Stopping Finder from Auto Snap to Grid

I want to be able to move things on my desktop.  Right now all files and folders are in alphabetical order and I can't move them. If I add something new, it re-alphabetizes. I know there must be a simple button to trip to turn off this snap to grid in Name order, but I can't find it.  Please help me.

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from the Finder menu bar. In the dialog that opens, select
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  • How to stop logic from auto-snapping a midi recording to a grid?

    Everytime I record midi from my keyboard, logic auto snaps the size of the region to fill in to the next and previous complete bar. Is there some way to stop this? I've looked through the manual but can't find much. Thank you!

    There are options for snap values at the top of the Arrange Window, plus you can set them for individual Tracks.
    To fix the Regions which have already been recorded, you can simply drag the ends of the Region to where you actually want them to go (the cursor turns into a kind of bracket-with-an-arrow-in-it, a bit like this: ∑ when you're in the right place for end dragging). You can even tidy up several Regions at once. But of course you need to fix your snap value first!

  • How do I stop iTunes from auto-launching when connecting iPod.

    I have found one method of doing this set out below.
    You may want to stop iTunes from auto-launching whenever you plug in your iPod. To do this, open iTunes, and select the iPod in the left-hand Source window. Four buttons will then appear in the lower right-hand corner of the iTunes window. Click the left-most button with the iPod icon on it. This will bring up the iPod Preferences dialog. Uncheck the option labeled "Open iTunes when attached." You probably also want to prevent iTunes from trying to automatically synchronize your iPod when you connect by selecting the "Manually manage songs and playlists" option in the same Preferences dialog.
    I am unable to find the iPod icon in the left hand Source window, maybe if I connect my iPod an icon will appear, but I don't want to do this in case stuff is transferred between the iPod and Comp or vice versa.
    Sorry to be so long winded, but it was difficult to explain without being so.
    If any one knows of another way to do what I am trying to do
    Perhaps they would let me know.
    ASP   Windows XP Pro  

    okay. in a 7.0.x, we no longer get the "ipod options" icon when the ipod is plugged in and selected in the sourcelist (the area to the left of the iTunes screen). instead, the ipod options and preferences display for us in the main library screen.
    "Open iTunes when this ipod is connected" is kept down at the bottom of the "Summary" tab. (scroll down to the bottom of that tab to see everything under the "Options" heading.)
    "manually manage music" (or "manually manage music and videos" if you've got a video-capable ipod) is also kept down at the bottom of the "Summary" tab in the Options area.
    for a technique for connecting the ipod without automatically syncing (if you have an automatic syncing option set on the ipod already), and then changing the options to "manually manage music", see:
    How to keep iTunes from automatically updating your iPod
    unfortunately, that document is also written for itunes 6.0.x or earlier. so in your case the instructions under the "Now that you're logged in as the Guest user, it's time to get back to iTunes and your iPod:" section at steps 4, 5 and 6 should read:
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Summary Tab
    5. Check the "Manually manage music" checkbox.
    6. Click "Apply".

  • Stopping Fireworks from auto correcting

    So I am trying to create a link with the hotspot tool.  The link includes a "&" symbol which Fireworks automatically auto corrects to use the ascii code &
    With the end file being exported to PDF, this does not work.  I need to know how to stop Fireworks from auto correcting this or to force the original & symbol to be accepted. I though I might be able to find something in preferences but no luck.  Any help is appreciated.

    3 or 4 things you can do.
    (1) Turn off this "resume" feature for all applications via the checkbox near the bottom of the System Preferences, General pane.
    (2) Close all windows by hand before you quit safari.
    (3) option-quit safari.
    (4) Launch Safari from the dock using shift-click.

  • How to stop Bridge from auto-launching

    I recently enabled a option to auto launch Bridge and I think I did it through inDesign CS5.
    Where do I stop Bridge from auto launching?
    Thank you for any help!

    You may find that it's not a 'Bridge' thing. I presume you are on a Mac... and have the lastest OS?
    When you do a hard shut down and then restart, any apps that were open will re-open.
    Also if you quit a program with something open. Quitting and restarting the program automatically opens what was previously open.
    I find that I have gotten into the habit of closing before quitting... quite annoying.
    I hope I didn't go off topic too much...

  • Imovie 09 How do I stop Imovie from auto importing video from iphoto

    Imovie 09 How do I stop Imovie from auto importing video from iphoto.
    Hi I've done a lot of searches on how to do this but no answers found.
    Imovie is beginning to become really slow because of the large number of video's. It takes 3 minutes to startup. Editing is sometimes slow lot's of spinning beach balls e.t.c.
    I would like to only import the video I want to edit and hopefully get a quicker Imovie in the process.
    My Iphoto library is about 95 Gbyte in size.
    My mac has 4 gb ram and I use the internal disk.
    Any other ways to work with Imovie/Iphoto are also welcome.

    I won't get iMovie 9 till Tuesday, but based on what you said I may need to take some precautions. One reason I didn't like iMovie 8 is because it automatically imported everything in iPhoto library. What I'm going to do is create a new iPhoto library before importing the photos/videos from the camera. Or if you already have it in your main iPhoto library copy only the photos you'll use in your iMovie 9 project to the new library. Then start iPhoto while pressing the option key which will allow you to select the new iPhoto library you have created. Then I suppose that when you start iMovie 9 it will automatically import only the photos/videos from the new library.

  • How do I stop Firefox from auto-focusing on text boxes?

    How do I stop Firefox from auto-focusing on text boxes? Sometimes as a page is loading, I scroll down the page...only to have the page jump back to where there is a text box, with a blinking cursor, after the page is finished loading. It is an annoying feature and I want to turn it off.

    Some pages use an onload event to set the focus to a text area or search field.
    You can try NoScript to see if that blocks it.

  • How can I stop safari from auto completing url's on my iphone 4 and ipad2?

    How can I stop safari from auto completing url's on my iphone 4 and ipad2?  On both devices I have cleared history, I have gone into settings-safari-and cleared history and cleared cookies & data, tried turning my devices on and off and I also have private browsing turned on. Both devices are operating on iOS 5.  When I type in a url I don't want anything to show and auto complete.  Any suggestions?

    This indicates corrupt files.
    A restore should resolve.

  • How can i stop iTunes from Auto rating my songs??

    How can i stop iTunes from auto rating my songs in my library?? I have my library very organized and 90% of the time when i listen to music i play "My Top Rated" Playlist on shuffle. The only time i give stars ratings to my songs is for my favourite songs which i give 5 star and every other song is just left with no stars. For some reason iTunes is giving songs i have never played or i dont like 5 Stars and rewining my playlists. I have tried erasing all the stars from my entire library and since doing this a week ago, again (for the 4th time in a year) having a library with not 1 song with any star ratings, all of a sudden i now have 329 random songs with 5 stars again??????
    This is really getting to me as i love my music and love iTunes and everything apple but seriously there has to be away to stop this so i can have my old playlists back!
    Thanks hope some one can help

    One reason itunes will start "at regular intervals" will be if you have an iphone that has sync via wifi enabled. I had the problem following an upgrade to iOS 5.

  • In iPhoto how do I stop files from auto resizing as they import? I don't want my files reduced to 72. The option to choose size on the export menu not suitable for up sizing, as you can't restore the quality removed?

    in iPhoto how do I stop files from auto resizing as they import? I don't want my files reduced to 72. The option to choose size on the export menu not suitable for up sizing, as you can't restore the quality removed.

    Short answer: They are not resizing, there is no quality lost. The dpi is only set when you decide what size you're printing at
    Longer answer:  Dpi means nothing in the digital world of your computer. There are no "inches" to have "dots per..." Size is measured in pixels. That's the same on your camera. It doesn't take 10 x 8 or 6 x 4 shots. It takes shots measured in megapixels. For instance 4,000 x 3,000 is a 12 megapixel camera.
    Using that example, that shot from that camera has 12 million pixels. So that's how many "Dots" there are. To decide the ratio of dots per inch, you now need to decide the "inches" part. And that's printing. Print at 10 x 8 and the dpi will be 4,000/10 or about 400 dpi. At 6 x 4 then it's 4,000/6 or 660 dpi. Work the other way: Print at 300 dpi and the resulting image will be about 13 inches on the longer side.
    So, your photo as a fixed number of pixels. Changing the dimensions of the print will vary the dpi, changing the dpi will vary the dimensions of the print.
    For more see

  • How to stop safari from auto completing url?

    Re: Safari v. 5.1
    OS: 10.6.8
    How can I stop Safari from auto-completing url entries when I begin typing or entering a url in the http box i.e. can I turn this feature off?

    Unfortunaly, that's a problem.
    See this thread:
    You can provide feedback to Apple here.

  • How can I stop Finder from defaulting to All Files in 10.8.2?

    How can I stop Finder from defaulting to All Files in 10.8.2? Thanks.

    bnfrsrYour other post asked for help here, but it looks like the question has already been answered above by William Lloyd.
    Finder / Preferences / General ... change this
    To this, for example, or one of the other options for "New Finder windows show":

  • HT2506 how do I stop Preview from auto advancing a pdf slideshow?

    how do I stop Preview from auto advancing a pdf slideshow?

    If you are using Safari, look at Safari > Preferences > General and make sure 'Open "safe" files after downloading' is not checked.  Other browsers should have a similar setting in their preferences.

  • How to stop Lightroom from auto-adjusting RAW files

    Is there a way to stop Lightroom from automatically "fixing" my RAW files? When I first load them in they look perfect (like they do on the back of my camera), but then LR auto-adjusts them to make them dull and desaturated and not at all contrasty. Is there a way that I can set LR to not do anything to the files and let me decide what I want the original to look like?

    I totally understand where II is coming from. I too find it bothersome that in some images, the pre-processed preview is a more pleasing image than the unprocessed RAW. At the same time, it is the unprocessed nature of the RAW image that is the whole attraction and point to shooting RAW. An obvious workaround (if one is willing of course) is to shoot RAW+JPEG so as to either have the JPEG as a "target" reference or final image when suitable. And that is an option I used to employ until I got tired of dealing with the issues of essentially doubling the number of images I was working with.
    I do disagree with II's thought that the preview showing up is slowing down any processing of the RAW image. It would seem to me that the whole reason the preview is showing up is that it is a prerendered aspect of the file that pops up while the actual preview rendering is taking place. While I don't claim to have technical knowledge as to how this all works, I would think that LR is simply showing the initial rendering of what the RAW file is telling LR it looks like until LR can actually make it's OWN interpretation. Either way, the process is fast enough that it isn't a huge issue to me on my system. In fact, those images where I see a vast difference between the inital preview image and the LR rendered resolve no slower than the rest.
    It is interesting to know that there are applications/utilities out there that will extract that inital preview though. I thionk it would be very cool if LR made use of such a capability more directly as an option.
    Anyway, while the frequency of my use of LR so far pales in comparison to that of PS and Bridge, so far I can say that such discrepency between nice looking inital preview and less than so RAW is far less common than it is working with PS and Bridge CS2.

  • How do I stop finder from opening a new window every time I download an image (drag and drop)?

    Before I updated my computer I could drag and drop a new image from the internet to wherever I wanted on the desktop. Now when I download a new image from the internet it opens the "Desktop" finder windo. Also it systematically downloads the new image to be placed underneath the last downloaded/organized file. How do I stop it from doing both of these things?

    Try relaunching the Finder > Relaunch Finder… from the Mac OS X Finder

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