Still having trouble with audio on Macbook Pro

I had posted a discussion board earlier on this issue. I've been having trouble with audio for certain videos on youtube and basically any website embedded with a video. The audio works for a few seconds that doesn't or it doesn't work at all. My volume is up, not on mute, and the one on the video isn't on mute either. It's funny because I just tried watching a video on Firefox (as opposed to Safari) and it works. Could it possible be something with the settings for safari?

Try restarting your Mac, resetting your router, and resetting your modem. My cable internet has gotten slow at times as well, and when I reset my router everything cleared up.

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  • I'm having trouble with "maps" on Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone.  It shows my current location and hour away from where I am.  As soon as a move iPhone away from my wifi at home to cellular it shows my correct location.  No help from Time Warner.

    What can I do to get "maps" to work on my Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone when connected to wifi at home.  iPhone "maps" work fine when connected to cellular service. Maps on wifi shows me about 55 minutes away from my current location.  Very frustrating.  I called Time Warne,r my service provider, but they had no answers since they were not knowledgeable of this situation.  Anyone else having problem?  I just updated all devices to newest update.  Is that the problem.

    Did you bring your wireless router with you? If so, it's possible the iPad is getting its location through the router and the router still "thinks" it's where you used to live.
    Try taking your iPad to another location where there is wifi (such as a coffee shop). Then, try an app that uses location services. If it's accurate at another location, then the source of your problem is your router.

  • (Trouble printing) Trouble with connection between Macbook Pro and Hp Deskjet 1510.

    Trouble with connection between Macbook Pro and Hp Deskjet 1510. (Nothing Prints).
    I have a Macbook Pro and am having difficulty printing documents from ‘Pages' from my Hp Deskjet 1510. I have installed the necessary software for the printer and it is connected via USB. Every time I try to print the printer icon comes up as it should, 'printing' and then 'job completed' and then the icon disappears. (Nothing is printed.) I thought it might be something to do with Pages compatibility with the printer but exporting the document to Word or making it a PDF doesn’t change anything. I don’t have Microsoft Word on my computer. The scanner does work and when I printed a ‘Test Page’ that worked too.
    Let me know if you know why this is happening.

    With these settings the network now works flawlessly, however, when i have my ethernet cable plugged in, my internet access via my airport card(on the macbook pro) is no longer available. Hoping you can tell me why this would be with this info i've provided.
    Educated guess. The networking devices have priorities as to which are used. The standard order is that Ethernet has a higher priority than Airport.
    While your Ethernet is unplugged it is inactive and the Mac ignores it. Once you plug it in, the Mac sees that it is active and switches traffic to that interface.
    I actually take advantage of this feature at home, but configuring my Airport and Ethernet with identical fixed IP addresses. Normally I'll use Airport, but if I'm copying a huge file and I want faster performance, I'll just walk my MacBook (previously iBook, previously Powerbook) over to my Ethernet switch and plug in my MacBook. Magically, the Mac detects that the Ethernet is active and continues the file transfer uninterrupted over the faster 100baseT Ethernet connection. When the transfer is finished, or if I really need to move back to the Comfy Chair, I unplug the Ethernet cable, and all activity reverts back to the Airport, all without disrupting any existing networking connections.
    You on the other hand have totally different settings for your Ethernet and your Airport, so when you switch to Ethernet, you basically loose your Airport connections.
    Something you can try:
    System Preferences -> Network
    Gear icon on the bottom left, next to the [+] [-] icons.
    Select *Set Service Order...*
    Now Drag the network interfaces into the perfer priority order you want. In this case put Airport above Ethernet.
    NOTE: You may want to create a new Network Location for this, instead of messing with your normal home Location (which is most likely the default Automatic. That way you have your original you can always fall back to.

  • Are people still having trouble with iPhone/HP Laptops?

    Since I've had my Envy I've had no end of trouble with getting it and the iPhone to play nice. Any my search continues. So far, I have updated every bios, reinstalled Windows 7/iTunes many times, have restored the iPhone far more times than I care to remember and I am STILL having troubles with this thing. Having got through the Syncing issues with the PM55 chipset and iPhone I can now sync with my laptop. However all is not well as it would seem that I cannot sync my photo's. It doesn't matter if I have 0gb, 15gb or 30gb free, iTunes is telling me that there is not enough memory available. This error seems like an old one and there is even some info in the Apple KB but after following all that I still can't get it to sync my photo's.
    Some info on my setup:
    HP Envy 15 (all the latest drivers installed, bios F.24) Core i7-820, 8gb ram etc.
    iPhone 32gb, ver 3.1.3
    iTunes (whatever the latest one is)
    I should add that I can sync my iPhone with an identical install of intunes on my vintage Quad core desktop PC, but as I use my Laptop a lot more (and have all my media, email, and contacts etc on it) I would prefer to sync to it.
    Is there anything that I can do? Its very frustrating to have blown $4k on this equipment and it doesn't work...

    Well I tried deleting the photocache but alas, no luck. I also tried syncing with just the photo's enabled, and it worked! So then I enabled my other media and that copied across too! I thought I was on a bit of a roll here, but now whenever I try and sync it will do one of 3 things:
    iTunes will crash.
    iTunes will indicate that there is not enough memory on the device (+9GB free)
    iTunes will remove the iPhone from the sidebar (and my computer/disk management) even though it will continue to charge.
    Interesting point to note is that it works fine (cable/iphone/itunes/media library) on my desktop and macbook. Still really disappointed that I cannot get these two to cooperate. Also still haven't got any contacts from outlook but that may not be related?

  • Still having trouble with Gallery Slideshow

    Still having trouble with Gallery Slideshow, in Live Preview it bounces to  the top of the page but not centered where I like it.
    Hope someone can help.

    no is not hosted anywhere Im working on a Fantasy Photography site. from the image the top one is design mode and bottom is preivew mode. But my problem is
    as you can see from the images ( red boxes )  it moves when is in preview mode and the sizes of the images change as well as you can see. I dont know why? I tried figuring it out
    but no luck. I hope this helps.

  • Trouble with a new MacBook Pro - times 3 now..

    Hi all,
    Trouble Trouble Trouble - my frustrations with Apple:
    1) MacBook Pro -bought 19th nov 2009- Death On Arrival, 4HDD/11/40000004:SATA(0,0)
    Been sent back to Apple and I got a new one.
    New MacBook Pro -got it on the 25th nov 2009- Started to have random Kernel Panic's 2nd of November:
    2) Kernel Panic's everywhere.. even on the Mac Bootdisc with Disk Utility.. as random as they appeared, so random they went away. Just to be sure on the Apple helpdesk they advised me to cleaned disk and reinstalled everything. Lucky I made a back-up when it was still working.... otherwise I'd have lost everything.
    3) Worked well for 2 or 3 days and now -6th dec 09- all the sudden it doesn't want to start anymore. Giving me 9 beeps at start-up on a black screen in the morse code s.o.s. 3x short, 3x long, 3x short)
    I'm sure when I call Apple tomorrow I'll have to bring away my notebook to an Apple Service Provider cause they can't help me on the phone. If so, I will have to wait for another 20 days(experience in the past with my bro's MacBook for a new harddisk(!)).
    I used to be a PC-guy and took the brave step to be a full-time Apple-guy, but this is just frustrating me. Sold my old laptop and now I'm without one for ages.
    What would my options be? Could I get a complete new notebook?

    Giving me 9 beeps at start-up on a black screen in the morse code s.o.s. 3x short, 3x long, 3x short)
    Sounds like bad RAM:
    Or bad power.
    Have you attempted to change the power supply or power source? If it isn't plugged into a surge protector, you may have issues with your house power that create problems for multiple computers.
    Also, be sure you aren't damaging the power cable unintentially*:
    This is a user to user board.
    Call Apple directly at:
    (31) 0900 7777 703
    And let them know your repeated issues. They could give you a replacement machine, but also ask for a replacement power brick to at least test the theory the power brick may be damaged.
    - * Links to my pages may give me compensation.

  • Any Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter with audio for macbook pro mid 2009

    connecting MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) to Hisense TV with audio?!?!!?
    hello everyone.
    if anyone is familar with successfully getting the older macbook pros that dont support audio out to stream and preform digital audio on a TV or has any helpful information that will get me familiar with trying to successfully stream audio and visual. and can PLEASE HELP ME in any way to understand what they know and teach me how to solve my problem id really appreciate it.
    i want to connect my MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) to my Hisense LED LCD TV, ModelNumber:40H3E  and getting digital audio sound from my TV as well as video, but have no clue on how or where to even start to successfully pairing the two and getting sound.
    I own a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) this MacBook model doesnt support an HDMI port. My MacBooks model has the Mini Displayport which supports video out but does not support audio out. Can someone help me by telling me exactly which Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter with audio will support my model MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) and exactly what HDMI wire do i need to buy that will successfully preform digital audio and sadisfying quality visual through TV?
    i have NO expierence with the proccess have NO knowledge about any of this or these Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters with audio. i have no idea what kind of adapter and HDMI cord to buy that will give me sound from my tv for my type of macbook. '
    im not familar AT ALL with any of this so i hope me giving you my MacBook Pros make and model and my TV's model number will be enough information for someone to help me.
    just please give me anything you can on this topic
    thank you so much,

    With a 2009 MacBook Pro, you need to use two connections to your TV: one for video and another one for audio.  The miniDisplayPort on the 2009 models does not support audio, so you need a separate audio cable:
    miniDisplayPort adapter for video - I use the Apple miniDisplayport-DVI adapter + a DVI-HDMI cable like this one
    audio cable for audio - use a 3.5mm male stereo-to-2xRCA male cable like this one
    Connect the miniDisplayport adapter + DVI/HDMI cable to your MacBook Pro's miniDisplayPort output and the HDMI input on your TV
    Connect the audio cable to your MacBook Pro's audio out and your TV's audio in
    The only potential gotcha is if your Hisense TV requires audio via the HDMI cable when you use an HDMI cable.  The H3e user manual is unclear about this.

  • I am having trouble with hdmi from MacBook to TV

    Having trouble with the sounds when I connect  hdmi from MacBook to TV

    This is the iPad forum. Do you have a question about iPad? If not, I'll ask that your post be reassigned.
    BTW, you will need to provide more detail than that for someone to help. How are you connecting the two? What have you already done to troubleshoot? What was the result?

  • I am having trouble receiving email on Macbook Pro running lion.  No problem with cloud mail, but other accounts do not receive mail.

    Trying to set up email on MacBook Pro running Lion (10.7.4), I can send messages, but receive only messages sent to my cloud address.  Two other email accounts do not receive messages at all.  Passwords, etc are correct.  Anyone else have this problem?

    I am assuming you are using the mail app.  You may have turned off recieving mail function.  Open up mail.  HIt Command comma to open preferences.  Go into general and set it like this. 

  • Having trouble with audio edit to tape, print to video ok

    Hi all, please go easy on me, this is my first post.
    I am having difficulty getting audio on to tape via 'edit to tape'.
    The hardware is blackmagic decklink extreme, feeding component video and analoge audio to a UVW-1800P.
    I can do a print to video on a crash record and the audio works that way, but edit to tape does not.
    I have tried both deck link and built in audio in the audio settings and the FCP a/v settings, seperate and ganged output settings, I have set the insert settings to 2 channel Sony, reloaded the decklink drivers.
    The irritating thing is the audio is there whilst cutting, but as soon as I try edit to tape there is complete silence. The important thing is that it worked a few weeks back but does not now, it must be a setting?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    This machine I am working with this week is an Intel MacPro running FCP 5.1.2 and Mac OS 10.4.8
    G5 Dual 2GHz-Blackmagic Decklink Pro, G3 with Sonnet G4 upgrade   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    G5 Dual 2GHz-Blackmagic Decklink Pro, G3 with Sonnet G4 upgrade   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    I had this same problem and this resolved it for me:
    -Go to your "Settings" icon and click on the "General" tab.
    -About 2/3 way down the page you will see "Use side switch to:" - make sure "mute" is checked rather than "lock rotation."
    -Then make sure the side switch, located next to the volume toggle switch on the side of your ipad, is moved to the right (no red dot showing).
    My audio worked fine in embedded videos after I did those two things.  Hope it works for you.

  • Still having trouble with NeoSpeech

    I have re-installed NeoSpeech and I am still having problems.  I read the comments about this but I have not seen anything that fixes the problems I am having.
    When I select the Kate voice it works, but if I select the Paul voice you don't see that short processing status, and no audio is created.  It selects the Paul option in the drop-down, but there is no audio.  If I create audio with Kate, then switch it to Paul, nothing happens and the voice remains Kate.  As I said, I reinstalled but nothing changed.  What else should I do?
    To Adobe: Does this feature have bugs, or should it be working?

    no is not hosted anywhere Im working on a Fantasy Photography site. from the image the top one is design mode and bottom is preivew mode. But my problem is
    as you can see from the images ( red boxes )  it moves when is in preview mode and the sizes of the images change as well as you can see. I dont know why? I tried figuring it out
    but no luck. I hope this helps.

  • Anyone having problems with Lion on MacBook Pro 15"?

    I upgraded to Lion through the App Store the day it came out and have had nothing but problems ever since. Snow Leopard was running fine. Lion would cause random application crashes all the time. I had to constantly run Disk Utility to repair permissions and repair the disk. I am currently reinstalling Snow Leopard.

    I'm back!
    Frustrated by multiple install tries and calls to Apple Support, and in a process of elimination, I took my MacBook Pro 15" 5,1 to an Apple Store, and they ran all the hardware diagnostic tests, and found nothing wrong with it.
    1 - I bought and installed a new battery as mine was starting to bulge a little (it had still passed the test).
    2 - I put the original 4GB RAM back in it.
    3 - I reformatted the internal drive (again).
    4 - I ran the Lion installer and it made it all the way through the process.
    5 - I did not use Migration Assistant... just left a clean Lion install on the MacBook Pro.
    6 - Then I re-installed my 8GB RAM and booted up - it worked fine.
    7 - I then drag-copied all my user files from my Time Machine back-up disk.
    8 - I reinstalled all my application software from original disks and installers (no drag copies from backups).
    Lion running on my MacBook Pro has been stable ever since.
    • Lion doesn't like certain third-party RAM that worked fine under Snow Leopard.
    • The Migration Assistant is also worthless in some circumstances.
    • Time Machine is worthless in some circumstances.
    • As a Mac owner, user and customer since 1987, I expected better from Apple in a major software upgrade like this.

  • Any other iPhone owners still having trouble with AMDS?

    Even with the new iTunes update, AMDS didn't install. I managed to get AMDS installed independently with someone's method of copying new directory and registry files, but it's still not allowing the driver software to be updated on my iPhone. Anyone else out there just having problems with AMDS in general?

    Good gracious. Are you "Kate" from over there in the comments section? (I'm Tony, by the way.)
    I'm a bit worried that this might be related to the issue with your USBport.inf file that popped up in the sfc /scannow results from last year. The .inf files contain instructions on how a driver needs to be installed.
    It might at this point be worth attempting the procedures described from the document we following on the scannow on fixing files that scannow cannot repair.
    [How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7|]
    (The one issue I'm worried about with that is the result from the scannow run that suggested that there might be an issue with your System Restore. I don't want to get you into a situation where you can restore if everything turns to custard for us.)

  • Still having trouble with Adobe Flash

    I believe that I have interrogated all of the FAQ's and followed the help suggestions.
    i have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash 3 times.
    I am still getting the message "you need Adobe Flash to play this video".
    ShockWave enabled.
    You Tube works fine.
    My system:
    Windows 7 (Home Premium)
    Flash player version: 11.9.900.152
    Internet Explorer
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance!

    Does Flash appear to load on this page on Step 5?
    If so, what URL's specifically are you having problems with?

  • Having trouble with audio streaming

    I have tried numerous times to stream specific files through my Mac Book Pro, on this specific web page when I click stream.  Does anyone have a solution?

    Give us and example of a page.   
    17" 2.2GHz i7 Quad-Core MacBook Pro  8G RAM  750G HD + OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Boot HD 
    Got problems with your Apple iDevice-like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Try Troubleshooting 101

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  • Zen V 8Gb locks up with MediaSource 5, no longer recognized by

    I have an 8G Zen V which I sync using a computer running Windows XP. I was transferring a file from MediaSource 5 to my 8G Zen V when I noticed that the current file had simply stopped transferring stuck at %. I unplugged the Zen, but instead of retu

  • Installing an SSD drive in a Macbook Pro

    Hello All.  Thanks all for detailed replies. I may not have read all your posts properly but today I tried to clone the SSD with my current HD in disk utilities but it wouldn't let me.  Told me to use disk utility in recovery mode -I was able to "clo

  • Can't Print to HP LaserJet 2430dtn printer

    Please help! Hi all, I have Max OS X 10.4.11 machine which is on a network. I am trying to print to a printer which is on a network (hosted by Windows 2003 server). I can find the printer and add onto the Mac machine but I can't print on it. Everythi

  • /dev/hda1 or /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1?

    I'm not really a newbie, but this sounds like a newbieish question.  In all the previous distros I've used, everything was referenced using the symbolic links like /dev/hda1.  When I installed AL, it used the real long "actual" locations.  Is there a

  • Mac OS X 10.7.3

    All of a sudden every time I try to shut down my mac it asks for my username and password ..... what's up with this?   I've looked all through preferences and can't figure out how to stop it from asking me !    Thanks