Sony WX7 .mts video files not imported into iPhoto 11

Apple indicates iLife ’11 supports AVCHD (.mts) files, however, I've been unable to get iPhoto 11 to import video files from the Sony WX7 camera. Photo's are imported properly via both usb and directly from the SD card reader in my Macbook Pro (i7) 2011, however, video files are not.  I've read that iMovie '08 supports Sony AVCHD 2011-model video cameras, but iPhoto 11 appears not to.
Mac OS X v10.6.7, is fully up to date. Has anybody found a solution?

Not sure where you are seeing that AVCHD is supported in iPhoto '11 but it is not - use iMovie to import your AVCHD movies - that works for my my Sony DSC-HX5

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    I'm having issues importing NEF (Raw) photos since I upgraded to Yosemite. I also updated iPhoto to the most current version. The videos will import, but the photos are coming in black. I can see them in the Nikon photo viewer on the Mac with no issues.

    There are a series of posts on the forum right now detailing issues with Raw support. By no means all folks have them - I don't for instance - but many seem to.
    Try the fix in this thread
    RAW files suddenly show up as "not supported" (Aperture 3.5.1, OS X 10.10)
    which basically trashes the Raw support and reinstalls it on your Mac.
    As always, back up first,

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    Some of my AVI video does not import into iMovie. When I try, it gives me a non-specific error message. Is there a way I can import it? Other AVI files import with no problem.

    AVI is a container, not a format; the audio and video in an AVI may use any codec, and some codecs can't be used in Mac OS X. Installing Perian may help.

  • Fascinate video will not load into iphoto on macbook

    my mp4 video opens in quicktime player.  I "saved as" in quicktime to a .mov file.
    neither the mp4 or the .mov file will load into iphoto.
    iphoto error message says, "could not be imported, unrecognizable format."
    I tried a new SD card and new video file, no help.

    You said that the quicktime video was in the .mp4 format and the saved as a .mov format. I'm not sure but if you are trying to get them into iphoto is iphoto looking for a .jpg format?

  • .CR2 will not import into  iphoto 08 7.1.5

    I have a few hundred photos taken by a friend that i am trying to import into my iphoto library.
    Getting an unrecognizable file message.
    I shoot on a Canon XSi in RAW and have no issues importing to iphoto, Apature or photoshop....
    her images were shot on a Canon TSi in RAW and will not import into any of my programs.

    The fact that you can use the Raws from your XSi is of no relevance.
    The Raw from every model of camera is different. Note: that's every model not every brand. So, the NEF produced by a Nikon D40 is not the same as the NEF produced by a D60, the CR2 produced by a Canon 350 is not the same as the CR2 produced by a Canon 400.
    Changing the Raw specification is one of the ways of upgrading the cameras.
    IPhoto and Aperture support -  or don't -  the same cameras.

  • Scanned Grayscale files not loading into iPhoto

    I have just purchased a new iMac, having not been a Mac User before. I have been importing photos from an external (Windows formatted) hard drive with apparent success. However, on attempting to import some scanned jpegs (Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanner) in 8 bit grayscale, I got the "unrecognised format message". No attempt at saving on the desktop and importing into iPhoto from there worked. I then loaded them into Photoshop Elements 4 on the Mac, and saved again as a standard jpeg, but with no luck. However, by chance I tried saving with the "Embed colour profile: Epson Gray - Gamma 1.8" option unchecked in PE4's "Save as" menu. This time the resulting jpeg file did load into iPhoto. Have you any ideas why the original image did not load and what is the significance of why the "non-embedded" image did. Is there a quick way to convert these images, if necessary, using this method - I have a lot of scanned images like this. Another feature which might confirm what is wrong here is that the in Photoshop Elements, the label at the top of the displayed image shows the jpeg name, then size as a %, and then (Gray/8*). The files which load correctly into iPhoto do not show this "*" in Photoshop.

    Download and run *+Embed sRGB Profile 2+* on the grayscale photos by dropping the image files onto the Automator workflow application. You can get it from Toad's Cellar.
    This will let you avoid having to rescan those files as RGB color.

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    We switched over to Open Directory and I've been having issues bringing shots into Shake. When some users make files I can't import them at all into Shake. I try changing the permissions but it still doesn't work. Files appear as green nodes then turn yellow or red.
    Anybody experiencing this?

    Unfortunately that did not work. Some of the video files did not have the ".mov" extension so I added them, yet that did not improve my situation.
    I can't figure it out. I can open the files everywhere else. I can open the video files in Final Cut Pro, the stills in Photoshop. I tried re-exporting the files as new files with different names but nothing is working.
    These files are cursed somehow. So strange.

  • AVI Files not importing into CS4 from DVD

    I have the DVD disk for Premiere Pro CS4 Classroom In A Book and all the avi files have only sound and when imported into Premiere Pro CS4 a missing codec error warning appears and the file will not import.
    I have to say this problem only occurs with my 27" iMac and not at all with a MacBook Pro or a 20" iMac. I have tried repeatedly to copy the DVD to the 27" iMac but the problem still persists.
    *+Now this is the really weird bit+:*
    Using Screen Sharing from another mac, the files are normal. All other avi files are also normal on the 27" iMac.
    I wondered if anyone can throw any light on this problem?
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    HarrisS13 wrote:
    Thanks ad2345.
    I tried a different converter and also changed the playback preferences -which was down at 44.1kHz- up to 96kHz as I know the hi res files are supposed to be up at this level.
    Not sure if it was one or the other of your suggestions, or both, but it has worked, so many thanks for your quick and effective help!
    Glad it helped.  Enjoy the music!

  • TIP: What to do if the Recovered Photos File will not import into iPhoto...

    Like many others in this forum, I just upgraded to iWork/iLife '06. When I installed iPhoto '06 it trashed my existing iPhoto Folder and placed all of my other existing photos (those not already imported previously into iPhoto) into a recovered photos file. I tried and tried and tried to import those "recovered photos" into iPhoto but it kept returning an error message on import "Unreadable file"
    Finally I selected the "recovered files" then clicked on "Get Info" and found that the permissions were "locked" with a padlock icon. Clicking once on the padlock opened the permissions back to me the "owner" and the iPhoto allowed me to import all of those 425 "recovered photos". Whew! I hope this tip helps someone else out - I had to figure this out on my own...

    The fact that you can use the Raws from your XSi is of no relevance.
    The Raw from every model of camera is different. Note: that's every model not every brand. So, the NEF produced by a Nikon D40 is not the same as the NEF produced by a D60, the CR2 produced by a Canon 350 is not the same as the CR2 produced by a Canon 400.
    Changing the Raw specification is one of the ways of upgrading the cameras.
    IPhoto and Aperture support -  or don't -  the same cameras.

  • OMF Files not Importing into Logic 7.2.3

    Can anyone help me with this ongoing problem ? I'm writing music for a film where my editor is using the latest version of Final Cut Pro 5.1.2, I'm running Logic 7.2.3 on OSX 10.4.8 she exports the OMF Files....but I can't import them on my system. The files are imported without any problems at the mixers studio, but he uses Pro Tools.
    Any Ideas ???

    logic's import and export is very unreliable. actually it is something that i think is quite disgraceful. that said:
    - are you sure that you have a self-contained OMF file in version 2 format? not a referenced OMF? you can tell because the OMF file will be large if it has the audio content embedded or small if it does not.
    - most OMF problems are problems that come from the originator. for example, you can get problems if the audio is at different sample rates.
    - try to get everyone to work with AAF files which are more reliable and do the same job.
    - logic doesn't support different sample rates at the same time, unlike many video editing programmes. the audio should be consolidated before exporting and video references removed.
    i hope this helps. this really is an area of weakness within logic. please post back with how you get on.

  • File name not importing into iPhoto

    I keep my photos on an external disk and import them from that disk into iPhoto. When I import, sometimes the file name is imported into the caption field and sometimes it does not.
    Any ideas why? I have search for others posts but can't find any. I did check the permissions of the files representing both results and the permissions are the same.

    What is displayed in the title field under the thumbnails?
    Have you tried selecting the offending photos, going to the Photos->Batch Change menu and selecting Title to File Name option?
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  • Aperture 3 Places Data not Imported Into iPhoto

    I tagged the location of a set of photos in Aperture 3 using Places. Then i went to iPhoto, and used the import from Aperture function to bring the whole set into iPhoto in a single move. One of the 24 images carried the Places data with it; the rest had no location associated with them. I suppose this is a bug, but if anyone else had this experience or has a suggestion for a fix, please weigh in. Thanks.

    Ok, just discovered that it's not an issue with the handling of zero's in GPS coordinates, but a problem with filename or file paths containing invalid characters - I've had folders such as "FA Cup final (mum's photos)".
    So I've picked up a tiny amount of apple script and tweaked the code some more. PLEASE CAN I STRESS I KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT APPLE SCRIPT SO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK; it does work fine for me though!
    All credit to Juri Pakaste at
    -- This applescript will geotag the selected photos with the
    -- location information set in iPhoto.
    -- You must have exiftool installed; by default it's loaded from
    -- /opt/local/bin, where MacPorts installs it from the package
    -- p5-image-exiftool.
    -- Author: Juri Pakaste (
    -- Based on the Set Geo Data.scpt script by
    -- Andrew Turner (
    property exifToolOriginal : "_original"
    property exifToolPath : "/usr/bin/exiftool"
    on extract_decimal(realnum)
    log "extracting decimal from " & realnum
    repeat while realnum > 1
    log "realnum now " & realnum & ", subtracting 1"
    set the realnum to realnum - 1
    end repeat
    end extract_decimal
    on roundFloat(n, precision)
    set x to 10 ^ precision
    (((n * x) + 0.5) div 1) / x
    end roundFloat
    on d2s(degs)
    log "enter d2s"
    if the degs < 0 then
    set the degs to degs * -1
    end if
    set the degrees to round degs rounding down
    set the minssecs to extract_decimal(degs)
    log "minssecs: " & minssecs
    set the minssecs to minssecs * 60
    set the mins to round minssecs rounding down
    set the minssecs to extract_decimal(minssecs)
    log "minssecs 2: " & minssecs
    set the secs to minssecs * 60
    "" & degrees & "," & mins & "," & roundFloat(secs, 2)
    end d2s
    on exportCoords(image_file, lat, lng, alt)
    set the northSouth to "N"
    set the eastWest to "E"
    if the lat is less than 0 then
    set the northSouth to "S"
    set the lat to the lat * -1
    end if
    if the lng is less than 0 then
    set the eastWest to "W"
    set the lng to the lng * -1
    end if
    log "calling d2s on " & lat
    set the latstr to my d2s(lat)
    set the lngstr to my d2s(lng)
    set exifCommand to exifToolPath & " -GPSMapDatum=WGS-84 -gps:GPSLatitude='" & latstr & "' -gps:GPSLatitudeRef='" & northSouth ¬
    & "' -gps:GPSLongitude='" & lngstr & "' -gps:GPSLongitudeRef='" & eastWest ¬
    & "' -xmp:GPSLatitude='" & latstr & northSouth & "' -xmp:GPSLongitude='" & lngstr & eastWest & "' -xmp:GPSMapDatum='WGS-84'" & " -xmp:GPSVersionID=''" & " \"" & image_file & "\""
    -- display dialog of ("running: " & exifCommand)
    set output to do shell script exifCommand
    -- display dialog of output
    do shell script "rm \"" & image_file & "\"" & exifToolOriginal
    end exportCoords
    tell application "iPhoto"
    copy (my selected_images()) to these_images
    if these_images is false or (the count of these_images) is 0 then ¬
    error "Please select one or more images."
    repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_images
    set this_photo to item i of these_images
    tell this_photo
    set the image_file to the image path
    set lat to the latitude
    set lng to the longitude
    set alt to the altitude
    end tell
    if lat < 90.1 and lng < 180.1 then
    my exportCoords(image_file, lat, lng, alt)
    display alert ("No location set for " & name of this_photo)
    end if
    log "read image, lat: " & lat & ", lng: " & lng
    end repeat
    display dialog "Geo Exif write complete."
    on error error_message number error_number
    if the error_number is not -128 then
    display dialog of ("failed on: " & image_file)
    display dialog error_message buttons {"Cancel"} default button 1
    end if
    end try
    end tell
    on selected_images()
    tell application "iPhoto"
    -- get selection
    set these_items to the selection
    -- check for single album selected
    if the class of item 1 of these_items is album then error
    -- return the list of selected photos
    return these_items
    on error
    return false
    end try
    end tell
    end selected_images

  • Panasonic LX5 RAW not importing into iPhoto 09

    I cannot import RAW photos taken with my Panasonic LX5. I assume that they are not supported yet. If i upgrade to iPhoto '11, will it support panasonic LX5 RAW?
    When I search iPhoto help to see what camera's RAW files are compatible with iPhoto, I am redirected to Aperture 3's RAW compatibility listing. The help page says that the compatibility is the same for both Aperture and iPhoto and that listing says that Panasonic's LX5 is supported; however, there is a footnote that says Aperture 3 is required. Based on the fact that my RAW files won't open in iPhoto 09, it seems that the compatibility is not the same for iPhoto and Aperture.
    I would much rather continue using iPhoto; so before I upgrade to iPhoto 11 or purchase Aperture 3, I would like to get a straight answer about iPhoto 11 supporting LX5's RAW.

    It can't be done anywhere if you shoot Raw.
    The workflow in your camera is as follows
    Step 1: Take the shot -  this creates the Raw. The Raw is the data from the camera sensor and by definition this has no processing done on it.
    Step 2: Process the Raw using the settings you have chosen and save it. That's saved as a Jpeg.
    The Raw is what happens before processing. After processing it's not a Raw anymore.
    The point of shooting Raw is that you decide what - and how - the effects are applied to the data, not the Camera. If you want the camera to do it, why are you shooting Raw?

  • Movies from my sony 7.2mp camera will not import into imovie?

    hey guys,
    im trying to import my videos from my sony cybershot digital camera into imovie and its mpeg, but further researching this problem imovie is supposed to reformat it automatically. i tried to do an import from "file" and selecting the video but it will not let me select the video, then i tried dragging it from finder into imovie but it just slides right off, THEN i tried to drag it from desktop to imovie and still did not work. if any1 can help me solve this id greatly appreciate it...thanks!

    I just had the same problem yesterday trying to import video clips into iMovie from my Sony Cybershot camera and this is what I learned. iMovie evidently does not support every digital camera format. My clips were also mpeg and start with MOV. Evidently, they need to be converted to another format such as .dv; mpg4 or h.264 - the best quality being the .dv, as I understand it. You can do a web search for Video Converter programs that will do this conversion (some are free downloads). I found that I already had a program on my computer called Roxio Toast Titanium that easily converted my clips to .dv by just dragging them into the video pane and then hitting the Export button. Once the clips were converted to .dv, they imported easily and worked perfectly in iMovie. Good Luck!

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