import by double clicking on them, and 'get artwork' again, then re-sync.
    Failing that, remove the tracks again, but this time attach the album cover to the track's ID tags directly. You can use something like MediaRage for this. Now the artwork is embedded with the track info and automatically shows in iTunes and the iPod.

  • Some music not syncing from iTunes to iPod Touch

    I downloaded music from two different artists recently. I created playlists for both. I changed the number ordering on the playlists a bit. And now I no longer have those artist's music on my iPod. I have tried:
    * Restoring original settings
    * Double checked the file types on the music
    * Manually added the music back on to the iPod, then synced
    * Adding ALL of the music library onto my iPod (hoping those artists will be added too)
    Nothing has worked. Any suggestions??

    Just a stab:
    The song titles need to have a check mark next to them in order to sync.
    Thanks ... Ken

  • Songs not transfering from itunes to ipod

    I use limewire to downlod music, there is a limewire folder on my itunes source tab, but when I connect my ipod, it only transfers what is in the other folders. Do I have to change a setting or something? I see all of the songs there, just can't get them on the ipod.

    Welcome to the discussions.
    What you are trying to do is illegal. P2P swapping of copyrighted and commercial music is an illegal activity and cannot be discussed on these boards due to the Terms of Use.

  • Songs not transferring from iTunes to iPod

    I just bought a 60GB iPod and set it up with my iTunes that I was formerly using with an iPod mini. I intalled all of the updates for iPod and iTunes and it says everything is transferred but it does not show up on my actual iPod. it takes a long time for the iPod to be recognized and keeps prompting me to register it when it finally is recognized. Getting frustrated here.

    yeah, a little box comes up that says "the file ------ is not supported by the ipod" or some blah like that, and then theres this little button with a plus sign that you can click on and right next to it says 'see 181 total problems" and then it gives you a list of the things that didnt transfer. other than that, everything is fine.(well except for the fact that my music isnt transferring, of course.) its kinda new-ish, i got it in july, and its worked fine until now.
    ??   Windows XP  

  • I recently got an iphone 5S and my songs not purchased from iTunes are grayed out (phone only) and are skipped past when playing them through my iPhone.

    I recently got an iphone 5S and my songs not purchased from iTunes are grayed out (phone only) and are skipped past when playing them through my iPhone. i have tried the following:
    1) Removing all music from phone and resynced to iTunes PC library.
    2) Erased phone and restored from back up
    3) Erased phone and started as a new iPhone
    4) Reformated the music files in my library that weren't playing
    5) Deleted songs from iPhone and computer and re-imported CDs
    6) Tried to redownload my COMPLETE MUSIC LIBRARY from iCloud.
    7) I have also turned it off and turned it back on several times
    8) I tried syncing through my macbook (only moved partial songs to it to see if it would even work).
    9) I have tried to get Siri to play them, did not work.
    10) All music does play fine on my iPod Touch 3rd (iOS6 i think) gen and iTunes on Mac and PC
    11)  I added a CD to my roommates iTunes and it plays on their iPhone 5S but not mine.
    After all of these things it is now WORSE!!!  My iTunes purchased songs are now experiencing the same issue along with some (not all) of the original music files that were skipping and grayed out.  My conclusion is i have no clue at this point!  I have done everything i have found online in EVERY discussion, i have spent over 60 hours trying to get this to work and i am asking myself, i bought this product why am having to fix this when it worked just fine on my iPod touch (3rd Gen) and iPod Classic!!!!  PLEASE APPLE FIX THIS ISSUE FOR US!!!! 

    I had this problem too after i upgdatd to OS X Mavericks... only the songs on my iphone 5s that i purchased from itunes would play.
    i read something about it being a syncing issue. when you plug your phone into your computer with the usb cable, the person said to switch from automatic syncing of itunes to the "manual" option. mine was already set to manual so i wasn't sure anything would work. BUT, when i plugged my phone into my computer, it started to sync all of my music on my phone again (top of itunes bar where song playing/time is listed said "now syncing 123/534 songs to x's iphone"). once that was completed, i checked the music app on my iphone and everything was back to normal!
    so, i would suggest setting your music syncing settings to manual if you haven't tried that yet!
    hope this helps!

  • How can i get artwork to sync from itunes to ipod touch- for my home movies

    How can i get artwork to sync from itunes to ipod touch for my home movies ?
    The artwork is there in itunes ,but when i sync to my ipod ,the artwork dose not go with ,all that is there is a gray house box !

    Read the PDF user manual for a possible solution:  iPod Manuals, search through Apple's Knowledge Base for support Articles and/or iPod Nano Support 

  • Audio books will not sync from itunes to iphone

    I have four audio books on ITunes that at one time were synced to Iphone.  Now they are not on the phone and I can not sync from Itunes, even though they are in Itunes as a purchase.  I have gone to book and audiobooks and checked sync all on both.

    Thank you very much, that worked.  I learned something as I never tryied to right click on my phone in Itunes before.
    Thanks again.

  • Why are my playlists not syncing from iTunes to my iPhone since updating to iTunes 11.0.2?

    My selected playlists are not syncing from Itunes to my iPhone.  As a music teacher this is extremely problematic as I use my phone as my primary music player.  Anyone know why all music syncs but not the playlists?

    First, you're not talking to Apple - this is a users' forum.  Second, sync operations work one way - iTunes to iDevice; create and modify your playlists in iTunes, then sync them to your iPhone.

  • HT1386 can not sync my ipod to itunes.   itunes recognises my device and i was able to transfer books from my ipod to itunes but it will not transfer from itunes to ipod.  the sync option is not hilighted..What do i do now?

    My ipod will not sync fom library to ipod.  The sync option is not hilighted.  What do I do now?

    Was the iPod previous synced to another iTunes library/computer?
    Have you successfully synced from this iTunes library/computer before?
    Do the songs play in iTunes?
    Do you have the right boxes checked to sync?
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod        
    Do you have any Restrictions (Settings>General>Restrictions) set that would prevent syncing those songs?

  • App not transferring from itunes to iPod

    I have downloaded app in my computer, since size was more than 500MB.
    Now when i try to update or sync my app from itunes to iPod touch 5th generation, it not working.
    It shows determining apps to sync and stops immediately.
    I have disabled restrictions, resetted my ipod and tried to drag and drop.
    Its not working.
    Please help me.

    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Reboot the computer

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