Styling the TabBar rollover color *without* skin

Hello all,
I'm styling the flex TabBar using Adobe flex explorer, and
facing a very annoying problem while trying to set the rollOver
color of the tabs.
At first place I thought I could set the rollover color using
the tabStyleName's fillColors style, but this style can only get 2
colors that determines the default bg color, unlike the ButtonBar,
whose fillColors can get 4 colors where the last 2 determines the
rollover colors.
Since TabBar extends ButtonBar, I thought that instead of
using the .tabStyleName I could use the buttonStyleName , in which
I can define rollover colors with the fillColors style which
receives 4 colors, where the last two, determines the rollover
color, as the buttonStyleName has no effect on the tabs.
This is a link to a demo project that illustrates the
I will be very glad to get some ideas to get around this.
Thanks a lot,

You can include the email parameters.  As far as having the link behave like a link and change colors, that cannot be done with a static textfield as far as I know.  By its nature static text doesn't change.

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    Recheck the formatting by selecting only a part of the hyperlink instead of the whole word. I had that problem once and it took me a while to figure out that my formating while applied to the whole link I had somehow not selected the whole text. I know this does not seem to make sense but try to select it differently and look at your formating window to see if it makes a difference.

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    Add your spot colors to your swatches panel (Window> Swatch Library> Color Books> Pantone+ Solid Coated>)
    In the fly-out menu on the swatches panel, select all unused swatches and delete. Also delete any unused swatch groups.
    File> Document set-up> make the bleed .5".
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    Save as PDF. This PDF printed with bleed will show the spot colors. Alternately, you could select "add crop marks and color bar" in the print settings, which should also indicate the spot colors.
    In InDesign you can add a Slug area to your page, where the spot colors would typically be added.

  • Set Cell Color without using DefaultTableCellRenderer

    Is there any possible to set the JTable cell color without using DefaultTableCellRenderer ?. For ex, I have one JTable that having 9 rows and 9 columns. I have to set the cell color in 2nd row & 3rd column.
    Please anyone give me guidance to solve this.
    Thanks & Regards
    S Senthilkumar

    Fine.. Please try to understand my points.
    Because in my application I have JTable that having 10 columns and rows dynamically will come based on the value fetch from arraylist. If I use DefaultTableCellRenderer, for each record its calling CustomTableCellRenderer(). For example arraylist return 10 rows means its looping 100 times(10 rows * 10 columns).
    ArrayList dataLiveMarket = (ArrayList) new CheckUser().getLiveMarketDetails(unval);
    CustomTableModel modelLiveMarket = new CustomTableModel(dataLiveMarket);
    JTable tableOne = new JTable(modelLiveMarket);
    tableOne.setDefaultRenderer(Object.class, new CustomTableCellRenderer());
    package com.fxtrading.dao;
    import java.awt.Color;
    import java.awt.Component;
    import javax.swing.JTable;
    import javax.swing.SwingConstants;
    import javax.swing.table.DefaultTableCellRenderer;
    import javax.swing.table.TableModel;
    * @author user
    public class CustomTableCellRenderer extends DefaultTableCellRenderer {
        //private TableModel bidLastPrice;
        //int k;
        public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable table, Object value, boolean isSelected,
                boolean hasFocus,
                int row, int column) {
            Component component =
                    super.getTableCellRendererComponent(table, value, isSelected, hasFocus, row, column);
            if (column == 0 || column == 1|| column == 2) {
            } else if(column == 3 || column == 4 || column == 5 || column == 6 || column == 7 || column == 8){
            }else if(column == 9){
            // Change cell Color - Started
            bidLastPrice = table.getModel();
            int bidLastRowCount =(int)table.getRowCount();
            for(k=0; k<bidLastRowCount; k++) {
                String bidPrice = (String)bidLastPrice.getValueAt(k,4);
                String lastPrice = (String)bidLastPrice.getValueAt(k,8);
                bidPrice = bidPrice.replace(",","").replace("$","");
                lastPrice = lastPrice.replace(",","").replace("$","");
                    if(row == k && column == 4){
                    System.out.println("Row Count -->"+k+" Less ----> Bid Price----> "+Double.parseDouble(bidPrice)+" : Last Price----> "+Double.parseDouble(lastPrice));
                    if(row == k && column == 4){                  
                    System.out.println("Row Count -->"+k+" More ----> Bid Price----> "+Double.parseDouble(bidPrice)+" : Last Price----> "+Double.parseDouble(lastPrice));
            // Change cell Color - End
            return component;
    }Thanks & Regards,
    S Senthilkumar

  • When I insert a shape, how do I change the color without changing the texture?

    When I insert a shape, how do I change the color without changing the texture?

    you are working with a percentage width of your tables, for example:
    table width="123%
    td width="75%"
    td width="25%"
    So it is simply a arithmetic problem to get the proportional wide (means the ratio of % to cm) of your images, so that they do not break the frame. Certainly you could use (translated from German DW) "properties" and change the sizes there:

  • Hi. I've added a new page to my iWeb '08 version 2.0.4 website but can't seem to select the top menu pages to make a rollover color change. I can select them on the original pages. What am I doing wrong?

    Hi. I've added a new page to my iWeb '08 version 2.0.4 website, but can't seem to select the top menu items to make a rollover color change. I can select them on the original pages. What am I forgetting to do?

    Old Toad has a tutorial about changing the colors in the iWeb default menu...
    If you want your website to be found by search engines you would be better to follow Ethmoid's suggestion of creating your own navigation...

  • Do you know why the span style="color: Transparent;" build tag is set in topics as if by magic?

    We are using Robohelp 9 -
    It happens that some topics contain the <span style="color: Transparent;"> build tag.
    It seems that RH9 sets this tag by its own. We do not manage such tags.
    We come upon this while viewing one of our compiled CHM files. There was a big empty space inside a paragraph.
    We opened and found that the text was present. Using the HTML view, we discovered that the empty space in the CHM file corresponded to a paragraph included in the <span style="color: Transparent;"> build tag.
    For example, this morning, looking at a topic of another CHM file, we found When the tool runs,. The rest of the sentence was included in a <span style="color: Transparent;"> build tag.
    This is extremely annoying, as we do not know that this tag is set, until we discover it. We ar elikely to deliver doc with missing information without knowing it, until a customer complains.
    Has anyone encountered this or has an idea about this? How can we prevent RH9 from setting this tag?
    Thanks for your help

    Hi there
    First, let's get a bit clearer on our terminology, shall we?
    What you are seeing is not a "Build Tag". Sure, the Span indicates a tag and it's there when you build, but a "Build Tag" is a special tag inside RoboHelp that you apply to specific content that you wish to omit from the build using a counterpart known as a "Build Expression".
    A Build Tag in RoboHelp looks like this:
    <?rh-cbt_start condition="InProgress" ?>New model coming<?rh-cbt_end ?>
    What you are reporting is an inline styling element.
    Is this a project that began life in RoboHelp 9? Or was it created in an earlier version and was upgraded along the way? Does the same thing occur with a totally new topic you create?
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Remove Flex DataGrid Heading Rollover Color

    How can i stop rollover color change in Flex 3 DataGrid heading ?
    Can i override the following mehtod if yes how can i do this ?
     drawHeaderIndicator(s, r.x, 0, visibleColumns[i].width, cachedHeaderHeight - 0.5, getStyle("rollOverColor"), r);

    To do what you want to do requires a fair amount of work as the rollover color is set as a style, you can change the color but it seems the rollover can't be disabled(not without a custom datagrid).
    A quick fix is to try and at least reduce the difference in the rollover color, this could be done as per below, which basically makes the rollover color the same as the lighter shade of the header gradient.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" minWidth="955" minHeight="600" creationComplete="appHandler(event)">
    import mx.controls.Label;
    protected function appHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
    var colors:Array = dg.getStyle("headerColors");
    <mx:DataGrid id="dg" x="234" y="198" width="619" height="360">
    <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 1" dataField="col1" />

  • Spark Datagrid:  Styling the Header?

    Question for all the Spark and Datagrid gurus out there:
    How can I change the text style of the spark datagrid header?  For example, I want to make it blue with underlines.  More importantly I need to change the color on rollover and/or selection. 
    Second, how can I change the sort indicator/icon?  I'd like to substitute the up/down triangle with a graphic image or other mxml object. 
    I've searched the net high and low, but haven't yet found answers to the above questions.  Is there documentation for such things, or is a bunch of custom code required? 
    Within the DefaultGridHeaderRender (which I've duplicated), I did find the "labelDisplayGroup" and the "sortIndicatorGroup".  But how can these be customized?
    Thank you very much for any advice or help.  Regards,

    Thank you Kevin for the reply. 
    Ideally we'd like to be able to clearly indicate to the user which column is selected.  With the default skin, the background color for the header renderer is used to indicate currently selected column.  However in the current design I'm working with, the background needs to be transparent.  So the goal is to indicated which header is selected by changing the header text color.  My hope was that whatever controls when the sort indicator and the background color change was also easily accessible.  But I can't find a way to leverage the existing controls to know when a column is selected.
    It sounds like instead I should write and append my own column selection control mechanism and/or events, which I can then use to change the text color. 
    In the future it might be nice to have a "selected" state for header renderers, like the rest of the datagrid items, to make it easily to program for and separate out the 'view' a bit more.  (Unless of course this already exists, and I'm just missing it.)
    Thanks for your replies,

  • Rollover color?

    I have a flash menu that isn't made with buttons, but with one tween and it has a glow effect on rollover, it also expands. Is there any way to change the color of the text when it's rolled over (like it expands and glows). Here's the code for the rollover:
    import flash.filters.GlowFilter;
    import mx.transitions.Tween;
    import mx.transitions.easing.*;
    // Creates a variable with info about the Filter settings
    var myGlowFilter = new GlowFilter (0xFFFFFF, 2, 15, 15, 6, 100, false, false);
    this.onRollOver = function()
        this.filters = [myGlowFilter];
    this.onRollOut = function()
        this.filters = null
    this.onRelease = function()
        //Action code

    I guess I should have put that I am relatively new to flash and this basic menu was made by someone else. I don't know how to write a textformat instance.  Can you tell me how?
    Actually, from what I'm discovering, this menu was made in a very weird way, it wasn't done with individual mc buttons, but all in one tween.
    the script in frame 1 reads as this:
    btn1.btnName = "name1"
    btn2.btnName = "name2"
    btn3.btnName = "name3"
    btn4.btnName = "name4"
    btn5.btnName = "name5"
    btn6.btnName = "name6"
    btn7.btnName = "name7"
    btn8.btnName = "name8"
    btn9.btnName = "name9"
    and only 1 mc and one tween.
    So I get these buttons to act independently from one another without having to re-create the whole menu? This is done in AS2.  I basically want to have the rollover color change and I'd also like to make it so that the image stays enlarged when the user clicks on it and the page changes....but the way I have it right now is embedded on each page....should this menu be put into the css and all pulled from the same source?
    Thanks a bunch!

  • What is the best way to make skin uniform (not necessarily blurring it!)

    I have some photographs where the skin of the model's leg is not of uniform brighteness. Without blurring it, I have tried the clone stamp but it is very difficult to not introduce further variations in brightness.
    What is the best way to make skin uniform in brightness (actually, the same color!)?
    Juan Dent

    I know EXACTLY what you mean.  I was doing something exactly on those lines just yesterday.
    It's not trivial, but it's doable.
    For hard "spots", you can try the Spot Healing Brush first.
    But here's a neat trick I sometimes use that can nicely increase the overall smoothness:
    1.  Select just the skin area.
    2.  Contract the selection a bit and feather the edge, just to make sure you don't mess up the edges.
    3.  Filter - Noise - Median, and adjust the radius to be fairly large.  Watch the image to see the smoothness level.
    4.  Edit - Fade and knock back the effect, so that it's not perfect, but makes a subtle improvement.
    Then, for gentle darkening lightening, try the Burn and Dodge Tools, set to a low Exposure level (and possibly with Airbrush Mode on).  Work gently.
    Cloning with low opacity can sometime help as well.

  • Is there any way to get the black background color back in fullscreen mode?

    The current background color in fullscreen mode is grey and it's distracting.  It used to be black.  Is there a way to change the color outside of the document boundaries?

    AndyboyMac wrote:
    The only way you can get themes for your ipod is by a jailbrake, jailbraking is illegal, and yes,, you can downgrade your iOS.
    Jailbreaking is actually not illegal due to exemptions in the DMCA documentation (
    I've got no explanation on to why the trusty interface for the old iPod style app was butchered, unfortunately (I think we're all at a loss, besides someone being given too much free reign). I came here to supplement the original question with, another alternative question:
    Is there a way, similar to downgrading 3rd party apps, downgrade the Music app or restore the old iPod app as an additonal app? Without jailbreaking?
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  • How do I change the tab background color in Firefox 4?

    I just upgraded to Firefox 4. Tabs are now fine black font on dark grey background -- very hard to read. How do I change the tab background color?
    I have searched and the closest I can come is some instructions for modifying .css files, and it is not clear that those instructions will impact the tab background color.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Similar question asked by TH received another response.
    Here is the address of that question and answer:
    I like the solution recommended there.
    Added information - after several days experience, I notice that some tabs occasionally revert to the original dark grey. So I am still looking for a better solution, ideally within Firefox rather than via add on. This seems like a basic setting for the browser that should be easy to change, rather than something so complex that I need an add on to change it. Or just build it without such a dark grey background to begin with and I would not need to change it.

  • Can anyone help with changing colors without making a selection

    I've been trying to work the the script below. All the front most paths are black I want to change them all to yellow without having to select them first.
    Any help would be really appreciated. "I am a novice javascripter"
    var myStyles = app.activeDocument.pathItems;
    // Sets the default fill color in the current document to yellow.
    if ( app.documents.length > 0 ) {
    frontPath = frontStyle;
    // Define the new color
    var newRGBColor = new RGBColor(); = 255; = 255; = 0;
    // Use the color object in the path item
    frontPath.filled = true;
    frontPath.fillColor = newRGBColor;

    A couple of pointers from one novice to another… With script there is NO need to deal with 'selections' to change the writeable properties of any object you simply need reference them with your code as you have done above… You can select art and you can deal with user selected art should you wish but as a rule for all else just target the object with your syntax… The best thing to do is to get your code working… as you know the current state to be ( a document open with you test objects in it ) once you have this then add to it by wrapping your conditionals around this… For example…
    if ( app.documents.length > 0 ) {
         // All your code goes inside this statement
    There is no point in getting the path items of the active document then checking later if there is a doc… Just a case of putting things in there respective order…
    The property filled… I only use to check the state, giving an object a fill will automatically update this… So here are your lines with a little reshuffle and a loop example…
    // Check there is a doc open
    if ( app.documents.length > 0 ) {
              // set a variable to the front document
              var doc = app.activeDocument;
              //Make your new color
              var rgbYellow = new RGBColor();
              // assign some values
     = 255;
     = 255;
     = 0;
              // set variable to the collection ( list ) you want
              var paths = doc.pathItems;
              // loop this using a variable 'i'
              for ( var i = 0; i < paths.length; i++ ) {
                        paths[i].fillColor = rgbYellow;
              }; // this is your loop ending
    }; // this is the condition ending

  • Any temporary solutions to the washed out colors issue?

    **Note: I posted this in the Boot Camp forum, but I received no response. So, I'll give this forum a try.**
    I have a question about Windows XP and washed out colors on the display. I hear that there are some display driver issues with the new unibody MacBook Pros when using either XP or Vista on a Boot Camp partition. Just to be clear, when I say "washed out colors", I mean to say that the colors have a blue-ish, faded look to them. I know that this issue lies with the type of color gamma (or whatever it's called) that Windows uses versus what Mac OS X uses. So, now for the 2 main questions I want to ask:
    1)Is there any permanent solution to this weird color problem?
    And, if not, then:
    2)Is there any temporary solution, such as maybe a program that can apply a color profile for you? For example, I read on another forum that programs like LUT Manager ( can help apply an .icc color profile that you have in Mac OS X and apply it to Windows (you can even have it apply it automatically when you start up Windows). Do any of you know something that might be even better?
    Also, how do you make an ICC color profile in Mac OS X without actually applying it?

    Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? I'll be glad to elaborate further if necessary...

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    Hi, We have Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus 10g ( The problem is that eventhough we formatted the report in landsacpe format, the PDF output is always in portrait mode. Do you know why? Thanks

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