Stereo to individual mono tracks?

GB doesn't seem to be able to split out a stereo sound file to left only mono and right only mono. I've gotten around this issue by creating a copy of the file and panning one track left and the other right. Selecting Mono channel 1 or 2 input in Info just merges the both tracks together into one mono track (for some reason), panning just sends the combined signal to the L or R. This solution is fine while editing in GB, but is bad for the final output where not only would I like to preview the combined audio tracks to set levels, but also export them so that the left channel material is on both tracks of the final stereo file. Here's what I'm dealing with so there is no confusion. I am e-mailed a stereo file with vocals on L and temp music on R. I replace the temp music with several new options. Then I want to export the new mixes back to a stereo file with vocals centered to send for previews. GB does not seem to provide e with a way to do that. In other words, there does not seem to be any way to get the L channel of a stereo file to the center of a new stereo mix without also combining it with the old unwanted R channel material. I'd love to find a way. One solution would be to flip the L/R orientation of the copied track and play the vocals back panned respectively on two tracks, but that's also something that seems beyond GB's capabilities. So there's a new one ... how to flip the stereo field of a track, which would be an easy fix to this problem ... I'll post on a separate thread.

One way to do it would be to
1) pan the stereo track full left, and export.
2) set iTunes' prefs to convert to a MONO AIFF file, do the conversion
3) drag the new file into GB.

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  • Split Stereo to Two Mono Tracks - Need Help

    We're having trouble with STP working with two non-stereo tracks.
    We have footage that we're editing in Final Cut Pro that was captured with two separate mics providing the audio. (A wireless lav and a shotgun.) The sequence is set up with two mono tracks.
    When sending the project to SoundTrack Pro, it's opened up as a pair of stereo tracks. We cannot find a way to edit just one of the tracks without it affecting both at the same time.
    How can we separate the tracks so they can be tweaked individually and then sent back to Final Cut Pro?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    ...and when doing that, make sure when you export, you don't fall over one of the many bugs in STP:
    You will probably find that the clip with the right channel selected actually plays the left channel after being exported (sound fine on the timeline - problem only on the exported file).
    The solution is to
    1) duplicate the stereo file and place on new track (as suggested)
    2) select left channel on first clip (control/right click the file)
    3) select second clip and swap the L and R channels around (Process-> swap channels)
    4) select left channel on first clip (control/right click the file)
    Oh the joys of STP!

  • Stereo to 2 mono tracks conversion problem

    The problem I'm running into is that once i've split the stereo track into 2 mono tracks, and bring the one mono track back into logic express to use, it still recognizes plays as though it's a stereo track.
    The stereo track that i'm using basically has the music on the left side and a metronome on the right side so we can use it for backtracks through an ipod in a live setting.
    I've also ran into a similar problem after i edited some audio tracks I was using in a sample, after i edited it and brought it back into the proram, it didn't want to recognize the origional track that i had...
    has anyone else ran into this or knows what i'm doing wrong?

    Is this possible in iMovie 9?
    Yes, it is.
    In iMovie choose Share>Export to QuckTime. Choose Export: Sound to AIFF then click the Options button.
    From the Channels dropdown menu select Mono. Click OK and then save the file to the Desktop.
    Detach and delete the original Project and drag in the newly created file and place it on the video in the timeline so it imports as a connected clip and not just in the background.

  • Separating Stereo to 2 Mono Tracks

    I shot a play with a videocamera.  I had the house sound on 1 channel and a wireless mic on the second channel.  When I import the video in to iMovie only 1 audio track is displayed.  I want to be able to manipulate each track separately and then mix them to 1 stereo track before exporting it.  Is this possible in iMovie 9?

    Is this possible in iMovie 9?
    Yes, it is.
    In iMovie choose Share>Export to QuckTime. Choose Export: Sound to AIFF then click the Options button.
    From the Channels dropdown menu select Mono. Click OK and then save the file to the Desktop.
    Detach and delete the original Project and drag in the newly created file and place it on the video in the timeline so it imports as a connected clip and not just in the background.

  • Replacing stereo mix with original mono tracks in edited program

    Hi there,
    I've edited a 2 minute program with the stereo mixdown of 6 lapel mics on 6 different speakers. I'm now finishing the project and am wanting to isolate each speaker's audio, but can't seem to figure out how to do this.  Using the Replace edit function loses my ins and outs.
    Please help!
    Thanks in advance.

    You may enjoy the new Source ch mapping in CS3.
    IF you clip is stereo with one voice in the lft and another voice in the right ch, BEFORE importing it change you preferences thusly:
    Edit > Preferences > Audio Set Source CH mapping to Mono.
    Import your clip.
    Drag it to the timeline and you will see it will be two linked mono tracks.
    That is a global method.
    To do an individual audio clip:
    Import it and before you put it on the timeline; select it in the bin and choose Clip > Audio Options > Source Ch Mapping and set it to Mono. This will accomplish the same thing, except for a single clip.
    Re your 2nd question; If you do the above you can use the audio mixer to mix the voices.
    I often shoot with a wireless in 1 ch and a shotgun in the other. So these options are quite handy.

  • How do you combine 2 mono tracks into a single stereo track?

    Question here:
    How do I combine 2 mono tracks into a single stereo track in Logic?
    I recorded using my left and right out of my keyboard to a hard-disk recorder (Korg d888). The files are made as two separate wav files. Is there way to combine these in Logic so I can treat it as one stereo track?
    I have several files to do and am hoping Logic has something like a "combine tracks to stereo track" tool or something.

    Solo both tracks and bounce them with no effects and faders at 0 dB.

  • Export mixdown of several stereo tracks as one mono track

    How can I select a few stereo tracks in STP and export them as a single mono track? either back to FCP or as a standalone file?
    Processor  2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    Memory  32 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
    Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB
    Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53)
    Final Cut Studio 7
    Oops, i posted this in the wrong discussion group. can this be moved to STP?

    On the Channels Strip (of the Audio Track with the Audio Region), ctr+click on the left segment of the Input Button. That opens a popup menu where you can select Left (only the left channel of the Audio Region is played as mono), or Right (only the right channel of the Audio Region is played as mono).
    Once the signal flow of the Channel Strip is mono (one channel), you can use the "Mono➤Stereo" version of some plugins to convert the Channel Strip to a stereo channel.
    About your second question. If you are referring to the little blue "Catch Playhead Button", that automatically scrolls the Workspace when the Playhead reaches the right border to keep the Workspace visible. You also can also enable  the "Scroll in Play" mode in the local View Menu. That one locks the Playhead in the center and scroll the Workspace "underneath"
    However if you are referring to that little Play icon in the left upper corner of the Region Header (only visible in the Editor), that one, the "Solo Play Button", only plays that Region in solo mode. It is basically a combination of "Play " and "Solo" in on button. You can find all those little informations and much more in my graphically enhanced manual "Logic Pro X - How it Works".
    Hope that helps
    Edgar Rothermich
    'I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.'

  • Changing 2 Mono Tracks back to 1 Stereo Track on timeline, or source monitor?

    I was working in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and I switched Audio on a clip to 2 Mono Tracks instead of its original 1 stereo track. I brought it in the Source Monitor and then on the timeline.
    I then realized later on that I wanted to switch the audio back to 1 Stereo Track instead of the 2 Mono tracks.
    I could not figure out a way to do this.
    Is it possile to do this? If so. how?
    Thanks in advance?

    Joe has given you a good answer, but exactly why do you want to switch the two mono Tracks back to Stereo?
    If one is not doing certain things, then they will be Mixed-down to stereo on Export. However, certain editin operations WILL be easier with both back in stereo, if you are doing those.
    Good luck,

  • Possible to Join Two Mono Tracks to Stereo, Or Change Panning of a Stereo?

    In the new Garage Band 11, is it possible to Join Two Mono Tracks to Stereo, or Change the Panning of a Stereo track, or split a stereo track into two mono files?
    Sometimes it would be convenient when I have a lot of tracks to combine two mono tracks into one stereo track to eliminate an additional track.
    Also, I find that I often want to change the panning of a stereo track to either make it wider, or merge the two channels, even reverse L&R. If no way to change the panning of a stereo track can a stereo track be split into two mono tracks to be panned differently?

    Woodwyn wrote:
    is it possible to Join Two Mono Tracks to Stereo
    only by exporting the two tracks
    or Change the Panning of a Stereo track
    you can pan a stereo track in every version of GB with the pan knob
    or split a stereo track into two mono files?
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)
    want to change the panning of a stereo track to either make it wider, or merge the two channels
    that's different. no, you'd have to split the track into two mono files as described above.
    even reverse L&R.
    same answer

  • Mono track on boom mike - how to convert to stereo

    I actually have another sound question: When we where shooting we the two audio channels as follows: one came from the camera mic and one from a boom mic.
    Now I think I only want to use the sound from the boom mic. So what I have then is one mono track of live sound.
    What do I do with this? How do I convert it into stereo. The cameraman who shot the stuff for me told me "you just copy the track" - I can do this of course but then I have essentially two mono track as a stereo track. Is that o.k.?

    If you are worried that your mono track will sound too "flat," or won't locate properly in a stereo field filled with other sound elements, then here's a tip for you. I use this for voiceovers and on-camera speech when I have wild sound, music, or other sound events happening underneath in the mix.
    Add a very small and subtle amount of stereo reverb to the mono V/O or speech track.
    Use a short delay or "small room" setting on the reverb. Of course, "season to taste" is the rule for the length of delay with regard to blending the reverb into the rest of the audio. But usually for speech, a short delay works best in my experience.
    My method is to add just enough for the reverb to be perceivable, and then dial it back a little.
    This will really help place that sound source in a "hard center" position in the stereo field.
    Also, if you are mixing speech, dial in about 1 to 2 db boost of 1000hz EQ to aid in speech intelligibility. Again, "season to taste."
    Good luck.

  • Making two mono tracks from one stereo track?

    I've used the M-Audio MobilePre USB device to record  vocal and guitar at the same time. In GarageBand, this inputs as one track, with guitar on the left channel and vocal on the right.
    I'd like to separate this one stereo track into two mono tracks for further mixing and editing.
    Any ideas on how to do this?

    therealkenrg wrote:
    I'd like to separate this one stereo track into two mono tracks
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

  • Create 2 stereo tracks from 2 mono tracks

    If I send a FCP sequence to a STP mulitrack project it opens with a left channel (A) as the on camera mic and the right channel (B) as the wireless mic. Since I want both to come through both channels I assume I should make the edits/corrections on both, then insert 2 new blank tracks. I'll then copy/paste each of the previously mono tracks so I have 2 stereo track, right and left A and right and left B. Does this sound correct or am I missing something here?

    No. One work around would be to create a stereo sub mix channel, this would at least give you a single fader but it won't help you when editing. You could try grouping the video and two audio, then they should be easier to select.

  • Importing Stereo File to Two Mono Tracks?

    I have a stereo audio file. I'd like to put it into GB2 with one side of the stereo file as one mono track and the second side of the stereo file as a second mono track.
    Is there any way to do this?

    Leon, Here is a file explaining what Monomaker does.
    Monomaker is a simple mono-merging and stereo-recentering utility plugin.
    You can use the mono merge parameter to progressively merge your stereo audio channels into a single mono signal. Turning mono merge all the way up to 1 will make your sound completely mono. Turning mono merge all the way down to 0 will leave your audio unaffected.
    You can then recenter your signal using the pan parameter. The panning is equal power (meaning that as you move further over to one channel, sound from the other channel is copied over to the first channel in order to keep the total volume consistent).
    Also, in case it's useful, you can re-route the 2 input streams in a variety of ways by using the input selection parameter. "Left-right" means that everything is normal, "right-left" means that the left and right streams are swapped, "left-left" means that you lose the right stream and get the left stream copied to both inputs, and "right-right" means that you lose the left stream and get the right stream copied to both inputs.
    Monomaker's signal path is input selection first, then mono merge, then pan.
    I have just downloaded it myself and have not looked at it yet. I apologize in advance for not checking it first before posting it. It may or may not help you, and I do not know if it works in Garageband.
    Here is the site I got it from

  • I want to export a video file with 6 mono track for surround sound and the 7th track to be stereo.

    I want to give my friend a video file, so when he imports it into avid, premiere, final cut etc. he would recieve 6 mono tracks (L,R,C,LE,Ls,Rs) and the last one to be stereo. but every time i export it comes as 7 mono tracks. and in the setting thats the only option

    i think you would have to go with 8 mono tracks, 6 for the 5.1 mix and 2 more for the stereo. that or try to use 4 stereo pairs, but that would combine parts of the 6 mono (5.1 mix).
    The Video Road – Multichannel Audio in Premiere Pro

  • How to put two mono tracks into the usual stereo view in Edit view of Audition 3 ?

    Hi guys,
    Previously I have had no issues simply using Adobe Audition 3 for simple stereo recording and editing of a stereo feed taken from a mixer... well nearly no issues....  :-)
    Today, I'm having a bad day or else it's because I'm getting used to being retired.. :-)  ......
    Query :    How do I put two mono tracks into the usual stereo view in Edit view so they both display correctly there?
    Put simply I have two mono wav files. Let's call them Left_wav and Right_wav.
    I cannot seem to get them imported into a new clean Edit view (Normal stereo track layout) so that Left_wav is on the top half and Right_wav is on the bottom half.
    Whenever I try, I just get either Left_wav or Right_wav taking up the whole of the edit view. i.e. it just shows one track.
    Can anyone familiar with Audition 3 kindly help? I'd appreciate a simple step by step... I just can't see where I've been going wrong, and it's driving me bananas :-).

    There are various ways to do this in Audition 3. here's one.
    Open both mono files separately in Edit view. Then convert Left_wav to Stereo by going to Edit/Convert Sample Type and under Channels select Stereo with Left Mix at 100% and Right Mix at 0%. This will give you a new stereo file with Left_wav on the top channel. Next go to the Right_wav and copy to the clipboard using Edit/Copy. Return to your new stereo file and enable Edit Right channel only in Edit/Edit Channel/Edit Right Channel. Then make sure that the cursor is at start of the stereo file and Paste Right_wav into the bottom channel of the new stereo file. Finally Save As.

Maybe you are looking for

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