Stop Change Event in TabNavigator

How can I stop the change event from happening on a
I have a TabNavigator with two tabs. I want to be able to
detect when the user clicks on the non-active tab then check
certain components on the active tab and then depending on the
components either let the user to go to the non-active tab or not.
I have tried using the change event but I can not stop the
tab from actually changing. Is there another event which gets fired
before the change event that I can use?
I have tried using:
But none of them stop the tab change.

I would use a TabBar with a ViewStack instead, that way when
you click on the TabBar you can programmatically tell it what to

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  • WebcamPublisher change event incorrect behavior?

    When using a webcamPublisher and listening to the change event I only get an event fired when the camera starts publishing, but not when it stops.
    Event object type:
    Dispatched when the camera is accessed for publishing or is stopped.
    If I use the isCameraPublishing event instead, then I will get an event fired when I stop or start the camera. 
    Event object type:
    Dispatched when the user's camera publishing state changes.
    The only difficult part, and maybe this can be changed in the docs (or maybe I should just know better) is that this isCameraPublishing event needs to be setup like this: webPub.addEventListener("isCameraPublishing", webPubChange);  because in your code it is dispatched like this: dispatchEvent(new"isCameraPublishing"));  Maybe I'm just lazy but I'm so used to using the class to define the event name that I expected to be able to do this at first webPub.addEventListener(, webPubChange);
    Just reporting what looked like odd behavior to me.

    For stopping, you need to listen to STREAM_DELETE event. You can look at player 9 source for reference. isCameraPublishing is only fired when camera starts.
    Hironmay Basu

  • Unable to stop the event logs on access point console

    Hi team,
    I have an AIR-LAP1131AG-E-K9 access point having ios c1130-k9w8-mx.124-21a.JHB1.
    When I am trying to take the console of it there are many logs generated like LWAPP ...Go join the controller, Discover controller etc. and the ap is unable to register to the controller(2112 with ios version I'm trying to enter the command but there are many event msg generated....How do i stop this event log. I tried entering the command no debug all. but still there are many logs...
    I want to enter the the following commands
    #lwapp ap  ip address <ip addr>.
    #lwapp a pip default-gateway <gateway ip addr>
    #lwapp ap controller ip addr <controller ip>
    #wr me
    Revert me back on urgent basis
    Thanks in advance..

    Thanks Rashika,
    Now the access point got registered to the controller..This happened becuse of country Code..
    I have changed the country code to UK, Belgium it started working fine.
    Initially when it was IN the access point was not getting register..
    But now the problem which arised is that the user is unable to get authenticated to the radius server.
    Radius server is reachable and we have done every changes required for radius server authentication.
    Users are getting rejected.
    Customer is saying that the radius server is in IN domain and the WLC/access point is in UK,BE and hence the users are unable to connect..
    Is it so??
    Thanks in advance...

  • Dynamic Action, validation check, on an Item, could not use Change event

    I am learning how to use Dynamic Actions in a 3.2.x app that was upgraded to 4.0.x. I wanted to share what I learned adding client side validation with these actions. Perhaps an Apex guru could suggest an easier method to use this feature.
    I have an existing function where a user selects multiple rows in a report page, and then assigns a single status and enters justification text for the selected rows in another page, then saves changes (via submit).
    One item, justification, is required. I replaced my JavaScript validation of an empty value, e.g., P10_JUSTIFICATION.value, with a dynamic action. The Change event was a candidate for this item, with the "is not null" Condition. However, it is possible to initiate this screen to review the status, overlook the justification text and immediately select a button to save changes. No Change event has fired. The Before Page Submit event was applicable here. This Event selection in the wizard does not provide the Item for definition and then the Condition wasn't the right context though available for selection. I selected JavaScript expression for the Condition, actually entered my original JS test expression, and created one True Action. The True action displays an Alert to tell the user that required text is missing.
    Test of this DA was not completely successful. The alert appeared but the page went on to submit anyway. I found I had to add another True Action, Cancel Event, to stop the submit. The DA was then successful.
    The Apex site examples, [] , do a great job showing use of Change and Set Value events for Items but a user may not always navigate through items. These features were promoted for developers with no to little knowledge of JavaScript to use Apex for application development. This DA required using/understanding JS anyways.
    My next step is to implement actions on a tabular form that that has required values. It is disconcerting that I have read in the forum that the column value references such as f0x and its row number are required to get it all working (as a DOM or JQuery selector). I have already found that tabular form columns can be re-ordered from v3.2.1 to 4.0.x. I was hoping I could declare dynamic actions or simpler Javascript methods that would not rely on f0x array references.

    It is disconcerting that I have read in the forum that the column value references such as f0x and its row number are required to get it all working (as a DOM or JQuery selector).Not necessarily. One possibility is to use descendent jQuery selectors to attach the dynamic action event handler by column heading:
    td[headers="HIREDATE"] input

  • Workflow Change Event Issue

    Hello Experts,
    We have a workflow wherein 2 levels of approvals are needed. One level of approval is handled thru workflow mails/BSP.
    After first level approval, using some logic I will find a value like 6 or 5. Which will be updated as trip status.
    After that there is a Z program which will be used by admin to select the trips which has status 6 or 5. And then does the final approval.
    In short
    1.     Manager approval. If approved step 2. Else exit.
    2.     Set trip status as 6 or 5 (decide using a logic and then set the status)
    3.     Wait for Admin app/rejection
    4.     Final approval in z program..
    5.             Control comes back to workflow(thru wait events), does some  logic and sends a mail and stop
    The problem I am facing here is step 2 triggers a change event (after status set) and ends the workflow .. (as the workflow is designed to end as soon as change event is triggered)
    Very few times it works fine and waits in 3rd step ..
    Please let me know how to handle this.

    Are you using wait for event step in your workflow that waits for the changed event. I guess this is happening because as soon as the first approver is done the trip status changes and change event is triggered. Try to use some logic over there and avoid triggering of this event if only the trip status is changed.
    Hope it helps.

  • How to handle tab change event in UI shell main area

    I have two tabs(two taskflows) in UI shell main area. one is department tab and another is employee tab. My department tab shows employees department wise. On employee tab I have emplyee table which shows employees jobwise. This employee table has the functionality of adding new record to employee vo as well.
    Now i follow these steps.
    1. by defualt department tab is open.
    2. by clickinng on Tasks menu link i open Employee tab in to main area. Now i have both tabs in main area.
    3. at Employee tab I search all employees job = accountant. It shows the search result well.
    4. Now i add a new record to it and without saving/deleting this record i move to department tab.
    5. at Department tab i search employees where department =20, here no relation b/w job and department.
    6. Now i return to employee tab. my newly added record got disappeared. It is there but does not show in table.
    How to resolve it??
    I have one solution in my mind while changing the tab i can prompt to user "you can not leave the newly added record..either save it or delete it". But how to catch tab change event here? where i can write code to prompt msg to user?
    Pls help.
    Edited by: 900997 on May 6, 2012 4:10 AM

    With apologies for the slow reply, I'm currently travelling.
    Two things to note:
    1) The af:document uncommittedDataWarning flag was designed to stop users navigating away from half entered records. More about this flag can be found here: (see point 4)
    ....please note our documentation from time to time spells this flag wrong with only one "t" in the word committed, so if you're attempting a bulk search check for this (and I'll raise document bugs to get this fixed in the future).
    2) On addressing the ADF UI Shell, if you're switching between "pages" in the UI Shell, as separate to switching between dynamic tabs within a single page using the UI Shell, the UI Shell will actually restart the currently running task flow in the page you're returning too. You can verify this by implementing an initializer on your task flow with a log message, and watching when the initializer is called.
    In addressing your last question, at this stage I think you need to assess my first answer then come back if you think you sill need to execute the code on the tab click. I also need to know are you talking about the primary level of tabs that represent each page in the UI Shell, or are you referring to the dynamic tabs within a single UI Shell page that hold your task flows?

  • Error in work flow wait for change event

    Error in work flow wait for change event of business object bus1014, Actually this business object is triggering for two transaction one is me21n and another is c201 . am trying to create fork with two branches one is create and another if change occurs wait will trigger, bt when i trigger work flow controll is not after fork, it will stop in fork only. and am not getting my workflow container variable getting instantiate, am getting error in wait. please any one get out of me in this

    Hi Sangeetha
    What is LV_MATERIAL? is it a BO container element? or a class element or a just a simple variable?
    Error message is clear, you are trying to evaluate LV_MATERIAL but it does not contain a value.
    This is a custom workflow as it begins with WS9xxxxxxx... what is LV_MATERIAL used for? what are we expecting it to hold? maybe, from event to workflow binding we can pass the value to it.
    Please share the following:
    1) Definition screen shot of LV_MATERIAL
    2) Screen shot of The step where it is first used - from SWDD
    3) Screenshot of Event to Workflow Binding
    4) name of your base Business Object (seen in the triggering events tab of the WF template in PFTC)
    5) What is the corresponding variable for that BO in your workflow container
    6) Screen shot of WF definition from SWDD - please identify the step going in error in that screen shot

  • Add change event to a custom MXML component

    I am building an MXML project in Flash Builder 4.5
    I have a custom MXML component that contains a TextInput field. I want the custom component to have a change event that triggers a function in the main application.
    I created a test project to try and solve this.  At the moment, it appears to trigger an event once and then stops.  Please take a look and let me know where I am going wrong. Many thanks.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx=""
               width="40" height="20">
            public var value:Number;
            protected function inputBox_clickHandler(event:KeyboardEvent):void
                if (event.keyCode == 38 ) {
                if (event.keyCode == 40 ) {
            protected function keyUp():void
                value = value++;
                dispatchEvent(new Event('change'))
            protected function keyDown():void
                value = value--;
                dispatchEvent(new Event('change'))
        [Event(name="change", type="")]
    <mx:TextInput id="inputBox" x="0" y="0" width="40" height="20"
                  change="dispatchEvent(new Event('change'))"
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx=""
                minWidth="955" minHeight="600" layout="absolute">
            private function changeTestLabel():void
                testLabel.text = String(myComponent.value);
    <CustomComponents:customComponent x="180" y="183"
        id="myComponent" value="0"
    <mx:Label id="testLabel" x="165" y="206" text="Test label"/>

    I have found the solution to this...
    The clue was that it worked the first time a change was made, changing the value to the default '0'.
    The problem was that the var value is type Number and the inputBox.text is type String.
    I therefore added the following function:
      protected function textChange():void
       value = Number(inputBox.text);
       dispatchEvent(new Event('change'))
    I also changed the  change="dispatchEvent(new Event('change'))"  property to
    ... and that fixed it..
    Thanks to all those who took the trouble to look at this

  • We stopped receiving event about lockout users after we installed rollup 4 for tmg with sp2

    We have implemented Account Lockout Feature in TMG 2010 ( We configured
    alert definition to send alert when problem occure. After we installed rollup 4 we stopped receiving  event about this probloem ("The limit of consecutive logon failures has been reached...."). How can we resolve this problem? We have implented
    a script which send this information automatically to user with problem. This is very important for us.
    Event description:
    Source: Microsoft Forefront TMG Web 
    Event ID: 32581
    Level: Error
    Text: limit for consecutive logon failures has been reached. Additional logon attempts by domain.local\ will be automatically rejected for the next 300 seconds

    Before going further troubleshooting, we should confirm if account lockout works fine now.
    Please refer to the article below to check some limitations on this function.
    Is there any other different information after you install Rollup 4? Or what something else do you change during update to RU4?
    Best Regards
    Quan Gu 

  • Item state change events - notification not recd when run on nokia phone

    I have a Form which implements ItemStateListener and its registered to receive item state change events. The Form has a text field which needs to be enabled/disabled based on certain ChoiceGroup element being selected. The code works fine on emulator, however I don't receive event notification in itemStateChanged() on series 60 nokia devices when a new ChoiceGroup element gets selected. Has anyone faced a similar problem? Is there any solution for this? The profile used in my project is CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0.

    I faced a similar problem on Motorola ROKR E6. Turned out that ItemStateListener was working only as long as the first form to be displayed remained current -- once I setCurrent another Form, the app stopped responding to itemStateChanged.
    The workaround I adopted was to remove Items from the Form and add new Items, giving the illusion of the next form being displayed. It would be interesting to know whether that works for you and whether anyone has faced the same problem with any other handset.
    I have subsequently come to know that Motorola have marked my bug report as "solved" -- but have not offered me any option to update my handset with a bug-free version.
    btw, calling setConstraints on a TextField can throw a NullPointerException. My workaround for that was to setText("") in the itemStateChanged in lieu of setConstraints (TextField.UNEDITABLE).
    luck, db

  • PopupMenuButton: Can not Stop 'click' event

    Hello Everybody,
    I am working with a PopupMnuButton. The PopupMenuButton is
    skined so the selected value is not visible. The menu has four
    items which when clicked performs respective operations. But when
    the main button of the PopupMenuButton is clicked it performs the
    operation for the first menu item. I wish to stop that from
    Going through the help files I found that PopupMenuButton
    dispatches a click event when the main button part of the
    PopupMenuButton is clicked, which further dispatches the itemClick
    event for the last selected index.
    Is there a way around to stop the click event from firing
    when the main button is clicked?
    I dont want any action to take place if the button is
    clicked. The user has to select an item from the menu.
    Please advise.

    Hi Tracy,
    No setting selectedIndex value to -1 did no work as
    slectedIndex is a private property for PopupMenuButton so can't
    access from the application. Whenever, I try clicking the button it
    fires the itemClick. Even could not get the standard change event
    to seems that only itemClick method operates and the
    click on button fires the itemclick event.
    It would be great if anyone could suggest any workaround.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • How to tackle the dataflow problem when Value Change event always triggers after another GUI event

    We know that Value change event always triggers after another GUI event. Eg, the user modifies string control, the user clicks on a boolean control. Then event boolean clicked is triggered before event string control value change.
    Now suppose somehow the GUI event that must happen to subsequently trigger the Value change event can potentially affect the data that Value change event is supposed to work on. How can we tackle this problem ?
    For example, in a mockup application that the grand purpose is to have user entered values in a textbox logged to a file (no missing information is accepted, and there is a boolean to determine how the information is logged).
    There are 2 controls, boolean A when clicked (mouse down) will load random number in text box B. Text box B is designed with event structure VALUE change which saves whatever values user enters into text box B to a log file.
    There are 3 problems when instead of clicking anywhere on the front panel after modifying text box B, the user ends up clicking on boolean control A.
    1. Event mouse down on Boolean control A will execute first, modifying text box B content before the user entered values in B get saved.
    2. The value of boolean A can potentially affect how textbox B is loggged.
    3. The value of boolean A affects how the file is logged and this is indeterminate. Somehow when running this VI with no Highlighting, the textbox B Value change event executes -before- boolean A value is updated (F to T). When running this VI with Highlighting, the boolean A value is updated (F to T) (because we click on it) -before- textbox B value change event occurs. Why is it like this ?
    Now the situation I made up seems non-sense, but I believe it resembles one way or another a problem that you might run into. How would you solve this problem elegantly ?

    You can set the string control to "update while typing".
    Are you sure appending the log to itself is reasonable? Wouldn't it grow without bounds if the users keeps entering strings or pressing the ingore button?
    Why isn't the "constant" a diagram constant instead of a control. Is the user allowed to change it?
    To reset just write empty strings or a false to local variables of the controls (renit to defaults" seems a bit heavy handed).
    All you probably need is a single event case for "ignore:value change" and "String" value changed", no need for the local variable..
    Also add a stop button and an event for it.
    You don't need the timeout event.

  • Issue in execution of Dynamic action on change event

    I have scenario, where I have one select list (P_CATEGORY) and one shuttle control (P_ROOMS) on page.
    The values of the shuttle list is being populated based on the selected value in select list.
    The left pane of shuttle control's value based on LOV and source of the shuttle item is a plsql function, which returning colon separated value list.
    So that returned values shown in the right pane of shuttle.
    The LOV values are getting being populated using cascading LOV i.e based on the of Select List item. But the Shuttle source values not getting auto refresh and for achieving that I've created a dynamic true action on change event of Select list.
    The dynamic action is with :
    Action : Set Value
    Set Type : PL SQL funciton body
    Page items to submit : P_CATEGORY (this is select list)
    Escape Special Character : Yes
    Suppress Change event : Yes
    Affected Elements -
    Selection type : Item(s)
    Item(s) : P_ROOMS
    This is perfectly working on Firefox but not working on IE9 & Google Chrome.
    I've debugged in both IE9 & Google chrome and found the dynamic action get executes ajax call and the values get back but not rendering on the screen. i.e not assigning to the item.
    So can you please advice me what will be a workaround for this issue?
    I am using Application Express .
    I'll appreciate your prompt response.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Jaydipsinh Raulji

    I don't understand why this is not working withouth seeing an example, there might be multiple processes working on the item.
    Anyway if the value is returned check if the value is in the session aswell. If it is in the session but not on the page that means you will need to find a way to bring it from the DB to the page. You can do this by adding an action to your DA:
    Action: Execute PL/SQL code
    PL/SQL code: NULL;
    Page Items to Return: your shuttle item

  • How to populate data in the data table on combo box change event

    i am deepak .
    i am very new to JSF.
    my problem is i want to populate data in the datatable on the combo box change event.
    for example ---
    combo box has name of the city. when i will select a city
    the details of the city should populate in the datatable. and if i will select another city then the datatable should change accordingly..
    its urgent
    reply as soon as possible
    thanks in advance

    i am using Rational Application Developer to develop my application.
    i am using a combo box and i am assigning cityName from the SDO.
    and i am declaring a variable in the pageCode eg.
    private String cityName;
    public void setCityName(String cityName){
    this.cityName = cityName;
    public String getCityName(){
    return cityName;
    <h:selectOneMenu id="menu1" styleClass="selectOneMenu" value="#{pc_Test1.loginID}" valueChangeListener="#{pc_Test1.handleMenu1ValueChange}">
                             value="#{selectitems.pc_Test1.usercombo.LOGINID.LOGINID.toArray}" />
                   <hx:behavior event="onchange" target="menu1" behaviorAction="get"
    and also i am declaring a requestParam type variable named city;
    and at the onChangeEvent i am writing the code
    public void handleMenu1ValueChange(ValueChangeEvent valueChangedEvent) {
    FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    Map requestScope = ext.getApplication().createValueBinding("#{requestScope}").getValue(context);
    and also i am creating another SDO which is used to populate data in datatable and in this SDO in the where clause i am using that requestParam .
    it is assigning value in the pageCode variable and in the requestParam but it is not populating the dataTable. i don't no why??
    it is possible that i may not clear at this point.
    please send me the way how my problem can be solved.
    thanks in advance

  • 'CHANGE' event not triggering for BTE 2214 on park/change from FBV1/FBV2

    I have designed a workflow template for FI parking. If the parked document is rejected, i need to trigger FIPP 'CHANGE' event for sending workitem to approver when someone changes the parked document. In SWEL event trace, the 'CHANGE' event is not getting raised.
    So i implemented a BTE 000002214 and now i am able to raise 'CHANGE' event and capture it in workflow. But this is only working when i park a document using FV50 transaction and later change it.
    But when i park a document using FBV1 and then make changes from FBV2, the 'CHANGE' event is not being triggered in SWEL. Should i implement some other BTE like 2218 etc? Can you please help?

    Hi Gokul,
    You can try handling the SAVE event instead of the CHANGED event.
    T-code FBV2 will not allow you to save the document unless you make some changes.
    Try implementing BTE 2218 and revert.

Maybe you are looking for

  • I can´t open FC project ( it is related to my previous post: File error: Access denied when trying to export).

    1- Are you using material with an avid codec?  No, I did not use material with avid codec but I wanted to export to a .avi video. 2- What exactly are your clip settings and your sequence settings? Cilp setting are HDV-1080i50 The secuence is as well

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    We are using SCOM 2012 R2. It has been operating for several months and happily supplying reports without problem. However, last week all the reports disappeared from the console. This is happening for all users and administrators. The Report Server

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    Hi all, I have installed SOA Suite and JDeveloper (both Ver. and manually updated the SOA Composite Editor extension for JDev( version But I couldnt figure out whether the installed components have to be initiated or do

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    how can I do all these??? any other software I have to download? or.. just use itunes? @@, thanks~

  • DVD disc stuck in drive

    Operating system not installing. The dvd is stuck in the drive. What method to use to eject the dvd from the drive? Have tried holding down the mouse, this has been ok in the past but, not on this occasion! Any takers? Kind regards, mflick