Stereo audio tracks missing - have mono track only

After recently downloading DV footage, I find that there is only a "mono" channel shown on the timeline. Several subsequent "test" takes and downloads continue to produce only the mono channel. Imported "aiff" files appear in timeline with stereo tracks, but material from my DV camera continues to only contain a single mono track. (All settings on camera have been checked and re-checked and appear OK)
Is there some setting in FCE HD that needs to be re-set? If so, where is it??
Any input/advice will be appreciated.

After recently downloading DV footage, I find that
there is only a "mono" channel shown on the timeline.
Several subsequent "test" takes and downloads
continue to produce only the mono channel. Imported
"aiff" files appear in timeline with stereo tracks,
but material from my DV camera continues to only
contain a single mono track. (All settings on
camera have been checked and re-checked and appear
Is there some setting in FCE HD that needs to be
re-set? If so, where is it??
Any input/advice will be appreciated.
"Mayday, Mayday" ! I've had my camcorder bench-checked for the stereo audio signals (it's operating fine), replaced the firewire cable between the camcorder and the iMac, and reloaded FCE HD. Test clips still show only a "mono" channel for audio - no stereo audio. Test clips made with a different camcorder produced the same results (mono channel only)
After downloading yet another test clip, the FCE HD software responds with the following message:
"The audio sample rate of one or more of your captured media files does not match the sample rate on your source tape. This may cause the video and audio of these media files to be out of sync. Make sure the audio sample rate of your capture preset matches the sample rate of your tape"
Is this why I am only seeing one (mono) audio channel ? Can anyone tell me what this means and how I should fix it ?

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    I don't think I changed any settings. I looked in the Clip Settings on the Capture window but I don't see an audio toggle. I am using FCP 5.0.
    What should I do differently when importing and how can I get the previous single Mono imports into Stereo Pairs?

    If you have only one single mono audio track then duplicate it (select audio track then hold down SHIFT and OPTION/ALT key simultaneously and drag the mono audio clip down to the audio track below, it will give you a duplicate) after doing that select and double click the duplicated mono track and in the viewer Pan that hard right (1). Finally select both audio tracks and hit Option+L. You now have stereo pair.

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    If I send a FCP sequence to a STP mulitrack project it opens with a left channel (A) as the on camera mic and the right channel (B) as the wireless mic. Since I want both to come through both channels I assume I should make the edits/corrections on both, then insert 2 new blank tracks. I'll then copy/paste each of the previously mono tracks so I have 2 stereo track, right and left A and right and left B. Does this sound correct or am I missing something here?

    No. One work around would be to create a stereo sub mix channel, this would at least give you a single fader but it won't help you when editing. You could try grouping the video and two audio, then they should be easier to select.

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    I know this is probably something ridiculously simple :-)...but, I CANNOT figure out why a stereo track I'm working with is looking like a mono track in edit view.
    What am I missing?

    His Productions wrote:
    I know this is probably something ridiculously simple :-)
    What am I missing?
    Go to View>Waveform Channels and take the check out of 'Layered'...
    Incidentally, the clue was that you have both channels displayed at the top of the screen - Layering is the only thing that will superimpose them.

  • Export mixdown of several stereo tracks as one mono track

    How can I select a few stereo tracks in STP and export them as a single mono track? either back to FCP or as a standalone file?
    Processor  2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    Memory  32 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
    Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB
    Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53)
    Final Cut Studio 7
    Oops, i posted this in the wrong discussion group. can this be moved to STP?

    On the Channels Strip (of the Audio Track with the Audio Region), ctr+click on the left segment of the Input Button. That opens a popup menu where you can select Left (only the left channel of the Audio Region is played as mono), or Right (only the right channel of the Audio Region is played as mono).
    Once the signal flow of the Channel Strip is mono (one channel), you can use the "Mono➤Stereo" version of some plugins to convert the Channel Strip to a stereo channel.
    About your second question. If you are referring to the little blue "Catch Playhead Button", that automatically scrolls the Workspace when the Playhead reaches the right border to keep the Workspace visible. You also can also enable  the "Scroll in Play" mode in the local View Menu. That one locks the Playhead in the center and scroll the Workspace "underneath"
    However if you are referring to that little Play icon in the left upper corner of the Region Header (only visible in the Editor), that one, the "Solo Play Button", only plays that Region in solo mode. It is basically a combination of "Play " and "Solo" in on button. You can find all those little informations and much more in my graphically enhanced manual "Logic Pro X - How it Works".
    Hope that helps
    Edgar Rothermich
    'I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.'

  • Stereo audio export showing as mono

    I've been encountering an issue with exporting stereo audio from Premiere CS6 (v. 6.0.5) and After Effects CS6 ( When I export a clip with stereo audio from Premiere or After Effects (usually to ProRes or Uncompressed QuickTime), the resulting file will show as having dual-mono audio in FCP7. When I check the file in QuickTime 7, QuickTime 10, MediaInfo, Premiere, After Effects etc., the audio is tagged as stereo. But when I bring the clip into FCP7, the audio shows as two separate mono tracks.
    While this isn't a problem if I stay within Premiere/After Effects, it does become an issue when I need to work with the clips in FCP7 (they have to be relinked as audio pairs in the timeline), and one of the external distributors I work with has come back saying the file we delivered did not have the audio properly linked as stereo.
    Am I doing something wrong here? I don't want to have to workaround by putting everything through FCP7, as we are really trying to keep our workflow within the Adobe suite and retire FCP!

    Hm, not from what I've seen. Anything that's been exported as stereo through FCP, Compressor, MPEG Streamclip, Episode etc. shows up as properly linked stereo in Final Cut.
    I just ran one of my Premiere exported files through MPEG Streamclip to the same format (ProRes, uncompressed stereo audio) and it showed up as having a linked stereo pair in FCP7, while the original showed 2 mono tracks. I am definitely exporting from Premiere with the stereo option selected (and stereo source audio).

  • Rescue stereo audio fades from a mono project

    On Premiere Pro CS3 I accidentally created a project with a mono master audio track. The live audio is in fact mono, but the backing music which fades in and out is stereo.
    I can't see any way to convert the master track to stereo (or find any advice online on how to achieve this) so I thought I could export the video and live audio into a mono-sound movie, then combine it with the music in a new stereo project.
    But how do I apply the very complicated fades from the original project to the music on the new one? Tried exporting an EDL of the relevant audio but can't figure out how to apply it when I import it into the new stereo project.
    Anyone know the best way to do this?

    Hi – thanks for the advice Ron. Before I saw your reply I was trying to figure out how the EDL I exported from the original mono project could be used in my new stereo project, which was basically a full mixdown of the original without the music.
    Importing the EDL created a bin folder containing separate L and R audio (of the backing music) and an EDL file, but when I added these into the main sequence there were no fades to be seen. What I had failed to notice at first was that it also created a separate sequence tab on the timeline. This contained the same audio files WITH fades. Not sure what the logic of that is.
    But, when I finally noticed that the other sequence was there, all I had to do was cut and paste the audio into the main sequence.
    I usually deal with very short videos so I've never used multiple sequences within the same project before and would have to look up how to nest one inside another. So I found another solution in the end, but yours sounds entirely credible too. Thanks again.

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    Hi there,
    when I import a random video file with stereo audio channels and put it to the timeline (after peaking), everything works allright - the recording level window shows me the left and the right audio channel.
    But when I save and close the project in order to re-open it directly, I only got a mono audio channel (left) and the stereo is away in my timeline and recording level window. The preview of the imported video ist still ok with stereo sound.
    Is this a bug ? What can do? Please help me.
    Thanks a lot

    Are you clearing your recent history either manually or when you close Firefox?
    Firefox stores App Tabs and tab group details in the same file that stores details of browsing sessions. Make sure that you have not set Firefox to delete browsing history. For details of the setting to check see

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    I want to play a single song in iTunes on my ipad and have the track stop when the song finishes, rather than itunes playing the next track.  I play guitar with the track and need iTunes to stop at the end of the song.
    I have worked around this issue by creating a separate play list for each song, then inserting the song into the play list.  I would like to find a more straight forward solution that would eliminate this extra step.  On my PC, I use QuickTime to bring up an individual song and then can play one track at a time.

    On the IPod if the shuffle icon is colored blue it is ON, if it is colored white it is OFF. This control is global, if it is ON any album or list will be shuffled.

  • Importing Stereo File to Two Mono Tracks?

    I have a stereo audio file. I'd like to put it into GB2 with one side of the stereo file as one mono track and the second side of the stereo file as a second mono track.
    Is there any way to do this?

    Leon, Here is a file explaining what Monomaker does.
    Monomaker is a simple mono-merging and stereo-recentering utility plugin.
    You can use the mono merge parameter to progressively merge your stereo audio channels into a single mono signal. Turning mono merge all the way up to 1 will make your sound completely mono. Turning mono merge all the way down to 0 will leave your audio unaffected.
    You can then recenter your signal using the pan parameter. The panning is equal power (meaning that as you move further over to one channel, sound from the other channel is copied over to the first channel in order to keep the total volume consistent).
    Also, in case it's useful, you can re-route the 2 input streams in a variety of ways by using the input selection parameter. "Left-right" means that everything is normal, "right-left" means that the left and right streams are swapped, "left-left" means that you lose the right stream and get the left stream copied to both inputs, and "right-right" means that you lose the left stream and get the right stream copied to both inputs.
    Monomaker's signal path is input selection first, then mono merge, then pan.
    I have just downloaded it myself and have not looked at it yet. I apologize in advance for not checking it first before posting it. It may or may not help you, and I do not know if it works in Garageband.
    Here is the site I got it from

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    I had a question about importing a stereo track. I'm in a stereo multitrack right now, and open a stereo track in that, but 
    I'm still not sure how to split the stereo track into two mono tracks.
    Right now it's just playing on the Left side of the headphone. How do I get it so that there are two tracks - one on top of the other?
    Thank you for bearing with my training wheels here!

    trailmixalot wrote:
    I had a question about importing a stereo track. I'm in a stereo multitrack right now, and open a stereo track in that, but I'm still not sure how to split the stereo track into two mono tracks.
    I'm not sure why you want to do this. If you put a stereo track into a stereo session, then it will play in stereo. If you want to alter the relative left and right levels of the track, you use the Pan control in the mixer. If you can't hear both channels, then you need to check the mixer's master output options (where it says Default output at the top) and make sure that you have a stereo option selected - if you don't have this selected properly, you'll definitely only hear one channel.

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    I've used the M-Audio MobilePre USB device to record  vocal and guitar at the same time. In GarageBand, this inputs as one track, with guitar on the left channel and vocal on the right.
    I'd like to separate this one stereo track into two mono tracks for further mixing and editing.
    Any ideas on how to do this?

    therealkenrg wrote:
    I'd like to separate this one stereo track into two mono tracks
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

  • 2 Mono tracks instead of 1 stereo?

    Is there a way to break out a stereo track into 2 mono tracks? Namely I want to import a split-track and then be able to mix it how I want.
    --Daniel L

    That is the same thing Karl. I know how to split files in Audacity and Wavepad. Seems like you should be able to separate the stereo tracks in Garageband and skip the export.
    Ohh and for both of you, I NEVER export to iTunes. It really puts a dent in my work flow and junks up itunes. Id have thousands of things more in my iTunes account if I exported everything to it... I mix for others not myself
    Soo yeah seems like GB is lacking in that department, but I still prefer it over Adobe Audition.
    --Daniel L

  • Stereo to 2 mono tracks conversion problem

    The problem I'm running into is that once i've split the stereo track into 2 mono tracks, and bring the one mono track back into logic express to use, it still recognizes plays as though it's a stereo track.
    The stereo track that i'm using basically has the music on the left side and a metronome on the right side so we can use it for backtracks through an ipod in a live setting.
    I've also ran into a similar problem after i edited some audio tracks I was using in a sample, after i edited it and brought it back into the proram, it didn't want to recognize the origional track that i had...
    has anyone else ran into this or knows what i'm doing wrong?

    Is this possible in iMovie 9?
    Yes, it is.
    In iMovie choose Share>Export to QuckTime. Choose Export: Sound to AIFF then click the Options button.
    From the Channels dropdown menu select Mono. Click OK and then save the file to the Desktop.
    Detach and delete the original Project and drag in the newly created file and place it on the video in the timeline so it imports as a connected clip and not just in the background.

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