Subject: Why creation of sql profiles take forever

I am on Oracle on HP UNIX 11i. I am creating sql profiles using following logic. Sometimes sql profile is generated in 1-2 minutes. Many times , even after an hour, no sql profile is created and I get timeout errors . I increased time limit from 3600 (1 hr) to 7200 (2 hrs), still timeout error, why?
-- Tuning task created for specific a statement from the AWR.
l_sql_tune_task_id VARCHAR2(100);
l_sql_tune_task_id := DBMS_SQLTUNE.create_tuning_task ( sql_id => '$SQLSTMTID', scope =
DBMS_SQLTUNE.scope_comprehensive, time_limit => 3600, task_name => '${SQLSTMTID}_AWR_tuning_task', description => 'Tuning task for statement ${SQLSTMTID} in AWR.');
--DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('l_sql_tune_task_id: ' || l_sql_tune_task_id);
EXEC DBMS_SQLTUNE.execute_tuning_task(task_name => '${SQLSTMTID}_AWR_tuning_task');

Depending on the complexity of the statement and the underlying objects, the sql tuning advisor will have differing amounts of work to do working through "statistical checks, access path analysis, SQL structure analysis and sql profiling".

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  • Why does exporting to m4v take forever?

    I've done a lot of QuickTime exporting and converting in my time and I just got a video iPod and would like to put a few videos on it but I can't for the life of me figure out why exporting to m4v takes so darned long. Anyone know? Exporting to huge file formats like .dv and such only take a minute or two, but my 20 meg .mov file takes almost an hour to convert to .m4v
    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Check out this article.
    It explains a lot about how compression to H.264 works.
    Also, look at it like this. If I asked you to pack an average sized dorm room into a dump truck, no sweat, just toss everything over the side and you're done. However, if you had to do the same thing with a Toyota Celica, it'd take you longer because you've got to make the best use of all the space, including under the seat and around the tire well.
    QuickTime is also doing 2-passes over your media. After reading the above article, you'll see why this is a good thing. Since QuickTime doesn't allow you to choose a bitrate, I also figure that it's fitting your media as close to 768 kbps as possible and this would take some finagling too.
    There ARE tools that are faster than QuickTime, but it seems that as speed increases, so does file size and file size directly affects battery life.

  • Need help determining why 10.6.x clients take FOREVER to login to X Serve

    New MacBooks running of 10.6.x are taking a ridiculous amount of time to log in to network as clients.
    FIle Server (location of Open Directory):
    Xserve G5
    2 x 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5
    8 GB Memory
    Mac OS X Server 10.5.8 (Build 9L34)
    Client Computers:
    17" Intel iMacs (mostly running TIger, starting to image with Leopard)
    17" G5 iMacs (running Tiger)
    20" Intel iMacs (all running 10.5.8)
    MacBook unibodies (shipped with 10.6 and upgraded to 10.6.2)
    Current situation:
    1. Extreme lag time on Snow Leopard MacBook login for network clients—we are looking at well over 90 seconds. BUT, once logged in, the machines log out quickly with no issues.
    2. Local accounts log in with no issue and shared computers/servers are showing up in the finder.
    3. Used Migration Assistant on first new MacBook to "clone" current Applications and accounts from a 10.5.8 master computer and proceeded to update the unit to 10.6.2. Unboxed another new MacBook and did not use MA but instead set up the unit to the our network using Directory Utility. Both machines behave similarly when trying to log in using a client's account. The only difference I can tell is during the actual login box. The migrated MacBook switches from name/password to the "Logging In..." progress bar (which takes up to 2 minutes). The "factory" MacBook stays on the name/password login box with a carousel-ing progress circle to the right of the text boxes.
    4. I've triple checked all the Network/Directory/Account settings on our master 10.5.8 machine (which accesses the network for all clients and run perfectly) vs. the two new MacBooks with 10.6.2—no differences. Maybe that is the problem.....
    5. Unfortunately, we are using a jumble of OSs here. Tiger, Leopard, and now Snow Leopard. We manage accounts using WorkGroupManager (both from 10.5 and 10.4—probably not the best idea)
    Do Snow Leopard machines need folder relocation for things such as Directory?
    Does our X Serve need to be altered in anyway?
    Your expertise is needed....
    Thank you in advance for any input

    Past migrations can get pretty messy.
    I'm sure the root of your problem lies in your ldapv3 settings; including contacts and searches
    Revisit the directory settings, via system prefs--> accounts.
    Look for older "migrated" setting that are no longer needed.
    Perseverance brings good fortune.
    You're welcome.

  • Why do short video clips take forever to load?

    With apologies for coming to you good folks with an issue than any twit should already know how to solve . . .
    I was thrilled when your excellent instructions helped me load flash player successfully.  I was able to preview quite a few video clips to show my Fine Arts Survey class.  Then just yesterday everything slowed down to slower than a snail's pace.  Even the shortest video clips at youtube are taking forever.  Can you give me some leads on things to check?  Does something build up with every new video clip watched?  I do a huge amount of browsing (internet explorer) and searching (ixquick), but it is a necessary evil for engaging teens in a survey course. 
    I do see tiny pop-ups that ask if Adobe can save something on my computer.  Am I an idiot? 
    Any leads or links you may be able to share will be appreciated,

    Since you mention Internet Explorer, I assume that you are on Windows.
    Do you sometimes clear your browser cache?  (Tools | Internet Options | tab General | Delete browsing history)
    Do you sometimes clear Flash Player local storage?  (Control Panel | Flash Player Settings Manager | tab Storage | Delete all)
    Does enable/disable Hardware Acceleration make any difference?  (See
    Do you have the latest graphics drivers installed?  (See
    Finally, is your Internet connection stable?

  • Why does repair disk permissions take forever

    I just upgraded my G5 to 10.5.6, after the install, I usually do repair disk permissions, however, it seems like it's taken forever. Is this normal? I keep seeing a reading permissions database blue running line but no result, the same would happen when i do verfy permissions for xxx drive.
    please help me.

    Is this normal?
    In Leopard, Yes.
    When I repair permissions, I usually start the process, and then go to lunch or something.....

  • Why does do Apple discussions take forever to load on MBP compared to PC?

    I am sitting at a lab computer (PC) and realized that my MBP loads super slowly. What's the reason? Is it Safari? Cause I find that Safari loads up pretty quickly, but once in operation, it's pretty slow actually.

    I'm with Ian on this one. I use a PC at work and a MBP at home and when the servers are behaving, I see very little difference in page loading speed. The servers have been horrible in the past week or so, slow and going off-line quite often. They seem to be better yesterday and today.

  • Why does my iphone 3gs take forever to load withgame center

    So i recently started to use my iPhone 3GS and when I played a game, it asked me to sign in, so i did and it kept loading and loading and i left it on for 20 minutes and it still didn't login. Is there any way to fix this? By the way, i'm using iOS 6.1.3

    Hey there KyleVH,
    It sounds like you are having issues signing into Game Center on your phone. I would use these troubleshooting steps from the following article to help get that working correctly again:
    Using Game Center
    If you can't create or sign in to Game Center from within a game, create or sign in to your account using the Game Center app.
    Sign out of Game Center, then sign back in. If you can't sign in to Game Center with an Apple ID, reset your password or use another email address. To manage your Apple ID, go to My Apple ID.
    When using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your Wi-Fi router is configured for Game Center.
    If you're on a Mac and still can't sign in, continue with the steps to resolve sign in issues.
    If you have an issue with a Game Center game:
    Make sure that you have the latest version of the game. To check for updates, open App Store and choose Updates.
    Test your connection using a different game. If you can't connect with a specific friend or player in multiple games, they may need to check their Wi-Fi connection and router settings.
    On iOS, try opening the game from the Home screen, rather than from within Game Center.
    If you can't create or sign in to Game Center from within a game, create or sign in to your account using the Game Center app.
    If the issue persists, or certain features of a game aren't working as expected (leaderboards, achievements, and so on), use the App Store to report the problem to the developer.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • I have IE & Firefox on both my laptop and desktop. Why is Firefox so much slower than IE7? Firefox seems to take forever to load pages!

    I have a HP laptop & Dell desktop with IE7 and Firefox. I use Firefox more as I like it better than IE, yet the pages in Firefox load so slow. I thought the new version of Firefox was so much faster, but it seems to drag along and take forever to load pages. Why is this??
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == 6/17/2010

    Please ask your question on a forum for the Flash Player

  • Is there any easier way to edit imovie files that have been exported as mov file then added to FCE 4?? As every move I make has to be rendered and takes forever??? Also my recording is going out of focus without me touching the camera, why has this happen

    Is there any easier way to edit imovie files that have been exported as mov file then added to FCE 4?? As every move I make has to be rendered and takes forever??? Also my recording is going out of focus without me touching the camera, why has this happened any idea what causes this??
    iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8), FCE 4

    My daughter has had her Razr for about 9 months now.  About two weeks ago she picked up her phone in the morning on her way to school when she noticed two cracks, both starting at the camera lens. One goes completely to the bottom and the other goes sharply to the side. She has never dropped it and me and my husband went over it with a fine tooth comb. We looked under a magnifying glass and could no find any reason for the glass to crack. Not one ding, scratch or bang. Our daughter really takes good care of her stuff, but we still wanted to make sure before we sent it in for repairs. Well we did and we got a reply from Motorola with a picture of the cracks saying this was customer abuse and that it is not covered under warranty. Even though they did not find any physical damage to back it up. Well I e-mailed them back and told them I did a little research and found pages of people having the same problems. Well I did not hear from them until I received a notice from Fed Ex that they were sending the phone back. NOT FIXED!!! I went to look up why and guess what there is no case open any more for the phone. It has been wiped clean. I put in the RMA # it comes back not found, I put in the ID #, the SN# and all comes back not found. Yet a day earlier all the info was there. I know there is a lot more people like me and all of you, but they just don't want to be bothered so they pay to have it fix, just to have it do it again. Unless they have found the problem and only fixing it on a customer pay only set up. I am furious and will not be recommending this phone to anyone. And to think I was considering this phone for my next up grade! NOT!!!!

  • Why does my iPad take forever to charge?

    Why does my iPad 2 wi fi take forever to charge?

    The quickest way to charge your iPad is with the included 10W USB Power Adapter. iPad will also charge, although more slowly, when attached to a computer with a high-power USB port (many recent Mac computers) or with an iPhone Power Adapter. When attached to a computer via a standard USB port (most PCs or older Mac computers) iPad will charge very slowly (but iPad indicates not charging). Make sure your computer is on while charging iPad via USB. If iPad is connected to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, the iPad battery will continue to drain.
    Apple recommends that once a month you let the iPad fully discharge & then recharge to 100%.
    At this link,3014-11.html , tests show that the iPad 2 battery will charge to 90% in 3 hours 1 minute. It will charge to 100% in 4 hours 2 minutes.
     Cheers, Tom

  • HT1338 My macbook takes forever to load some pages. I have no idea why. Any suggestions please?

    Im having problems loading some pages - takes forever and sometimes never load and freezes everything else up. Its as though Ive pick up a trojan or something (had problems in my pre Mac days). Any suggestions on what i can do or how to find out what the problem might be. Using this site wasnt a problem, pages loaded normally. Seems to be when im on comercial sites and searching for items.
    I use firefox.

    Hi - sorry for late reply. I tried all you suggested and it made no difference to begin with, i couldnt even open this page to reply to you, which is why i havent replied before now. But the next day - all seemed significantly better. Maybe using Ghostery takes time to have an effect. Its something i didnt know about so i am extremely greatful for the advice.

  • Why when downloading a rented movie off itunes it either takes forever or we are unable to watch it all together?

    Why everytime I try and rent a movie off itunes on my apple TV it takes forever to download and sometimes it won't even play. Last night I waited over 2 hours for it to finish loading and it still hasn't. Very annoyed

    Hello Ellymascioli,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting playback performance
    A sustained 8 Mbit/s or faster Internet connection is recommended for viewing 1080p high-definition movies and TV shows, 6 Mbit/s or faster is recommended for viewing 720p content, and 2.5 Mbit/s or faster for standard-definition content. Internet connection speeds may vary depending on your ISP and other factors.
    If you continue to experience slow playback performance while connected to your local network via a wired (Ethernet) connection, consider contacting your Internet service provider (ISP) to increase the speed of your connection.
    Best of luck,

  • Why does my ICloud take forever to backup all my pictures and apps? Its been two days already

    Why does my ICloud take forever to backup all my pictures and apps? Its been two days already, what can i do?

    Find faster network, if paying for one is out of the question.

  • Why do thumbnails take forever to load?

    As the title suggests - why do the thumbnails take forever to load?. It is incredibly frustrating as I'm dealing with over 500 clips and I have to wait for these thumbnails to load. I come from Avid and decided to switch to Premier because of the available workflows. I've never had this issue using Avid so I know for sure it has nothing to do with my system. Any ideas? Furthermore, the media say that it is pending every now and them, why is this?

    Same issue. I've chatted with customer support and I'll summarize how helpful they were.
    Customer support took control of my computer in order to try and resolve the problem. I'm not sure what they did but they made everything WORSE. They deleted all my cache and did a whole bunch of other crap. Thumbnails don't load anymore - period. Questions regarding my other concerns - media pending, videos not playing, audio not importing - were completely ignored. Now here is where it gets better. This guy helping me out didn't respond for 30 minutes, I was wondering if he was further looking into it, but then it hit 7PM, when customer service closes. Apparently when the going gets tough and they have no idea how to resolve a situation, Adobe bleeds out and waits for 7PM to hit so they can just brush us off. I'm pissed.
    Looks like I'm going back to Avid and just round trip to Divinci.

  • TS1717 new ipnone takes forever to sync why

    new ipnone takes forever to sync why  im on windows 7

    Define "forever".
    What have you tried so far?

Maybe you are looking for