Stream music to two airports at the same time from my iPad2?

I found out from the apple-website that its possible to stream music to two(or more) of the new updated Airports from a computer at the same time .. can i do it from my iPad2 also?  i want to build zones in my home and be able to use them one by one, or play music in several of them together at the same time.
I,m currently using the Spotify-app from my iPad2 or iPhone3GS to my existing(old one) Airport Express, and need to know if i can bye more Airports?
Thanks in advance
/Jonas from Sweden.

I found out from the apple-website that its possible to stream music to two(or more) of the new updated Airports from a computer at the same time .. can i do it from my iPad2 also?
Sorry, but no. This option is not supported on iOS devices.

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  • Can I Send Music to Two Airtunes at the same time?

    I read somewhere there was some software or other fix that would allow me to send my iTunes music to two separate Airport Express Airtunes (to different stereo systems in different rooms, of course) at the same time.
    Is this true? If yes, how/where do I get the fix?

    And there would be no easy way to synchronize the
    sounds coming out of two Airport Expresses controlled
    by two different users.
    I'm not denying that. My point is that synchronizing multiple AirTunes streams is far from trivial due to the prebuffering delay and the fact that TCP is being used as a transport. The TCP transport is the most complicating factor because of the automatic retries when packets are dropped, which introduces latency (delays).
    There's one other difficulty with TCP: The communication is point-to-point. This means that each Express must have its own stream. With each stream taking approximately 700 kbps of bandwidth, two Expresses would chew up 1.4 Mbps of bandwidth, three would use 2.1 Mbps, etc. If you have a less-than-ideal wireless connection, dropouts become much more likely with each added Express.
    There's actually a convoluted approach I figured out over a year ago involving n + 1 users, each running an instance of iTunes, where n is the number of Expresses being streamed to. Nicecast was used to create an MP3 stream from one iTunes instance and then the other iTunes instances would pick up the stream and play it through the Expresses. It, too, suffered from the bandwidth escalation I described above.

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    Hi everybody,
    I m executing a command of imageMagic from javacode to crop and for changing the quality of image.The code is as below :
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    Hi everyone,
    Nobody ans my question but finally i got the ans of my question.
    I use a input stream for reading the first one imagemagic command. through this the second command execute after the first command finished its execution.
    And my images are now displaying without error.
    I know now you all are thinking how great mind I am!!! hai na
    Hmm woh to main hoon.
    post a question if u have over here. Perhaps i can solve your prob.

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    DVD Studio Pro 4.2   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
      Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Welcome to the boards
    You cannot burn two DVDs at the same time from DVD SP though if you build the project you can tyr other approaches

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    How do I share music between two accounts on the same i-mac

    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer - - relocating iTunes' media folder to a shared area but leaving separate library files - extra tip at

  • If i have a home full of Apple TV's and Airport Express' can i  airplay music in every room at the same time?

    If i have a home full of Apple TV's and Airport Express' can i  airplay music in every room at the same time?
    Or just one device(room) at a time?
    It seems there is a lot of home theater systems where they all hook up to one "control" and then disperse to the different locations per instructions..
    Is this possible with all apple products?

    From iTunes using Multiple Speakers (you can control with the Remote app on iPhone/iPad too), but not from AppleTV itself.

  • One again, "can I use CC on two computers at the same time?" - in practice.

    I know this has been asked before and all those threads are locked. Many asked the question, but I haven't found a satisfying answer yet.
    Can I multi task with CC?
    I want to have my laptop next to my desktop. And while I render, export or whatever my newly shot documentary on the laptop I want to work with a music video project on my desktop. Then when the render is finished I render the music video and go back to the laptop and continue on the documentary. Or maybe I just work 5 minutes on the desktop music video, then come up with something brilliant for the project on the laptop and switch. Back and forth. Will that kind of activity result in any kind of limitation, usage-wise?
    So, working on Premiere on my two computers at the same time.. is it possible? Technically? I know the EULA says "only one person". But will it let one person mutli task?
    I need to know this before I buy. sorry for asking this again, please bless me with a clear answer

    Hi Jimmy Crim,
    Yes in case of Creative cloud subscription you are allowed to install and use the cc apps in any two machines.
    Even if you want you care allowed to use these apps together in both the machines.

  • Write a progarm to test two parts at the same time

    I need to write a program in LabView that is capable of testing two parts at the same time.
    I star the test on a unit, once all the electrical test is done move that unit to the pressure test without loosing the current test information and continue the test of the unit thewn generate a serial number only if it passes all the test. Then while the previous unit is going thru the pressure test star testing another unit for the elecrical test and so on.
    I am using LabView 2012

    From what you have described, I agree with what has been answered above. TestStand is specifically designed for. If you would like to provide more information about your application we could give you a more detailed response. For more information about TestStand follow this link
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Is there a way to show two angles at the same time in the final edit rather than switch between them with Multicam?

    Can I show two angles at the same time in the final edit rather than alternate with Multicam?

    Stack two clips on top of each other and reduce the sizes. I think that's what you want.

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    Does Dreamweaver have the ability to open two websites at the same time?
    I basically have a CMS hosted on one server, that connects to my clients sites on other servers. I want to be able to open files on one server and edit them and also edit files on another server at the same time.
    If this isn't available in Dreamweaver, then I think it should be. I often need to copy code from one page in a site to another page in different site. To have the ability to have two windows open, each connected to a different website server would be invaluable to me. By having separate windows, each can have its own server connection. I don't know how easy that would be, but I'd love it!

    You can only connect to one site at a time.  And you need to edit files locally, save & then upload to the remote server.   AFAIK, no single FTP app is capable of connecting to more than one server at a time.  You might be able to do what you want with DW open and an additional 3rd party FTP client like Filezilla, each connecting to different servers.
    Nancy O.

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    Hey i need help on opening two libraries at the same time on itunes. I don't know if that is possible but need some advice if its possible. I already have several libaries but I need to compare labaries at times due to various users on my computer. Please help .

    Not that I'm aware of. What exactly is that you want to achieve? There are tools for scanning media folders and adding any files not listed in the library, or deleting those that no longer exist. There are also ways to use one library for multiple users so that any tag update gets applied for everyone.

  • How can I start two Vi at the same time?

     I have two Vi's, each of these Vi has a stop button. I want to start these two Vis at the same time. I also want to be able to stop the two Vis at the same time. What should I do? Thanks.

    One way to start them is with an Invoke Node and the Run method. You can then stop them with the Set Control Value [Variant] method. When you use the Set Control Value [Variant], you just have to specify the name of the front panel control that stops the while loop. Older versions of LabVIEW only had the Set Control Value method in which you had to use the flatten to string function to pass the Type Descriptor and Flattened Data.
    Message Edited by Dennis Knutson on 03-20-200609:35 AM
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    When my mouse is on a area, I need :
        -  to show a object (a rectangle inserted with the toolbar)
        -  to show a caption
    I think it's not possible to do this two things at the same time when I use the rollover functions (Rollover caption or Rollover Image).
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    Someone have an Idea?
    I can't use Javascript.

    Rick is correct.  You can use the Rollover Slidelet's rollover area to trigger an Advanced Action.  You'll need to create this Advanced Action with two clauses.  One to SHOW the caption, and the other to SHOW the rectangle.
    Your alternative to the rollover slidelet is to use an Event Handler widget attached to the object that the mouse should roll over.
    The Event Handler will detect when the mouse is over the object and trigger its own Success criteria.  You can then use the widget's ON Success event to trigger the Advanced Action as mentioned above.
    More information about using the Event Handler here:
    An example of using it to do two different things on the same object can be found at this web page: ptivate-interactive-catch22
    Trial versions of the widget can be downloaded from here:

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    See the information here for a variety of ways to do this:

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    I fyou have "all day" event that are taking up the entire day, check the event. All day event only appear at the top of the time line (and just below the week view). I suspect they are not actually set up as all day, but have specific time frames assigned.
    In teh screen shot below, "Sample" is an all day event; NFL: [email protected] is not.

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    No idea about legality but I've tried and failed to get a Vodafone Sure Signal running in our office, it just will not connect to the Internet!