Status of Bid invitation and BID

Hello All
What are  status ( ALL STATUS)  header / technical status of Bid Inviatation and Bid response existing  AND THEIR IMPORTANCE ?
for example
Bid Invitation
approved ( do we really require bid response approval)

For Bid Invitation
1. Held Bid
2.Awating Approval. --Bids are subjected to Approval
I think created is not there
For Bid
1. Accepted
2. Rejected
3.Unprocessed Bids --Bids submitted by the vendor  but due date is there for processing
In SRM 7.0 only Bid Response is there.In this supplier has to click the button stating whether he is participating in the Bid.
G.Ganesh Kumar

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    I'd give you some algorithms which I'd use to go about it:
    1. use bbp_pd_bid_getdetail to get the status table for your bid invitation
    2. loop through the status table and catch the leading status with the following priority (not necessarily a complete list)
      - deleted (transaction completed)
      - published
      - awaiting approval
      - held

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    Thank you for your reply.
    We are going to create our custom application inside SRM,
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  • Documentation about CCM 2.0 , tendering(bid invitation) and sourcing

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    Sent you some useful docs related to the scenarios you mentioned.
    Pls reward points for useful answers.

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    1)Go through the help link, it covers all the SRM areas.
    2)You need to cehck in the SRm system not in the ECC server.They are in your SRm system not in ECC system.
    login to SRM system and goto Transaction RSA5 activated the data sources, then you can see them in transaction RSA6.
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  • Is it possible to change the status from Bid Rejected to Bid submitted?

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    Hi ,
    Use Function Module : BBP_PD_BID_STATUS_CHANGE
    Supply Activity = 'QOSU' .
    Sachin S M

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    Hello Lhea,
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    Please have a look at the following article that covers "Service Blocked" when sending a PIN message:
    I hope this helps.
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  • How to change the  UDT's Status other than Open and Close ?

    Hello Friends,
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    Thanks in advance.

    I think if you're using a UDF to set this Status for Marketing documents
    First you need to set what item corresponds to each Status level you're tryinf to deploy
    After that you can use SDK to set this new property or Formatted searches to change the Status you re creating, and save the document as a draft during your process and your status.
    But if you're trying to change the fiel Status used on every Marketing document (i mena the system one), you should know that it is impossible 'cause this is an only read system field.
    Hope it helps

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    <Edited by Host>

    The ATV3 does that to me when I turn on my TV. the light goes on and stays on. If I switch to the ATV3, it seems to be half asleep with the light on ... I do wish Apple would enable the HDMI CEC and then everything would make sense. I've turned off my wireless and on again but the ATV3 light does not turn on automatically for me.
    As you pointed out, I guess this could be a small glitch on the new firmware/software update... I wonder if this could be fixed by doing a restore from the iTunes app. I might give it a try tomorrow and see what happens...

  • User status linking between wbs and network

    Dear All,
    I got one requirement in which i am using user status at wbs level to block all the transactions. Now the  problem which i am getting is that even though i am maintaining the user status at wbs level, users are able to post the data on network activities. If i am maintaining the user status at activity level than i am able to stop the same.
    Kindly suggest cant we maintain user status at wbs level and stop fi posting at activity level. Is there any way to achieve this.
    Abhishek Sinha

    Dear Abhishek,
    Use same sataus profile on Neworks also after having included Network activity & Network header as affected object types in OK02
    Sam L.

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    Najitha Sidhik

    For SharePoint 2013 Online, check below links:
    Please ensure that you mark a question as Answered once you receive a satisfactory response.

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