Spin down / spin up External HD

Morning all,
I'm hoping someone can help me out on a request.
I currently run four external HD's at home, each with there own tasks and storage needs. I have set (using pmset in Terminal) my discs spin down times to 5 mins rather than 10, so these sleep quicker than normal when not used. I'd like to be able to spin down / spin up these disc's on instruction, rather than waiting the 5 mins.
I have put together Applescripts which I then build into Automator which I can run from Finder, and would like to have a simular script to spin down / up the drives on instruction.
I'm very new to writing scripts so this maybe something simple, but I just can't find a solution. Anyone got any ideas ?
Many thanks in advance.
Neil Holmes.

Sorry, I misunderstood you to already have the commands you needed for pmset, so I didn't look too closely at that command.
What I have determined is that you don't have the ability to force the disk to spin down immediately - but rather, as you have already discovered, to set the idle duration before it will spin down; the minimum being one minute. (I also noticed that to make a setting stick you need administrator permissions, so I have included that syntax here.)
I am not sure if this gets you any further forward, but the AppleScript syntax to spin down after one minute idle would be*:
do shell script "pmset -a disksleep 1" user name "<adminuser>" password "<adminpass>" with administrator privileges
and setting to never spin down would be*:
do shell script "pmset -a disksleep 0" user name "<adminuser>" password "<adminpass>" with administrator privileges
I am probably being stupid here, but wouldn't it be dangerous if you were able to spin down the disk on command?
*In each case, open Script Editor, cut-n-paste the text between the lines and amend for your username and password - retaining the double quotation marks, but not the braces - and click run.

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    I thought my 5 month old external 1tb dual drive was dying at first, but now am seeing a pattern. There is a forum over at macrumors about this. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=445690
    I always make sure in my energy settings i have spin down external drives unchecked, because it's known that spin downs and ups can cause drives to fail sooner. Yet I now find my external drive spinning down whenever it's not in use while I'm sitting at my computer, and i hear it spin up at the most random times, even when i'm not using my computer. sometimes in the middle of the night. This did not happen in tiger.
    It's connected by firewire 800. At first I thought it was time machine but others in the macrumors forum claim it isn't that. I almost think its network activity. I'm considering using an applescript to access the drive every 5 or ten minutes automatically yet not do anything just to see if this stops it from spinning it down. I do consider this an annoyance and would hope apple will figure out what it is very soon, before it causes any detriment to the life of my expensive drive.

    did you ever find a fix for this?
    my ext FW800 drives constantly spin down, then when i do something later i get the beachball until they spin back up

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    Since installing Yosemite, my external (and perhaps internal) drives won't spin down in energy saver mode: 'Put hard drives to sleep when possible.' I'm using Seagate Barracuda 2TB internal drives in external Voyager Q drive bays. They seem to be getting a little too warm, I can also feel them spinning.

    Thanks for those diagnostics & remedies. Those are good to know. Performed all of them but the problem persisted. I tried swapping out different drives and discovered that it was one particular Seagate drive that wasn't spinning down. So that was the culprit. Going to check out the Seagate discussions here or on Seagate and see what can be done, probably nothing.
    Thanks much!

  • How to make a external HD (FireWire or USB) spin down when no in use?

    I have a MM and want to make sure that the external HD spins down if not being used.
    Would this automatically happen if I tick the box 'Put HD to sleep when not in use' in the control panel? Or is there an other solution to make sure it does so? I have not bought a disk as of now, but would be looking at a 2.5 (Samsung HM500LI 500 GB (SpinPoint M6)) in a FireWire housing.

    I really have no idea because I never sleep disks. However, that's controlled by the setting in the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.PowerManagement.plist file. The default is ten minutes if you sleep disks. Experiment with various settings by issuing this command in the Terminal.app, until you get it the way you want it:
    *sudo pmset -a disksleep XX*
    where XX is the new time in minutes.

  • External firewire drive constant spin-down/up

    I often connect an external Lacie firewire drive to my MacBook Pro for regular time machine backups. When the drive is connected and I'm using my Mac, the drive is constantly spinning and in an 'awake' state.
    The drive remains in this state for as long as the display is on. As soon as the display enters sleep mode the external drive spins down, remains in sleep mode for 30 seconds, then spins-up for 20 seconds, only to enter sleep mode again. This cycle continues endlessly causing excessive noise and needless wear and tear.
    I've unchecked put hard disk to sleep when possible in the energy saver preferences although this hasn't helped.
    Any ideas?

    Try un-checking the drive sleep box.
    What model is the drive? Is it bus-powered or does it have its own AC power supply brick? What does LaCie have to say?

  • Spinning down external hard drives

    A while back I wrote a little app called sumount, for safely unmounting usb hard drives.  While try to make it work a little more reliably, I came across hd-idle.  Hd-idle does a fantastic job, much better than my little hacky script.
    I've requested my app be deleted from the AUR (it is stupid and redundant), and am posting this to the forum so the four people who use it know to switch :-)

    The drive will spin down if Energy Saver tells it do so in Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Energy Saver. I have found though, spinning down an external hard drive sometimes is not desired because Energy Saver may not be able to give back all the power the drive desires when it wakes up. This can lead to an improperly dismounted volume causing occasional directory damage. My suggestion is to simply dismount it, and leave Disk Utility up so you can mount it again. Disk Utility is in Applications -> Utilities folder.

  • External Drives Spinning Down

    Greetings All;
    Although the upgrade to Mountain Lion went without a hitch on all of my machines, since the upgrade my external firewire drives spin down when not in use.
    They do spin back up after a few seconds when accessed.  This obviously isn't a major issue...just wondering if anyone else has experience this.  Any thoughts?  All the best....
    Syd Rodocker
    Apple iTunes U Administrator
    Tennessee State Department of Education
    Tennessee's Electronic Learning Center

    Thanks for the response!  Glad to hear I'm not the only one.  I have multiple FCP editing systems and a couple of iMac's for graphics work, so I've now begun only powering up the drives that I need for the day's current project.  Interesting development.  All the best...
    Syd Rodocker
    Apple iTunes U Administrator
    Tennessee State Department of Education
    Tennessee's Electronic Learning Center

  • External USB drive spins down after 5 minutes' idleness

    Hi, all.
    This new Seagate 300 GB drive is doing everything well ... except staying "up".
    As long as I read from or write to it within the 5-minute period, all's well. Otherwise it spins down. (Doesn't matter which of the 3 USB ports it's connected to.)
    The next data-touch brings it laboriously to life again, but I need it to stay up without interruption.
    The consistent 5 minutes suggests there's a setting I'm ignorant of, but my Energy Saving settings are all "Never!"
    Much obbliged for your insights ...
    MBP Core Duo 2.16 2GB   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Well, from the start I carefully left that box unchecked.
    But the trouble has to come from something like that, doesn't it--the period before spin-down being so unvarying? What other than Energy Saver tries to schedule things in OS X??
    USB disks themselves have no scheduled shut-down features, or? (I see nothing relevant at the Seagate site.)
    And this external drive is plugged into the wall, so this can't conceivably be a function of the USB port power issues we read so much about in this forum, right?

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    Hey all,
    I've got a portable hard drive that's kinda screwed up, and won't spin up correctly 95% of times I try to start it (I've sat there for hours trying to get it to start powering on and off). I need to get it replaced, but until then...
    Anyways, I use it to run live media to a projector for events, and if I leave it alone, it spins down and I can't get it back online when I need it. Is there something I can do that will specify that disk not to spin down? (even if I have to redo it if it changes the mounting drive spec.) It's currently usually set as /dev/disk1s2, so use that to reference the command (I'll probably have to change it as it changes with my setup).
    Sorry if this is all horribly confusing. I saw some other forums, but nothing specified which disk shouldn't spin down.

    Nah, the energy saver options only specify to internal drives. Does anyone know any UNIX commands that would help? I've seen tons of message boards of UNIX commands to keep a drive spinning, but never one for an external drive.

  • WRT160NL: Automatic spin-down of external USB hard disks?

    do external hard disks automatically spin down after a period with no access/use when connected with the USB port of the WRT160NL?

    In reference to your post could you please let me know that when you say "spin down" do you mean that does the hard drive goes into sleep mode when it is not in use?
    Did you try to connect another hard drive and check whether it is the same case or not?

  • Stop External HD from Spinning Down?

    Is it possible to stop an external HD from spinning down when connected to a MBPro? It seems that the setting in the energy saver control panel have no effect on external drives. I'm using my laptop (MBPro 2.33Ghz) for music production and don't want my external drive to spin down while I'm working.
    Is there any way to keep it spinning?

    This may be a "feature" built into the firmware of your external drive. If so it will not be affected by your Energy Saver settings. I recently had to advise someone with a "Western Digital MyBook" spinning down to ask the manufacturer for help, but the outcome was that the only solution was the purchase of an uncrippled drive. Being in the firmware, the "feature" could not be erased or altered.
        "Is it possible to stop…"
    Yes, but only in what I would consider an unacceptable manner, e.g. by having a small script that constantly accesses the drive, but I would suggest that a) it should not be needed, and b) it would be highly likely to interfere with other things you were doing.
    So, as a start, you should a) read any docs that came with that drive, and b) go to the relevant site and see what you can find out.
    I hope that none of this applies to you, but I just thought you ought to be aware of the possibility.

  • Preventing external HDs from spinning down

    Anyone know of a better way of preventing my OWC external FireWire HardDrive from spinning down (and hence slowing some/most? Finder operations down) than 'Spindown fix 1.1' (http://www.index-site.com/software.html)?

    I don't think this works on external drives, but you may want to check to see if your Mac's Disk Sleep Timer setting may have been changed. Disk Sleep Timer is one of your Mac's Power Management settings and can be found under the Power item in System Profiler. The default setting for Leopard is 180 minutes, but for Tiger it was only 10 minutes, which was quite annoying.
    You can change this setting by typing the following command in Terminal:
    sudo pmset disksleep ?
    Replace the ? with the number of minutes you want to set and press <Return>, then when prompted, type in your password. If you use a setting of 0 (zero), the hard disks will never sleep, unless you checked "Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible" in the Energy Saver Control Pane.
    Again, I don't know if this works with external drives, but it's worth a shot.

  • Stop external disk drives spinning down

    Just got a new imac 27" - dlighted with it in every way :-)   10.7.1
    All my backup drives are external of course. Mostly OWC FireWire.
    In the past have used SpinDownFix to keep 'em rolling so that there's no wait while they all start up every time anything needs to access the FileSystem.
    But I can't help thinking there must be a better way.
    Anyone know of one, please for Lion?

    Hi Mark,
    Energy Saver box unchecked... and my 3 externals ( 2 x FW 800, 1 x USB ) keep spinning on my iMac...
    Do your Ext HDs have any proprietary software installed on them...?
    If so, this could be why they keep spinning down...

  • Spinning down an external drive

    I've just attached a 300GB external drive to my mini, and I noticed it doesn't spin down like the internal drive. Is the energy setting down say drives(s) but I don't think it working. Anyone know a way of tell the exteranal drive to sleep?

    I just added a firewire drive to my mini as well, and at first I had my system preferences, energy saver set to NOT put the hard disk to sleep when possible...and I found that my new ministack fan is VERY loud compared to my mini...so I checked the box, and at least when I'm not actively using the firewire dirve, I get some peace!
    once that box, in the energy saver tab of the system prefs, was checked...the drive does spin down...

  • External disk spin down

    I have a OWC firewire 800 external hard drive. I want to know if there is a way that I can keep it from spinning down so that info can be accessed more readily. After all what's the point of having a high speed external if it has to spin up every time I want to access it?

    Go to system preferences / energy saver / sleep and uncheck put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible

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