Sudden ultra-slow importing issue in LR5.2 - possibly smart collection related?

I've been using LR for almost two years now, and have never seen this before:
This evening I wanted to import a series of images from my card reader using LR (just updated to 5.2 from the 5.2RC); I have ~240 images to import. I always have LR set to convert to DNG on import, and also to save a backup of the original raw file (NEF) onto a separate HDD at the same time. LR has always been pretty fast to carry out this process: normally just a few minutes are required for that amount of images (not including rendering previews once the DNGs are imported). However, today it's suddenly become painfully slow - as I type this, it's so far managed to import a mere 58 images, having so far taken about an hour and twenty minutes! Each image is being added one at a time, with a long pause before the next one clocks up in the 'current import' folder. I've never seen such slow performance with LR before.
I wonder if this is a bug connected to the final release of 5.2? I doubt it, as I would have expected to have heard about this by now, but you never know...
I have recently - in the past few days - set up a number (at least 80) of new smart collections that pick up raw images taken at specific focal lengths, as well as another set picking up specific apertures used for each raw shot in the catalogue (unlike the majority of my pre-existing smart collections, these new collections are purely there for interest really - nice to see which focal lengths are the most used for example - but don't serve as an aid to any specific workflow). In short, I've greatly increased the number of smart collections running in my catalogue. Would having a significant number of smart collections slow down the image ingestion process? For example, is LR updating individual smart collections on the fly as images are imported, and thus having to pick through each collection in order to complete the import (I'd always assumed that this would all be added to a central index in the catalogue that the smart collections feed from, but perhaps there are multiple indexes, one for each smart collection)?
I guess the other possible cause could be a corrupt catalogue, although both the catalogue integrity check and optimisation complete without a hitch and everything else seems to be fine.
I'm on Win7 x64, running the LR catalogue and previews from an SSD (with images stored on a separate HDD), with an i7 3770K CPU, 16GB RAM, and an AMD 5850 Radeon graphics card.
I'd be most grateful to hear the opinions of other LR users.

This just started happening to me as well. EVerything was fine and import was what I consider normal until 2 days ago. Had trouble with one camera which kept losing connection. I import from the camera directly...copy as DNG to an internal hard drive. Now all my cameras are importing at a ridiculously slow rate of speed. As far as I know I changed nothing to make this happen. Very odd and cannot find anything about it except for your post. Anyone else out there experiencing this?

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  • Help me, oh great Toonz! (Slow import issue - # bazillion!)

    Toonz you seem to be the most knowledgeable about this slow import issue.
    I am trying to import from music CDs to a brand new, out-of-the-box, Maxtor External Hard Drive (usb 2.0). Currently I have a Dell Dimension XPS T500 Pentium3 w 512MB Ram and also a newly installed Sony 52x optical drive. Yet I still suffer from import rates of 3.0 or less.
    Here is my CD Diagnostic from iTunes (which is hogging my CPU, btw).
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Dell Computer Corporation XPST500
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM (,
    Video Driver: RADEON 9200 PRO Family (Microsoft Corporation)\RADEON 9200 PRO Family (Microsoft Corporation
    IDE\DiskWDCAC29100D___________________________J74OA30K, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [1,0]
    IDE\DiskWDCWD200BB-75CAA0_____________________16.06V16, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    USBSTOR\DiskMaxtor6L200R0_________BAH4, Bus Type USB
    IDE\CdRomSONYCD-RW__CRX320EE____________________RYK3___, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    If you have multiple drives on the same IDE or SCSI bus, these drives may interfere with each other.
    Some computers need an update to the ATA or IDE bus driver, or Intel chipset. If iTunes has problems recognizing CDs or hanging or crashing while importing or burning CDs, check the support site for the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard.
    Current user is administrator.
    E: SONY CD-RW CRX320EE, Rev RYK3
    Audio CD in drive.
    Found 6 songs on CD, playing time 66:34 on Audio CD.
    Track 1, start time 00:02:33
    Track 2, start time 19:49:35
    Track 3, start time 26:25:28
    Track 4, start time 37:23:48
    Track 5, start time 48:29:23
    Track 6, start time 57:47:15
    Audio CD reading succeeded.
    Get drive speed succeeded.
    The drive CDR speeds are: 52.
    The drive CDRW speeds are: 52.
    Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, your my only hope!
      Windows XP  

    See if Slow Imports can help.
    Good luck.

  • IPad Air WiFi ultra slow speed issues

    Having very bad WiFi streaming and general web page loading with new iPad Air, far slower than iPad Gen 1 (iOS 5) and iPhone (iOS 7).
    Speed test results using same speed test app all devices pointed to same Clifton NJ server.
    Download speeds:
    iPad Air: .26 Mbps
    iPhone 5: 12 Mbps
    iPad 1: 11 Mbps
    Mac Pro: 33 Mbps (Ethernet Cat 6 wired) yes I know WiFi is slower, not .26 vs 33 slower
    My network:
    Motorola SB 6141 Cable modem
    All Ethernet wires are Cat 6
    D-LINK DIR-655 gigabit router, WiFi should be minimum 100 or 150 Mbps (2.4 only)
    Obstructions: very open modern apartment with good physical open shot to router. Bedroom wall vs router. Router is on 45 degree angle 30 feet from devices. Keep in mind that regardless of wall interference, all tests above were done with iDevices in exact same spot from bedroom to test wall interaction.
    Result: iPad Air is usually not able to stream anything continuously or in HD ever. Some vid signals are amazingly pixelated to where movie credits are unreadable. So I use my iPad 1 instead for perfect viewing. Something's very wrong.
    I assume the router can't differentiate between, however, AppleCare today surmised since I have 2 WiFi devices way out performing the iPad Air, it "may" be it's newer firmware being incompatible with my router, which logically would make sense to account for diff between it and a legacy iPad and modern iPhone.
    Some of you online are true network geniuses so I wanted to hear your input for me and others with new iPad Air HD high speed expectations and what configurations to make in Settings and should a new Router be considered 1) because they are faster anyway and 2) if there is an iPad firmware issue with older even still working well routers like the DIR 655.
    PS: in comparing configurations between devices, I see the iPad Air under Settings > WiFi > HTTP Proxy > (off, manual or auto)
    Is HTTP Proxy an important setting to get max performance. I need to search and read up on it. Setting to Auto did increase dwnld speed from .26 to 9 Mbps.

    Fix WiFi Issue for iOS 7
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    Fix iPad Wifi Connection and Signal Issues
    Fix Slow WiFi Issue
    You may have many apps open which can possibly cause the slowdown and possibly the loss of wifi. In iOS 4-6 double tap your Home button & at the bottom of the screen you will see the icons of all open apps. Close those you are not using by pressing on an icon until all icons wiggle - then tap the minus sign. For iOS 7 users, there’s an easy way to see which apps are open in order to close them. By double-tapping the home button on your iPhone or iPad, the new multitasking feature in iOS 7 shows full page previews of all your open apps. Simply scroll horizontally to see all your apps, and close the apps with a simple flick towards the top of the screen.
    If any of the above solutions work, please post back what solved your problem. It will help others with the same problem.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Video import issues w/ LR5

    Hi all -
    I've been trying to import a number of videos into LR5 (all .mov) and am running into a bunch of iissues. First of all, the import takes an extremely long time - imorting around 150 videos took over 4 hours, for example. Secondly, once I've imported the videos no thumbnails are created -- they're all grey squares -- and Lightroom then has problems finding the original file for playback, even though the location (on my local drive) hasn't changed.
    Anyone else have issues importing video? Are there any workarounds or tips?

    use the search luke.
    there are plenty of users who have issues with video.
    i for example have reported issues about importing videos and with audio sync in LR5.

  • Ultra slow imports?  This just started seemingly out of nowhere.  One day it works perfect and now it is so slow it is not useable. Tried different card reader with sam results.

    One day importing works great and now it is not even useable its so slow...what happened?  Any ideas?  I tried a different card reader...same results.  Tried different card...same results

    Ouch, tough spot, but offhand I'd say some memory may have gone bad, or maybe just needs re-seating after all this time.
    Not much you can do, but try this anyway...
    PRAM reset, CMD+Option+p+r...
    In fact, do 3 in a row, takes a bit of time.

  • Firefox 4 slowes down after some time - possibly memory leak related

    After couple minutes of intensive Firefox 4 usage (multiple tabs opened and closed, however no more than 15 tabs open simultanously) browser becomes '''unresponsive''' and periodically '''generates high cpu load''' (100% of one of two cores for about 4 seconds), '''memory consumption''' becomes around 450MB.

    It would be helpful if Mozilla could provide a memory profiling tool that would help us civilians track down memory problems either in the core products or in extensions. The suggestions to create new profiles, re-add extensions, and do A/B (C/D/E) testing along the way, while accurate, aren't practical when we discover that FF 4 on Win 7 is using north of 1GB of memory.

  • I am experiencing very slow import and backing up issues.

    I am experiencing very slow import and backing up catalog on exiting Lightroom. This is a very recent issue. I use RAW files.

    The type of files you are importing will have an effect on the speed of the import process. Larger files, like raw sensor files, are normally much larger than JPG files.
    But if this is something new, the slowness, and you are using the same camera with the same size files as previously then it's not just the file size.
    What type of computer and what operating system are you using.

  • Lightroom 4 suddenly extremely slow after download free trial of Lr5

    Hi I have Lightroom 4 and last night I downloaded Lightroom 5 with a free trial for 30 days, but I couldn't work on that because was very slow, so I uninsalled Lr5,  but now I can't work in my Lr4, it is extremely slow and it was perfect before. I have a MacBook Pro OS x Lion 10.75, 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7, storage of 591GB free out of 749 and I have all my photos in an external drive "my passport" with 737 GB free out of 999 GB. Could you please help me??? I am very upset and desperate, I have been trying to work for 6 hours already, something that will take me only 30 minutes, and I can't even finish it. Please help me!! Thank you.  

    Get rid of Trusteer. It doesn’t work well under Mac OS.
    Trusteer Rapport Uninstall
    Activity Monitor - Mavericks  also Yosemite
    Activity Monitor in Mavericks has significant changes
    Performance Guide
    Why is my computer slow
    Why your Mac runs slower than it should
    Slow Mac After Mavericks
    Things you can do to resolve slowdowns  see post by Kappy

  • LR 4.4 Import Issues - Missed a Cure?

    Hello Everyone,
    Since upgrading to 4.4, I have experienced a number of new issues. 4.3 was solid as a rock in comparison.  4.4 is causing me to need to manually terminate and/or restart the application numerous times daily, sometimes numerous times hourly.  It clearly needed more bake time.
    I am posting this thread because, after reading numerous similar posts (I find I'm hardly alone) and hundreds of responses, it is not clear to me there are any solid solutions.  If there are, and I missed them, I am hoping someone will simply point me toward the appropriate URL.
    My primary issue surrounds Import.
    The Import function has been repeatedly (not just once or twice, but interiminably):
    Hanging, becoming unresponsive after telling it to execute the Import.  This is frequently noticed immediately, at file #1.
    Incredibly slow, eventually grinding to a halt after a handful of files.
    Sources are dropped. Initially all sources are listed. Then, especially with sources (e.g. card reader, smartphone) having > 100 files, the source simply is removed from the listing.  You can toggle the arrow on other sources (e.g. to expand file folders), but nothing happens other than the arrow toggling up/down.
    Only solution, restart (frequently requiring manual process termination) and try again.  I have seen discussions regarding smartphones. It was never an issue with 4.3.  With 4.4, my iPhone 4S will populate the preview grid, but after about 2 minutes, it disappears and the grid goes blank.
    Importing large number of files (regardless of source) will populate the grid but frequently have the exclamation mark with a number of the preview images.  Only solution I've found, delete effected files from catalog, then reimport.
    Modifying import settings, such as my copyright or related info, will terminate LR altogether, about 30% of the time.  This happened to a number of us at a LR training class this past weekend (different machines, OSes).
    Importing 764 JPG from my iPhone (while writing this) has been going about :30 and is 1/3 (indicated) complete.  We're at the point of about 1 image imported ever ~5 seconds, reinforced by the entire grid object being refreshed each time.  I would consider importing a handful of files at a time, but if I do much more than select the iPhone as source and hit Import as soon as the grid populates, the source is lost, and everything starts over.
    One instance of an 'insufficient memory' error.
    There are other niggling issues but Import is a major mess.  From what I've read (and, again, I see I'm not alone), these issues are common for both Windows and Mac, newer PCs and older, and in all manner of mixed environments.
    My own situation is a Windows 7 Ultimate, Dell E6400, 4GB RAM, LR 4.4.  In all cases I am reading my cards via the built-in card readers.  Primary cameras are a Canon SX260 (JPG only) and Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D shooting (almost always) RAW (.MRW).  My content is solely pictures, no video.
    With regard to the smartphone discussion, I have experienced these problems with the laptop docked, undocked, with or without smartphone attached.
    The only relief I have found is, when working with a memory card having >100 images (not many, in the grand scheme), to copy files to a local hard drive, then import from there.  The impression I have, is that the speed allows quicker execution, getting ahead of any resource contention issues.  Purely a gut feel thing based on observed behavior. Nonetheless importing from HD rather than SD does work better.
    Clearly 4.4's Import has issues. Any word of a service patch or 4.5?

    Uninstall 4.4 and re-install 4.3 is the normal process for downgrading.
    Others don't necessarily have the problems you're seeing, so to me it's less likely a fundamental flaw of LR 4.4 that wasn't tested well enough, and more likely a hardware or driver issues that LR 4.4 is bringing to light. 
    It may be that LR 4.4 is using different USB libraries or different OS-level functions to interact with the removable devices, perhaps to resolve other issues reported in previous versions, so something working differently wouldn't be unexpected.  It is less expected that whatever LR 4.4 is doing would cause problems on a particular computer, though.  It might be wise to figure out what is wrong on your system when LR 4.4 is in use, but obviously you also need to have a functioning workflow as well. 
    For experimentation, I think it is possible to have both LR 4.3 and LR 4.4 installed at the same time, if your rename the LR 4.4 program folder to something completely different before doing the install for LR 4.3, and then rename it back when you're done.
    You also might want to try the beta for Lightroom 5 at Adobe Labs to see if it works any better and report any issues to the LR5-beta specific discussion forum (not here).

  • WebDav suddenly very slow

    Today, WebDav became suddenly very slow on my iMac running the latest version of Mavericks. Yesterday everything was OK.
    When I try WebDav from my iPad things are OK, so I suspect something is wrong on my iMac. I already tried rebooting and resetting PRAM and VRAM.
    Does anyone have a good suggestion?

    Check to see how much free disk space there is. Right or control click the MacintoshHD icon on your Desktop, then click: Get Info. In the Get Info window, click the discovery triangle so it's facing down. You will see; Capacity and Available Make sure you have 10% available disk space, 15% is better. Insufficient available space, can cause performance issues, system corruption, and possible loss of data.
    Check the hard disk for errors.
    Insert Installer disk and Restart, holding down the "C" key until grey Apple appears.
    Go to Installer menu (Panther and earlier) or Utilities menu (Tiger and later) and launch Disk Utility.
    Select your HDD (manufacturer ID) in the left panel.
    Select First Aid in the Main panel.
    (Check S.M.A.R.T Status of HDD at the bottom of right panel. It should say: Verified)
    Click Repair Disk on the bottom right.
    If DU reports disk does not need repairs quit DU and restart.
    If DU reports errors Repair again and again until DU reports disk is repaired.
    Read the post by "Klaus1" here.
    52 Ways to speed up Mac OS X

  • Slow down issue with Premiere CS4 on a Mac pro

    I am having a similar slow down issue with Premiere CS4 on a Mac pro, but I don't have bloated prproj file size.
    Here is what I am working with:
    Mac Pro intel quad core 2.8ghz
    OSX 10.6.7 Snow Leopard
    6Gigs RAM
    3TB storage between 4 drives, each drive with about 50% free space
    I am editing a 10 minute HD video from avchd files.  The edited video is very heavy in photoshop files with a variety of different fx including green screen.  The system has slowed down to almost a standstill.  Anytime I move the playcurser, or try to do any action, it displays the spinning top "thinking" icon and takes 15 seconds to several minutes to unfreeze.  I am often forced to force quit and I have gotten unexpected quits several times.   The program also freezes on startup frequently.
    No other programs are running.  When I export with media encoder, it took about 4 hours to complete.  The last 4 or so photoshop images I added seemed to tip the program over the edge.  It had been slowing down some, but those last few really dropped the processing speed.  Before those additions, export took 30 min to 1hr.
    I did delete the render files (did not check if the file size was bloated beforehand, oops) but it has not significantly affected my performance.

    Do you need all of those extra pixels in the stills? Are you panning the full 4976?
    Two things to consider are that if you using, say a 1920 x 1080 Sequence Frame Size, you can only see that at any time, regardless of how large the images are in pixels. If there are extra pixels, i.e. the Pan is not using all 4976 pxls., I would Scale to just what you need in PS, prior to Import.
    If you are doing any Scale in PrPro, its Scaling algorithms are not as efficient, as those in PS. [Note: CS5 and 5.5 are a major improvement on that statement.]
    With many large stills (the max for CS4 is 4096 x 4096, if there ARE extra pixels, pushing those around will use up resources, and quickly. As a test, some years back, I was working on a "photo wall," and was using 4000 x 4000 images. The workstation had no issues with slowness, until I got to the 5th large still. By the 8th, the Project was too slow to edit. I had to wait for everything. Luckily, I have AE, and it handles large stills much more efficiently, and much differently, than PrPro. I just moved to an AE Comp, and completed the Project, finishing up n PrPro, after I Exported from AE.
    Just something to think about. With Scaling in PrPro, this is one time, where bigger is not necessarily better.
    Good luck,

  • When importing images into LR5 on my laptop, the photos all have a wide yellow streak through them. This only happens on the laptop; I can import the images onto my desktop LR and there isn't the streak of colour.   Can someone help?

    When importing images into LR5 on my laptop, the photos all have a wide yellow streak through them. This only happens on the laptop; I can import the images onto my desktop LR and there isn't the streak of colour.   Can someone help?
    This is happening even with photos that were taken on another camera, not just mine.  My daughter told me that the laptop recently fell.  The yellow streak is not anywhere else on the laptop, just on the photos in LR.

    I have had this problem on my desktop.  I have been attempting to reproduce it where it can be debugged. Here are some observations/facts in my environment--no conclusions:
    1. I do not import from camera or memory stick directly into LR.  I copy all images (using Explorer) from camera to two different locations (backup location first); and then my working area. In both cases, after files are copied I mark them Read-only.
    2. Poor observation, but in any event: the issue has only occurred when I do a large number of images. Its a poor observation as I have no exact number.  I suspect when I do less than 50 always works well every time.  However, I have also done some very large imports without issue.
    3. Error only occurs with my RAW images--for me that's NEF.  I have multiple cameras--those that only capture jpg images have never had an issue in LR.
    4. Even if the file is marked Read Only issues can still occur.  I then remove the image from the disk using LR -- and then manually (Explorer) copy in my backup image -- re import again and all is well.  I think one time I exited LR and replaced the bad file with a backup and restarted LR and all was well again.
    5. When it occurs I have performed a HASH value on the broken file and on the backed up file to determine if the file contents has changed--and each time the file contents has changed.
    6. I have had this occur immediately after import, but most often it occurs like this... import large number of images; Make changes in Development Module on random image, export jpg of changes--exit LR. Open up LR and file is corrupted.
    7. I have had this issue on multiple USB drives ( okay just 2 different drives have been tested ).
    What next--fire up Process Monitor and monitor the system (specifically LR) to see if it reports any file open for write access when this occurs.  So, far I have not had process monitor actually running when it occurs--one of these days.

  • Import issue with Lightroom

    I upgraded to LR5.2 2 weeks ago from 4.3. Install went fine, but I'm now having issues when importing my photos, Lightroom hangs partially through the import.  The only choice I have then is to force quit the program, which then freezes my computer.  Getting to be an invredibly frustrating exercise.
    I have an iMac with OSX10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
    Lightroom 5.2
    Importing & converting CR2 files (5DMkIII) to DNG.
    Images being imported to an external hard drive.
    Nothing has changed in my workflow or software except for the installation of LR5.  I did read in some of the forums that there was import issues that appear to have been fixed with the latest release, however, whilst I DEFINTIELY have the latest release of LR5,  this is still occurring.  Any ideas? Another bug?

    sure did. All permissions are admin & I'm it.  I haven't tried DL via image capture - LR4 gets me to the same end goal, tis just rather onerous to have to muck around with this twice.  Appreciate your taking the time on this 

  • Sudden loss of ability to edit LR5 images in CS5

    I have no idea what has happened today, but suddenly I can't edit my LR5 images in CS5.  I've never had this issue before.  When I select the LR5 option to edit in CS5, CS 5 launches and then just sits there.  No image appears in CS5 and I never see the dialogue box from LR asking me if I want to edit the original or a copy with LR adjustments.  Really scratching my head on this one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have a deadline approaching.  Running on a 6 year old MacBook Pro.  I've tried closing and reopening the programs as well as a hard reset.  To my knowledge, I have not done anything to change any preferences.
    Update - dug into all of my CS 5 preferences and found it was running in 32 bit mode.  I disabled this and the problem went away.  Not sure why this worked, but it did.

    In researching the issue I read that to edit in raw you need a camera model requirement of at least 7.3 which only works with CS6.
    That is correct. Your camera was first supported by Camera Raw 7.3. Camera Raw 7.3 will not work with CS5. You need CS6 or CC.
    Being new to all this I see that my options are to upgrade to CS6 or convert by using DNG converter and paying a monthly fee. Two things I know nothing about and don't know which is would be more beneficial.
    I'd appreciate any advise on which route to go and how upgrade and what it may cost.
    It all depends on your preferred workflow and your budget.
    Using the DNG converter is free. There is no monthly fee. You use the converter to convert all Raw files from the EOS 6D to DNGs then edit the DNGs in CS5. That's an extra step every time - every photo. Some people don't like the extra step. Others don't mind.
    Camera raw, DNG | Adobe Photoshop CC
    Or you can upgrade to CS6 (non-Cloud) and pay the upgrade fee
    Creative Suite 6
    Or join the Cloud and pay the monthly fee
    Or join the Photoshop Photography Program (US9.99/month) and get PS CC+LR

  • Aperture sometimes slow import slow reaction on highligts and shadows

    1. Aperture sometimes, one out of three times perform a slow import from a compactflash card. Normally 10 images (nikon d-200 10 mb) in less than a minute. Sometimes the same ammount takes more than 5 minutes. Reconnecting the cardreader on the front usb connection solves the problem.
    2. Using the sliders on highlights and shadows, the adjustment of image takes a little time, no instant reaction.
    3. Aperture is installed on a 250 gb hd (first) (standard installation version 1.5.2). The data is installed on a second 500 gb internal drive. Drives never go to sleep. 4GB internal ram. Video card 7300 GT.
    I have talked to different people about this performance issue and got different answers, which range from:
    a. This is the best performance with aperture with the current system. If you want more buy a better video card.
    b. Your video card is bad, mainly the vram. Replace the video card (warrenty still applicable).
    Any views and advice from this forum?

    Mac OS X 10.4.9 to boost image import speeds
    By Prince McLean
    Published: 09:35 AM EST
    Apple this week dropped yet another pair of pre-release Mac OS X 10.4.9 builds on its developer crowd, inching the software closer to a public release.
    The diligence with which the Cupertino-based company has been refining the software may signal that Mac OS X 10.4.9 will be the final maintenance update to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger before attention is drawn solely to Leopard.
    As was the case with prior seeds, developer notes accompanying the latest builds -- 8P2132 (Intel) and 8P132 (PowerPC) -- are said to reflect no known issues with the software.
    People familiar with the latest pre-release say Apple notes just one significant change since builds 8P2130 and 8P130 were issued last week, specifically a bug fix to ImageIO that was affecting image import speeds.
    This is from Apple Insider.

Maybe you are looking for

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