SPD 2010 - ID Column moves to end of List in DataSheet View

Randomly, the ID column will move from the first column to the last column when you access DataSheet view.
In Standard View it is still column 1....
We are using this ID Column:
ID# (linked to item with edit menu)
Other times this ID Column will add itself to the DataSheet View, but not the Standard View:
This is frustrating my users to NO end having to drag the column back to the first place.
Any help is GREATLY appreciated!~
<label for="ShouldDisplayTitle"></label>

Hi Amber,
Let's verify the followings:
How did you create the ID# column? I am wondering whether you changed the Name of "Title" to "ID#". If not, please give the steps to create the column.
You mean that the ID# column is changed from the first position to the last one in Datasheet view, is it right? Do other columns have this issue?
Do other lists have this issue?
To narrow down this issue, please do:
Create another column which has same type with ID#, test again, compare the result.
Create a new list, and add a same column with ID#, then test in the new list, compare the result.
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    You can add the following to an .xsl file and link to it in the "Miscellaneous" options when you edit the web part. By doing it this way, you can reuse the same style sheet over and over.
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  • SharePoint 2010 site (SAML 2.0 authenticated) edit the list in Datasheet View is disabled

    I am working on a SharePoint 2010 site which is SAML 2.0 authenticated. The site work fine in general. However when I try to Edit the list with
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    Thanks and Regards
    Er.Pradipta Nayak
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    As per your given information you have installed the office 2007 on your client machine, so can you please check the
    2007 Data Connectivity Component  is installed or not if not plz. Installed and let us know.
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    I have a sharepoint 2010 list that I need to prevent users to edit from the datasheet view. This is because I have edited the add item form on sharepoint designer and included some custom code. Moreover, I need to allow the users to view the list in datasheet
    view to make use of the datasheet custom filter view feature which is not available in the standard view. So I need users to access the datasheet view of the list in read mode only but be able to edit the list in standard view only. Is this possible? How?

    Maybe this helps...I found some users having the problem that the list WAS read only in datasheet view...this is a list of reasons why this could happen:
    Certain columns, such as Created By and Modified, are always read-only. Values for these columns are entered automatically.
    The changes you made to the selected row or column have been submitted to the server. If there is no conflict or error, you will be able to edit the row or column after the changes have been saved.
    There is an unresolved conflict or error in the selected row or column. Resolve the conflict or error before attempting to edit the selected row or column.
    The list is set up to require content approval, and you are viewing the list in the All Items view.
    In the My Submissions view of a list that requires content approval, the
    Approval Status and Comment column are read-only. Only a user with Manage Lists right can edit these two columns.
    Attachments are read-only in a list that requires content approval. You cannot view or edit attachments in any of the views.
    The document in the current row has been checked out by a user. You cannot edit the columns in the row until the user checks the document in.
    You do not have permission to edit the column or row. Contact the list author for more information.
    (from the help)
    You could also check:
    Reverse engineer and you may have a solution? ;-)
    hr class="sig">Thomas Balkeståhl - Technical Specialist - SharePoint

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    The issue being faced is that when we manually run the workflow, it runs successfully and is able to get the value of the associated column. When the Retention Timer job starts the workflow, we find that the Workflow is not able to get the value of the Associated
    Column (this we realized by logging messages to a List).
    Any pointers/guidance on how to overcome this issue is much appreciated.
    Blog: http://dotnetupdate.blogspot.com |

    Thanks for the suggestions. 
    From the debugging there is no issue from a functionality perspective or the date calculations. It works perfectly well when we manually run the workflow or if I set the workflow to start when an item is uploaded.
    The behavior is different when the same workflow is getting triggered from a Retention Policy as a Stage. Is this something to do with access permissions or security context when a SPD 2010 Workflow gets triggered by a Timer Job/Retention Policy? 
    Blog: http://dotnetupdate.blogspot.com |

  • 2 level approval workflow using spd 2010

    I have to create 3 level approval workflow using sPD 2010, 
    1) User raises request --> Email goes to approver1 & Task assigned to approver1 --> If approver1 approves Task should be assigned to approver 2--> If  approver2 approves--> Task should be assigned to approver3 & Email Notification-->
    If approver3 approves workflow should complete & email goes to request initiator.
    Could you please let me know the exact steps

    Hi ppatil,
    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to create a workflow to assign tasks to different levels people in SharePoint 2010 Designer.
    To achieve it, I suggest you use the built-in approval workflow 2010 template.
    You can do as the followings:
    Open the library
    Click Library-> Settings->Workflow Settings->Add a workflow
    Select the ‘Approval-SharePoint 2010’ template, and type a name for this workflow
    Select the start options, and click Next
    For the Approvers, type your approvers as the order approver1, approvaer2, approver3, and the Order is ‘One at a time(serial)’
    Select ‘End on First Rejection’
    Click Save
    Then if you start the workflow, it can be workflow as your description.
    I hope this helps.
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    Wendy Li
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  • SPD 2010 Workflow "Collect Data From User" activity + Multi User selection

    Creating a SPD 2010 workflow. Trying to do something that I think should be simple.
    Use a “Collect Data From a User” activity to collect 0 to many “people” that should be affiliated with a piece of content (Discussion).
    After the assigned user completes the task (and after ensuring that there have actually been people associated from the task) I want to take the “people” from the Task list item and move them over to a field on the core Discussion item,
    that is also setup as a Person/Group field (allowing multiple).
    I have tried using both the “Set Field in Current Item” and “Update List Item” activities to map the data over (pulling from the Task item) and in both cases tried using every combination of “Return field as”
    values to do the mapping (i.e. ‘String’, ‘Display Names, Semicolon Delimited’, ‘User Ids, Semicolon Delimited’, etc). In some cases I get vague errors about not being able to do mapping (I get it), in others, it sets the
    data, but only to the first user entered in the Task’s instance of the field.
    After researching a bit, I find that the task from which I am pulling the data only contains one value, eventhough when I submitted the InfoPath form for the task, it accepted my data entry of two
    different users. So I think somewhere between the data entry into the custom task's infopath form, and the update of the same data field in the Task list, the value is being lost.
    I am sure this would be trivial with a custom activity, but we are exploring OOB ways of doing things and I have to imagine this is possible.
    Am I missing something here? This seems “buggy”…
    I am able to repro this in two different environments, using an out-of-box Discussion Board on an out-of-box Team Site.  If it matters Claims Based Auth against Windows only...
    Brian McCullough

    Hi brianpmccullough,
    Collect Data from a user action can only use to collect data from one user, and if you need to collect data from one than one user, please use “Assign
    a Form to a Group” instead, then it will create separate task for each user.
    And if we need to update a user and group field which with multiple selections enabled, we can only use lookup field to get only the one user. And
    to add multiple users to this field, we can only use String Builder, type the user account directly or get information from multiple fields.
    Best regards
    Emir Liu
    TechNet Community Support

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    Each table i want to add one extra column at the end. Is it possible..? please help me if anyone has idea regarding this.
    Vimala L

    Hi Vimala,
    Please try the below JS code, This code will add the new column in every table last column after.
    var myTable = app.activeDocument.stories.everyItem().tables.everyItem().getElements();
    for(i=0; i<myTable.length; i++){
       myTable[i].columns.add(LocationOptions.after, myTable[i].columns[-1]);

  • How to hide the columns at the end user level thru personalization

    Hi all
    how I can hide the columns that are displayed on the portal. Any personalize option for the end user? Any righ click or some thing?
    I am looking at hiding columns not while developing the iViews / Pages, But in the browsers as the end user.
    i can hide the columns what ever i want while creating the iViews for MDM data. but we cant provide the content administrator role to the end user for hiding the columns what ever they want. they want to hide the columns thru pesonalization option at the end user level.
    Can you please let me know whether we can able to hide the columns at the end user level thru personalization ?? is it posible with standard iViews??

    Hi Sunil,
    I understood your requirement properly and seems valid and I tried this at my end but i didnt get the solution. Field list is not visible in Personalize option. I dont think it is possible with MDM standard iViews.
    I was thinking an alternative is if some how we manage to give the permissions to end user only on Result Set iView but if it would be possible it will not be a good design.
    Lets wait for some inputs from others.
    Jitesh Talreja

  • Need to change the sender of the workflow email using SPD 2010

    I got a requirement. I've created a SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow which will trigger an email. The sender of that email is default. I need to change the sender of email to some user's email address like [email protected]
    Can this be possible using SPD 2010. Please suggest.

    not out-of-the-box.
    you would need to find a third party add-on to send the email. The SPDActivities codeplex project includes some email options that include specifying a sender, but focus on attachments... not sure what would happen if there was no attachment.
    Scott Brickey
    Strategic Data Systems - for all your SharePoint needs

  • Is it possible to edit a custom form created in SPD 2010 in Infopath 2010

    I created a custom form in SPD, and need to use Infopath to further modify the form using features not available in SPD.  But I can't get Infopath to open the custom form. Even if I selected the custom form in SPD and then click "Edit with Infopath"
    in the ribbon, it still opens the default form.  From list ribbon, it also always opens the default form, there is no way I can pick the form I want to edit.
    Just want to confirm - Infopath can only edit default form (from SPD or the list ribbon), but not any form custom built in SPD.

    Hi QuickLaunch,
    When edit SharePoint list forms in Infopath 2010, it always opens the original default Edit Form of the list.
    It is impossible to edit a custom form created in SPD 2010 in Infopath 2010.
    I suggest you Customizing SharePoint List Forms
    in InfoPath 2010 directly.
    Best Regards,
    Lisa ChenForum Support
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  • How to move 'month-end accural' solutions from USA PY to other PY?

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing with 'month-end accruals'. But in my country grouping, there is no standard solution for this issue. Is it possible to move 'month-end accural' solutions from USA PY to other PY?
    I've searched NOTES but in vain.
    Thanks for help.

    FYI - In our system Operation "ACCMO" is applicable to all of the countries.
    ACCMO - Set month end accruals switch                                                                               
    Operation ACCMO switches the month end accruals computations on or off.                                                                               
    X: Value of accruals switch                                                       
         x=1: Accruals computations are performed                                          
         x=0: Accruals computations are not performed                                                                               
    See also                                                                               
    Schema XAC0                                                                               
    PC Rule XAC0                                                                               
    Compute Month End Accruals                                                                               
    The function UACGF computes the values for month end accruals during a     
         regular payroll run.                                                                               
    Par2                    Processing class                                   
                                 No check                                           
                                 All entered values are valid                                                                               

  • Current time indicator won't move to end of comp in After Effects CS6

    The current time indicator won't move to end of comp in AE CS6. I setup a new comp at 10 seconds. When I drag the current time indicator OR hit the End key to bring the current time indicator to the end of the comp it stops at a value of 9:23. Is this a bug?

    No, your frame rate is obviously 23.976, or it's most likely INcorrrectly 24.
    The first frame of the comp is frame ZERO, as in 00:00.  The last frame is 09:23.  Which is what you set it to be.
    00:00 - 09:23 is ten seconds.  00:00 - 10:00 is ten seconds and one frame.  If the beginning frame was frame ONE, you'd be correct in your statement of woe.  but the beginning frame is frame ZERO.

  • SPD 2013 vs. SPD 2010 issues?

    I had been using SPD 2010 for quite some time and one of my sites migrated to SP 2013 so I now have to access using SPD 2013.  The problems I am having are:
    1. I use to have a button at the bottom that would toggle between codeview and displayview, where is that now?
    2. when I click to edit a default.aspx file I get the error:
    This page does not contain any regions that you have permissions to edit
    Matt Pinkston

    Hi Pinkston,
    Whether you could edit other pages with SharePoint Designer 2013.
    For your issue, please firstly make sure you have proper permissions on the site. Also you can open the site with SharePoint Designer 2013 using a site collection administrator, compare the result.
    Secondly, when customizing a page, there are two modes:Normal and Advanced. Please click "Advanced Mode" under Home tab, then edit the page.
    Best Regards,
    Forum Support
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    Wendy Li
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    I put a stop marker wen I want my !:41 movie to end but it continues in black for another 3 minutes?????

    Thanks for the update with the great news that you found and got rid of those fragments that were extending your intended export time. Great job since those are not the easiest to find.
    The iphone video export situation can relate to several factors. Do you have any problems importing it into a project? And, if you can import it, is the audio usually out of sync on the Timeline? Premiere Elements (many versions) does not do well with cell phone video and video from other devices that record with a variable rather than a constant frame rate. The symptoms of this variable frame rate matter range from Timeline audio out of sync to not being able to import this video at all. The remedy for that situation is to take the video into a program like the free HandBrake and convert it to H.264.mp4 with a constant frame rate. Then import that H.264.mp4 into your Premiere Elements project.
    But, we need to check out the export details to assure that we are not using the variable frame issue to cloud some export issues as well.
    Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements? What specific error message do you get if you export your Timeline to MPEG, AVCHD, Windows Media Player, or QuickTime?
    Please review and consider, and then we will comment on this further based on your reply.
    Thanks for the follow ups. Appreciated.

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